Langford on Soaps: From First Kiss To Final Breakup for Chris and Aiden on Neighbours?


Dangerous Relationships

There’s not much to say here as there was really no movement in the Alejandro/Diego storyline. In fact, they didn’t have any scenes together last week other than Alejandro flashing back to the kiss that we didn’t see. But we did get to see lots of Diego kissing his girlfriend and bragging about his sexual prowess. Thanks, show! Now, obviously Diego was overcompensating because of Alejandro’s revealing the kiss to Nora, but it’s still not clear whether Diego remembers it. But what is clear is that Hector does at least suspect that Diego might be gay. His surprise and relief that his son had a girlfriend was quite telling.

Let’s hope Nora doesn’t count on Diego always being there for her…

So now I’m left to wonder where the situation with Nora finding out that she is an illegal alien is going to go. The logical and ‘soapy’ conclusion would be that she marries Diego to get her green card while Diego goes through with it to avoid his feelings for Alejandro. Later, the marriage will stand in the way of his acting on his gay desires. If he does so and the marriage is revealed to be a sham then it risks Nora’s green card and she could be deported. But, this is all speculation on my part. We’ll see, I suppose.

By the way, a lot of people were unhappy with the scenes of Alejandro ‘coming out’ to his family. Basically, his family told him they knew he was gay and simply said ‘we love you and it doesn’t matter’ and there were hugs all around. No drama, no shouting, no tears of sorrow. I guess we’re so used to coming out scenes being full of conflict that we don’t realize that for some, it’s a simple as that. Sometimes, a family simply accepts it, loves you and life moves on. And I think it’s important to see that. Besides, there will be plenty of drama in Diego’s coming out so there’s no need for it to be the same for Alejandro.

Coronation Street

I really wonder about the appeal of Sean Tully. He’s been on this show forever, even if only in a supporting role, but he seems beloved by the UK viewers and the powers that be on the show. But to me, he’s always been an appalling, unlikeable character and I can’t fathom why he has any friends or why any man would want to be his lover. That’s why I can’t fathom his relationship with poor Marcus. Marcus is such a sweet guy and Sean treats him so shabbily because of his selfishness and manipulations. Their relationship is so one sided as Marcus constantly capitulates to Sean in everything. And he seems to get very little in return.

Sean’s pouting and whining over Marcus spending some time with Liam and Maria was particularly distasteful, and I can’t believe that Marcus didn’t see through Sean suddenly deciding to have Dylan visit for the week as a way to get Marcus back on the home front again. Sean didn’t show any interest in having the boy visit until he knew he could benefit from it. Yuck.

I do think that eventually Sean is not going to be able to control Marcus’ growing desire to be a father. In life, I don’t think that’s something that ever goes away. And I don’t think anyone should give up something so important for the sake of a relationship. I suspect that eventually Maria is going to offer to be a surrogate for Marcus and Sean is going to have to either accept it or move on. If Marcus is lucky, Sean will end it because Marcus is certainly better off without him. But more likely Sean will begrudgingly go along with it and whine about it constantly when he’s not trying to sabotage the situation. Yay! So much to look forward to!



Blood Relatives

Well, that didn’t take long. How much time went by from Oscar moving out to Woulter moving in? Okay he hasn’t moved in yet, but let’s face it, judging by the hungry look in Thomas’ eyes when he checked out a shirtless Woulter, he won’t be taking his luggage out anytime soon. Will Oscar come back and then they can all have a four way relationship? Judging by the very liberal attitude this show and these characters have about relationships, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

Then again, why should Oscar come back? Thomas didn’t seem to care much that he left. They never had one discussion about why he was leaving. But I’m sure he’ll return just to complicate things.

Thomas liked what he saw… and who could blame him?



People who read this column with any sort of regularity know that I don’t ship couples. I’m more of a person who enjoys certain characters, and if I like their love interest then that’s fine. But I’m not nor I ever had been some who had to see a certain pair together as if that was the end all and be all. But with that said, I really love George and Callum’s scenes and the very small part of me that is romantic can’t help but want to see the show go there with them.

They have such chemistry and they mesh so well together it’s hard not to want them to be more than friends, even though they make wonderful friends. But let’s face it, their afternoon together can’t be seen as anything but a date. They clearly were enjoying each other’s company and didn’t want the afternoon to end, even to the point of ignoring and putting off other social engagements they had. And the way they look at each other is certainly more than how two pals look at each other.

