Langford on Soaps: Conor Outed on “6Degrees”

Plus, Felix and Brad get closer on General Hospital, Jeffrey comes out to his family on The Haves and The Have Nots, Hudson is arrested on Neighbors, the return of Good Times, Bad Times and Gabi threatens Sonny on Days.

Langford on Soaps

River City

So it looks like Will and Robbie have finally made the first steps towards getting back together. I figured it would happen eventually and I guess Robbie trying to date someone new forced the issue. However, while we know that Will has been in therapy for his issues, I’m not sure if Robbie does. So why Robbie would get involved with Will again without knowing the change in him? Or perhaps he does know and I simply missed that scene. At any rate, I’m okay with this particular couple getting back together under these circumstances. I’m sure there are those of you who will criticize me for that view after I spent pages and pages railing against Hollyoaks Brendan and Ste reuniting in spite of their abusive past. You’re free to do that, but you’d be overlooking that fact that the two stories are very, very different.

First kiss, last kiss…

First of all, I personally would never go back to a guy who’d been abusive to me. I would never be in such a relationship to begin with but that’s beside the point. River City showed us on screen the long process of Will going to therapy, dealing with his issues and finding out why he behaved as he had. He’s a better person and a better man and he’s even improved his relationship with his dad. Will is not the same thug who shouted at and beat his husband. We saw that change and growth develop over time.

On Hollyoaks we never saw such change, even though the show made shallow attempts to make us think we had. Say, for example, like priests giving their blessing to a gay coupling and of course dying children telling Brendan he deserves to be happy. Ugh, even typing that out reminds me of how horrible those plot points were then and still are. And at the end of the day, the abuse continued in the relationship between Brendan and Ste right up until when Brendan was jailed for the rest of his miserable life with fans and show producers looking the other way, gushing about how ‘magical’ they were.

And still, Will and Robbie only agreed to a date to talk, the show didn’t just throw them back together as if nothing happened. I imagine, given the show’s history at realistically playing out this story, it’ll be awhile before they are actually together again as spouses. Overall, the show has done a wonderful job showing this ongoing and ever changing relationship between two likeable characters. I’m interested to see where they go from here.

Dance Academy

I haven’t watched this show much this season. They hadn’t done much with Ollie and frankly I wonder why they brought him back after Sammy died last year. I never found the character all that interesting. And to be blunt, it turns out he’s not all that likeable either. His behavior towards Rhys was so distasteful and I’m glad Rhys saw Ollie for the user that he was and walked out on him. Though it was pretty obvious from the start that Ollie had no interest in Rhys other than what he could do for him. I’m surprised it took Rhys as long as it did to pick up on that. You’d think he’d see users like Ollie coming a mile away in his profession. Oh well. And Ollie’s attitude that what he was doing was okay because he simply wanted to get ahead and hadn’t made it like Rhys has was an appalling one. Besides, if that bit of singing Ollie did was an example of his talent, he better keep his day job — whatever it is.

Neighbours (Australia)

I still think Hudson killed Robbo. When Hudson said he didn’t believe Josh killed Robbo it was because Hudson did it himself. To me, he’s the most obvious suspect, but not because of the onscreen mystery, but simply because Hudson is the outlier character in all of this. I guess we’ll see in a few weeks when the killer is revealed. I think the show has done a good job with the overall mystery though. The story as it has played out with all the suspects and what not has been quite compelling.

And I continue to really like Hudson and Chris together. I think they are very sweet and I’ll miss them if Hudson winds up being the killer. Who knows how long it’ll take to give Chris another boyfriend. Though the show still limits the affection we see, it was very obvious when Hudson laid out his feelings to Chris and they simply held hands instead of a kiss. It gave me flashbacks to Luke and Noah from As The World Turns. At least the show made it clear Hudson and Chris are sleeping together during that scene between Chris and Brad. BTW, I know the show is trying to put a spotlight on Josh and Amber, but they are a really boring, chemistry free couple. I’d rather they just not go there, but it’s pretty obvious they will no matter what I think.

My Husbands Lover (The Philippines)

Well, I guess Vincent won’t be coming out anytime soon. Soaps have always used parties and family gatherings for major events and shocking surprises and MHL was no different in the subbed episodes posted last week. Not only did the events of the party introduce a new element into the overall drama, but it pushed the story into a new arc with Lally realizing that Vincent couldn’t come out to his family, at least not now. Zandro’s backstory, combined with the insight into Vincent’s childhood as well was sad and heartbreaking. It was difficult to watch Zandro being so brutally beaten, and the show made it even more powerful by having Vincent imagine he was one being brutalized by his father.

And I loved that the show covered all the emotional beats by having Lally think about herself in this situation and the feeling that in keeping Vincent’s secret, she was trapping herself into this relationship and how that was increasingly unfair to her. To be honest, as much as I sympathize with Vincent, he’s a grown man and I’m getting a little annoyed with this always weeping, spineless man who keeps hurting everyone around him because of his own issues. Lally continues to get the most sympathy from me. She’s trapped in a situation she did not create and is finding it hard to break out of. Vincent might love her, but he’s made it clear that she’s more of a friend than anything else. I hope out of all this, when all is said and done, she finds her own happiness.

