Langford on Soaps: Will Makes A Shocking Decision on “Nashville”

Plus, big changes ahead for People of the Valley, Joscha comes out on All That Matters, Felix fights for Brad on GH and Ste’s children are in danger on Hollyoaks

Langford on Soaps

Days of Our Lives (U.S.)

Memo to Sonny: if you’re going to threaten someone, please have the balls to follow through. When Sonny reminded Nick that he was a Kiriakis and Nick’s response was to roll his eyes and then make fun of Sonny, I laughed. Because we all know that Sonny won’t do anything even the tiniest bit out of line. It’s a shame the show refuses to write their gays as anything but blandly good, because this would be a perfect time for Sonny to show some colors and shadings, not to mention to be an active participant in the story.

Why can’t Sonny take a page from Uncle Victor, make a phone call and Nick would suffer a mysterious accident? Nick wouldn’t have to die or anything, but be taught a painful lesson. It would sure as hell add more juice to the story. As it is, my reaction is the same as Nick’s: hot air with nothing to back it up. But I’m loving Nick’s schemes and plots and manipulations. He’s great to watch and Blake Berris is clearly enjoying playing the bad boy character. I said long ago he’s the most entertaining thing on the show, and I still feel that way.

I liked the scenes with Sami and Will where they joked about their upcoming weddings. Though to be honest, I found Sami and Will’s relationship much more believable when Chandler Massey was in the role.

So…. Abigail might be pregnant with EJ’s baby? What a shock. I mean no one saw that coming, did they? LOL….

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Emmerdale (U.K.)

I’m glad the show is finally giving Finn something to do, though I have to wonder why he didn’t use this business acumen that he’s showing off for Declan when his family’s farm needed saving. I did like Charity teasing Finn about his very obvious crush on Declan, but I’m wondering exactly why Finn is attracted to Declan. Declan’s attractive enough, but a man who is so obviously into his girlfriend doesn’t seem like a good romantic prospect. But pining after straight guys has never really been my thing. Besides, it seemed to come out of nowhere from the scene where Declan hired Finn to the next one where he was staring longingly at him.

I’m glad Victoria pointed out how silly Finn was being was since Declan is straight. I also appreciated her giving Finn some history on Declan’s ugly past, even though Finn wasn’t listening. At least we know now that Finn likes older men, first Andy and now Declan. Nothing wrong with that. I suspect that Declan is going to use Finn’s attraction to him to take him for a ride. And I don’t mean one Finn would like. I still believe though, that Finn is eventually going to get involved with Robbie now that Finn is in Robbie’s orbit working for Declan and Megan.

I did like the bit where Finn typed in ‘bright young graduate needs cash fast’ and he got a porno site. But hey, one of those movies and he’d have his 800 pounds. Not that I’m advocating such a career, of course! And the little scene between Victoria and Finn where he talked about being a geek in Tokyo was hilarious. For the record, I like Finn’s comic book references. But then I’ve read them all my life so I can relate. And as for asking Val and Pollard for the money, did he really think they’d give him the money so he could quit and leave town? Seriously.

Hollyoaks (U.K.)

I still don’t understand why anyone would ever go into business with Ste. Whether a legit business or a dodgy one, he always screws it up. And when the restaurant was raided with the cops looking for drugs, Tony didn’t once think his business partner was behind it? After all, Ste was a drug dealer and both his ex-lovers were dealers, so it’s not exactly a great leap of logic. I did like that Blessing immediately took the drugs to the police and reported them, unusual behavior in Hollyoaks. And I really like Blessing and Dennis together. It’s pretty clear he has a crush on her, though I don’t think he realizes it yet. I don’t want him sitting around pining for her for months like with Leanne however. It’s obvious they’ll wind up together, but let’s take a different route this time, shall we?

Nashville (U.S.)

