Langford on Soaps: Danny Miller Returns as Aaron on “Emmerdale”

Plus, John Partridge returns to EastEnders, a peek at the second season of A Place to Call Home and James Sutton takes a break from Hollyoaks.

Langford on Soaps

All That Matters (Germany)


Now that Joscha and Raquel’s marriage has been revealed to be a sham, the immigration office decrees that Raquel must go back to Cuba in a month. However, Raquel realizes that if she joins the dance troupe she can stay in Germany on a student visa. Meanwhile, Joscha struggles with returning to the soccer field in the wake of his attack. And Kai gets bad news about his mother’s health.

How convenient that Raquel suddenly has all this skill as a dancer so she can get a student visa and stay in Essen…. Why didn’t she do this before instead of entering a sham marriage?

I figured Can would get over finding out Joscha was gay very quickly. It didn’t bother him that Joscha was gay, but that Joscha didn’t tell him because they were supposed to be close pals. I like how they are joking and teasing each other just like before.

Its sweet how since coming out, Joscha and Kai’s relationship has changed. They’ve grown closer and more intimate with each other in ways they weren’t before. The show has done a good job of showing that difference. I loved the scene where they flirted and made out in the examination room.

Days of Our Lives (U.S.)

I have a few thoughts about the wedding itself, but I want to start with the lame-ass bachelor party. Not only was it boring I found it offensive that the show ‘accidentally’ had a female stripper show up. I know it was supposed to be ‘funny’, but it wasn’t—not even remotely.

Would a male stripper show up if a straight guy were getting married? I don’t think so. And don’t they usually have separate parties for the engaged couple?

I know we are supposed to have the impression those two guys with T were Sonny’s gay pals we met a year ago, but I think they were played by different actors this time and neither of them were at the wedding. Nor did Sonny interact with either of them. Major fail, Days.

Oh well, Will seemed to enjoy the party….

And why couldn’t ANY of Sonny’s brothers be there? The show didn’t even bother to explain why, making matters worse.

Also lame? That attempt at faux drama by having Gabi believe Sonny was plotting ‘to take care of Nick’. The real shame is that Sonny wasn’t actually taking action to get rid of an enemy. Please give this dull character some teeth!

And I found the following scenes too nauseating to watch with Gabi and Sonny slobbering all over each other. I literally said ‘this is such BS’. I know the show wants us to believe that Gabi and Sonny are really, truly friends, but they’ve mostly just tolerated each other. This is an example, to me, of the show trying too hard.

JJ referred to Will and Sonny as friends, but did the show forget that they are actually cousins? I did like JJ saying that their own children will probably wonder why two gay men getting married was a big deal.

That stuff between Victor and Herb was stupid and unnecessary. At this point in the story, we really don’t need this PSA stuff. It was so awkward and ham-handed.

Gabi saying she’d be late for her own funeral made me think that the character is going to be killed off when Camila Banus leaves. We know that the baby is going to be left with Will and Sonny so I think the odds are high Gabi is going to die.

I loved Gabi’s dress, what there was of it. It worked for her. Not sure if it was appropriate for a wedding though.

Eric and Will’s scene was really cute, but I couldn’t help but think how little Eric and Will have interacted, before and after the recast. I felt the same about JJ being part of the wedding. Yes, he should be there, but he and Sonny and Will have only had a handful of scenes for most of JJ’s time on the show.

Will’s letter to Sonny was really sweet (interesting how Will mentioned his involvement with EJ) and Sonny holding it up to his heart was a nice touch.

I know what Caroline was trying to do with the story about her friends, but it just seemed… weird.

Can we retire that Brokeback Mountain-ish theme for Will and Sonny and replace it with the song JJ played at the reception?

Overall, the wedding was really nice and kudos to Days for going all out and giving a real soap wedding with all the trimmings for their gay couple. It was devoid of any wedding drama, save some silly manufactured moments, but I guess that’s okay for one day. The question is what happens now? Does the show keep them as the perfect couple playing support to everyone else’s drama or do they actually get a storyline? Fingers crossed that we finally see the latter.

*Thanks to MRFIXIT for the clips!

