Langford on Soaps: Christian and Ollie are Reunited on “Forbidden Love”

Plus, Brad might be a baby daddy on General Hospital, the season finale of Haves and Haves Nots, Secret Lives returns and German soap Among Us goes gay. Also, the latest on People of the Valley, Hollyoaks, All That Matters, Days of Our Livesand more!

Langford’s Picks and Pans

Secret Lives (Finland)

The new season of Secret Lives picks up where we left off, with Lari having come out to his father and the fallout from that. I’m very glad that instead of another round of Lari dating some girl while Elias looked sad, Lari was honest with his father. Of course his father’s reaction was very predictable — much like this entire storyline has been — with his refusal to accept it and making the same old homophobic statements we’ve seen so many times before in these stories.

Lari’s dad figures getting rid of Elias will make Lari not gay anymore…

And I was afraid that Elias would get beaten up by Lari’s dad for ‘turning’ his son gay. Thankfully the show didn’t go there as they’ve already done the gay bashing thing. At least Elias stood up to the man and didn’t back down from him. Hopefully, we’ll move past this arc of the story sooner rather than later, though I suspect eventually Lari will wind up living with Elias, at least for awhile as the story plays out. But hopefully this season Lari and Elias have some drama that isn’t about coming out after this very long, very slow moving storyline.

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Forbidden Love (Germany)

I had a few people give me heat because I didn’t even mention that Christian was returning to the show in last week’s column. Well, perhaps I should have, but Forbidden Love has fallen so far off my radar that I simply forgot. It happens with a show that just isn’t very good. I mean, even before Christian left last year, FL wasn’t really writing for Christian and Olli. All they got for story was to support their friends and occasionally a short term and usually awful storyline. Remember their sudden obsession with parenting and the story about them fostering that little African girl? Yeah, I remember it too, and the memories aren’t good ones.

When actor Thore Schölermann (Christian) exited the show last year leaving behind Jo Weil (Olli), I wondered why the show simply didn’t give Christian a permanent exit since there was no timeframe for when he’d return. The writers should have ended the marriage and given Olli new story and new romances. I realize that there are a certain group of fans who’d rather see both characters written out to give them a happy ending off screen or the show perform any sort of story contortions that would keep the couple together no matter what, even if it left Olli, in this case, with an off screen husband and no life of his own. But I have never understood that line of thinking. However I’m not a couples person who only cares about my particular soap agenda.

Anyway, with Christian back, I had to see what the show was going to do with this couple. After all, it was the Christian and Olli pairing that brought the show international attention. With Christian returning only briefly, what would long suffering Chrolli fans get?

Even though Thore Schölermann can’t dance a lick, the strip tease was pretty hot and a lot of fun. But Christian’s mentioning that he’d come back for his and Olli’s anniversary made me realize they’d spent most of their marriage apart rather than together. Or at least it seems like it. As for Christian’s announcement, I think it’s ridiculous that anyone would take a job that would keep him away for a year without at least discussing it with your partner first. And his comments that Olli is fine with his friends and a baby living in the house just reeked of assholery. What did he think Olli could say? At least Dana made him realize what a jerk he was being.

I hated the dumb plot device about Olli thinking Christian had been seriously hurt because it was only done so Olli would give Christian permission to be a jerk and doesn’t change the core problem in their marriage. And Christian’s demonstration that ’the only thing separating us is water’ was not romantic, but stupid. It just ’solves’ a problem without really examining it. But I will say that I can’t believe Olli would just leave the hospital not knowing whether his husband was alive or dead. But hey, this mess is chock full of hard to believe behavior.

As for the show hinting that Christian cheated on Olli while he was in England, that was no surprise. A man who has cheated on you before will do it again and again if you let him. Finally, did they redo No Limits? It’s nice. And a lot bigger than it used to be. Oh and Andi is still hot. And still an idiot.

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General Hospital (U.S.)

Sigh. I wish I could enjoy GH more, but the show makes it so difficult. There is such potential here with Felix and Brad as a couple and Brad as a character. But it’s spoiled by the show’s ham-fisted plotting and their complete lack of any intention of telling a real story with these characters. To start, it was a few weeks ago when Brad told Felix that he had feelings for him. Those were nice scenes, and it looked like maybe we might get the start of something for this couple. Flash forward to a few weeks later, which gave us more of the same over-plotted stuff about babies and paternity tests and blah, blah, blah.

