Langford on Soaps: Has “My Husband’s Lover” Jumped the Shark?

Plus, my choices for the 10 greatest gay TV characters, news about the upcoming gay on General Hospital and 6Degrees near perfect season finale.

Langford’s Picks and Pans

Days of Our Lives (U.S.)

It’s a shame that Will and Sonny don’t have much of a story unless they are policing Gabi’s bedroom. It’s hard to believe that they’ve done so little since the baby was born. Then again, they’ve never really actually had a story that was about them. I still think, as I’ve long said, that it was a big mistake to stick them with a baby and settle into a long term relationship because they’re just so damned dull to watch. Of course part of the problem is that they’re both just so ‘nice’ and ‘good’.

Will hasn’t been interesting since he worked for EJ (though that scandalous sexual chemistry between Will and EJ was the real attention-getter) and Sonny has been dull pretty much since he started, shameful because the actor is capable of being more than everybody’s caregiver. As I recently said, given Will’s background and his parents, he should be busy scheming and screwing and not playing happy families. And Sonny should at Victor’s side, learning ruthless business doings from someone who has been doing it all his life. I dare say if these boys were straight, they’d be written with a lot more complexity.

On the other hand, the show is using one of its other legacy young characters, J.J. to great effect. The reveal of J.J. finding out his father was a rapist has been well written. It’s perfect the show is using flashbacks of the event since so many of the actors involved are still on the canvas.

And Casey Moss has shown himself, in a very short time, to be this show’s best young actor as he is more than capable of handling this strong material. However, the story does have one big flaw that makes it hard for me to really enjoy it. Jack should be here as part of the story, dealing with what his son is going through and having to face his dark past.

I hated that the show killed off Jack (again) and the fact that the show is telling a story that he should be front and center for makes it even more of a travesty. Matthew Ashford could certainly handle the material. It’s the viewers’ loss that he wasn’t given the chance.

As for what went down last week, it is strange that there’s all this drama about Jack being a rapist when Sami is marrying hers. But that’s soaps for ya. It was nice to see Marlena and Will talk since they used to be nearly inseparable, but I still don’t believe for one minute that she and John would be broken up over what happened over the summer, not to mention that he would pretty much abandon his marriage and his family. I believe that as much as Bo being gone for all this time. The show really needs to address those glaring situations. And frankly, for someone so concerned about her child, Marge isn’t being a very good mother. He’s already lost a father, now he’s going to lose his mom too. I just wonder if anybody is going to adopt that kid. Sami doesn’t need any more kids, so let’s hope not.

BTW, that nightclub is still the lamest nightclub ever. And Sonny’s bowtie totally didn’t work for me. He’s in his 20’s, not his 40’s. And both Gabi and Abigail’s outfits were for women about 10 years older than them, though Gabi’s was a bit better. Come on, these are young, sexy, beautiful women. They should be dressing like it.

It looks like Chad is gonna take a bullet and this is how he’ll be written out. So is it a coma or is it death? Personally, they should just kill Chad off. I’ve never warmed to the character and most of his stories have been boring. And the actor’s best work has been with his shirt off. And I think the show paired him with poor love interests. He had the most chemistry with Will and Sonny, more that Abby, Gabi or Mel put together. And that would have been a kick ass triangle.

All That Matters (Germany)

A quick recap of last week’s shows:

Melanie went to the press and did an interview hinting that her relationship with Joscha ended because he was gay. Meanwhile, Raquel was upset because Ingo refused to marry her, meaning she’d have to go back to Cuba in a couple of weeks. Later, Raquel and Joscha met and became fast friends. But Joscha got angry when she told Joscha he reminded her of her gay brother back home. He told Raquel she was wrong and that he was straight, but Raquel wasn’t buying it. When Joscha was harassed by some homophobes who’d read the article, Raquel came to his rescue. Joscha admitted he was gay, but couldn’t come out because it would hurt his career. That gave Raquel an idea and she proposed they get married.

