Langford on Soaps: Chris and Aiden Get a Second Chance at Love on “Neighbors”


Dangerous Relationships

Is this show still on? It would seem so, despite reports that the show was going to die an early death. Guess those reports were erroneous. Still, things haven’t changed for Alejandro and Diego with most of their relationship advancing off screen and the show continuing to avoid most physical contact between them.

I’m still not seeing why these two have anything to do with each other. Diego continues to treat Alejandro with little more than disgust and while Diego is clearly initiating the off screen kisses, we only get to see him treating Alejandro like trash afterwards, leaving us to wonder why Alejandro, who is a good kid, is putting up with it. The show hasn’t given us any reason why they should be together other than they’re the only two gay kids at that school, which of course is implausible. But being alone would be better than being with someone who constantly tells you you’re sick and need help.

But it’s headed for some resolution, with Nora and Diego being strong-armed into getting married and the show coming to a close soon. I’m sure it’ll close for Alejandro and Diego with Diego accepting who he is and he and Alejandro together as a couple. But I’m curious as to how things will end for Nora given her status as an illegal immigrant. I’m going to guess it’ll involve an out of left field plot twist—the norm for this show.

River City

Robbie and Will are kind of growing on me. Or maybe I’m giving them a pass because I like Will so much. I find him such an appealing character because he’s a regular guy, a cop, who just happens to be gay. Usually shows make everything about a character’s sexuality and with Will they never have. Even though the show had hinted at it, he wasn’t closeted at all at work, just so focused on the job that he had no personal life to speak of. And I also like how he’s changed a bit since getting together with Robbie. He’s more relaxed and not so buttoned up in his emotions and his dress and it’s made the character even hotter than he already was.

I’m still not feeling the murder mystery and the crime element of the story. It’s just not all that interesting, mostly because we already know Sean did it. It’s just a matter of time before they nail the guy. Besides, it’s hard for me to buy that this newcomer could stir up all this trouble without getting a lot more attention than he has. And the show still seems to have forgotten about the gay bashing storyline that brought Will and Robbie together. It’s awfully lazy of the show to have just dropped that and I’m not going to let it go until we get some kind of closure to that story.


Days of Our Lives

It was nice to see Sonny again. It’s been far too long since the show has used this character and another reminder how the show has wasted him. Hopefully that will change in the future now that we have new writers and some rumored new stories in place that will give Sonny more to do. Unfortunately for me, I’m not thrilled with the way Sonny is currently written. He used to have more of an edge, at least when he first debuted. But now he’s just too good to be true. He’s just too all-knowing and all-seeing. He’s a Kiriakis, a family who terrorized the show’s citizens for years. I wish we could see more of that.

I thought last week that Sami and Will had made peace, but this week had Will being unreasonably nasty towards her. I’m glad Sonny called Will out on his attitude. I know the show is setting up the ‘pretending to be lovers’ bit for a future relationship between these two, but I’m still not sure if I’m feeling a relationship between Will and Sonny, even if the fans think they’re destined to be together forever before they’ve even had their first date. I don’t know, the chemistry just isn’t there for me.

As for the ‘murder’ mystery, it’s utterly ridiculous that Roman would be anywhere near this case. Will is his grandson, he was married to Marlena, Bo is his brother. I mean, he is related to nearly everyone involved in this crime. He’d be taken off the case before it even got started. As for Will’s involvement, his yammering about what Stefano did to him only shows how flimsy Will’s motive for murder really is, especially since Will only got found out because of his own big mouth.

One last thing: Sonny, Will and Chad used to be inseparable. Chad is even a partner in Sonny’s coffee house. But neither Will nor Sonny have bothered to see how Chad his doing after his father is murdered? That is not only unlike either character, it’s sad how the show has let those friendships drift away to nothing.


