Drag Legend and “Hey Qween” Co-Host Lady Red Couture Dead at 43

“I can’t believe I am writing this message but the unthinkable has happened."

If you’ve watched Hey Qween, the drag-centric YouTube talk show hosted by Jonny McGovern, then you are familiar with Lady Red Couture, McGovern’s bubbly, joyful co-host. Hey Qween was famous for having many of RuPaul’s Drag Race’s most popular girls on to spill the tea about the show and their sisters.

Sadly, Lady Red passed away over the weekend at the age of 43. Six days ago, McGovern posted on social media that he had rushed Lady Red to the hospital “due to complications with her chronic condition—cyclic vomiting syndrome.”

According to McGovern, she was in the intensive care unit but eventually stabilized, and he was hopeful that she would be moved out of the ICU this past weekend. But on Saturday, July 25, McGovern posted that Lady Red was gone.

“I can’t believe I am writing this message but the unthinkable has happened. This morning at 5am, I received a call from the hospital letting me know that Lady Red just passed away,” McGovern wrote. “I was told she was improving yesterday and ready to move out of intensive care. But very early this morning she had an episode and coded and she was just gone. I was just with her Mom and sister. We are in shock. We are devastated.”

“I know she meant so much to so many people and everyone will want to know the details and want to understand right away,” he continued, “but I BEG YOU ALL for your understanding in allowing her family and I and those who were close to her to grieve in private until we can come to grip with this tragic loss.”

Known as the “largest live-singing drag queen,” Lady Red was a staple in the Los Angeles drag community. Tributes from drag queens and members of the LGBQ community began pouring in this weekend, with many offering condolences and reminiscing about her beautiful soul:

McGovern warned his followers that a fake GoFundMe had been set up to assist with Lady Red’s medical bills. The fundraiser was deactivated, and McGovern said he would update when an official fundraiser has been launched to cover Lady Red’s funeral arrangements.

Rest in peace, Lady Red.

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