Langford on Soaps: Guarav Comes Out… And Gets Kidnapped on “Maryada!”



Things were
certainly exciting last week with Guarav being kidnapped and the family’s
desperate search to find him.
I did enjoy the episode, but the most notable thing to me
was how Guarav fought with his kidnapper for about ten minutes while his family
searched the warehouse to find them! Ah well, only in soaps. And I am finding
the mess with Vidya and Chinu to be
interesting, with everyone so against Chinu
spending time with the married Vidya, unaware of course that Guarav is
encouraging the relationship so his wife can find happiness with a man who is
not gay.

Not a good week for Guarav….

However, Vidya
doesn’t seem all that interested in Chinu and is more concerned with Gaurav
being happy, even if that happiness is with a man.
I think that even if she and
Chinu do wind up together, he’ll be second best and she’ll always be in love
with Guarav. Women never seem to forget the first gay guy they fell in love
with, I guess. BTW, I think this might be the first episode that I caught a
glimpse of Guarav’s super hot brother, Adi.
I hope it won’t be the last!


Forbidden Love

Christian and Olli can be dizzying since these two constantly dither back and
forth over their relationship.
I still think a long break is needed between these two
because there’s just too much ugliness and betrayal to jump right back into
their marriage without examining why things got so messed up.

But I suspect a quick reunion is exactly what’s going to
happen once they get past the latest roadblock of Rafael‘s return to the scene. It’s just funny that Rafael came all
the way from Mallorca to get Olli back months
after their very brief fling on the island. If I recall correctly, it was
Rafael who blew Olli off and Olli came back home upset about being dumped. So
this really makes no sense. Any plot device in a storm, huh?

Is Olli ready for a new

And I don’t
care how many times the show tries to convince me otherwise, Jessica sticks out
like a sore thumb.
commiserating with Andi, Olli and
Christian, over their love lives which were ruined because of her is just mind boggling. I keep
wondering if the writers really believe we think such relationships between
this group are realistic. I realize it’s a soap and we often suspend disbelief,
but this is a bit much if you ask me.


Days of Our Lives

DAYS continues to bore me with
this silly website storyline.
And it’s not just the storyline itself it’s that the
writers did absolutely no research about how a website works. I’m no web guru,
but even I know that Will was just spouting a bunch of technical nonsense to
make it sound to the viewer like he knew what he was blathering when that
wasn’t the case at all.

Not only that, Will, Sonny
and Chad go on and on about keeping
this a secret, but not only do they continue to discuss this ‘secret’ in a
public place, they make no attempt to at least whisper. That’s absurdly
careless after Gabi and Abigail had already nearly discovered
what they were supposedly trying to hide. No wonder they keep getting “overheard!”

Move along, nothing to see
here, especially chemistry….

As for that
scene with Will and Sonny where Sonny gushes over Will’s alleged website
mastery, it’s those close moments when we should be seeing some hint of
chemistry in regards to a potential relationship between Will and Sonny.
For me there was nothing. Nada.
Zip. These two very attractive and appealing men just don’t spark with each

Sonny clicks with every other scene partner he’s had,
whether it be Chad
or the homophobe T, Abigail, Melanie, Gabi, his parents or his Uncle Victor. Yet there’s nothing, no energy,
no life, no spark in his scenes with Will. I’ve said this from their very first
scene together months ago and I still believe that. And it’s not a matter of
them not spending scene after scene together. Some things just aren’t there.


I knew the
magic couldn’t last
I’ve gone on and on about how great Hollyoaks
has been with the Silas murder
plot going full throttle over the past few weeks. But this week we were back to
the show’s usual ‘drama’ and there was little to recommend, though I do find
the Scott/Rob/Annalise storyline to
be intriguing. Just not enough to watch the entire show, which is sadly now dominated
by the awful Bart/Jason/Sinead

The show is
working hard to convince us that Bart really loves Sinead, but viewers know
that Bart only hooked up with her because of how things turned out with Jason
and that Bart and Sinead’s relationship has always been shallow.
Jason and Bart’s scenes
continue to show that’s where the real emotional connection is, and we can see Bart
and Sinead have no more than a rebound relationship. Furthermore, it’s boring, lacks
chemistry and Sinead is such an unappealing character that I don’t care who she hooks up with. She could have
left town with Gaz and I wouldn’t have missed her.