And then the show did a complete U-turn with Brad talking about his childhood, which I liked. That was good as the character needs fleshing out. Then it just got silly with Brad asking Felix to be his boyfriend and saying he’s in love with him and Felix actually responding to it as if to seriously consider a romance. I mean seriously, these are two characters that have barely had a scene together that wasn’t about their straight friends problems.

Brad being in love with Felix is about as ridiculous as Felix developing sudden out of nowhere feelings for someone he’s held in contempt. This could be a nice little romance with the types of TV gays we don’t see too often, especially as they are people of color. But the show simply doesn’t want to take the time to tell an ongoing story. It’s all so forced and inorganic. And much of it seems to be developing off screen or simply not at all, taking great leaps of plot and emotional logic.

They also need to work on the pacing, not just of the story, but of the scenes. Patrick left Brad and Felix alone, then went home to see Sabrina, but no time passed between Felix and Brad. As for the story, I don’t think it’s Brad’s baby. He seemed as shocked by the reveal as anyone. I do hope the show gives Brad and Felix a real love story going forward. The actors do have chemistry and they play characters you can like and want to more about.

I did like the scenes with Brad and Nikolas. Brad’s shameless flirting with Nikolas was hilarious. However, Nikolas is totally out of line in regards to Britt and the baby. What Britt and Brad decide about ‘their’ baby is really none of his business. He can’t demand Brad do anything. And Sabrina’s bitching at Britt was annoying. Go away, Sabrina. But… it looks like Sabrina gets to be the heroine by delivering Britt’s baby. Ugh.

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People of the Valley (Wales)

I haven’t watched POTV in awhile. It’s not a bad show. In fact, it’s actually usually pretty good. But to be honest, I’ve got so many shows that I have to watch that when it comes to soaps and dramas. unless they are doing something with their gays, I really don’t have the time to check it out. And they are not doing anything with Iolo, which is par for the course. Whether it’s Macs or Gethin, Iolo simply exists to help other folks deal with their various woes. And while it looked like the show might be doing something with Gethin and Iolo for about a minute, it now seems unlikely there were ever any plans on the table.

It’s a shame and it makes this show awfully frustrating to watch. Dyfan Rees is a good actor and is hot to boot. He should be used in his own stories and after all these years the show still isn’t, save his brief affair with Alun a few years ago. And I’ve yet to figure out why. The show’s lesbians have always had story. As for what did happen last week, I’ve always credited POTV for their plotting and they’ve done a good job building to the reveal about the fire that killed Brandon, a storyline that began over two years ago. Soaps just don’t do that kind of long term planning and storytelling anymore. It’s nice that POTV is still doing that old school style of writing. Too bad they won’t do it for Iolo.

I have to admit it’ll be interesting to see how the fallout of the revelation of the fire affects the village since nearly everyone in town were involved in one way or the other. Maybe I’ll give things a peek next week and see what’s up. We’ll see….

Neighbours (Australia)

I still think that Hudson is the killer, so he was lying when he said he was visiting his coach. On the other hand, Hudson did say he was discussing his future and he suddenly isn’t interested in swimming anymore. So maybe that’s what is going on with him and it’s not about Robbo’s murder? We’ll see soon enough. The killer is due to be revealed in next week’s episodes. Not much else to say about last week’s drama other than Josh and Amber together is as boring as them apart. And it’s nice that Brad and Terese finally noticed that their daughter was seriously troubled before she killed herself or something. But would Matt really still be so involved in the investigation with half his family as suspects? Only in soaps….

All That Matters (Germany)

Uh-oh! Me thinks Joscha will have another reason not to tell Melanie the truth with the fallout from the fire and everything. That whole sequence was nicely done, though I think the show could have upped the suspense about who died in the fire by having some of the female characters missing or something. Oh well. I do hope we’re getting closer to Joscha coming out cause it’s totally not cool for him to be having one night stands with guys while his girlfriend waits for him.

I’m glad that Deniz called him out on his bad behavior and let him know that no matter what he was going through his treatment of Melanie is wrong. But like I said, with the trauma from the fire, I guess Joscha will use that to avoid telling the truth. That scene with Deniz and Joscha was good in that we do see why Joscha is so scared. Melanie is the kind of girl who wouldn’t go quietly, but would tell God and everybody that Joscha is gay. Doesn’t make what he is doing right or acceptable though.