It was obvious from the minute that Raquel and Joscha met that they would get married. As much as I’m ready for Joscha to come out and get a boyfriend, I actually like Raquel and I think she and Joscha have chemistry. Not the romantic kind, I just think they’d wonderful friends. She loosens Joscha up and he needs that. Besides, she knows he’s gay and there’s no pretending or her falling in love with him or some such silliness. So while I’m sure Joscha will say no at first, I have no doubt they will tie the knot in a few weeks. I also think that this will lead to Joscha meeting the guy he’ll fall in love with.

I bet that eventually Raquel’s brother shows up in Essen and he and Joscha will fall in love. And Ingo and Raquel will fall for each other. Since Raquel made a point of saying that gays can get married in Germany, maybe Ingo will marry Raquel’s brother so he can stay in country. It’s a crazy idea to be sure, but I could see this show doing it.

As for the rest of the week’s developments, I was annoyed with Melanie trashing Joscha in the press, putting his career at risk, but what bothered me even more was that Deniz was far too forgiving about it. And her cold vindictiveness makes me wonder again what it is about this girl that Deniz loves. Personally, what she did could hurt Deniz’s job and the company she works for. She really should be fired. And frankly, I can’t believe that Max or Jenny didn’t insist that she was.

A few things: with Can insisting that Joscha isn’t gay, I wonder how he’ll react when the truth comes out. My guess is that he’ll be okay that Joscha is gay, even if he makes his usual stupid remarks, but he’ll be hurt that Joscha lied and kept it from him. BTW, when Melanie pushed that girl in the pool and walked away, Can and Joscha seemed to forget it happened and pretty much walked away themselves! LOL… Finally, Ben filled out those tight red pants very nicely. Yum!

My Husbands’ Lover (The Philippines)

I’m kind of starting to think that this show has jumped the shark. They’re just coming up with all sorts of crazy and hard to believe twists to drag out the story until the end, like Armando discovering he’s HIV positive. Is that supposed to be some kind of ‘justice’ with him getting a ‘gay mans’ disease because of his evil ways?

But what about his wife? He would have passed it on to her. Why does she deserve to suffer as well? And of course Armando hates gays because he was raped by some fellow soldiers. Clichéd, clichéd…. But clearly this character is doomed and will probably be dead by the end of the show, if not by AIDS by some other ‘fitting’ demise. After all, he told Vincent that Vincent and Eric could never be together as long as Armando was alive. Foreshadowing, of course.

I know the show did it to create drama (and drag out the story), but this whole thing about Vincent trying to kill himself just don’t ring true. I’m not buying it, any of it and it’s kind of ruining my enjoyment of the story. I just hope he wakes up quickly and we can move onto something else because this plot point just seemed very contrived. I guess I might believe if we’d seen Vincent become truly beaten down and tortured mentally and physically in the camp, but he was only there three days. I just can’t believe he was so lost and bereft that he’d do something so extreme. And I really didn’t like his message to Eric which basically said ‘I’m killing myself so you can be free to go on with your life.’ Gee, Eric won’t feel guilty about that at all, will he?

Speaking of Eric, I do wish he weren’t so milquetoast all the time. He had to have his mother rescue him from Armando, Lally has to keep coming to his defense now and even she has slapped him a couple of times and he just takes it. He needs to grow some balls. This wimpy thing is not attractive.

Like Dave’s beautiful boyfriend, I think his taking in a pregnant runaway so he can adopt her baby is not going to end well. I hope it does though. He so earnest and kind hearted. I just want him to get what he wants.

A few things: where is Danny? With all the current craziness in Eric’s life, you’d think Danny would at least pop in for an update. Plus, I want to see if Danny’s parasitic family are behaving themselves. Probably not. And why hasn’t Zandro come and visit Vincent in the hospital after Vincent and Zandro got so close awhile back? BTW, I don’t care all about the events in Lally’s family. Now there is a bunch of characters who can disappear.

**Thanks to MHLTEAM2013 for the clips!

Neighbours (Australia)

The one thing I never expected from this very chaste and conservative show was to have Chris being promiscuous. It’s just unheard of with gay men in soaps as a whole. Even on foreign soaps, you rarely have gay men sleeping around. Granted we aren’t seeing any man on man action, but the show isn’t being subtle about Chris’ being slutty. I know that we’re supposed to be concerned for Chris and we know he’s doing this because he lost Hudson, but I thought the morning after scenes with Chris’ first trick were funny. The one liners were hilarious as was Chris’ not knowing how to get rid of the guy. I know we’ll never see Manuel again, but I liked him.