EastEnders (U.K.)

I liked Mick leaving his mean father at the side of the road. I believe that it doesn’t matter if you’re related to someone, some people don’t deserve forgiveness and they don’t deserve to be part of your life. And the ensuing scenes, where he talked to Shirley about that crappy childhood and that they had to be better than their father were well done and wonderfully acted.

Danny Dyer is really, really good in this role. And while I understand why he went back for his dad, I just don’t think I would have myself. And I’m sure after maliciously hearing from Stan that Mick’s mother tried to murder Mick when he was a baby made him regret it already.

I haven’t watched much of EastEnders beyond Johnny’s story, but I get the sense these younger characters just mix and match partners depending on the day.

Sharon’s a softer touch than I am. If Johnny did to me what he did to her, he’d never get his job back. But I like that she reached out to him and listened to him and gave him another chance. Johnny is right, no one ever listens to him in his own family. I was glad he told Linda he was over trying to please her and that he wasn’t going to be mole for her in Sharon’s bar, at least in so many words. It’s a dumb plan anyway.

It would be nice if Johnny finally saw that the only way he can really please Linda is by going straight and he just can’t do that. But, as much as I get tired of coming out stories, the ongoing conflict between Linda and Johnny is all too realistic. And I liked how Linda seeing Stan’s homophobia towards Johnny made her realize just how ugly she’s being herself.

While it was great that Tina was frank with Whitney in regards to her unrequited feelings for Johnny, it’s stupid that Whitney ended her friendship with Johnny rather than get over herself. But even dumber was Whitney breaking her cellphone because Johnny was calling her and she didn’t want to talk to him. Girl, those things are expensive.

I know what’s going on in Lucy’s storyline is leading to her murder, but she’s a lucky girl for getting to screw Max. Dude’s got a smoking body. Mick is pretty hot too. This show has quite a few good looking older men. Good on them. Not everybody likes the twinky boys, you know?

So now Lee’s home and the Carter family is complete. Be interesting to see how he and Johnny get along.

Emmerdale (U.K.)

Just a few notes…

I’m not sure how I feel about how the show dresses Finn. I guess it fits the nerdy character, but he’s way too cute to be in such boxy clothes. Can’t he be a nerd and dress in body hugging clothes? No?

I did like the scene between him and Val after he found out about her having HIV. They do have a warm relationship, even if they drive each other crazy.

I think even if she thought Finn could help, Victoria should have waited and talked to Val first before telling Finn the truth. I mean, you just don’t casually chat about that sort of info.

I guess like the non-reaction when Aaron came out, Emmerdale is one of those progressive rural villages that accepts the news of Val having HIV rather casually. Hard to believe, but okay…..

Now that we know that Aaron is coming back, I guess that means romance for him and Finn. So does that mean the stuff they teased with Finn and Robbie was just that, or will there be a triangle? We’ll see….

General Hospital (U.S.)

How does Brad still have a job at the hospital? Or Britt for that matter? What they did is public knowledge. They should not only be fired, but lose their medical licenses. Wonder how or if GH will deal with that?

I did like Brad and Britt bonding and realizing they were actually friends. However, Britt talking about her great love for the baby isn’t exactly accurate. When she first had the baby, she was having trouble bonding and getting attached to the child. Nikolas helped her grow to love the kid. It wasn’t automatic no matter what she told Brad.

I liked the conversation between Lucas and Felix about Brad. It’s pretty clear they both still have feelings for him and I bet they’ll both eventually forgive Brad and want him again, starting up the triangle all over again. Though I understand that we won’t be seeing them for several weeks, putting the gays in limbo again. But hey, how about that love triangle between 5 year olds. Can’t get enough of that, can we?

Hollyoaks (U.K.)

Memo to Sinead: when you lie and lie and lie, guess what? People don’t believe you even when you’re telling the truth. Sinead keeps crying that no one believed her when she said the baby was sick, but the fact of the matter is she faked that the child was sick in order to hold on to her husband. So why should anyone believe a story she’s already tried before?