I’m not going to go on too long about this show, but as usual, I do have a few things to get off my chest. I don’t buy for one minute that Ste could have pulled the wool over Brendan’s eyes like that. Brendan is many things, but he is not stupid and even though he is supposed to love Ste, he has always called the shots and always been in control. I just don’t believe that Ste could have convinced Brendan to just sign over the deli so easily and not be suspicious of him. Brendan doesn’t trust anyone, even Ste, I don’t think. So I don’t see how Brendan could have been fooled; especially since Ste, quite frankly, wasn’t that hard to read.

I do wonder, however, what Ste did to convince Brendan to give him what he wanted. We never saw that scene and I can’t help but think that they might have had sex to seal the deal. Brendan and Ste’s relationship was always sexually charged and Brendan had planned for them to have sex the night before. I can’t imagine that he wouldn’t have dragged Ste off to the nearest bedroom the moment they reunited. It’s just speculation, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Brendan reveal that little nugget to Doug just as things are getting good between Doug and Ste.

How will Brendan take his revenge?

And well, Ste is a fool if he thinks that he’s free of Brendan. There is simply no way that Brendan is going to let this go. Not only is he obsessed with Ste and hates Doug, Ste bilked him about of thousands of pounds. It’s almost as if Ste has forgotten how lethal and dangerous his ex can be. I think he might be about to find out. Personally, I hope we see the bad side of Brendan as he sets out to wreck some serious vengeance. I think the character has been watered down for some time now and we need to get back to the sociopathic bad boy that many fans, like myself, fell in love with.

I have to again give kudos to PJ Brennan. As Doug, he is nailing his scenes. I’m really impressed by his acting and it shows that, even though the show’s decision to turn Doug gay hasn’t been handled well plot-wise, it’s really given the actor some meaty material to show off his acting skills.



Will Marcus figure out his BFF has a thing for him before it’s too late?

Coronation Street
Marcus remains clueless that his BFF Maria is attracted to him and sees him for far more than a friend, even though she knows he’s gay and in a relationship. Her feelings only deepen after Marcus is her knight-in-shining-armor when he comes to her rescue when she needs a babysitter. Later, when Marcus and Maria meet for dinner and drinks, Audrey notices that Maria is enjoying Marcus’ company more than she should. She questions Maria’s feelings for Marcus and Maria insists they are no more than good friends. Audrey doesn’t buy it and warns Maria to get her feelings in check before she ruins her friendship with Marcus.

Joel digs up some dangerous dirt on Walker…

Hollyoaks – Brendan is still steaming about Ste dumping him and bilking him out of €80,000 and one can only imagine how he’ll take his revenge on Ste and Doug. So when Walker returns to town at Brendan’s behest, both Joel and Cheryl wonder why Brendan would want Walker back after insisting he leave the village and if it has anything to do with Ste. But Brendan isn’t talking, leaving Joel out in the cold again as Brendan and Walker make secret plans. Determined to get some dirt on Walker, Joel trails him and makes a shocking discovery. Joel goes to Brendan with the news and as a result, Brendan demands to know what Walker is hiding. Walker comes clean, revealing a new side of himself.

Holby City – Ever since Simon came back into his life, Dan has tried to control his feelings for his college friend, but they are growing, as is his jealousy over Simon and Malick’s relationship. Malick insists he and Simon are just friends and warns Dan that if he wants Simon, he needs to get the courage to finally accept that he’s gay and go for the man he wants. Dan is reluctant at first, but eventually asks Simon out for a date. But will Simon accept?

How far does Will go to solve his murder case?

River City – Will is upset when he learns Silvie has been murdered and he’s certain that her john, Sean, committed the crime. He and his boss manage to bring Sean in for questioning, but they are only able to bring lesser charges against him and nothing close to murder. Determined to bring Sean to justice, Will uses some questionable methods that infuriate his boss and could lose them any chance to nail Sean for good.