And you know, Chris is certainly cute and all, but who knew picking up muscle studs was so easy? Not to mention plentiful. They must be hanging around on every corner the way Chris is going through them. But, as upset as Chris is about Hudson, I don’t recall him being so devastated about either time he and Aidan broke up and they were together much longer than he was with Hudson. Oh well…

BTW, when did gay men become such prudes? I’ve gotten a few notes from folks hand-wringing and pearl-clutching about Chris hooking up with random guys. You’d think that was unheard of the gay community. I actually don’t think there’s anything wrong per se about being promiscuous as long as nobody is getting hurt and you’re not being stupid about it. I’m sure eventually Chris will ‘see sense’, get over Hudson and wait for the next love of his life. But in the meantime, like Chris, I’m having some fun and enjoying the eye candy.

Nashville (U.S.)

Not much happened with Will, so I don’t have much to say other than I’m starting to enjoy the show as a whole, especially Rayna’s story. And Gunnar is definately a favorite. That took a lot of stones for Will to perform Gunnar’s song without asking. I felt for Gunnar that he feels alone and left behind while everyone around him are moving forward with their careers. But at least he gets the girl, just like I thought.

However, I do think the show could use a little more soap and pump up the drama a bit. Sometimes the scenes aren’t as juicy as they could be.

6Degrees (Belfast)

While the season finale of 6Degrees didn’t end on any cliffhangers or shocking notes, it did what all good season-enders do, make you miss the characters and eagerly await their return. And that’s how I felt when watching as the show managed to wrap up all the various stories and move the characters in new directions for the next and final season. I don’t know which scene I loved the most, but I guess I’ll just list my top four.

Fourth was Eva and Danny where they confessed they had feelings for each other, but Danny, being the sensible guy that he is (and that Jess didn’t appreciate), said he didn’t want to rush into anything after just getting out of a relationship. But even better, he didn’t want to ruin his and Eva’s strong friendship by turning it into something more, which is what happened with he and Jess. It was a nicely done, realistic scene, and I think next season, they’ll give things a chance.

Third was Conor coming out to his dad, even though his father already knew. I loved that Conor refused to apologize or be sorry for who he was. Conor has come a long way since season one or even the start of this season and it’s nice to see that growth. But even better was that his father didn’t spew any hate or vitriol or any homophobic nonsense. He was just worried about his son and didn’t want him to be hurt. But as Conor made it clear that not loving and accepting is what would hurt him and his father got the message. Lovely.

Second was the show’s little tag at the end where we finally got a look at Justin, who moved to New York. It was a sweet surprise and I loved it. The look on Justin’s face after he saw Conor’s package told us he’ll be back in Belfast next season and we’ll finally see what happens with them now that they can have an open and honest relationship.

But my favorite scene was with Leech and Conor where Leech admitted that he was upset about Conor being gay, but not because he has issues about Conor’s sexuality, but that Conor had lied to him. Leech was hurt that someone he thought was his best friend would keep that from him. It’s what I suspected all along in regards to Leech’s behavior towards Conor. It was a wonderful, well-acted scene, just part of what made a really terrific episode of this show.

I can’t wait until the next (and sadly) final season of 6Degrees. I only hope it doesn’t take as long as it did before to return next time around.

Secret Lives (Finland)

The one thing that struck me most about this clip was seeing Elias completely winded when he ran across the street after Lari’s van. He’s a teenage boy, he should have more stamina. Anyway, I’m guessing that Lari’s dad threatened to hurt Elias or something and that’s why Lari ran away when Elias saw him. But if Elias ‘couldn’t wait’ to go see Lari, why didn’t he go over to his apartment long before this? Elias didn’t seem to care about Ilkka’s threats, and he was so concerned about Lari, why not go before now? Obviously so Lari could be kidnapped or taken away or what ever happened to him. But in terms of story logic, it doesn’t make much sense.