As for the rest of the week, I literally screamed at the TV at one point because MHL actually surprised me with the reveal that Vincent bought Eric’s condo. Maybe I should have seen the twist coming, but I didn’t. It’s a great plot point and I can’t wait to see how it plays out. The only problem with it was that the show chose to reveal it in a promo rather than in the episode itself. That was disappointing on a show that usually keeps its twists well hidden. The story is too good and too compelling. They don’t need to drop their best twists in the promos to keep us watching.

And please show, no more suicide attempts. That’s the third time Eric has tried to kill himself, and I’m tired of that plot point. I want Eric to be stronger than this and I hope he will be going forward. I did like the way the show handled it, with Eric hearing his mother calling him and that was what made him throw up the pills. And it was even better when she phoned saying she’d had a nightmare about him and needed to hear his voice and he realized she had saved his life in a way. I love the relationship between Eric and his mother. It’s one of my favorite things about the show. But again, no more trying to kill yourself, Eric. No relationship is worth your life. None.

*Thanks to mhlteam2013 for the clips!

All That Matters (Germany)

I know that folks were squeeing all over themselves with Joscha and Deniz’s ’kiss’, but I thought it was more weird and creepy than hot. I dunno, Joscha’s pining over Deniz never made much sense to me cause I’m not sure why Joscha is so into Deniz, other than he’s cute. But I like Deniz’ belief that Joscha isn’t into him per se, but just needs someone he feels he can connect with as he struggles to come out. That makes sense. And it also tells me that it’s doubtful that Deniz and Joscha will never be anything than friends. That’s fine with me as long as Joscha eventually gets his love story.

I did like Deniz telling Joscha that he understood why Joscha remains closeted by relating what happened to him and Roman back in the day. That nod to history is necessary in this story. Still, I’m ready for Joscha to come out. His treatment of Melanie and now of Katja really makes the character more and more unlikeable to me. On the other hand, it was nice to see Ben, especially since he had his shirt off.

Hollyoaks (U.K.)

Hollyoaks, stop trying to force George and Vincent. They don’t work. They have no business being together. They have absolutely no chemistry and have nothing in common. As a couple they are extremely awkward and so forced. Now the thing is, I like them as individual characters. I’ve liked George for awhile now and Vincent’s plight of having to leave his country because he is gay is a compelling and very real one. Vincent being upset at missing his family and all the milestones in their lives was a heartbreaking scene. But why can’t he and George just be close friends? That I could believe. The show gives us very well acted and well written scenes like George tearfully telling Vincent he should embrace and love who he is, but ruins it with the spectre of a romantic relationship between them.

The show is making two likeable, appealing characters and two talented actors unwatchable by putting them in a love story that shouldn’t be happening. And I really hate that they keep lying to Phoebe. I can understand Vincent doing it because he doesn’t have history with Phoebe, but George does. It’s unacceptable and out of character that he would lie to her like this after they’ve been through hell and back together. I just don’t buy it. And I wonder where things will go now that Vincent is looking into an organization that he hopes can cure him. Somehow I have the feeling that isn’t going to go well.

The Haves and The Have Nots (U.S.)

I kinda enjoyed last week’s episode, in which Wyatt lured Jeffrey out of the closet and called him on his creepy behavior. The thing is, the way the scene played out, it shouldn’t have taken nearly as long to get to this point, since Jeffery was peeking on a semi-nude Wyatt in episode one. But this show clearly has a problem with pacing because so much of this dragged on forever. But I liked Wyatt toying with Jeffery because Jeffrey deserved it after all he’d done.

Still, Jeffrey’s brief joy and elation and finally being honest about his sexuality was a nice moment that made me think back to how Candice told Jeffrey how free he’d feel if he’d just come out. And I hate to admit it, but that scene was kinda sexy and I do think Wyatt and Jeffrey have a weird chemistry. Both characters are portrayed by good actors who are far better than the sloppy material they are saddled with. I don’t think Wyatt and Jeffrey will ever wind up together, so I do hope eventually Jeffrey comes out, gets a love life and(even more important) better storylines next season.

Days of Our Lives (U.S.)

I totally understand where Will is coming from, I do. After the past they had, I can see why he’d be uneasy about Nick being involved in their lives. However, where was this concern months ago? Back then, including right after the baby was born, Will’s attitude towards Nick was totally different, even accepting. Will even seemed able to put the past behind them and move on, but now he’s all against Nick and Gabi being together and Nick being part of their lives. As I said before I really hate that the show has dropped the ball on this entire storyline and this is another example of how they’ve done just that.

And well, I really can’t get past Will yammering about how Nick got away with what he did to him and blah, blah, blah. Until Will faces up to his own past mistakes and confesses to a little attempted murder he committed, he really is in no place to judge Nick IMO. And even still, he can’t tell Gabi who she can and cannot date. Frankly, he can’t even dictate who she can have over. It’s her home too. That’s the deal they made as I understand it. He should have never asked her to move in if it were under certain conditions. Frankly I think that if Will and Sonny push this, it’ll only result in Gabi packing up the kid and moving out, especially with Rafe getting better. She only moved in with Will and Sonny because Rafe’s was in the hospital and she and Nick split. But now that Rafe’s recovering he can put her up and provide her and the child with everything they’d need and there’s nothing Will or Sonny could do about it.

