Lady Gaga Vs. Cher: Who Wore It Better?


Cher’s Bob Mackie creation with amazing feather headdress she wore to the Oscars in 1986 is, of course, one of the most iconic looks of all time, so it makes sense that Marc Jacobs used it as an inspiration for his recent Spring 2014 line for Louis Vuitton. And, lo and behold, Lady Gaga went out in one of those very looks last night, feather headdress and all.

Now we know the gal above in not Lady Gaga, and rather Australian model Julia Nobis, but you can check out Gaga in the same look here.

The question we want to know is — who wore it better? Cher in Bob Mackie or Lady Gaga in Louis Vuitton?

Let us know below.

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