Chad accuses Will of killing Stefano…

Days of Our Lives – Will is arrested for Stefano’s murder and while he swears he didn’t do it, and that the gun residue was on his hands because he was merely testing it, his own family question his guilt or innocence. Will is released on bail and he’s shocked when he learns EJ is the one who put up the money. Making matters worse is that EJ blackmails Will once again regarding Will having shot him all those years ago. But what does EJ want Will to do this time?

To Will’s relief, Rafe believes he is innocent and wants to help with the case. Rafe suggests they hire Will’s Aunt Carrie to defend him, but Sami is uncomfortable with that, given her jealousy of her sister. Still, Carrie takes the case. However, not everyone thinks Will didn’t kill Stefano. Chad is certain that his former pal killed his father and confronts Will with his accusations.



Good Times, Bad Times – Lucas begins dating for the first time since Edwin’s death, but is he ready?


Aiden’s back, but will Chris get him?

We told you a few weeks ago of rumors that Bob Morely, who plays gay nurse Aiden on Aussie soap Neighbours, was returning to the soap after Chris and Aiden’s breakup last month. And now those rumors have been confirmed. Morely is indeed back on the set, though the actor looks a little different than the last time we saw him. Morely, who had shoulder length hair, had his hair cut for the football oriented film, Blinder, that he made while he was away from the soap. But Morely says Aiden’s new look makes sense for the upcoming story.

“I think it works that the character comes back looking a little different after a break-up, it’s what you do,” Morely told Channel 5, the network that airs the soap in the UK.

As for Chris and Aiden, a lot of fans were upset that the couple split, especially since there was much left unsaid between them before the sudden breakup. Morely promises that it’s certainly not over for the gay duo.

“That’s Ramsay Street for you, one minute it’s on, then it’s off. However, I don’t think the producers have me back for my nursing skills.” Morely said. “Lots more to come with those two.”

From murder, to beating up his boyfriend, drug dealing and mugging his own sister, Hollyoaks’ gay mobster Brendan Brady hasn’t exactly been a model citizen. But fans can’t get enough of this character, who is probably one of Hollyoaks’ most popular players. For those who (like me) enjoy seeing Brendan as the bad boy, there’s plenty of his dark side to come over the next several months. Brendan is going to spend much of his time making ex-boyfriend Ste and Ste’s current love Doug miserable, even going so far as to buy the building they live in so he can be their landlord!

Emmett Scanlan, who pays the beloved criminal, promises that Brendan is going to embrace his dark side more than ever before in the upcoming Hollyoaks Later, a week long mini-series based on the daily soap.

“[Later] builds very, very nicely throughout all five episodes.” Scanlan explains to Digital Spy.  “Come episode four and five it takes the storyline to a new level of darkness and black comedy. There’s some very daring stuff, very ballsy stuff that I don’t think has ever been done on Hollyoaks before, so for that reason alone I’m excited as hell.”

Scanlan feels that Brendan should never lose the dark edges that made him popular, saying that fans wouldn’t be as enthralled with Brendan if he weren’t the bad boy.

“I don’t think there’s much interest in Brendan walking down the street, going into Price Slice and buying himself a packet of Jaffa Cakes.” Scanlan said. “He’s not that normal nine to five kind of guy. He’s always got this darkness to his character and that’s what makes him interesting.”

Brendan wants Ste back in his life… and in his bed….

As for Brendan’s stormy relationship with Ste Hay, Scanlan insists that Brendan will never give up on getting Ste back, even if Ste is, at the moment, in love with someone else.

“Everything’s a game to Brendan. Everything has an element of power, control and possession. No-one plays with Brendan’s toys except Brendan himself. That’s not to say it isn’t love, of course it’s love but it’s a different kind of love to anybody else’s.” Scanlan said. “He’ll do whatever it takes to get possession of Steven and to be with him. I don’t know how that would work, for the relationship to blossom if they were publicly just going out with each other. But nobody gets in Brendan’s way.”

That’s a wrap for this edition of Langford on Soaps. See you next time!