It’s tragic that the child died, but while it’s not wholly Sinead’s fault, she has to look at her own behavior in regards to what led to the baby’s death. As for the show, I know they want us to feel for Sinead, but I don’t. The actress is very good, but as I’ve said sooooo many times, you can’t have a character commit heinous and horrible acts and expect us to feel sorry for them when you want them to. It just doesn’t work like that.

And why wasn’t Sinead arrested for stealing the car? She did it in front of the police station! She confesses to stealing the car and Sonny simply says ‘don’t worry about that’. What?

Yet again Ste proves to be the dumbest criminal who ever lived. Trying to frame Fraser (who’d know it was Ste behind it) was dumb enough, but he actually believed Fraser when Fraser told Ste to get rid of the evidence in exchange for getting out of the drug business. Some people deserve to suffer just for being idiots.

Peri had major brain surgery, but she didn’t have to have her head shaved? Oh, show….

Teegan actually believes Fraser would never lie to her when their entire relationship is based on a lie? Okay…

Are Freddie and Lindsey really going to have sex in Ste’s house? They don’t even live there! I guess they’ll do it in Sinead’s bed too. Some folks just have no class.

Poor John Paul. This show just loves to make him suffer, doesn’t it? That scene when Sam came to see him in the jail and confronted him about his affair with Danny was just heartbreaking. John Paul was devastated to lose the only person who believed in him, especially with her saying he made the rape up. I know that Sam doesn’t really believe it and only said that out of anger, but it still made for a powerful moment. One again, James Sutton was terrific.

Neighbours (Australia)



Not much to say here other than you’d think that Dani might be notified if the ex-boyfriend who has been stalking her was let out of jail, especially since she’s friends with the local cops. As for Chris, he sure gets hit a lot. Maybe he should look into self-defense classes. Oh and he’s kind of a goof, but Brennan is really hot.

People of the Valley (Wales)

Why is Iolo involved in this story? This is just like a few months ago when Iolo was all up in arms about the rape charges against Kevin, a plot point that came out of nowhere because Iolo had been associating with Kevin on a daily basis for months after the rape and never once said boo about it. And here we are with Iolo being all nosy and high and mighty about Rhys not telling his parents he quit school. Why does Iolo care? He and Rhys have never been friends, never been close, never even been involved with each other until now.

But not only is it really bad writing to have Iolo being involved in this story, I don’t like how they are writing him at all, being sanctimonious and judgmental about things that are none of his business. To be fair, Iolo’s father Sion is the same way so perhaps he gets it from him.

Mostly though I think the writers don’t have anything else for Iolo to do (or won’t write anything for him) so they’re having him jump from storyline to storyline being a big pain in the rear before moving on to something else. I can’t imagine that this plot arc has no point or any long term purpose for Iolo. The show has proven they have no interest or no plans for the character, for reasons that still mystify me.

I know some folks are speculating that Rhys is struggling with his sexuality and that’s why he’s suddenly involved with the show’s only gay character, but the same thing was thought about DJ and that went nowhere despite a few initial scenes between he and Iolo. I won’t lie, Rhys and Iolo are both hot guys who look great with their shirts off, but I doubt if anything other than this dumb plot device will be tying them together.

Rev (U.K.)

This was a cute little show, but I wonder if there will be any ramifications from the Reverend performing the wedding or if this was just a one off. I guess we’ll see. I think my favorite bit though was him forgetting his baby in the grocery store and his wife not even noticing he didn’t come home without the kid. Ha!

Secret Lives (Finland)

Hmmm….. I’m liking this latest twist I must admit. I’d love it if Kalle and Lari actually had a fling (or maybe even more) rather than Elias just thinking they are so he can be jealous. Give Elias something to really be jealous about. I know that Kalle is in his early 30’s (he was a teenager in 1999 when his coming out story on this show aired), but Lari just turned 18 so why not a May/December romance? Go for it, show. I loved Kalle’s reaction when Lari came out of the bathroom in a towel. But hell, who wouldn’t notice. The boy has a great body.

*Thanks to MISSFINLANDIA for the clips!

This Week in Spoilers

Todd wants Marcus to stay out of Maria’s life.