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Among Us (Germany)

A quick recap of last week’s episode: Yannick went to Easy to ask him to stop harassing and blackmailing Ringo with the pic of Ringo and Yannick kissing. Later, Yannick was hurt to see Ringo with his girlfriend Tine. Easy spied the moment as well, including the burning looks between Ringo and Yannick. Easy tried to talk to Ringo about his using Tine and that he’s actually human when he gets in touch with his feelings for Yannick. Easy denied knowing what Easy was on about, accusing Easy of trying to blackmail him again.

You know, I’ll never understand these gay coming-out stories where the closeted one constantly abuses, both physically and verbally the one who’s out and all the out guy does is pine for the person who treats them terribly. It’s really not something I personally can root for, especially in a situation like this where Ringo has been nothing but abusive towards Yannick.

When Yannick looks all hurt while Ringo makes out with his girlfriend, I can’t help but wonder what is it about Ringo that Yannick is so in love with. Cause he’s only been a jerk to everyone, including Yannick, since the story began. I guess we’re to assume he fell in love with Ringo back at computer camp and if that’s the case, it would be nice to at least catch a glimpse of that guy that Yannick fell in love with.

And did I miss something? When did Easy figure out that Ringo was in love with Yannick and it made him a better person? Was it in that brief glance between the two of them? I don’t recall Easy seeing Yannick and Ringo together much, except when he got that picture of them kissing. I just thought that great leap of plot logic and development when we didn’t actually see it happen on screen was a bit much.

Casualty (U.K.)

I just loved the “oh sh*t” thought bubble that went above Jamie’s head when he realized he’d just told Amy that her brother and her boyfriend were having a lover’s quarrel. Hilarious. And for someone denying he’s gay, Dave sure is flirtatious with the boys, hitting on Jamie mere seconds after asking his girlfriend to move in with him. BTW, in regards to the scene between Dave and Mark at the pub, can we not have a show with gay characters where they aren’t hitting or shoving each other around? I dunno, I’ve been in fights with guys I’ve dated or seriously involved with and not once did we ever hit or shove each other no matter how nasty the argument got. Certainly it can’t be just me.

I would have like to have gotten some sort of resolution or at least a closing note for the story to end on. I guess I just wanted to know what happened to Dave next, especially since Mark admitted he loved Dave and then Dave and Amy broke up. But then, like the gay story a couple of weeks ago with the son finding out that his father’s ‘roommate’ was his lover, or the one where the Iranian refugee was having an affair with his married boss, the patients stories don’t always get resolved. Too bad.

Good Times, Bad Times (The Netherlands)

That scene with Janine ripping into Ludo was delicious soap, but it can’t help but think its foreplay for when they reunite at some point. As for Lucas getting thrown out, my only feeling is that Lucas is a wealthy young man with a successful business. There’s no reason for him to be living with his parents. He can afford his own place. But I guess the whole point was for Lucas and Menno to be moving in together. I hope they get an actual apartment though. The last time I looked Menno was living in one room at the hotel, which isn’t sustainable for either of them long-term. I personally think it’s too soon for them to be living together, but since you fall in love in a few weeks on this show, it’s about par for the course.

**Thanks to GTSTfanMARK for the clips!

Holby City (U.K.)

Are we really supposed to believe there were no other neurosurgeons available to perform two different operations at the same time? And that the only ones who could do the surgery were in the same accident that caused the medical emergencies to begin with? Once you get past that utter implausibility, it was a pretty solid episode of Holby City.

I thought the scene where Malick found out he’d have to have his hand reattached was well acted, you could see on Malick’s face that he knew his career as a top notch surgeon was over. I also liked the scene with Jac and Johnny where they talked about the accident and Jac asked Johnny to move in with her in the most cold and clinical way possible. But you would expect no less from her, I guess, even if she’s having Johnny’s baby.

It was nice to see Hanssen actually smile for a change, but I guess that’s because it was his last episode. I thought his exit was kind of quick and sudden, but for some reason this show rarely builds up to exits. Characters tend to go suddenly, whether by death or some other reason. Though I did like his final scene with Malick and then Chantelle, where he talked about leaving to be a father and grandfather to the family he’d ignored in favor of his career.

