While You Were Working: Gaga And Perez No Longer Besties

Perez is my frenemy.

*There’s a hairball stuck in the throat of Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton’s friendship. Gaga’s makeup artist called Perez out for being a hypocrite after he insulted people who wear fur. Gaga seemed to appreciate Tara’s comment, replying, “spill that tea guurl.” Uh-oh.

* Taylor Swift wore a beautiful red dress in the print ad for her new perfume, “Wonderstruck Enchanted,” making us wish we’d copyrighted a bunch of perfume names in the ’70s, because they have clearly run out.

*Todd Sanfield has enlisted Jason Hermiz to play an almost naked hunk in a three part video series showcasing his underwear brand, The Todd Sanfield Collection. Directed, filmed and edited by Murray Gordin, the video is a dream-like look at a guy who really likes to walk around in his Sanfields.

*The three members of Russian rock band Pussy Riot were sentenced to two years in prison. They  spoke out against Putin at a church and were subsequently found guilty of hooliganism, which sounds like a completely real and valid reason to lock three women up for two years.

*Check out all of the Presidential candidates without their shirts on. Was that as fun for you as it was for us?

*Anderson Cooper is so done with his boyfriend after photos circulated showing Ben making out with someone who was not Anderson. It’s nothing that a little Croatia, Kelly Ripa and Andy Cohen can’t fix.

*Drag Queen Barbie is here and she is a sparkly little bitch. But what does she have on RuPaul? Let’s discuss.