Langford on Soaps: How Far Will Sonny Go To Stop Nick on “Days”?

Also, the Emmy pre-noms are in, Hollyoaks makes it to the US and Finn’s new job could lead to romance on Emmerdale. Also, not everybody likes boy kissing

Langford’s Picks and Pans

All That Matters (Germany)

Last week…

Tired of the lies and upset that he nearly risked his career lying for Joscha, Kai told Joscha to come out or they were over. Realizing how much he loved Kai, Joscha promised to come out after the upcoming soccer tournament. Meanwhile, Raquel worried about her brother in Cuba, who we learned was a doctor. He was released from jail, but now can no longer practice medicine because of the government’s belief that he helped Raquel escape the country.

I don’t think it’s fair for Kai to pressure Joscha to come out. After all, he knew what he was getting into when they got involved. It’s not right for him to nag him now. And even if he may have a point, I did think it was harsh of Kai to basically tell Joscha he’ll never be a big soccer star. And what if Joscha is noticed by a big talent scout. Doesn’t Kai realize that Joscha will (and rightfully so) break his promise?

The show had dropped the whole plot point about David and Kai’s shared past, but it looks like they are picking it up again with the discussion between Jenny and David. But David has to know that Jenny is going to dig and find out about his connection to Kai. She’s not the type of girl to just drop things.

So Raquel’s gay brother is a doctor? Quelle coincidence! Obviously with all the recent talk about him, he’s going to show up in town and get a job working with Kai. And then Joscha is really going to have a problem.

I can’t feel sorry for Lukas after all he did, the least of which was blackmailing his own brother. I don’t care how cute he is. His girlfriend is far too forgiving, IMO.

I’m sorry but the logic that Raquel had to break it off with Ingo because it’s too risky, but Joscha doesn’t have to break it off with Kai makes no sense to me.

Melanie and Deniz are still dating? Ugh….

Joscha is 20? I thought he had to be at least 5 years older — or rather the actor must be.

My favorite moment, BTW, was the little scene with Can and Katja in the doctor’s office. So adorable.

Coronation Street (U.K.)

I don’t know which I liked better. Eileen’s expression when Marcus admitted to sleeping with Todd or Marcus’ expression when he realized that Eileen didn’t know anything until she’d tricked Marcus into confessing. Marcus is not very good at this affair business. Not only did he confess all too easily, he’s going overboard with Maria because he feels guilty. He needs to dial it back or Maria will figure out there’s something going on. Or maybe she won’t. She’s not too bright.

But Marcus’ biggest problem, and he should realize this, is that Todd doesn’t care if the tryst is revealed. He has nothing to lose if it comes out. And he certainly doesn’t care if Liam gets hurt, so Marcus appealing to Todd on those grounds is pointless. I don’t think Todd loves Marcus, I’m not sure if Todd even likes him. Todd is just out to cause trouble. And that’s what makes him so dangerous.

BTW, could Todd never wear that ugly ass brown shirt again? It’s painful on the eyes.

Days of Our Lives (U.S.)

Poor T. I felt sorry for him with what Nick did. Though T’s probably lucky. He deserves so much better than Gabi. I did like the look on T’s face when Ben assumed Sonny was going to marry a woman. That was hilarious. I still want T to get some loving and a story of his own though.

Speaking of which, Ben is HOT. Too bad he is most likely not going to create problems for Will and Sonny. They just don’t get those kind of, you know, soap opera storylines. He’s probably going to complicate the EJ/Abby/Sami storyline.

I’m glad that Marlena got Will’s head out of the clouds and made him realize that Gabi and the baby can’t always live with him and Sonny. It was a situation that couldn’t last (and never should have happened to begin with). But Marlena does quilting group? Not only do I find that hard to believe, but Marlena is not an invalid. I’m sure she can take herself.

I loved the look on Adrienne’s face when Will and Sonny flashed their engagement rings (they can quit doing that now, it was cute once, but that’s about it). She didn’t say anything, but it looked like there were plenty of words we can’t use here going through her mind. The thing is, as before, she has legit concerns about them getting married, even if Sonny is too busy jumping down her throat to see it. I know the show (and fans) like to paint her as the villain, but Adrienne made perfect sense to me.

Why is Sami nickel and diming Ciara? Sami’s rich! What does it matter how much the earrings cost? Then again, you know I am no fan of bratty soap kids (or soap kids in general who should vanish as babies and reappear as teenagers), so I think Ciara needs a spanking instead of coddling.

One thing is true though, Will and Sonny certainly aren’t their parents. And that’s a shame. They’d be a hell of a lot more interesting if they were.

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Forbidden Love (Germany)

I honestly don’t have much to say about this past week’s episodes as not much happened. The workout scenes were cute and I like that the guys came together to help out Andi at the end. But as I’ve said before, if this thing with Olli and Sascha is going nowhere, I will have plenty to write about then. For now though, it’s a cute story and I’m enjoying it. I will say though that Olli surrounds himself with the dullest women. Between his sister and the girl he’s playing ‘fairy godmother’ to they seem like a real drag. We’re a long ways away from Ollie’s cousin Olivia. Now there was a BFF worth watching.