Is this show changing its history? Will and Layla have been having sex for months and Layla certainly wasn’t some innocent maiden. But she’s now acting like some inexperienced woman whose virginity Will took and that’s why she can’t satisfy him. That, along with the show writing Layla as a victim of Jeff when we saw that she schemed and scammed her way to get where she is, tells me that the show is trying to rehab or soften her character to make her more the victim to her manipulative, closeted boyfriend. But if you ask your man what he likes in bed and he reaches for the remote, that’s never a good sign.

As for Will, I guess we’re supposed to feel sorry for him because of his struggle, but if we are, the writing sure isn’t helping. Between getting Brent fired a few weeks back and now his lying to Layla about his feelings for her, not to mention his somewhat sabotaging her career by talking her out of calling Brent to help, makes him seem like a selfish POS. I guess it goes back to my overall feeling about closet cases. If you want to be in the closet, that’s your choice and have at it. Just leave the rest of us alone, because somehow it’s the people around you who wind up being the victims.

Neighbours (Australia)

I’m not really into this story, in part because Chris is so annoying and unlikeable. He doesn’t think that Sonya should tell his mom about Hudson being in jail, but he does think she should tell him about his mother’s gambling addiction, even though Sonya made it clear that she was unable to because of the bounds of confidentiality? I’m glad that Jared told Chris off about his nasty attitude towards Sonya. But another reason why I’m annoyed with this story is because after all the talk about Chris’ fears about his mom finding out about Hudson, we didn’t actually get to see the scene where she confronted him about it. What was the point of all those scenes where Chris was worried about it when we didn’t get to see the fallout when it finally happened?

Not only that, we didn’t get to see what happened when Chris picked his mom up from jail. And if he’s so worried about her, why is he sitting in a bar having a drink rather than spending time with his mother, which in part, is what led to her going back to gambling? He was worried that she started gambling because he was keeping his distance, so why aren’t we seeing those scenes of him talking to her about it? This is not the first time when a story about Chris is only half told or certain scenes take place off screen. It’s like when Chris and Hudson dated off screen and then fell in love. I don’t want to think that the show is treating the gay character differently, but I can only go by what I’m seeing (or not seeing) on my TV.

Revenge (U.S.)

This was an okay episode that kind of seemed all over the place. The only good thing was that they quickly wrapped up a few stories that I didn’t care about, like Patrick’s father showing up and Niko wanting revenge for her father’s death. So let’s hope we’ve heard the last of those side stories. I’m very glad that Emily and Conrad did not sleep together, that’s the kind of plot twist the show doesn’t need, especially since Conrad, with all his flaws, has always treated Emily like a daughter.

I am interested in the cause of Emily’s blackouts. I don’t believe she’s going insane like her mother, but now that we know it’s not related to the shooting. Maybe she’s being drugged or something? I do think there’s more going on than meets the eye.

I saw the reveal of Jack’s mother coming a mile away but still, the plot twist helps to get Jack back in the action and Gail O’Grady is a great cast addition. Elsewhere, Charlotte still feels like a character who has worn out her welcome and needs to go, but drunk, messy Daniel gets hotter every time we see him.

Secret Lives (Finland)

Not much to comment on since not much happened, but I do think that this whole ‘Lari has to hide from everyone is silly’ since they made a point of saying they all live in the same building. It looks like it’s about to be over anyway as Lari and Elias are about to come face to face. I think I might lose interest after this because the show clearly feels that Lari and Elias are fated for each other and poor Miska probably won’t be around much longer. Anyone who reads this column knows that I never thought that Elias and Lari made that great of a couple as most of their relationship was them being miserable. I have no doubt we’re headed for more of the same. I don’t mind angst, but these guys don’t have much chemistry and the angst was so dragged out and boring.

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The Haves and Have Nots (U.S.)

I had some problems in that scene with Jeffrey and Wyatt. It made me wonder if the writers have been watching the same show I have, or if I simply forgot what went down.