And there was Callum asking George to stay in town and George reluctantly telling Callum that he had to go back to his family, even though it was clear that leaving Callum was the last thing he wanted to do. Plus, I find it interesting that whenever Callum has a problem or needs someone to lean on, his girlfriend is always out of town or conveniently doing something else, so he has to turn to George. Then again, the show seems to have forgotten that George once had a major crush on Callum, so maybe they’ll never be more than friends. Or maybe, more likely, the show is just teasing us before deciding what to do.

In other news, I was wondering how they would keep George in town, and it makes perfect sense that he would come to the conclusion that his life had changed so much since he left and that he had changed so much that he just couldn’t go back to life he lived when he was Andrew. And it was very loving of his mother to realize that and see she had to let him go so he could be who he really is. It was a very nice moment.

Doesn’t George see Phoebe will ruin his life?

Not so nice is George’s strange and unfathomable loyalty to Phoebe. This is a person who doesn’t deserve anyone’s trust and loyalty as she’s proven time and again that she is selfish and will lie, cheat and steal from anyone who gives her the chance. She is an unpleasant and reprehensible character and one I can’t wait to see off the canvas and out of George’s life. She’ll only bring him problems, and I just pray she hasn’t ruined his life before he sees how despicable she really is. Can you tell I don’t like her much?



I’ve been a pretty big fan of Emmerdalefor a long time, but it’s clear the show has suffered creatively since the death of former executive producer Gavin Bythe. It’s no more apparent than in the storyline leading up to Aaron’s exit. So much of the writing simply makes no sense or causes the characters to behave in ways that strain credulity. For example, Cain going along with Aaron’s request not to turn Adam in for trying to kill him is hard to believe. Cain would never keep quiet about this. He’d turn Adam in for revenge and to try and stir up trouble, not just because Adam deserves to pay for what he did. Debbie would never go along with it either so her keeping quiet is just as nonsensical.

As for Aaron, his risking everything to protect Adam really seems out of character as well. Adam and Aaron have always been friends, but their friendship has never gone to this depth and I couldn’t imagine Adam doing the same for Aaron if the situation was reversed. Like I said before, Aaron’s actions would make perfect sense if he were secretly in love with Adam. After all, Adam was the first guy Aaron kissed way back when. What if those feelings never went away? I would buy that far more than what the show is presenting here.

Regarding Ed, I don’t understand why he continues to pursue this relationship with Aaron. They’ve only been dating a few weeks, Aaron told him he’s not going to France with him and he’s blowing off dates to hold Adam’s hand. So why doesn’t Ed just move on? I’ve never understood why these great guys turn themselves inside out for Aaron, who gives very little in return. The show has never given us a reason. We’re just simply expected to accept this nonsense.

And speaking of nonsense, Paddy and Chas encouraging Aaron to run off with Ed makes no sense either. They both have always been overprotective of Aaron. Acting as if running off with a man he barely knows is his final chance at happiness when he’s barely out of his teens is silly and out of character for both of these two. Like I said, the writing here is so bad and symptomatic of an overall problem with this show. That’s why once Aaron is gone, I will be gone too.


It’s nice to see Chris and Aiden, and it’s nice to see them interacting as a couple. But it’s just a reminder that so much of their relationship and dynamic has developed off screen. Chris spends more time talking about Summer’s relationship with Andrew and being involved in that than he does on his own relationship. It’s hard to invest in a couple or even care about them when we’re not seeing how they got there or how they relate to each other now that they are there.

I just hope that Chris and Aiden don’t become this ‘perfect’ couple that spend their time advising others on their messy relationships. That’s not good television, and it’s not good soap. It’s true that there are a lot of gays who only want to see gay characters doing good things and being in a happy relationship. And then there’s people like me who want to see the drama. So please, bring on the drama.

Days of Our Lives

I get a lot of flack about my stance about Will’s long running struggle to come out of the closet and accept that he’s gay. People tell me that the way it’s written is realistic and it truly does take people years to come to terms with being gay and they go back and forth with the struggle.

That might be true, but frankly, I can’t relate to that and maybe that’s another reason why coming out stories bore me more and more these days. But even if Will’s story is realistic, it doesn’t mean it’s interesting. Though I did love Marlena’s non-plussed look when Will went scampering back in the closet.