Coronation Street: Todd is trying to push Marcus into a an ongoing relationship with him, but Marcus has his doubts, especially with Maria still so hurt and angry. When Liam needs to be picked up from school and they can’t get in touch with Maria they call Marcus. Todd warns Marcus that Maria won’t like it, but Marcus goes to pick up the boy anyway.

Of course Maria is furious when she finds out and tells Marcus to stay away from her and Liam. But Audrey is frank with Maria and lets her know that she’s only hurting Liam by cutting Marcus out of his life. Maria realizes she has a point. Marcus then tells Maria — and Todd that he’s leaving town for a few days to think about how his life has turned out. Todd is furious and blames Maria for Marcus going away.

Lee assures Johnny he has no problem having a gay brother…

EastEnders: Johnny’s big brother Lee is home after a tour in Afghanistan and Johnny worries what Lee will think about the fact that he’s gay. Lee doesn’t have any issue with Johnny being gay and assures his brother that he already knew. But Lee has his own problems when the family start to wonder why he’s home and why he doesn’t want to go back into the military. Mick pressures his son for the truth and is surprised at what he learns.

Ste and his friends support Sinead during her tough time…

Hollyoaks: Ste is furious when he finds out that Diane and Tony have arranged for Katy’s funeral and purposefully not told Sinead. Ste, Blessing and George go to the hospital and give Sinead the news. Sinead is devastated and goes up to the roof to kill herself over everything that’s happened. Ste finds her and talks her down off the ledge.

Later, everyone, including Sinead go to meet the hearse carrying the baby’s body to the church. Diane, still believing Sinead killed her own baby, tells her she’s not welcome. Sinead is left behind as everyone else goes to the church. Sonny arrives to talk to Sinead and gives her the results of the baby’s post mortem. Sinead then shows up at the church to let her family and friends know how Katy really died, which stuns everyone.

Chris is attacked (again)…


Neighbours: Chris spies Dani’s crazy ex Stephen lurking in the neighbourhood. Stephen attacks Chris, brutally beating him. Stephen continues on his violent rampage, shooting and killing Kate just as she accepts Brennan’s marriage proposal. As everyone deals with that tragedy, Chris lies in the hospital and begins to look at his life, feeling lonely without Hudson.

Things get even more complicated for Chris when he meets Will, his nurse at the hospital. There is an instant attraction between Will and Chris (haven’t we been here before?), leaving Chris to wonder how much longer he can wait for Hudson to get out of jail.

People of the Valley: Iolo tries to talk some sense into Rhys about being honest with his father about having quit school, but Rhys isn’t having it. Rhys decides to take a job working as Iolo’s assistant. When his father questions it, Rhys tells him that he’s only working for Iolo part time and it won’t interfere with school, continuing the lie. Later, Rhys sees a picture of he and Iolo online that has people thinking that he and Iolo are romantically involved. Rhys begins to wonder if Iolo actually has designs on him.

Does Lari have an eye on his new roommate?

Secret Lives: Lari moves in with Kalle, which has Katerina curious about how involved the two men are. Kalle assures Katerina he doesn’t have designs on the just-turned 18 Lari, and has no desire for a relationship with anyone. But after Kalle and Lari spend the evening together, it looks like they might have other ideas….


One of the most popular gay characters to appear on a soap is making a return to the show that made him famous. Danny Miller, who played gay mechanic Aaron Livesy is reprising his role on UK soap Emmerdale. Miller played the role from 2008 to 2012, during which Aaron came out of the closet in a long running and well received storyline that dealt with Aaron’s inability to accept that he was gay. Over time, Aaron came to terms with himself and fell in love with Jackson Walsh, played by Marc Silcock.

That relationship was not without controversy as Jackson was injured in a train wreck and was unable to move from the neck down. Jackson found himself unable to live like that and asked Aaron and his mother Hazel, played by Pauline Quirke to help him to die. They agreed to do so and as result Aaron was accused of Jackson’s murder and put on trial. The verdict was not guilty and shortly after that storyline Miller decided he wanted to leave the show. Aaron’s final arc saw him taking the rap for attempting to kill his uncle Cain, a crime that Aaron’s best pal, Adam committed. Aaron ran off to France with new boyfriend Ed.