Jeffrey manipulated Wyatt into nearly having sex with him, but stopped it, saying he wanted to show Wyatt how it felt to be used like Wyatt had done to Jeffrey. Except…. that’s not what happened. Jeffrey knew that Wyatt was straight, but Wyatt was emotionally dependent on Jeffrey because Jeffrey was his drug counselor and his friend. Jeffrey used that to manipulate Wyatt and destroyed Wyatt’s relationship with Laura in order to keep Wyatt close to him. Wyatt was the victim, not Jeffrey. In fact, IIRC the night that Wyatt got wasted and ran over the girl and Benny was the night he’d found out what Jeffrey had done and they fought about it.

The bigger problem is that Jeffrey didn’t actually go through with blackmailing Wyatt into sex even after admitting that he still wants Wyatt. Yes, Jeffrey admitted that he’s not as ruthless as Candace and his mother, but why can’t he be? Why does he now find his moral integrity after having none at all last season? Worse, after all that talk about not wanting to be closeted, Jeffrey agrees to do just that for Wyatt. So Wyatt gets everything he wants and Jeffrey stays the long suffering gay. Bah.

Frankly, if he’s got to go in the closet, why not have a little something to keep him motivated? Of course, we know why. If Wyatt was a woman and Jeffrey was straight, sex would definitely be part of the deal. And it should have been here, even if we didn’t see it. You want to be a scandalous soap opera, then be one.

Veronica is one crazy b*tch. That phone call she made to Jeffrey was infuriating, sad and hilarious all at once.

Like a lot of conversations on this show, the one between Jeffrey and Kathryn went around and around and around. But I could have sworn that when Kathryn referred to Number Nine, Jeffrey knew she was referring to Candace and Kathryn had confirmed as much. Yet when he asked again who she was talking about, I was too worn out to actually go back and look at the earlier discussion about this.

How many scenes have we had of Amanda laughing to herself ‘for hours’ and then denying it? Yeah, a lot. When Amanda does it and then says Jeffrey is lying when he calls her on it, I’d like for someone to ask ‘Why would Jeffrey lie about that’? Maybe next season.

As for Hanna’s arrest. Oy. That entire scene was ridiculous. Now I don’t know that much about police procedure, but I do know that when you are arrested, the police must A) tell you why you are being arrested and B) read you your rights. The police in that scene did neither. They just can’t slap on the cuffs and drag you off. Of course, the reason why they didn’t tell her was so she (and we) can be shocked when she’s accused of stealing Benny’s body. Of course it was Kathryn who had it moved, which was why she was trying to call Hanna. But any case the police might have would be thrown out because they absolutely failed to follow anything resembling police procedure. I know, I know it’s only a TV show (and a badly written one at that). But could they at least try? Geez.

So all the events of this past season have taken place over a week? That makes sense given the slow place of the show and the transitions and such. But this soap needs to find a way to pick up the pace.

This Week in Spoilers

Kai gets his soccer contract and then outs himself. Will his career survive?

All That Matters:
As it comes closer to the time for Joscha to come out, his fears grow that his soccer career will be over, even though he loves Kai. When an upper level division team shows interest in him, Joscha decides his career means more than love. However, whether he gets the contract or not depends on his performance in the tournament. Joscha performs poorly, until Kai confesses that he loves him. With that thought on his mind, Joscha’s skill on the soccer field improves and he is offered the contract that he wants. Joscha is so excited that he pulls Kai into a steamy kiss with all the world watching.

Todd stirs things up for Marcus and Maria, but will Fitz pick up on the tension?

Coronation Street:
can’t stop blabbing about Todd’s love life and tells his pal Fitz about Todd’s mystery man. Later, Maria and Marcus are excited about their chances on a new house, but Todd can’t help but get some digs in. When Marcus gets Todd alone in the alley, he tells Todd to leave him alone and stop making trouble. Unfortunately for Todd and Marcus, Fitz overhears the heated exchange.

Days of our Lives: When Sonny goes to Victor seeking advice on how to deal with Nick, Victor offers to help. But will Sonny like Victor’s methods? Meanwhile, Sami and Adrienne clash while working on the plans for Will and Sonny’s wedding.