So, I had sex and I liked it. So what?

A situation like this can only end in a custody battle and no one would benefit from that including viewers like me who have no desire to see such a story. The show has spent far too much time centered on this child, which is what I feared would happen when Gabi and Will slept together. As for Gabi having sex on the sofa with Nick so what? They are both adults and they were safe. Please let’s not have Sonny dictating who Gabi can sleep with. Not unless they want to turn Sonny into his mother.

Speaking of which, I continue to hate the awful way Justin treats his wife and how Sonny goes along with it. It’s terrible and really makes Justin very unlikeable.

Scoops and Spoilers

Sonny’s should be glad somebody in the house is getting sex…

Days of Our Lives: Despite the irony of how he reacted about Adrienne horning in on his and Will’s coupling, Sonny sticks his nose into Gabi and Nick’s relationship. After Sonny finds a condom wrapper under the sofa he knows that it must belong to Nick and Gabi cause he and Will haven’t had sex in the living room. Gabi doesn’t deny what happened, but tells Sonny who she sleeps with is none of his business. Meh, she’s right. Butt out, Sonny. Sonny doesn’t want Gabi involved with Nick again, but Gabi says she has no idea where it’s going with Nick. However, Gabi doesn’t want Will knowing and issues a threat to Sonny to insure his silence. Uh-oh!

In other news, Caroline confronts Nick about what he did to Will, Adrienne finds info that could help Sami’s case and Stefano pays Rafe a visit at the hospital. Plus, EJ demands Justin start the trial now, but Justin has his own demands when he wants to know how that money got into Bernardi’s account and elsewhere JJ gets arrested, poor thing.

General Hospital: Ever since Felix saw a different side to Brad and realized he wasn’t the smarmy jerk that he appeared to be, the two of them have been getting closer. They share a warm intimate moment and it looks like they might be turning a new page on their relationship, but then Brad’s involvement in Britt’s deception regarding the baby she claimed to be Patrick’s comes out and Felix is shocked to see just how deeply Brad involved was. And it could end things between Brad and Felix before they begin.

Conor is back for season two of 6Degrees….

6Degrees: As the second season begins, Conor and his pals decide to get a shared house together. But it complicates Conor’s life because he’s still closeted and Justin is tired of being Conor’s secret boyfriend. When the gang decide to throw a party to celebrate their new home, a number of things go wrong, culminating in Conor being outed and his relationship with Justin flung into the open. Is Conor ready to live as an openly gay man and if not, how will that affect things with Justin?

Good Times, Bad Times: In the season premiere of this Netherlands-set soap, everyone is shocked by the identity of the victim. The person was murdered when their parachute was sabotaged, sending them plunging to their death. And then everyone begins to wonder who could have done such a thing? Lucas begins to worry that Ludo might have something to do with the crime and wants to protect his family. So when Menno begins asking questions, Lucas’ fears only grow. But how far will he go to keep his family out of the firing line? And could it cost him his relationship with Menno?

Neighbours: Hudson is brought in for questioning in Robbo’s murder after he’s spotted on the CCTV video. Hudson swears he has an alibi for the time of Robbo’s hit and run and he provides it when he reveals he was visiting Don, his former coach at the time of the accident. Don backs Hudson up, but are they telling the truth? Later, Hudson’s behavior continues to worry Chris as Hudson is ready to give up on his dream of swimming. Hudson claims their relationship is most important to him right now, but Chris wonders what really is going on. In other news, more suspects, such as Lucas, Josh and Amber come to light. But when Mason finally cracks the password to Robbo’s laptop, the real killer could be revealed.

Hollyoaks: George is tired of denying his love for Vincent and tells him how he feels about him. Despite his determination to play it straight and romance Phoebe, Vincent gives into George and they kiss. But when Phoebe walks in on them (in the most original plot twist ever!) the truth could finally came out. Eventually, Vincent has to choose between George and Phoebe. Uh-oh! Elsewhere, the McQueen family is torn apart when Paul finally follows through with his plan to kill Myra. He tracks her down and shoots her, watching as she falls off the bridge into the water below. And when Robbie suddenly returns to town, his family is shocked when he accuses the family’s favorite uncle of sexually molesting him…

All That Matters: Given that Joscha has just kissed him, Deniz wants to know if Joscha is gay. Joscha continues to lie about his sexuality and make excuses, but when Katja and Deniz get together, they resolve to help Joscha deal with who he really is.

And Also This Week

Haves and the Have Nots: In the season finale, Jeffrey comes out to his family…

Dance Academy: Ollie prepares to compete in a hip-hop competition..

People of the Valley: Iolo and Gethin are affected by the reveal of a long-held secret

Casualty: Jamie suspects a patient is lying about his symptoms….

That’s it for another edition of Langford on Soaps. See you next time!