The 13 Hottest Guys In Lady Gaga Videos

It might be a bad romance, but Gaga knows how to pick the right G.U.Y.

Little Monsters collectively gasped when Lady Gaga announced her new single, “Perfect Illusion,” will be released on September 9.

lady gaga

We eagerly await new music from Gaga, not to mention a new music video. Mother Monster teased it was “filmed in a desert outside Los Angeles,” and dropped this teensy snippet on Instagram


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Is she going for a Wizard of Oz tornado vibe? Regardless, we’re sure it will be epic—and feature at least one really hot guy.

Below, we salute 13 hotties who have popped up in Gaga videos.

  1. Gold Lame Bikini Guy


    This model from “G.U.Y.” was just one of a bevy of scantily clad eye candy cavorting with Gaga, but he was the only one who actually got to touch her.

  2. Guy Calderone


    The mysterious and brooding Guy Calderone co-starred in “You & I”. Fiery and fierce, it’s obvious he and Gaga have a lot in common.

  3. Rick Genest


    Canadian artist and model Rick Genest (aka “Zombie Boy”) used his famous full body corpse tattoos to great effect in “Born This Way”.

  4. Tank-Top Guy


    This model played Gaga’s Italian-American husband in the underrated “Eh-Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say).” The song may be forgotten, but his presence was memorable.

  5. Jurij Bradač

    Jurij Bradac

    Slovenian actor and model Jurij Bradač played one of the men bidding to buy Gaga in “Bad Romance.” Understandably, he won.

  6. “Love” and “Fame”


    Gaga frolics with these two men, who have the words “Love” and “Fame” shaved into their heads, in “LoveGame”.

    Maybe she needed a spare?

  7. Tyrese Gibson


    Actor and model Tyrese stars as Beyonce’s boyfriend in the epic Gaga/Bey collaboration “Telephone”. He doesn’t survive.

  8. Strip Poker Guy


    This poor model was left just in his skivvies in “Poker Face.” That’s what happens when Gaga holds all the cards.

  9. Andy Cohen


    Sure, Andy’s Photoshopped to hell in Gaga’s video for “G.U.Y” but he can still get it.

  10. Rick Gonzalez and Norman Reedus


    Rick Gonzalez and Walking Dead star Norman Reedus starred as Jesus and Judas in Gaga’s religious fever dream, “Judas”.

    Their closeness had us thinking impure thoughts.

  11. All of the “Alejandro” guys

    Alejandro gaga

    It’s impossible to pick one hottie from the sacrilegious gay explosion that was “Alejandro”. Monkees wigs, big ears, leather trench coats?


    Yes, please.

    lady gaga

    And who doesn’t love an S&M bobby’s helmet?

  12. Alexander Skarsgard

    gaga skarsgaard

    The Tarzan star played Gaga’s murderous paramour in “Paparazzi”. Sure he pushed her off a balcony, but hot is hot!


    He even make a metal eyepatch look sexy.

    Plus: he left a beautiful corpse.
  13. Taylor Kinney


    Gaga met her future ex-fiance Taylor on the set of “You & I”, and the chemistry was obvious every second they were together on screen.


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