Langford on Soaps: Will is Shot and Sonny Delivers Baby on “Days”!

Plus, Ste plots to take over Brendan’s club on Hollyoaks, what’s ahead for NeighboursChris and romance blossoms between Seth and Henry on Shortland Street.


House Husbands (Australia)

To be fair, none of this is badly written. And there’s a lot of good acting and nice performances here. But I didn’t find any of this interesting. It was actually kind of predictable and boring to me. You knew from the moment that Finn came to stay with Tom and Kane that he’d be living permanently with them. But I guess, for me, the problem is that there’s not much drama revolving around it. And whatever wee bit of drama was pretty much resolved in this episode. I think what Tom and Kane really need is something to shake things up, perhaps a relationship crisis, which the show has never done. I don’t think adding another kid to their family, especially one who just fit into their home so easily and quickly, is the recipe for compelling drama.

Shortland Street (New Zealand)

When I don’t cover a certain show and people ask me why, I simply would like to point to episodes like this as to reasons to avoid a soap, even if it has gay characters. This has gone from dull soap to just plain bad. On one hand, the show finally remembered that Seth and Henry used to be lovers (which is actually unbelievable as they seem totally incompatible) by having Seth blackmail Henry into a date. But on the other, we have this horrid plot arc about more boring hospital intrigue and minutia. And am I the only one who found the stereotyping of Zlata to be a bit offensive? I was shocked she didn’t start ranting about ‘Moose and Squirrel’. But it’s no more annoying that Henry’s endless kowtowing to Rachel, for whom he’s worked for about a minute and she’s never shown him any loyalty. Oh well, at least I didn’t have to see Henry’s boring-ass roommates this week.

Neighbours (Australia)

Well, I hate to say it, but it looks more and more like Chris is going to become gay in name only. Or at least have relationships that we only hear about and never really see. That became apparent when after meeting the very cute customer at the garage, we only heard about Chris later going on a date with him. And it’s unlikely we’ll ever see anything develop as the focus of the story is Amber’s crush on Chris and not Chris’ trying to get a new beau after his and Aidan’s break up. I’ve said before that with the new direction of the show and all the new characters it didn’t seem like Chris would have any romance in his life. And sadly, the show is proving me right.

Chris’ new beau is beautiful… too bad he’s probably history…

Hollyoaks (U.K)

It was a typical busy, busy week in Hollyoaks, what with Ste turning to drugs to finance buying Brendan’s club and Texas being murdered on her wedding day. And while some of it was entertaining, this being life in Chester, a lot of it didn’t make any sense.

The thing about being a bad guy is that you have a certain amount of charm in order to make the viewers care and like you. This show has had a lot of likable villains like Brendan, Silas, Paul and Mercedes. However, Ste wouldn’t be one of them. I’ve found Ste intolerable for a long time, much of it having to do with how badly he treated Doug during their relationship, then how he pretty much picked Brendan over his children and now his horrid, violent behavior since Brendan went to jail.

Ste has done nothing to try and get his children back in his life, even though he claims to love them more than anything. His sick obsession with Brendan continues above all else. Now he’s selling drugs out of the deli. I wish Doug would get out of his fog, see Ste for what he is, get him out of his life for good. He has never been good for Doug, not ever. But the real problem is with Kieron Richardson, who plays Ste. I think if the actor showed an ounce of on-screen charm he could be an intriguing bad guy. Instead he’s played as so one note that Ste comes off as a scrawny punk that you just want to go away. Perhaps it would help if the show would depict it as the sad tragic behavior that it is instead of, well, I’m not sure what the point is. I just know I don’t like it.

I just think it’s funny that so many folks think that Ste should get the club because he ‘deserves’ it. Exactly why does he deserve it? He can’t pay for it and he has no business sense. The deli would have gone under long ago if it weren’t for Doug. Ste would run the club into the ground in a week. And no, being Brendan’s punching bag doesn’t qualify Ste to get anything, except maybe some intense therapy. And yet, all this drama is really unnecessary. I bet that if Ste asked, Brendan would just give it to him for free. It’s not like Brendan needs the money since he’s in jail for the rest of his life. Or even Ste could ask Cheryl for the money. She’d probably give it to him without a second thought. And she’s rich now so she has loads of it. But those solutions actually make sense.

The buildup to the wedding and Texas’ murder was actually interesting, with Will’s scheming being the most interesting component of the story. I don’t care about Texas and Dodger (boring) or Leanne’s attraction to Will (nonsensical). But James Atherton continues to give a creepy, watchable performance as the evil Will. He’s the best thing in this storyline, though Paul and Mercedes are a close second as fun to watch as they scrambled to get the money they wanted. It’s to these actors credit that they manage to stay likable despite the evil deeds their characters keep doing. I still think the show takes them too far and to major extremes, but that’s how this show rolls. As for the murder scene itself, it was really well done. Kudos to the actress for doing her own stunts during that scene. It wouldn’t have played nearly as well if she hadn’t.