Hollyoaks (U.K.)

Hollyoaks said goodbye to another long term character this past week as Myra McQueen left the show. We’ve lost so many of this show’s major characters over the past year and most of their exits have been boring (Jacqui) or stupid (Brendan). The one exit I did like was how the show handled Texas’ murder, though the resulting story has been pretty ridiculous. So I wondered how they would botch Myra’s exit from the show, which of course, would coincide with Paul’s goodbye.

My problem with this entire story is pretty basic. Paul is supposed to be pretty smart, yet did he really think Mercedes wanted her own mother dead? And after he supposedly did ‘kill’ Myra over Mercedes’ objections, she would just run off with him? Really? I guess we’re supposed to think Paul is so insane he’d believe anything. To me, as always on HO, if characters didn’t do stupid things the story wouldn’t work.

I never liked the idea of the show bringing back Paul to begin with because of his murderous past. It never made sense that Mercedes would stay with him knowing what he’d done. Mercedes has always been a bit off, but putting her back with Paul, despite their amazing chemistry just never worked for me. I did think the confrontation between them at the bar was terrific, especially with Paul flashing back over the other murders/attempted murders he’d committed as he strangled Mercedes. As for the reveal that Myra was alive, it wasn’t a surprise at least not to me. I had a hard time believing they’d kill her off, I only wondered how they would write her out.

Frankly, I think it’s lame that Myra had to leave for the same reason that Jacqui did, to get away from Trevor. It’s especially silly because Trevor is a small time thug who leaves a string of evidence to his crimes all over the place. The only reason he gets away with anything is because Chester has the world’s worst police and the rest of the characters are written so stupidly so he can keep on his reign of terror. And of course John Paul would be the only one (besides Jim) to know the truth. No one else could keep it a secret. But where is Danny? JP could use his boyfriend right now. Must be busy with his wife.

I can’t say I’ll miss Myra, she was never one of my favorites, but this show needs its older core characters (which is probably why Sandy was introduced to take up that mantle) so it was nice to have her to represent that.

As for the rest of the week, I liked the initial scenes with Vincent. It’s sad and heartbreaking to see him so torn up about who he is and the very real things it is costing him. But as always, the forced and inorganic relationship with George is where it continues to all fall apart. George is Vincent’s soulmate? They’re in love? Seriously show? They barely know each other, much less have had time to develop those sort of feelings. Hollyoaks generally is pretty good when it comes to romances in terms of finding characters who fit together, but this is one of the times they have truly blundered. I can’t fault the actors though, who are very good.

But I’m starting to dislike Vincent as he blatantly uses and manipulates both George and Phoebe because he can’t deal with his issues. If a guy wants to stay closeted, have at it. I don’t believe anybody should be forced or dragged out of the closet if they don’t want to be. But when they hurt other people with their drama, they lose me. And the show makes this story much, much worse by having Phoebe believe that Vincent can be cured.

She knows better than this. Two of her best friends are gay. Her adopted brother is gay and Phoebe and has accepted them unconditionally, even defended them against people like those trying to ‘cure’ Vincent. The Phoebe I know, with all her flaws would be trying to talk some sense into Vincent, not going along with ‘cure’ nonsense. Why does this show insist on writing established characters so grossly out of character?

I didn’t know that George and Phoebe had a celibacy pact. When did that happen? Was it after George slept with Ste? I know he had sworn to give up on men after that (not that I could blame him — LOL).

BTW, I’m not sure how old Ziggy is supposed to be (he looks like he’s pushing 30), but the last time I looked Ruby is just 17 (I checked). I think he’s too old for her and that is sort of creeping me out in terms of a pairing for them.

And why, oh, why would anyone believe ANYTHING that Robbie says? After all the lies and crimes he’s committed in the last 6 months, folks just take his word that his uncle touched him? Nobody doubts him? They just believe him? And Jason has to tell the truth, he HAS to. This could ruin an innocent man’s life. The poor man was attacked over something that didn’t happen. Forget any loyalty to Robbie. He has none to anyone. But more important, why is this reprehensible character back? There is nothing redeemable about this character. He is thoroughly and utterly awful. I can’t possibly imagine why the show thinks he’s worth watching.