But what
really bothers me is that Jason cares so much about this. His mother just died
and his grandfather is in jail for her murder.
Not to mention his fractured
relationship with his father, all the stuff going on with Riley and his own ongoing issues about his desire to become
physically a boy. Yet inexplicably, his main priority is running around helping
Bart get together with Sinead. He was even boosting this relationship during
his mother’s memorial service! Bad taste, Hollyoaks,
bad taste.

The only good
thing this past week was having Brendan back.
Given how buff he’s gotten,
it’s clear he’s been working out in the prison yard. Yum. Oh well, he’ll be out
of jail soon enough, and I can’t wait to see how he takes revenge on Warren.


Readers might
recall that when Ben and Christian starting having scenes together, I hoped the
show wouldn’t have Ben accuse Christian of sexual misconduct
. Not only are such
allegations ugly and can ruin someone’s life even if they are innocent, Christian
has been accused of this before and it’s just repeating a story that should
have never been told the first time. But, I guess I shouldn’t have expected
anything different from a show that is all about plot oriented stories designed
to ‘shock’ the viewer and not character development.

Phil should have some
questions about Ben’s lie…

But more than
the repetitive storyline, it really bothers me that Ben could tell such a horrible
lie and that Phil could react with such violence and there be no repercussions
for it at all.
didn’t apologize for what he did and Phil certainly will not. Most likely,
neither of them will pay in any way for what they did. Phil doesn’t even think
he should cover the damages he caused to Syed
and Christian’s apartment! And he probably won’t. It’ll no doubt be forgotten
sooner rather than later.

It was the same with Ben and Jay’s reckless behavior regarding Amy two weeks ago. Despite their actions, they suffered no
ramifications or repercussions. It’s like it never happened. And in that case,
a child nearly died.

And I really
hate the dismissal of what Phil did by folks saying ‘you only did what any
father would have done’ as if it absolves him of his illegal activities.
Maybe some would, I’d think
most would call the police and let them handle it. Also, given Ben’s long
running history of lies and that Phil has known Christian for years, wouldn’t
Phil at least question whether Ben was telling the truth? After all, no one
else believed it except Zainab, who
hates Christian. It doesn’t make much sense that Phil was so quick to buy Ben’s
story without any reservations.

Why did Ben do it? Who

I still don’t
understand why Ben did it in the first place.
Yes, he was upset because
Christian rejected him, but to accuse him of molestation is an extreme reaction.
It’s not like Ben was caught off guard, he sought out Yusef (who he barely
knows, BTW) to tell this horrible lie. I just don’t understand the character
motivation here. The show is creating all this high drama, but not supporting
it on a solid foundation of logical and believable behavior.

To his credit, Jay didn’t
believe Ben’s accusations…

On the other
hand, I did love Jay being brutally honest with Ben about his lie, telling him
it’s okay if he’s gay and even if he had a thing for Christian, but what he did
was unacceptable.
the scene where Ben admitted to Phil that he tried to kiss Christian and that
he would always want to be with men and that Phil would have to accept it was strong.

Finally, the blowout between Syed and Christian where they
aired all their resentments and anger was stellar. John Partridge and Marc
were terrific in that highly emotional scene and later in the
breakup scene as well. Long awaited and well needed, it was the highlight of
the week.

Outstanding acting by Marc
Elliot as Syed saved, just barely, a horrible storyline…

However, I always find it funny that people on soaps can
just up and leave town when they have a breakup as if they don’t have jobs or
responsibilities to consider. Oh, and could someone do something about Jane’s horrible, horrible wig? It looks
like a small, hairy dog. I keep expecting it to bark and wag its tail.