But Texas’ death makes me think of all the people that have been killed over the past year. Lynsey, Riley, Walker, Seamus, Maddie, Neil, Jono, Rhys have all died in over the last 12 months, all of them violently. And I’m sure I must be forgetting a death or two in there. Surely the show can hold back on the carnage for awhile, but I doubt it. When the show wants to write someone out, death is their go-to. Let’s hope the rest of the citizens have their life insurance policies paid up. BTW, I don’t think either Paul or Dodger did it, even Dodger is the obvious suspect and Paul already killed once. Of course if you read the spoilers you already know who did it. I admit I’m a wee bit surprised, but it was a nice twist.

Finally, I’m not feeling the Roscoe brothers yet. So far we’ve met two and I don’t like either of them. Yes, they are cute, but that’s a requirement of this show to be hot and look good with your shirt off. But as characters, they’re not appealing— at least not yet. Let’s hope the other three are more watchable and likable.

Days of Our Lives (U.S.)

Days was really good soap last week, full of wonderful scenes and nice moments. The highlight had to be those red hot scenes between Nick and Sami. Blake Berris and Allison Sweeney are such good actors and they play off each other so well. They are the stars of this story and I just can’t get enough of them. I just loved their confrontation in the alley as they squared off. I also enjoyed the sweet scenes between Gabi and Will after Will brought over the present for the baby. I always liked Gabi and Will as friends and I want the show to get them back to that place after all the drama. But I’m wondering how Will is paying for presents for the baby or how he is going to support his child once the baby is here. He doesn’t have a job nor does he seem to be looking to get one. I would imagine we’re not supposed to think about such details.

I also have to mention Sami’s hilarious attempts to get the evidence from Stefano’s henchman, especially when she leapt on the guys back to stop him from getting away. Classic! I know that Will and Sonny fans hate that Sami is so involved in everything, but this story wouldn’t be nearly as interesting if she (and Nick) weren’t such a big part of it. The show could make the gays more compelling and dynamic, but they seem to like them as placid, secondary leads in their own story, sadly. To be honest, this should be an epic war between Nick and Will, the kind of classic battle that churns out soap for years. But the show isn’t interesting in telling that story. BTW, what in the world was going on with that woman ‘dancing’ in the town square? That had to be some behind the scenes something or other that generated that moment. But what?

I’m glad Rafe finally became clued into the fact that there was more to Will’s giving up his baby than meets the eye. Anyone should be able to tell that Nick’s reasons for wanting Will out of the baby’s life had nothing to do with Sami and everything to do with Will being gay. However, doesn’t Will realize the ramifications of telling Nick the truth? It could lead to Nick exposing that Will shot EJ. I can’t believe Will never even thought about that.

Who attacked Rafe?

I also can’t buy that Rafe didn’t press Will on how Nick got him to sign his parental rights away. Actually, everyone who knows Will should suspect there’s something is up. Of course, it would be inconvenient to the story for the truth to be revealed so the characters have to play stupid and not ask the obvious questions in order for the plot to play out as the show wants it to. But I don’t think that Nick had anything to do with the attack on Rafe, even if the show wants me to. That’s far too obvious. But as for who did do it, it’s a nice little mystery with a number of suspects like EJ and Stefano. Or perhaps someone we haven’t thought of yet. Let’s just hope the show surprises us.

I’m glad the show is touching on Bo having basically deserted Hope and Ciara, but I really wish they would resolve the story and just write him off the canvas in such a way that Hope can move on with her life. As I’ve said before, she’s far too much a vital part of the show to be left in limbo. It’s also nice that the show is moving on with the Eric/Nicole story, but I still think they should pick things up a wee bit. It’s a shame there won’t be a true triangle between Eric, Nicole and Vargas. That could be totally hot. And I like the introduction of JJ to the show. He looks to be a troublemaker and with all the young men on this show being far too nice for their own good, the show could use a bad boy, especially if he causes headaches for the terminally dull Dan and Jennifer.

Good Times, Bad Times (The Netherlands)

The relationship, such as it is, between Lucas and Menno seems to be progressing nicely as the characters get to know each other. I just hope the show resists the urge to rush the storyline as they’ve done in the past and let the relationship play out with all the beats. One problem I always had with Lucas and Edwin (and Lucas and Bilal) was that the show spent very little time on the actual courting phase and moved quickly to ‘I love you’. I really think Lucas and Menno could have potential to be an interesting couple. I would just like the show to take a little bit of time on the ‘falling in love’ part. Difficult to ask on this show, but I’m asking.

Now before I say this, I’m not a regular viewer of the show so I’m coming at this with a disadvantage, but I’m going to say it anyway. I’m not sure I buy Lucas’ reasons for not coming forward about Aysen’s illegal and unethical behavior. Lucas has never been one to give into fear. He’s always been bold and impetuous to the point of recklessness so I’m having a hard time believing he was so afraid of Aysen that he couldn’t admit what she’d done to him. It just seems like a convenient twist of the plot at the expense of characterization to me.