I have no problem with a slow pace. My favorite soap was As The World Turns and during it’s golden age in the 80’s, nobody knew how to drag out a story like that show. But even with the slow pace, there was always something happening, something going on to keep things interesting. And it certainly isn’t reciting the same dialogue on today’s show that you heard last week, last month and last year.

Don’t get me wrong, Chandler Massey is doing a wonderful job with the material, and the show was genius in making Marlena an integral part of the story. Not only is she the show’s most beloved heroine, and Deidre Hall has amazing chemistry with Massey, but she’s that voice of reason and centering figure that makes the audience this soap is trying to reach and educate sit up and listen. But I’m bored, bored, bored with this story. Though since I’m not who the show is trying to reach maybe doesn’t matter.



Doug finds working for Brendan can be dangerous

Hollyoaks – It’s been over for Brendan and Ste for months, but that doesn’t mean that Brendan doesn’t want Ste back, and he launches a plot to get his ex-boyfriend back under his thumb. Brendan hears that Ste and Doug have decided to open a deli together, but they need to get a bank loan. Brendan goes to Doug and offers to secretly fund the fledgling business. Knowing that Ste wants nothing to do with Brendan, Doug turns down the offer for the cash. But when Ste and Doug’s plans to get a loan fall through, Doug decides he has no choice but to accept Brendan’s offer. Doug tells Ste he can come up with the money thanks to a distant aunt who will loan it to him.

Meanwhile, Brendan and Joel’s partnership hits a snag after Joel taunts Brendan over his failed relationship with Ste. Brendan puts Joel in his place, reminding him who is boss, and he’s not nice about it. When Joel later sees Brendan and Doug with their heads together, he becomes determined to find out what is going on between them. Brendan, now that Doug is in his back pocket, orders him to pick up a stash of drugs for him. Feeling left out, Joel puts on a ski mask and attacks Doug, stealing the drugs. Doug is left to wonder if getting involved with Brendan and his shady dealings is a good idea.

Later, Doug and Ste find out that they have a chance to buy a property to put their business. When they get the winning bid, Doug is left to decide if he wants to go through with the deal with Brendan. And if he does, how long can he keep the truth from Ste?

Aaron thinks about the future. But what will that future be?

Emmerdale – The police are closing in, and Adam knows it’s only a matter of time before they find out he set the fire that nearly killed Cain. Adam prepares to turn himself in to the police, but Aaron isn’t about to let his friend wind up in jail. When the police show up, Aaron confesses to Adam’s crimes. After Aaron is arrested, his family and Adam are horrified at what Aaron has done. Everyone wants Adam to come forward with the truth, and he plans to do just that, but Aaron promises he has a plan to make it all work out.

Aaron calls Ed and tells him what’s happened and asks him to come see him. Following Ed’s visit, Aaron goes to Adam and tells him not to crack under the pressure and let his plan follow through. Everyone prepares for Aaron’s day in court and the family is shocked when Aaron doesn’t show up. The police put out a warrant for his arrest. Later, after he is found, Aaron’s loved ones prepare to say goodbye to him. But is Aaron about to go on the lam or will he go to jail for Adam’s crimes?

Coronation Street – Marcus is thrilled to have Dylan visiting for the week and Sean is glad to have his boyfriend focused on him for a change. But more distractions occur when Maria and Fitz can’t find babysitters for their children and Marcus offers to take care of all them. Marcus proves to be a natural and enjoys spending time with the children. But his need to have his own child continues to grow, and Sean is finding it hard to ignore something his lover wants so badly. Marcus assures Sean he’s fine with the way things are, but Sean is starting to feeling guilty for not wanting to adopt a child with Marcus.

Phil is afraid Derek might find out about Ben’s crimes…

EastEnders – Ben is actually starting to feel guilty about having murdered Heather as the presence of her son George is a constant reminder of his crime. Phil is desperate to get in contact with Darren, the baby’s father, but no one has been able to get in touch with him. But as Ben grows more and more unstable, Phil realizes the child can’t stay with them for much longer or Ben will completely break down. Eventually, Phil is reach Darren, who plans to return to town to retrieve his son immediately. Ben is relieved to hear the news.

