Langford on Soaps: Chandler Massey Departs “Days” Early, New Will Horton Already Cast

Plus, Robbie and Luke’s date is interrupted on River City, Vincent makes a painful confession on My Husbands’ Lover and Hudson is a murder suspect on Neighbours.

Langford’s Picks and Pans

River City (Scotland)

It’s been awhile since we’ve had any story for Will and Robbie and I’m glad to have them on my screen again as they deal with the impending end of their marriage. But now given that Will has signed over the business to Robbie and Robbie has taken of his ring, why haven’t either of them even mentioned getting a divorce? Robbie has even started dating someone new. You’d think they’d at least think about it.

I suspect though, there’s a reason why the show hasn’t gotten into that. I still think they’ll eventually reunite them, especially now that Will has been through therapy to deal with his issues (which Robbie doesn’t know at this point). Also, where is Petey? That’s another story thread I’m looking for the show to pick up again.

Let’s just hope this is the start of a new arc for this show’s very interesting gay characters. BTW, I’m hating the comments that Robbie could never land men like Will and Luke. Those kind of thoughts are shameful coming for gay viewers and those who support them. There are all types of gays and all types of gays who love them. Having such close minded thoughts to believe otherwise is just sad.

Neighbours (Australia)

I found myself saying ‘WTF’ several times during last week’s shows and it’s all about Hudson’s involvement in this hit and run storyline, which makes no sense at all. Until last week, Hudson and Josh were barely speaking to each other and now he’s helping Josh with his problems? Not to mention, I can’t recall Hudson ever having any significant scenes with Amber or Mason so why would he just give Mason thousands of dollars to pay off Mason’s blackmailer? Sure, Hudson’s family is rich, but it seems strange he would just throw that kind of cash around for people he barely knows. And don’t get me started on Chris involving Hudson in the first place and referring to a guy he’s only been dating a few weeks as his partner. I suppose we’re just to accept these relationships exists even though we never saw them develop on screen.

Of course, my big concern is that Hudson is involved for one reason only: he’s going to turn out to be the one who ran down Robbo. His motive would be flimsy, getting back the money, especially since he freely gave the money in the first place. And about that, if Hudson’s family is wealthy, then why can’t they afford to hire him a better coach than Brad? Moving on…

Anyway, I suspect that it’ll be Hudson who killed Robbo. He’s really the only character involved in the story who is not a regular cast member, never a good sign. And the show, frankly, shoehorned him into the story. It would be a shame if the show pinned the murder on him, but I wouldn’t be shocked.

It’s also a shame the show killed off Robbo (or will kill him as he dies this week). He was an interesting villain and the actor was not only hot, he gave a good performance. Oh well, I’m just hoping Hudson isn’t the killer. But, I’ve got a bad feeling.

My Husbands’ Lover (The Philippines)

Whew! The one thing you can always count on with My Husbands’ Lover is an emotional roller coaster. It certainly delivered that in last week’s subbed episodes as Vincent, Lally and Eric each found themselves crying bitter tears. There are always key scenes that stand out for me and I guess my favorite would be the one in the restaurant with Vincent and Dave where Vincent nearly broke down into a sobbing mess because even though he’d dumped Eric and resolved to work on his marriage, it was Eric he still wanted to be with and it was Eric who was most important to him. But I couldn’t help but think that Dave’s advice that Vincent should go back to his wife came from his jealousy that Eric would be the man that Vincent would wind up with instead of Dave and not any concerns about Lally and Vincent’s family.

I also liked the scenes where Vincent finally explained to Lally about the depth of he and Eric’s relationship and we got some nice flashbacks as well. It was interesting that the show made it clear that Vincent wanted to heal his marriage not because it was Lally he wanted to be with but because he can’t accept that he’s gay and the ramifications of facing that truth.

But as the episodes played out, Vincent and Lally seem to have come to the conclusion that things can’t be the same between them and they can’t go back no matter how much they might want to, especially after Vincent was unable to tell Lally it was her he wanted and not Eric. It’s just a matter of how to deal with what comes next. It was really sad how Lally was ready to forget everything and give Vincent another chance if he actually showed he wanted one and was devastated when he didn’t.

I had to shake my head at Eric’s decision to sell his condo, which he had just bought, because it had too many memories of he and Vincent. So melodramatic, but then that’s the type of soap this is. But the newly created flashbacks the show gave us of Vincent and Eric sharing their lives in the condo were really sweet and perhaps gave us a peek of what things will be like between them once all the drama is over and they get their happy ending (assuming they do, of course).

I wish we’d of seen more of what’s going on with Danny and his boyfriend situation, but the show is introducing some other interesting characters and stories. I guess it’s pretty clear that things are going to develop between Eric and Martin so that should create new complications for everyone. I thought it was really nice how, upon realizing that Eric was in no emotional state to have sex, Martin just held Eric to make him feel better. And as for Paul, I have the feeling he’s not as nice as he appears and Lally will regret getting involved with him. And I’m wondering how the introduction of Zando and the problems with his father not being able to accept his sexuality is going to play into Vincent’s story. Guess we’ll see soon enough.