How far will Declan go with Finn to get what he wants?

Emmerdale: Finn is upset when he realizes that Charity knows he has a crush on Declan while Declan plots to find a way to use Finn’s feelings for him to his advantage.

Felix isn’t ready to give up on Lucas

General Hospital: Felix finds out that Carly and Lucas are brother and sister and tells Carly that Lucas has come between he and Brad. Carly encourages Felix not to give up on Brad, prompting Felix to drop by and see Brad. But when Felix goes by to see Brad, Lucas is already there. Felix is hurt that Brad is spending time with Lucas.

Ste is upset to say goodbye to Sinead…

Trevor threatens Ste to keep his mouth shut after Ste finds out that Fraser is Trevor’s boss. At the same time, Leah and Lucas come for a surprise visit and Ste is given reason to fear for his children’s safety after he is sent a picture of the kids with Fraser lurking. Ste begs Fraser not to hurt the kids and Fraser informs him he would never hurt a child. He does however, tell Ste that he has no problem killing Ste if he can’t keep quiet about what he knows.

Meanwhile, having had Katy taken from her because she’s an unfit mother, Sinead decides to kidnap the baby and run off to Ireland with Freddie. Ste finds out what Sinead has done and so does Diane, who promptly decides to call the police. Ste convinces Diane that they should track down Sinead themselves, but will they get to her before it’s too late?

Nashville: Brent is back in Will’s orbit, making Will fear that his gay past could be revealed. Will goes to Layla with a surprising offer, but will she accept? Is Will about to marry his beard? Meanwhile, Will has an offer for Deacon as well, but sadly, it’s probably not the same as the one he has for Layla…

I know there’s a story here, but Patrick’s shirtless, which is what matters….

Revenge: Nolan drops by to see Patrick and the resulting conversation complicates things between them. Meanwhile, Emily’s blackouts get more violent and Aidan and Nolan race to stop her before she goes too far…

Secret Lives: Old feelings are revived when Lari and Elias encounter each other after months of being apart. Once Elias sees Lari again, he can’t stop thinking about him. Meanwhile, Miska tells Tale that he’s falling in love with Elias. Uh-oh…

The Haves and Have Nots: In the show’s season finale, Jeffrey decides to go through with his mother’s request to go straight in order to protect Wyatt from being revealed as the hit and run driver. But it could be all for naught because Hanna (finally) names Wyatt as the driver and he is arrested.


Will budget cuts mean even less time for People of the Valley’s gay?

Big changes are ahead on Welsh soap People of the Valley. No, gay character Iolo White doesn’t suddenly have a front burner storyline and a love interest. In fact, given what’s going on behind the scenes at the soap, one wonders how much we’ll be seeing of the show’s lone gay in the future. Like many soaps, falling ratings and rising costs have forced the network to make budget cuts. Starting early next year, POTV will only be seen four days a week instead of its current five and will not air at all for two weeks out of the year. In addition, the show’s weekend omnibus edition has been cancelled.

The last guy Iolo dated was Josh … for one episode last year….

The producers of the long running soap, which is about to celebrate its 40th anniversary, say it’s unknown at this early stage how these cuts will affect the show in terms of characters and story. But experience tells me this is only the start of budget cuts.

AMC and OLTL never had a chance…

And finally, it was disappointing to have returning soaps All My Children and One Life To Live cancelled after their first season, especially AMC, which had been so good, but it looks like they never had much of a chance of success given the behind the scenes drama. Prospect Park, the production company which brought the soaps back to life declared bankruptcy last week. PP reportedly owes ABC, which whom they purchased the rights to the soaps from and whom they are suing for their alleged sabotage of the soaps, nearly two million dollars, as well as owing hundreds of thousands to lawyers, producers and some of the actors who worked for them on the revived soaps.

PP says that despite their company going bankrupt, the suit against ABC will continue.

That’s it for this edition of Langford On Soaps. Please share your comments on the thoughts and opinions expressed in this week’s column below. See you next week!