Meanwhile, Derek begins to get curious as to why Phil and Ben are suddenly so tight given their recent public battles. Derek questions Ben as to what is going on, only to get a stern warning from Phil to stay away from his son. This of course only makes Derek more determined to find out what’s at the bottom of Phil and Ben’s truce.

Will clashes with EJ…

Days of Our Lives – The truth is out, and so is Will Horton (finally) when he admits, unequivocally, that he is gay. The ball gets rolling when Marlena witnesses a tense encounter between EJ and Will. Once Will has left, Marlena confronts EJ about giving Will a hard time, saying that he’s going through some difficult times. EJ lets Marlena know that he’s aware that Will is gay and agrees Will need some time and space to deal with his issues.

Will drops by to see Marlena and says he’s struggling to be comfortable in his own skin, admitting that he’s gay and not taking the words back this time. Marlena is glad Will has made this step and promises she’ll be there to support him through this process. Later, Will has someone else to confess to when he finally comes out to Sonny. Sonny is delighted that Will has made this moment of self-acceptance, and it brings the two of them closer.


Good Times, Bad Times – Lucas’ war with Aysen intensifies…

Waterloo RoadJosh’s attempt to go off his meds leads to disaster…

Holby City – Dan and Malick continue competing for the teaching position, but how far will Dan go to win?



Chris and Aiden are about to get a lot closer…

When the news came out that Aussie soap Neighbours was casting a love interest gay teen Chris Pappas late last year, fans were excited that the show would embark on its first gay romance. But many wondered if the conservative soap would ever depict any intimate moments between Chris and his boyfriend, Aiden Foster.

The answer seemed to be ‘no’ when then executive producer Susan Bower explicitly said it was unlikely there would be any on screen romantic scenes between the two men because of the show’s G-rating. But time seems to have changed things. Not only has the show moved to a cable channel, the soap now has a new executive producer, Richard Jaseck, who perhaps has a different perspective. Chris and Aiden, who have been dating for a few weeks now, will have an on screen kiss next week. And reportedly, other romantic scenes between the couple have been filmed as well.

James Mason, who plays Chris, said the most difficult moment about the scene was not having to kiss another guy, but that he had to do it in a room full of people.

“I don’t think it went through my head that a million people would be watching it, it was more the nerves that people were in the room,” Mason said to the Star Observer. “Bob and I had this tendency to make things comfortable and work with each other, so it was kind of different, but we didn’t make a big deal of it.”

James Mason plays Chris…

Bob Morely, who plays Aiden, told TV WEEKthat he’s glad the show is treating the gay duo just like any other couple on the show and not making a big deal about the upcoming romantic scene.

“I take my hat off to the producers of Neighbours for going with it and not sensationalizing it. There is still a taboo around the subject, but there shouldn’t be at all.” Morely said. “James and I put a lot of time and effort into getting the physicality between our characters right. We didn’t want to come across as two straight guys pretending to be gay.”

And despite all this, Chris and Aiden are headed for a rocky patch in their relationships.

Chris’s friendship with Tash comes between Chris and Aiden…

Chris and Aiden have had a relatively smooth road in their new romance, but that’s all about to change when a woman starts to come between them. Don’t worry, it’s not in a romantic sense. Tash, Chris’ best friend is going through a difficult emotional period in her life after her father leaves town and she’s left to fend for herself. Chris comes to her rescue to see her through her problems, even to the point of moving in with her.

And with Chris spending so much time with Tash, always helping through her problems, it leaves little room for Chris and Aiden as a couple. Eventually, Aiden has enough of standing on the sidelines and wants Chris to make a stand with Tash and not always be her go to guy when she’s got a problem. Morely says that Aiden is not trying to come between Tash and Chris. He only wants Chris to stop letting Tash use him.

“It’s not that Aiden doesn’t approve of Tash,” Morely told TV Soap Week. “rather it’s the way she’s been treating Chris that Aiden doesn’t agree with. This, coupled with the fact that Chris isn’t standing up for himself is what sends Aiden over the edge.”

When Chris hears Aiden’s ultimatum, he doesn’t handle it well. Aiden, who has had boyfriends before, sees this as something that can be dealt with, but Chris thinks his first relationship is about to come to a very quick end.

“The relationship is at its very early stage and the pair are just starting to get used to one another and learn about one another.” Morely said. “Aiden is mature enough to see this is a small hiccup, whereas Chris fears the very worst.”