Good Times, Bad Times

I know a lot
of people are hating on Edwin for ‘cheating’ on Lucas, but this show has never
been more soapy or more fun to watch.
I loved the scene where Edwin and Ron admitted they had feelings for each other and had a hot make out
session just as Lucas was coming out of his coma. If that isn’t a classic soap
moment I don’t know what is!

It was also nice to see two men on television making out
with no holds barred, no timid kisses or limited physical contact. This how men
would really touch each other when they are about to have sex. Other shows
should take note.

Go boys, go!



Dan is caught in an intimate
moment with another man..

Holby CityWith his wedding to Chrissie
drawing closer, Dan is feeling more
and more secure that he can keep his sexuality under wraps. But everything
threatens to unravel when Stephen,
the nurse that Dan had a flirtation with a few weeks ago shows up at the
hospital, having injured his wrist. Worried that Stephen might tell Chrissie
about his being gay, Dan convinces Stephen that his injury is minor and sends
him on his way.

But when Dan discovers that Stephen’s injuries are far more
serious, he goes after him and provides the proper medical care Stephen needs. Later,
when saying goodbye, Stephen and Dan kiss and the moment is witnessed by Greg, one of Dan’s co-workers. Greg
confronts Dan and tells him he needs to be honest with Chrissie about his
sexuality before marrying her. Meanwhile, Malick
uncovers a hospital scandal, but revealing it could put his own career in

Maryada – Guarav might have been
rescued from his kidnappers, but that doesn’t mean the crisis is over. Upon his
return home, he faces questions from his family about his relationship with his
wife Vidya, namely why is she spending so much time with Chinu and why is
Guarav actually encouraging his wife to spend time with another man. As you
would expect, the conversation gets heated and Vidya’s name and reputation is
in peril.

Not wanting to cause Vidya anymore trouble than he already
has, Guarav comes out and admits to his family that he’s gay. However Guarav is
more concerned about patching things up with Karan than his family’s reaction to his being gay. But will Karan
ever forgive Guarav for the past?

Days of Our Lives – Will and the Brady family
are worried sick about Will’s baby brother Johnny,
who has been kidnapped. All efforts to find the little boy result in false
leads and red herrings, but things get grim when the dead body of a child
matching Johnny’s description is discovered. Sami, Will’s mother and EJ
DiMera, the boy’s father are
devastated by the belief that their child is dead.

They get into a heated argument and despite their ugly
history (he raped her and she shot him in the head), they come together in
their grief and have sex (hey, you can’t make this stuff up). Meanwhile, Will
and Rafe, Will’s stepdad (and Sami’s
husband) learn that the dead child is not Johnny when they discover the little
boy themselves.

Will goes to give his mother the good news, only to find Sami
and EJ going at it. Will is stunned to see his mother having sex with her worst
enemy at such a horrible time. And he doesn’t take the shock well…

Can Will handle the truth
about what his mother has done?

Good Times, Bad Times – Edwin and Ron have a hard time hiding that something went
down between them, and it isn’t long before Lucas picks on the notion that
maybe his boyfriend didn’t spend all his time at his bedside while he was in a
coma. But Lucas’ attempt to get to the truth doesn’t go very well and doesn’t
bode well for young Mr. Sanders. Meanwhile, Edwin has some explaining to do
when Lucas’ sister Nina discovers the truth about his and Ron’s relationship. Edwin
begs Nina to keep quiet for Lucas’
sake, but will she?

Lucas is out of the coma,
but is he well enough to handle the truth about Edwin and Ron?

Forbidden Love – Christian is upset to see
that Rafael and Olli have happily reunited, unaware that Olli is still in love
with him and his relationship with the teenager is on the rebound. He’s even
more hurt when he discovers that Olli and Rafael spent the night together and
are lovers once more.