Hollyoaks As Doug mourns the loss of his friend and roommate Texas, he’s also worried about the state of his relationship with John Paul. Things have been very rocky between them and he fears the coupling might be over before it really begins. But when things finally get moving with John Paul, Doug’s anxieties still plague him with doubts. It doesn’t help when after he and JP have sex, JP proceeds to ignore Doug, preoccupied with his family. But John Paul quickly realizes the mistake he’s making and is determined to make things up to his new beau.

Elsewhere, Paul and Jim take over the club and Ste, who wanted the club for himself is furious. Determined to ruin the opening, Ste gets Robbie to plant drugs in the bar and calls the police. The plan works and Carmel and Mercedes are arrested, and the club is closed. However, after Paul spots Robbie planting the drugs on the club’s video cameras (which were oddly missing the night Cheryl shot Seamus while saving Brendan’s life) he confronts Robbie, who is quick to implicate Ste in the crime.

In other news, Dodger is brought in for questioning for Texas’ murder, but Leanne doesn’t believe that Dodger did it. However, her attempts to help Dodger only wind up implicating herself and she is arrested for the murder. But will anyone come to Leanne’s aid? Let’s hope so since she didn’t do it. It’s revealed (to the viewer) that not only can Will walk, but that he killed Texas during an argument where she had decided to leave him. So while it didn’t take long for the show to reveal the killer, how long will it be before he’s caught?

Will and Sonny think Nick attacked Sonny. Did he?

Days of Our Lives Kate finds an unconscious and battered Rafe in the alley and he is rushed to the hospital. Once there, Rafe’s condition is deemed critical and Gabi realizes that she’ll have to make medical decisions for him. Hope is given the assignment to find out who attacked Rafe. Will and Sonny, aware that Nick was on his way to see Rafe, accuse him of the crime, but Nick denies it. Kate is certain that Stefano is behind it, as revenge for Rafe and Kate’s affair. But after revealing the relationship to Stefano and Sami, Kate realizes that no one knew about them.

Meanwhile, Hope begins to suspect that EJ may have hired someone to attack Rafe and Gabi has her own suspicions after she hears EJ make a mysterious phone call. EJ, of course, denies any wrongdoing and Sami stands by him. Eventually, however, Sami begins to have her own doubts about EJ’s innocence. Meanwhile, Nick finally gives Vargas what he wants, but he’s still in debt to his former cellmate. And Mr. Fallon’s past further comes back to haunt him after he and Gabi are held and gunpoint and taken hostage. But by who?


People of the Valley — Gethin manipulates Iolo into giving him a place to stay…

Good Times, Bad Times Lucas is certain that Menno is attracted to him, but when Menno is determined to keep things professional, Lucas takes action that will only make things worse.

Shortland Street Rachel puts Henry in his place at work, but are things looking up at home between he and Seth?

Holby City — Malick is caught in a professional quandary when he has to make a deal with a serial killer to discover where she has buried her victims.

Neighbours — Amber ruins Chris’ chances for a relationship with Seamus, but will she admit why she did it?


Will and Gabi’s baby is finally born….

You can never have a baby born on soaps without there being plenty of drama and it will be no different for little Arianna Grace on Days, who finally makes her entrance into the world full of drama… and perhaps without a baby daddy. It all kicks off next week when Will, during his and Sonny’s efforts to rescue Nick and Gabi from Jensen, is shot and critically injured. Of course, Gabi goes into labor in a shed, with only Sonny to help her. Sonny helps to bring the baby into the world and they are rushed into the hospital. There, Sonny learns about Will’s shooting and is devastated. While Arianna Grace fights for her life, Will fights for his own with Sami, Lucas and Sonny sitting vigil at his bedside. Will is going to pull through, of course and he and Gabi will then find themselves worried about the future of their infant daughter (but don’t worry, the baby will be just fine!).

Is gay romance a thing of the past for Chris on Neighbours?

There hasn’t been much on the romantic front for Neighbours gay mechanic Chris Pappas, even though the producers had said there would be new love interests for Chris. Thus far he’s spent his time helping his friends with their romantic woes and dealing with his new friend Amber, who has a major crush on him. And in a recent interview with James Mason, who plays Chris, it looks like things may not change much.

“There are potential relationships coming up for Chris. There are a couple of different guys who come in and out, so I guess Chris is really just assessing his relationship status and how he wants to go about things.” Mason said to Digital Spy.

“Chris is cautious of how his last relationship has ended, so he doesn’t want to get hurt again. You’ll see that Chris does want to find love, but he doesn’t want to jump straight into it. He’s willing to sit on the outer and assess things until he finds someone that he’s really compatible with.”

With his love life seemingly not a priority right now, Chris will spend much of his time dealing with Amber’s problems as well as sexy ex-con Mason, who works at the garage with Chris, but Chris thinks Mason is up to no good. He’ll also become embroiled in the problems of the recently arrived Willis family.

With all that, who needs a boyfriend?

That’s it for this edition of Langford On Soaps. See you next week!