6Degrees (Belfast)

Boy, it took this show a long time to finally come back. And what’s really weird is that after it took forever for the powers that be to decide on a second season, they renewed it for a third (and final) year before the second even started. But at least we know it’ll be around for a bit.

Anyway, not much has changed (except because of the long time between seasons, the actors who played Justin and Colin have visibly aged past college years at least in my eyes, though they’re still hot). Colin and Justin have been secretly dating, but Colin went away from the summer and apparently didn’t keep much contact with his boyfriend, who made plans of his own. Because when Colin first sees Justin is when he finds out that Justin is moving to the States. And while we here at the States can always appreciate sexy Irishmen (drop by DC if you have some time), I was sad to see Justin and Colin break up like they did.

I do hope Justin comes back and the guys give their relationship a shot now that Colin is out of the closet, even if he wasn’t quite ready for it. I’m far more interested in than the homophobic scenes that are undoubtedly about to take place from Colin’s teammates. These two guys have far too much chemistry to be wasted.

Moreover, while I like this show and I love the actors, I am completely and totally bored with coming out stories, even though I know in my heart they have their purpose. So let’s hope that the show doesn’t spend too much time on it and gives us the great romance between Colin and Justin we’ve been waiting for. That poignant goodbye scene where Colin admitted he loved Justin, only to lose him anyway is the kind of emotional drama that I watch soaps for.

Good Times, Bad Times (The Netherlands)

GTBT is back for another season and it begins with the reveal that Mike, whom everybody hated, was the one killed in the fall. At the start I had a problem with the police letting everybody leave without questioning them, especially since they had no idea how the accident happened. That just didn’t ring true to me. I also thought it was weird upon hearing that his sister survived that Lucas didn’t go home to see her or that he hadn’t talked to her well after the accident happened. That was kind of strange. But it’s probably a plot device and a badly played one.

I did like Lorena’s comment that they ’should be glad it was Mike’ and not anyone else and immediately set about scheming to get her club back. Nothing like taking advantage of tragedy. And so in character. Of course, she’ll no doubt be a prime suspect, but I seriously doubt if she did it, given she’s a lead player. Though on this show you can kill someone and pretty much walk around free as if nothing happened. Just ask Wiet. Every time I see her I can’t believe Lucas befriended and employed the woman who tried to kill his sister and put him in a coma.

I see being suspected of murder has made Nina all needy where Noud is concerned. I’m sure the show will get them back together and I’ve said before I really hate them as a couple. Not looking forward to that. I did love the look on Ludo’s face at the prospect of it. Finally, Menno is as hot as he was last season and I continue to adore his character. I guess sexy bearded cops hit my sweet spot. I do hope he’s around for a while, even if it means putting up with Lucas’ ever annoying antics, though I did like the cute scene with them in the restaurant.

I’m sure Lucas will impede and interfere with the investigation and I feel like Menno has said too much already where the case is concerned and will probably become victim to Lucas’ silly games again. I guess that’s why they call it drama. But it’s going to bug the hell out of me. Then, Lucas usually does. I really have no clue who the killer could be, but that might be because I don’t watch the whole show so I’m not tuned into all the stories and characters. It’s interesting enough, I guess. But I think I’d watch Menno do just about anything.

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The Haves and The Have Nots (U.S.)

The main thing I’ve always had a problem with regarding Veronica is that her over the top reaction to Jeffrey being gay doesn’t make sense to me. She’s an attorney who has apparently seen folks from all walks of life. She’s also an extremely educated and intelligent woman. So her ignorant views about being gay just seem to defy credibility. Saying that God was punishing her for having an abortion by killing all her other kids and letting her gay son live? Awful. And I admit I have to laugh at the show’s extremely roundabout way they wrote that scene. Then again, it always takes forever to get to the point, doesn’t it?

However, it makes perfect sense that his parents would know he’s gay and would have privately discussed it. I mean, it’s pretty obvious Jeffrey is a ‘mo. I loved Jeffrey’s dad telling Veronica she was being ridiculous and telling Jeffrey that his being gay was okay and he loved him anyway, even in the face of Veronica’s horrible reaction. And remember when I said weeks ago that it was strange that Laura showed up out of nowhere and that someone must’ve called her or something. I got that one right. It was Veronica. Well, now that Jeffrey has come out, it’ll be interesting to see where they go with him from here. Hopefully, whatever it is, will be better written than what we’ve seen so far.