*Thanks to mhlteam2013 for the clips!

All That Matters (Germany)

This story is finally seeing some forward motion with Katja figuring out (rather easily) that Joscha was gay. I guess that’s the only conclusion she could reach after seeing Joscha so teary about Manu’s suicide and his homophobic outburst in the locker room. And it’s nice that everyone has no tolerance for bigotry and homophobia, even Can. He’s an idiot, but I don’t think he really has issue with gays.

I’m glad that Katja is pushing Joscha to be honest and come out, not to mention to stop using Melanie. I really didn’t like Joscha’s inference that what he was doing was okay because Melanie wasn’t in love with him and only wanted a trophy boyfriend. He’s probably right about that, but using her is still wrong. But we’re getting closer to Joscha coming out and ending this nonsense with Melanie, for which I will be very grateful.

Hollyoaks (U.K.)

I thought it was funny how freaked out everyone got by Danny and Ste nearly sleeping together before he found out he was Ste’s father. It didn’t bother me much as soaps have had relatives hooking up before (and sometimes after) realizing they were related. I just thought it was a twist on a story we’ve seen before and something only Hollyoaks would dare to do.

What was more bothersome is that Danny would actually be so annoyed that John Paul didn’t return a few of his phone calls so he was actually going to cheat on John Paul with Ste. I guess Danny forgot he’s a married man! I won’t lie though, Ste and Danny did have some sexual chemistry, as creepy as that might sound. I did love the look of horror on Danny’s face when he realized he was about to have sex with his son. And the delicious twist of Danny’s wife being a cop is one I’m sure is going to cause lots of problems down the road.

One more observation I have: Danny looks really hot in a pair of jeans. Yum. Overall, I actually like Danny even if he’s a lying jerk and a cheat. I think it’s great that Hollyoaks continues to give us gays from all walks of life, including people of color and older gays. I know some viewers think that only young white gay men should be seen, but it’s wonderful that Hollyoaks feels otherwise.

What a total loser that Darren is, the worst husband ever. Even if Nancy had of done half the things that Darren believes she has, he should still show more loyalty to his wife. It’s even worse that he’s parading Sienna around in front of his family, including his children. Gross. I hope Nancy never forgives him.

The Haves and The Have Nots (U.S.)

Yuck. I just get the willies watching Jeffrey mince and preen all over Wyatt. It’s so creepy. If the show is trying to depict a sexual predator, they are doing a great job. They are also stereotyping and demeaning gays in a way I haven’t seen on any television show in decades. Yep, I mean decades.

What’s worse about Jeffrey’s scheming is that he’s so bad at it and the show requires Wyatt to be the dumbest person ever for it to work. It’s the same problem I had in the show’s first episode, when Wyatt caught Jeffrey peeping at him. And now he’s acting like it never happened and he can’t quite grasp why Jeffrey is being so inappropriate with him.

Both the bad guy and the victim he’s trying to take advantage of are too stupid to live. The thing is, I think it’s only going to get worse and perhaps take gay storytelling to a newer low than it already has. The show says they are going to ‘shock’ us with how things wrap up for Wyatt and Jeffrey in the season finale, and I just can’t imagine things are going to get romantic between them. I sense it’s going to get quite ugly, maybe even violent. I’m hoping not, but this show hasn’t avoided any clichés and stereotypes before. A gay bashing would be right up their alley, especially since they’ll likely write it that the gay character deserved it.

Make me wrong, show. Please make me wrong.

Days of Our Lives (U.S.)

Are we really supposed to believe those major renovations on the club were done in a few weeks? T even said the place looking nothing like before. It’s even bigger! That kind of work would take months not weeks. Worse, the coffee shop actually looked hip and cool and somewhere a young crowd would hang out. The new club looks more like the old country club sets this show used to have. I can’t believe three men in their twenties, two of them gay would come up with this. Even Stefano would have more style and flair. I’m still not sure why the show felt the need for these renovations. I can’t imagine we’d be seeing the nightclub that often. Oh well, maybe it’ll make sense eventually. But little on this show does.

I went on and on last week about the show the mistake of writing out Vargas so I won’t do it again here. Of course I hated the way they did it and made him look stupid in the process. Why in the world would anyone show their secret stash of cash to a fellow drug user? I would think a hardcore criminal like Vargas would be much more protective of his dough than that. Not to mention throwing his life away for a girl he barely knows.

BTW, I don’t like Teresa. At all. And not because she’s a bad girl. Everyone knows I love the baddies, like JJ, who is my new favorite. But there’s nothing appealing about this girl, and even villains need likeable traits.