As for Malick, we didn’t get much of the drama from the loss of his hand and what that means so I’m looking forward to that story, even if it means he’s going to be leaving.

Hollyoaks (U.K.)

So Doug is Ste’s reason for living? Yep, I was as surprised as Doug to hear that. I mean let’s face it, Ste was actually indifferent to Doug a lot of the time, even after they were married. To have Ste be so besotted with Doug is forced, much like this out of nowhere reunion, even though I loved them together the first time.

I did think it was funny that Leah named the ducks Brendan and Douglas. I think that might be one of the few times since Brendan left that someone actually said his name. I was shocked when Leah and Ste talked about him later, even if it was only used to make Ste decide to move away with Doug. I’d like to know where Ste and Doug are going to get this money to travel the world though. All the money they have is in the deli and that is going out of business every other week.

I know I’m probably overthinking it, but the police released Ste based on the phone calls he made to Sandy the day of the murder. However, if Ste had of done it (and we know he didn’t), wouldn’t those calls be a way of establishing an alibi? And given that they had the gun with Ste’s prints on it and he knew the victim, I think the police would go with that rather than anything Sandy might have to say.

I did like that totally awkward scene with Doug, Sam, Ste and Danny. I had forgotten that Danny and Ste almost hooked up a few weeks ago until they sat down together. But it was funny to hear both Ste and Doug talk about realizing later in life that they were gay since in both cases it happened all of a sudden instead of a slow, gradual process. Though ‘suddenly going gay’ is a Hollyoaks tradition. It was nice that Doug showed some brains for a change and used them to figure out that Danny was Ste’s dad. If only he’d use them to see what bad relationship choices he’s made. Ah well…. I do think it’s totally not Doug’s place to tell Ste about his father. That’s for Danny to do and Doug should leave it alone until or if Danny wants to come forward.

I do hope all the drama between Trevor and Mercedes just isn’t foreplay for them to fall in love given all that Trevor has done to her family. But this is HO so I wouldn’t be surprised if they turned all this into a romance. This show really needs to quit with the romances between abusers and their victims.

Danny and John Paul are in love? John Paul falls in love every other week, but with Danny, who knows? He’s such a liar that you don’t know what to believe, though the actor is playing it as if he loves JP. And let’s face it, JP might have dumped Danny for the moment, but he’ll agree to be his secret lover. JP just can’t help but be the third party.

I hate that the show killed off Callum. I think they wasted his character and he had such potential. I wonder when or if George will talk about his best friend being murdered. Then again, he and Callum haven’t talked for months so maybe not.

Darren continues to be stupid in regards to Sienna. He’s got a lot of ‘I’m sorrys’ ahead that’s for sure. Tom is smarter than all of them put together.

Would Danny teaching his own daughter really be allowed in school? Somehow I don’t think so.

If Sinead wants to get out of the escort business, perhaps she can start by not dressing like one.

So with Clare out of jail and looking for revenge, Paul having broken free from prison, Will’s plans about to blow up in his face and Ste and Doug deciding to leave town, this is all one big set up for the drama to take place next week where five characters will die. So who do I think will be killed? Doug for one. I hate it, as I love the character, but I do think he’s doomed. I think he’s been hanging around for so long just to get to this ultimate end. As for the rest: Leanne, Ash, Will and Paul. And I wouldn’t be shocked if there’s a surprise death or two in there. It wouldn’t be Hollyoaks if there weren’t.

Scoops and Spoilers

Holby City: Malick is devastated about the loss of his hand and refuses help from anyone, including his son. It is suggested that he undergoes counseling and Malick refuses, only caring about getting back to work at some point. But eventually, Malick is made to realize that his recovery is going to be long and it’s likely his career as a surgeon is over, leaving him inconsolable.

Hollyoaks: Ste and Doug make plans to say goodbye to Hollyoaks, ready to travel around the world together and their friends gather at Ste and Doug’s apartment for a going away party. Danny, wanting to tell Ste that they are father and son, is desperate for Doug and Ste not to go, but is Danny ready for the truth to come out? Meanwhile, Sinead steals what she thinks is a bag of money from Trevor, intending on giving to Ste and Doug as a going away present. But the money turns out to be a bomb planted by Clare, who was intending on blowing up her father’s club as revenge. As Sinead opens the package, the bomb goes off, tearing through the apartment building. Who will survive?