Andi realizes that Christian
wants to get back together with his estranged spouse and encourages him work on
repairing his marriage. Christian considers it until he finds out that Rafael
and Olli are headed off on a romantic vacation to Ibiza. One step forward, five
steps back…

Christian is devastated that
he might have lost Olli for good this time…


People of The Valley – Iolo makes a difficult decision
about his relationship with Colin

HollyoaksBrendan is released from
prison – and disappears….


This week
things finally get moving in the coming out drama of Days Of Our Lives’ Will Horton.
Will witnesses his mother Sami having grief sex with ex-husband
EJ DiMera after they are led to believe their son Johnny isdead.Will, who had come to tell his mother
that her son had been alive and well is shocked by his mother’s actions and
this moment will have long lasting repercussions. It’s a story twist that
harkens back to a classic DAYS storyline.

Is good guy Will about to
turn bad?

Longtime fans
will remember that Sami discovered her mother Marlena having sex with John
Black, even though she was married to Sami’s father Roman.
That moment changed Sami and
turned her into the teen terror that schemed her way through Salem for years. Is
Will going to mimic some of Sami’s antics, such as drugging a man and getting
him into bed, changing paternity test results and selling children on the black

The show isn’t saying how this is going to affect Will, played
by Chandler Massey, but DAYS co-head writer Marlene McPherson told Soap Opera Digest
[]he’s going
to be different than the sweet kid currently on our screens.

Will is outraged by his
mother’s infidelity…

“Will is going
to become Sami at that age,” McPherson said.
“We’re going to see a whole different Will. We
watched how Sami changed after she saw John and Marlena. Now, Will is Sami.
There are things ahead that the audience won’t even see coming.”

The only thing McPherson confirmed is that Will is gay and
is going to be coming out of the closet. But she promises that’s what is coming
is going to be quite shocking.

“We’ve been
watching the scenes that are taping, and I am telling you, get ready!” McPherson
teased. “When you see the stuff that is going to happen, it’s unbelievable!”

As for that other storyline involving the gays of Salem,
the plot revolving around Will, Sonny and Chad’s website that has been hijacked
by high stakes gamblers, things are going to be picking up in that storyline as
well. And Freddie Smith, who plays
Sonny Kiriakis, says that the audience will be surprised.

Major twists are ahead for
Will, Sonny and Chad in the website storyline

“I don’t think
anyone will guess what’s going to happen. It’s going to be an exciting journey.”
Smith told Deep Soap.
“There is some violence. I can’t even begin
to explain what will happen. It comes out of nowhere. I think fans will
definitely not be disappointed.”

And while the show still isn’t spilling any dish on a
possible romance between Will and Sonny, Smith says that the two characters
will have a discussion of sorts about Will’s sexuality.

“He discusses
it with Sonny, but he’s kind of beating around the bush with him. Sonny knows
that Will is gay before Will wants to admit it.” Smith says.

One Life To Live will
live to see another day…

Finally, this week when fledging media company The Online
Network bought the rights to continue to air cancelled soaps One Life To Live and All My Children online fans thought
their shows had been saved.

And while OLTL has made great strides in getting
ready for the transition to the web from securing the show’s top talent, to
retaining Frank Valentini as executive producer and Ron Carlivati as head
writer as well as purchasing OLTL’s
sets and clothing, it hasn’t been the same for AMC.

But there may never be
another generation of
My Children

Roadblock after roadblock got in the way of TOLN’s plans to rebuild the show for the
web starting with the inability to sign daytime diva Susan Lucci to continue as
Erica Kane. Given that and other issues, the company has announced that they have
put AMC on the shelf and will only
debut OLTL at the start of next year.

The folks at Soaps In
report that the powers that be at the internet
media company have decided they only need one soap opera to kick off their
network and for the time being they will focus on getting One Life To Live up and running. So has AMC only been delayed or will it never see the light of day? Tune
in tomorrow…

That’s it for
this week’s Langford on Soaps.
See you next time!