Poor Benny. He spends weeks in jail for a crime he didn’t commit and then gets runs down like a dog by Wyatt. It would be funny if it weren’t such dumb plotting. But I guess they have to do something with Benny, who is such a boring character, even more so than Amanda. So that’s pretty damn dull. However, I do love the bond between Hanna and Kathryn, so it’s going to be great to see how this latest crisis tests things between the two of them.

Days of Our Lives (U.S.)

Yeesh, butt out Caroline. This whole thing with Nick would make much more sense and work much better if it had of happened months ago. Doing it now just seems kind of ridiculous. Besides, why does Nick owe Caroline an apology? As for Gabi and Nick, it’s obviously not going to end well. I’m not sure Gabi really wants to get back with Nick or if she just likes having a guy around. However, it’s still none of Will or Sonny’s business what she does or who she does it with as long as it doesn’t affect the baby and it wouldn’t in this instance.

I am totally with Gabi in that if they keep pushing it, they’ll only force her and the baby to move out. I just think they would do well to just leave it alone. But they won’t which will only make matters worse, in my opinion. It’s only going to drive Gabi to Nick instead of letting it work out or not on its own. But personally, I like Gabi when she’s bitchy. It not only suits her character, the actress shines in that role. Besides, if she has to get nasty to make a very valid point, so be it. I did like Gabi’s comment that no one is perfect in Sonny’s mind unless they are sleeping with him, which is so on point. Sonny forgets or overlooks his boyfriend’s sins, including attempted murder, but his own mother doesn’t get a pass. Sheesh!

My Husbands Lover (The Philippines)

In this past week’s subbed episodes, I liked how Elaine condemned Armando’s behavior and didn’t excuse what he had done, saying he should have been a basic human being and treated Zandro like decently, even though she still foolishly thinks that gay people can be changed. It was nice how she brought up that kids shouldn’t be exposed to such behavior and hate and that we wouldn’t want them to emulate such behavior. I also loved when Lally and Vincent’s children discussed their gay classmate and how they didn’t think there was anything wrong with being gay in their innocent view.

Poor Lally. I continue to feel sorry for her. Having Vincent refer to her as his friend pretty much said it all about where this marriage is and where it will be in the future. Vincent is clinging to her not out of love, but out of fear and his own self-hate. It’s clearly doomed. It’s only a matter of time. I liked the talk they had where he explained being gay as the show depicted the various types of gay men that exist. I loved that Lally questioned what happens to her now that Vincent now treats her like his confidant and less a wife. I loved her decision to go back to school. She needs this right now in order to find herself again.

Elsewhere, I could have done without yet another suicide attempt by Eric. Sure his belief that he heard his mother calling him stopped him from going through with it, but I’d like to see the character stronger. I hope Eric meant what he said in that his mother won’t have to worry about him anymore after that. I did like the flashback of Vincent and Eric bonding over Streisand, but I find it hard to believe Vincent had never heard her music before.

For once Dave gave some good advice. Getting away and thinking is probably what Vincent needs right now. But hanging out at Eric’s empty apartment and crying over their relationship probably isn’t the best emotional choice and the scenes of him kissing his hand where he and Eric touched was a bit much. But I did like that Eric washed his hand, as if to wash his past with Vincent away. And I admit I was shocked that Vincent asked for a separation. I didn’t see that one coming and it was a really well acted and well written scene.

As for Martin’s return, I liked having him back. He’s a sweet guy and I think he and Eric are cute together. I know they won’t end up together in the end, but I’ll enjoy the character for as long as he’s around. And I thought the little moment with the measuring tape where Martin and Eric flirted while discussing carpentry was provocative and hilarious. But it looks like there’s going to be some drama with Vincent seeing them in the club. And now the family thinks Lally is having an affair with Paul! So much soapy goodness!

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Scoops and Spoilers

River City: Will and Robbie decide to go on a date to see if their marriage has a chance, but Robbie is nervous about his friends finding out he’s seeing his abusive ex-husband again. Robbie lies about his plans with Will, but it isn’t long before the secret is out. The couple decide to announce their reunion at Nicole’s party, but will everyone be happy about it? (Ste would be!) Elsewhere, Will gets involved with a police informant against Billy Kennedy. Will they finally be able to nail the murderous drug dealer?