And its Chris’ reaction that may be the downfall of his and Aiden’s romance. Chris begins to act out, behaving in a way that shocks Aiden and makes him think maybe dating Chris isn’t such a good idea. Uh-oh!


Fans have to say goodbye to one of their favorite gays this week when Danny Miller, who plays gay mechanic Aaron Livesy on Emmerdale exits the show. Viewers have seen a number of highly dramatic and critically acclaimed storylines for Aaron, such as his coming out drama, his suicide attempt, his stormy and tumultuous romance with Jackson Walsh, which came to an end after Jackson became permanently paralyzed and Aaron granted Jackson’s wish to help him die, a death for which Aaron went on trial for murder, but was ultimately cleared of the crime.

After all that, will the writers give Aaron a happy ending? For the past month, Aaron had a whirlwind romance with rugby player named Ed, who wanted Aaron to go away with him for a new life in Paris. But just before Aaron was about to reach for the brass ring, Aaron’s best pal Adam committed arson and attempted murder and Aaron took the rap to protect Adam from going to prison. This week, Aaron’s final fate is revealed as he either heads off to jail or off to France with Ed.

Or… is there a third option? The show isn’t saying, keeping the end of Aaron’s story under wraps. However, his final scene was taped at an airport, so perhaps that’s a clue as to what direction the story will take.

Aaron found love with Ed, but will they get their happy ending?

Danny Miller told TV Times that he was satisfied with how things end for Aaron. “What they’ve come up with really gives the last four years justice. It’s emotional, it’s heartwarming and it’s positive.”

Miller added that the show left the door open for Aaron to return to Emmerdale should Miller seek to reprise the role that made him famous. He’s said it wouldn’t be a surprise if viewers saw Aaron again. For now though, Miller is looking for new roles, though he has no idea where his acting career will take him next. He admits he is worried about being able to find new jobs.

“I am really nervous about getting out in the big wide world.” Miller admitted. “When I made the decision to go, I hadn’t really thought about what would happen afterwards. I don’t have anything lined up and it’s really quite daunting. It was such a hard decision to make.”

One thing is for sure, it’s not likely Miller will be doing any romantic scenes with other men anytime soon. While the actor would never admit it, he was visibly uncomfortable on screen doing intimate scenes with his male co-stars. He does say, however, that he won’t miss having to kiss other men.

“Romantic scenes are embarrassing… you just have to prepare yourself for it and forget people are watching.” Miller told The Sun. “I won’t miss kissing blokes. I haven’t got a problem with it, but I don’t think I’ll be reminiscing!”

Will coming out mean more tight shirts for Will? One can only hope!

This week on Days of Our Lives, after months of struggling with his situation, Will Horton, played by Chander Massey, finally comes out of the closet and admits to his grandmother Marlena, that he is gay. But while this isn’t news to Marlena, it is a big step for Will.

Deidre Hall, who plays Marlena, tells Soap Opera Digestthat Will coming out to his grandmother is just the beginning of months of dramatic story.

“Will and Marlena continue to have scenes that are fascinating,” said Hall. “Their relationship deepens and becomes richer by the day. There is so much coming up. It’s the most spectacular three months I’ve seen in ages. Life goes on after Will’s revelation.”

After all, Will still has to come out to his family and friends. While most of them, such as Will’s father Lucas, are going to take the news okay and be nothing but supportive, his mother Sami is not ready to march in the Salem Pride Parade with her son. At first Sami flees from the room when Will tells her, unable to deal with what’s she’s hearing. And when it does sink in, Sami blames herself and wonders what she did to make Will turn out gay. And Sami being Sami will want to ‘fix’ things. Uh-oh! And there’s talk that Sami won’t be the only family member not happy with Will’s sexual orientation.

Fans hope there’s romance ahead for Will and Sonny…

But what else can we expect? Is there any romance ahead for Will? Well, Will is going to have someone on his dance card. The guy he made out with a few months ago, Neil, played by Jesse Kristofferson returns for a few episodes soon. But, fans are anxious for a romance between Will and his best friend Sonny Kiriakis, played by Freddie Smith. Spoilers indicate that both Will and Sonny become aware they are attracted to one another in the next few weeks, but will they act on it anytime soon? This is Days, so I’d get ready for a very long road to romance.

That’s a wrap for this edition of Langford on Soaps. See you next time!