Good Times, Bad Times: Menno is furious when Aysen works on the murder investigation on her own and interrogates a witness without checking with him first. Meanwhile, Lucas decides to rehire Wiet to work at his club and she helps him plan the wedding for Rik and Nuran. But will Rik like any of their outlandish ideas?

Will Tobias out his half brother Ringo?

Among Us: Easy insists that Ringo is only with Tine as a cover for his being gay, but Ringo denies it. Later though, Ringo can’t perform for Tine sexually and can only think about Yannick. Easy threatens to tell Tine that she has a gay boyfriend and things get ugly between Easy and Ringo until Tobias, Ringo’s half brother steps in. Tobias, who knows about the kiss, calms things down and makes Ringo realize that he’s brought the problems with Easy on himself and that Easy never intended to blackmail him, and only wanted to talk some sense into him. Seeing that, Ringo goes and make peace with Easy, who agrees not to tell anyone about the picture. However, Ringo is unable to forget it or his feelings for Yannick.

And Also This Week

Nashville: Jeff wants Will to sex up his image…

EastEnders: Danny’s suspicious behavior prompts Lucy to investigate what he’s hiding…

All That Matters: Afraid of being outed, Joscha decides to marry Raquel…

Neighbours: Chris continues to sleep around…


Langford’s Picks for the Top Ten Best Gay TV Characters

A couple of weeks ago, this site published an article polling the 50 Greatest Gay TV Characters and the columnists were asked to submit their own list of the top 10. I wasn’t able to make it for the posting of that piece, but some readers asked me to post my list here in the column. Now, I don’t know if these are the ‘greatest’ characters, but they are my favorites, ones whose episodes I go back and watch again and again. Here we go, starting with number 10.

10. James Bligh, A Place To Call Home

A young man struggling with his sexuality in a time when it was still considered a mental defect, James is a compelling, haunted character you can’t help but be drawn to.

9. Antoine Malick, Holby City

There aren’t too many gay people of color on tv, but Malick is by far one of the best. Brash, bold and unabashedly sexy. And very compelling to watch.

8. John Cooper, Southland

John played into my already healthy cop fetish by being a tough, nonsense and totally gay lawman. A great character on a great show that is much missed in my house.

7. Kevin Sheffield, All My Children

One of my favorite gay stories of all time was Kevin’s ordeal with gay reparative therapy.

6. John Paul McQueen, Hollyoaks

John Paul has terrible taste in men, but he’s got a huge heart and you can’t help but love him.

5. Luke Fuller, Dynasty

Sure, he was one of Steven’s doomed boyfriends, but Luke was an out gay man on tv at a time when there weren’t any to be found. It also started a lifelong crush on Billy Campbell that exists to this day.

4. Dr. Reid Oliver, As The World Turns

A soap gay who wasn’t a sweet twink who really wanted to have babies. He was a rude, obnoxious bad ass. Sort of like Brendan Brady without the accent. Or the killing.

3. Brendan Brady, Hollyoaks

I loved him and I hated him, but on the whole I loved him. And there will probably be no other gay like him.

2. Aaron Livesy, Emmerdale

Yeah, Aaron was a self-hating gay who killed his boyfriend, but Danny Miller could act his ass off and made you care about this messed up punk. Plus, he was hot!

1. Luke Snyder, As The World Turns

What’s funny is, Luke was one of my favorite characters on my favorite soap before he came out, even as a child. But that made me love him even more.

There were a few more I wanted to include like Father Kieron from Hollyoaks, Kevin from Les Blues, the gays on Clara Sheller, Jonathan from Winners and Losers, Kane from House Husbands or Donald from the old sitcom Brothers. But I only got 10 so there you go.


SoapZone reports that General Hospital’s Lucas Jones, whom we speculated last week might be returning to GH has in fact been cast and will return to the show for a triangle with Felix and Brad and get mixed up in all the mob drama. SZ says that the role has been cast by an actor familiar to soap fans. Who could that be?

That’s it for this week’s Langford On Soaps. See you next time!