I guess I shouldn’t be shocked that the opening of Sonny’s club barely featured Will or Sonny doing anything significant. The last few months certainly haven’t. And I’m so tired of everyone on the show beating us over the head with what a perfect couple Will and Sonny are. It doesn’t help them be more interesting, frankly and is little more than propping a couple who shouldn’t need it. Though it was nice to see T, I always enjoy him.

As for Nick and Gabi, I wish the show had actually spent some time developing things between them rather than just tossing them back together again. After all they spent so much time breaking them up, then nothing for months. Days could have done so much better than this. There was so much potential here and the show did nothing with it. Perhaps less time boring us with Daniel and Jennifer and more time on interesting stories? Just a thought. And given the anvil drop about Gabi’s criminal history, obviously the show is picking up that old story. Not sure how I feel about that. I never liked that plotline (mostly because it was about Melanie, a character I despised).

BTW, what was with Kristen’s hair? Yikes.


Scoops and Spoilers

River City: Determined to put the past — and his marriage to Will behind him, Robbie decides to go on a date with Luke. The two of them have a good time, but there’s a huge bump in the romantic road when Robbie and Luke run into Will on their first date. It doesn’t take long for Luke to see that Robbie isn’t over his spouse and that Robbie is on the rebound and not ready for new romance. But will this be what pushes Will and Robbie back together?

Will Hudson tell Chris what he’s hiding?

Neighbours: Robbo dies, which means the hit and run is now a murder. He said something before he breathed his last, but who will be put in the clear or charged with the crime? Meanwhile, everyone scrambles to keep secrets, including Hudson and Josh, who are hiding Josh’s injuries from Brad. Elsewhere, Mason continues to look for the password to Robbo’s laptop, but what will he discover when he finally succeeds? In other news, Chris begins to wonder what happened to the money that they borrowed from Hudson to pay Robbo and Hudson’s shifty behavior has him suspicious. Is Hudson hiding more than the secret of Josh’s injuries?

Hollyoaks: Even though nothing is going on between he and Vincent despite their growing feelings for each other, George is upset that Vincent continues to encourage Phoebe’s love for him by not doing anything to convince her that nothing will ever happen between them. But Vincent still struggles with the fact that he’s gay, upset that because of it he can never go home again. He wonders if there’s a possible cure for homosexuality and asks if George would take it if there was one. Meanwhile, George and Tilly prepare for college by renting a student house.

Will, Sonny and Gabi are at odds…

Days of Our Lives: Will and Sonny are upset to learn that Gabi is involved with Nick again after all the problems he caused them in the past, but Gabi tells her nosy roomies to butt out of her personal life. The threesome make peace, but when a new development comes along, the war breaks out all over again. Meanwhile, Sami is offered a plea bargain, which EJ encourages her to take. But Sami is convinced she’ll not be convicted of murder and decides to go to trial, leaving EJ to think she’s making a terrible mistake.

Joscha wants Deniz — and lets him know it….

All That Matters: Unable to deny his sexuality to Katja, Joscha admits he’s gay, but says he can’t come out because it would ruin his career. Katja is understanding, but asks Joscha not to toy anymore with Melanie’s feelings. Realizing she’s right, Joscha decides to break it off with Melanie, but then he hears the rumors that he’s gay. Fearful he’s going to be outed, Joscha changes his mind about the split. And Katja makes it clear she doesn’t like the deception. Things get messy when Melanie overhears the conversation. Joscha continues to deny everything, insisting he’s not gay. Later, during a meeting with Deniz, things get the best of Joscha and he kisses the object of his desire.


 Is Chandler Massey irreplaceable? We’ll soon find out…

It was about a year ago that this column first reported that Days of Our Lives star Chandler Massey’s contract was up in December and that the actor would most likely be leaving his Emmy winning role as Will Horton. Several months ago Massey himself told reporters he was leaving Days and after much internet chatter, backtracked on that statement just a few weeks ago, saying no decision had been made about his future on the soap. But apparently, something has changed about his status or perhaps it never had.

Last week Massey exited his role — a few months earlier than expected. Word has it that Massey had asked the show if he could be let out of his contract months before it expired. The show had agreed to release Massey just as soon as they found a replacement. When Massey showed up on the set last week he was told that his role had been recast and that day would be his last. Apparently, Massey had been surprised that things had moved along so quickly.

How long before NuWill and Sonny get a bedroom scene?

A spokesperson for Days told Soap Opera Digest about the sudden change:

“As Chandler Massey announced back in June, he will be leaving the show to further pursue his education and other entertainment opportunities. While Days of our Lives is disappointed to lose such a talent, the show understands and supports him in his future endeavors. Due to current storyline and the timely discovery of new talent that the show feels is the right recast for Will Horton, a mutual decision has been made for the changes to taken place immediately.”

While it hasn’t been revealed who is going to play NuWill, the SOD article indicates that the new actor has been chosen and will start shooting soon, meaning he will most likely be seen on screen early into the new year.  Massey will last air around Christmastime.

That’s it for another edition of Langford on Soaps. See you next time!