A Reminder That Lance Bass Has The Hottest Fiancé Ever: Celebrity Instagram


Last year Lance Bass announced his engagement to actor/model Michael Turchin. The two are currently planning their big day, which will be televised on E! in early 2015.

But before he puts a ring on it, we wanted to take a second to enjoy how gorgeous Lance’s soon-to-be hubby is.

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The former *NSync member recently shared an Instagram of Turchin getting spooked on his way into the shower, giving us a little sneak-peek at his booty-full backside.

As we soon discovered, though, that ain’t the half of it.







He likes to take goodnight selfies


“Nite nite”




A gratuitous #FBF

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He must be a Lisa Frank fan 


We’re just gonna leave this right here



All I’m a day’s work on @dirtypoplive discussing the premier of VH1’s new reality series #DatingNaked with our reality guru @justinfwalter …lord! View on Instagram


He’s all about the Bass


He cleans up real nice


On set of #UnusuallyThicke with my favorite hilarious bombshell @tanyathicke

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He’s just a big kid


I love when @liseed pushes me on the swing #TheAdventuresOfLisaAndMichael

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He knows how to use his assets. “This is a purely attention-seeking post. Now have a festive Hump Day everyone!”



He’s pretty lucky himself



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