Things did not go well for Aaron and Jackson…

Over the past couple of years several of the show’s characters have gone to visit Aaron in France despite his fugitive status. The show isn’t saying what brings Aaron back to the village (and in fact it hasn’t been officially announced yet), but one would assume it would have to do, in part, with the attempted murder charge hanging over his head. And with new gay Finn Barton in town, one would assume the show will pair Aaron and Finn. Emmerdale even recently had a scene where Chas, Aaron’s mother and James, Finn’s father, wondered about the two of them getting together. Guess now we’ll find out.

Look for Aaron to return this summer. Let’s hope he’s gotten over the habit of crying all the time, okay show?

Look for Christian to make a brief return to EastEnders

Danny Miller isn’t the only popular actor reprising his famous gay role. Openly gay actor John Partridge, who played Christian Clarke on EastEnders is making a brief return to the show in a few weeks. The show is starting a huge storyline centering around the mysterious death of Lucy Beale, Christian’s niece, whom he was very close to. Her tragic demise has Christian home to support his family through this trying time. Christian was last seen moving to the States after he and spouse Syed Masood reunited following Syed’s affair with another man. No word on how long Christian will be around.

Regular readers of this column know that I deemed first season Australian soap A Place To Call Home the Best Soap of last year, and now it looks like the show’s second season is finally on its way. Set in the 50’s, APTCH told the story of the wealthy Bligh family, which included James Bligh, who was struggling with the fact that he was gay at a time in that country when homosexuality was not only illegal, but considered a mental defect. The show followed James through a suicide attempt, his troubled marriage to Olivia, the return of his former lover Harry and James’ decision to undergo repetitive therapy, which left him hospitalized and receiving shock treatments as the show came to a close.

What will season 2 bring to James’ life? Unfortunately, it doesn’t look so good for him. Check out the preview clip below….

Rumor has it we’ll see the new season of A Place to Call Home begin around Easter. I can’t wait.

Christian Heath plays Will, Chris’ new love interest on Neighbours

Neighbours’ gay mechanic Chris Pappas, played by James Mason, hasn’t seen much in the way of loving since his boyfriend Hudson was sentenced to four years in prison for murder last year and Chris decided to wait for his lover. But after this week’s tragic events, in which a close friend of Chris’s was murdered, Chris begins to tire of waiting for Hudson, especially after he meets Will, a nurse at the hospital, played by Christian Heath. And yes, this is the same scenario in which Chris met Aidan, his first boyfriend. Chris will find himself drawn to the new man in his life and will struggle to choose between he and Hudson. Look for Chris to stay true to Hudson, however. Heath will only appear in eight episodes of the Aussie soap.

A new man for Kane on House Husbands…

But while Chris’ new beau won’t be around long, perhaps the new love interest for House Husbands’ Kane, portrayed by Gyton Grantley, will have staying power. We earlier reported that out gay actor Tim Campbell, who played Tom, Kane’s partner, was let go from the show and won’t appear in the show’s new season. But Kane won’t be alone for long.

Australian actor Darren McMullen has been cast as a new beau for Kane and will debut in the show’s new season later this year. The show is keeping mum on how Tom will be written out of the series or how Kane meets his new man, who is a librarian.

Will John Paul’s torment ever end?

It’s never been easy for the gays of Hollyoaks. Just in the past year, John Paul was raped and is now currently in jail for attacking a student. Ste’s husband Doug was killed while poor George recently lost his latest beau, Vincent, who moved to London for a new job. And it doesn’t look to get any easier for them either.

Ste, played by out actor Kieron Richardson, after years of dealing drugs, will start taking them and become a drug addict in a story arc that will begin to play out next month. Meanwhile, John Paul, played by James Sutton, will vanish from our screens for several months as John Paul serves his prison sentence, while his rapist runs free. And when John Paul gets out, he’ll have a new trauma to deal with.

“Something happens in prison and he has to deal with it outside.” Sutton told Digital Spy. “He comes back with a lot on his mind.”

Raped… again?

That’s it for this edition of Langford On Soaps. Please share your comments on the thoughts and opinions expressed in this week’s column below. See you next week!