Will Olli forgive Christian’s infidelity this time?

Forbidden Love: Olli has resolves himself to having a long-distance relationship with his husband, who is keeping another secret from him. But Jessica finds out what that secret is when she overhears a damning phone call from a woman Christian is talking to. Christian admits to Jessica that he has cheated on Olli, with a woman, again. Later, Christian tells Dana the news and she advises him to tell Olli about his latest infidelity. Christian does so, but will Olli forgive him this time?

Sami has her day in court…

Days of Our Lives: Sami’s murder trial finally begins and Will and Sonny are called to testify. Will they hurt or help Sami’s case? When Kate takes the stand, her testimony proves to be quite damaging to Sami as does what Rafe has to say. Meanwhile, Sonny and Will continue to oppose Gabi seeing Nick, but Nick is determined to win back his former wife. When Nick shows up at court to testify for the prosecution, will he use this chance to put another nail in Sami’s coffin? Or perhaps Nick might be the savior Sami has been waiting for.

Good Times, Bad Times: As the investigation into Mike’s murder continues, Lucas becomes more and more suspicious of his stepfather Ludo. When Nina hears about Lucas’ thoughts, she’s not happy, especially since Noud thinks Ludo might have hired someone to do the deed as well. Later, Lucas plots to find out what evidence Menno might have against Ludo and isn’t happy to discover that there is video evidence that could be very damning. But will Lucas get to the evidence before the police do?

Will Danny keep smiling after he’s blackmailed?

Hollyoaks: Upset about Robbie’s treatment of John Paul, Danny not only puts the nasty little brat in detention, but plants a wallet in Robbie’s bag and plans on using it to get rid of him for good. Unfortunately, Robbie decides to get revenge and with Finn’s help, gets hold of Patrick’s personnel file, discovering that Patrick is secretly married. When Robbie confronts him with what he knows, and uses it to blackmail him, Patrick is so upset that he doesn’t show up at John Paul’s for dinner as they had planned. Then later, Danny gives Robbie a good report at his probation hearing and JP begins to wonder what really is going on with his boyfriend.

Will Brad be a father to ‘his’ baby?

General Hospital: Britt finally has her baby, but Felix is certain that she is lying about the child’s paternity and Brad is not the father. Following the drama of the child’s birth, Felix stumbles across something that makes him question Britt’s claim about her newborn, even though Brad backs her up. However since he has nothing better to do with his time, Felix makes it his mission to find out the child’s paternity. But what could that mean for any potential relationship between Felix and Brad?

Deniz is tired of Joscha using Melanie…

All That Matters: Joscha is ready to end things with Melanie, but she’s upset by the devastating fallout from the fire. Not wanting to upset his girlfriend, he keeps quiet and when she says she loves him, he can’t avoid telling her he loves her too. However, Joscha begins to feel guiltier about his lies. Later, the soccer team gets a new member, Nick, who is straight, but he quickly figures out that Joscha is gay. Joscha is further threatened by Nick who trumps Joscha on the soccer field. Given this new problem, Joscha changes his mind about breaking it off with Melanie.

Chris doesn’t like being suspected of murder….

Neighbours: The murder investigation continues and everyone is acting strange. Hudson is ready to give up on his swimming career, but Brad won’t let him. The real question is, why is he so willing to walk away from something he’s worked so hard on? Later, Chris is worried about Lucas when Vanessa’s ex-husband shows up in town. But Chris has his own problems when he is implicated in Robbo’s murder.

And Also This Week

Introducing ex-lovers Yannick and Ringo on German soap Unter Uns…

Among Us :
This German soap begins their first gay storyline featuring reunited ex-loves Ringo and Yannick

Secret Lives: More fallout from Lari’s coming out to his dad.

Coronation Street: Marcus isn’t happy when Maria invites Audrey to move in.

Is Colin ready to deal with being openly gay?

6Degrees: Colin is tormented by his fellow soccer teammates after he is outed…

Dance Academy: The best thing happens to Ollie at the worst possible time…

People of the Valley: Gethin hides the fact that his condition is improving from Iolo…

That’s it for another edition of Langford on Soaps. See you next time!