Lady Gaga Is So Electrifying in “A Star Is Born” That the Premiere Was Struck by Lightning


You probably have seen the photos of Lady Gaga living her best life in Venice, as she entered the Venice Film Festival on a boat looking like the glamorous star she is.

Gaga’s new movie, A Star is Born, is having its world premiere at the festival, and the rave reviews have started rolling in—get that Oscars speech ready, girl!—but that’s not the only drama the film is causing.

At the Friday night premiere of A Star is Born, the theater was struck by lightning, causing the film projector to blow a bulb, and stop the screening for 20 minutes.

According to Variety, Gaga, in her bright pink flamingo dress, could be seen “chuckling and blowing kisses to the audience as festival technicians scrambled to fix the issue.”

We can only imagine what will happen to the Dolby Theater next year when she goes up to collect her Best Actress Oscar…

A Star is Born hits theaters October 5.

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