Lance Bass Drops “Walking On Air,” First Single In 12 Years: LISTEN

Lance Bass

Gay bars get ready, a new song is about to dominate every turntable and jukebox across the globe.  Lance Bass’s first single in 12 years was released today, and the tune is a pleasantly unexpected collaboration with dance music producers Anise K and Bella Blue. Oh, also, Snoop Dogg.

Yes, the Dee Oh Double Gee raps an entire verse on the new bass-heavy (get it?!) dance anthem, while Lance harmonizes excellently with the Rihanna-esque Bella Blue at the hook.

“Walking on Air” is unique in that the song will be recorded by several other artists around the world, all of which will be released globally. “Listeners from around the world will have the option to hear the various versions and pick their favorites from iTunes,” executive producer Marc Schaffel said. “whether it is a version that features a well-known local artist from their part of the world or one from a different part of the world.”

Does this mark the beginning of a new era for the former N’Sync member?  Don’t count on it:  Bass tells E!, “I have zero plans … I’m going to release it and if people love it, hopefully it will climb the charts…I’m just going to play it by ear.”

The song will be available on iTunes tomorrow, but you can check out the tune now (below)!

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