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Hollyoaks (U.K.)

I’ve had my issues about the rape storyline, mostly due to the show’s pacing, but when it’s on screen, it’s usually top notch and last week’s events certainly were. Robbie’s discovery that Finn had raped John Paul might be a turning point for a character I’ve found reprehensible in the past. I liked that Robbie finally realized that the months of tormenting JP were wrong.

We’ve seen hints that Robbie actually has a conscience and it’s good to see that he does, contrasting the difference between him and Finn, who is a complete sociopath. I also liked that Robbie didn’t hesitate to go the police, even if he was stopped by Finn, who threatened to implicate him in the rape if he came forward.

I’m not sure if Finn telling the police that Robbie bullied him into raping John Paul would actually hold water, but I can see Robbie being scared enough to believe it would. I do think in the end, Robbie will be the one to bring a resolution to this storyline and probably redemption for a character who needs some. I can’t see how Finn is going to come back from this storyline. I really think it will end with Finn either going to jail or dead.

The acting has been really good, especially by James Sutton as John Paul continues to unravel with Charlie Worthham (Robbie) and Keith Rice (Finn) also turning in terrific performances. I love that JP’s family is there for him, even though JP seems to be completely screwing up his entire life for reasons they can’t grasp. Carmel is right when she says the McQueens stick together. I’ve always loved that about them.

I just wished Mercedes had been there creating a scene. No one can do that like her. But is Carmel seriously going off on romantic holidays with Sonny? Jim has been dead like what? A week or two? And, I liked Ste still trying to be there for JP, convincing me that they’ll wind up together once this mess of a storyline is worked out. Also, Freddie chastising Finn for picking on JP was a nice moment. However, the show’s choice to end an episode with Robbie telling JP he was going to find a way to help him while Finn looks on and then not pick up on that beat in the next episode makes no sense, though this show does things like this all the time.

As for the rest of the show?

I guess Patrick calling JP a violent criminal was supposed to be ironic?

Sinead had her baby taken away from her? I believe that’s the second time, right? Let’s hope this one sticks. It was nice to hear Diane finally tell her daughter she’s an unfit mother, even if it was in anger. Doesn’t make it any less true though!

I have to admit I’ve been fast forwarding through Jason’s storyline. I actually have no idea what he’s on trial for. Nor do I care. Maybe if he had his shirt off more.

On one hand, Darren and Nancy are probably this show’s most likeable couple and the actors have terrific chemistry. I just love their banter. But on the other, there is no way that Nancy should be forgiving Darren for all the horrible, terrible, reprehensible things he did to her. I just can’t want them together after that and her forgiving him so quickly is just all about the plot and not about characterization.

Neighbours (Australia)

It’s been months since I last looked in on Chris and that’s because he hasn’t had a story since we last saw Hudson in jail. Since then, Chris has been visiting him off screen and playing advisor to his friends and their problems. So this is the first time Chris has been actually involved in any story about him for months. And I can’t recall when we last saw Chris’ mother on screen. Chris’ coming out story that was mostly about Chris’ relationship with his Dad. I think maybe we saw her a few times when Chris was outed at his grandmother’s party back when Chris was dating Aidan, but I could be wrong about that.

When I read the spoilers that Chris hadn’t told his parents about Hudson’s arrest, I wondered how that could be possible given that it was in the press. But at least the show tried to address it by saying that they must’ve have missed it in the news. That’s hard to believe since the show made a point of saying how much press coverage the story had gotten, especially since two of the people involved, Hudson and Josh, were celebrities because of their swimming careers. But at least the show didn’t completely ignore it, even if I don’t buy it.

I can’t say the story is particularly interesting, but it is a nice bit of writing how the show used Chris’ pulling away from his family because of his secrets to feed into Patricia’s gambling problem. And while I thought that Chris was being a little harsh with Sonya, she is overstepping the bounds of Gamblers Anonymous and shouldn’t be sticking her most in Chris’ family business.

It’s nice to see Chris again, but I do hope the show resolves the situation with Hudson and gives Chris a love life. The show says they are looking to give Chris a boyfriend who is a regular character instead of a recurring player and I hope they will follow through. I liked Chris and Hudson, but if they can’t be together on screen, I’d rather Chris moved on.

Secret Lives (Finland)

While I’m sure that Jiri will probably believe Lari, he’s a fool to do so. I mean, Lari has been homeless for months, he moves in for a day and already he’s bringing tricks home? Not exactly plausible. But given that Jiri is ignorant about gays, he’ll buy it. That makes me wonder why Katerina is with this loser in the first place given that he’s clearly a homophobe and he’s quick to turn on her. Oh well, I bet Lari will probably be instrumental in them breaking up for good. I wonder how soon Elias will find out that Lari is living in his old room. Soon, I imagine, and unfortunately that’ll probably be the end of poor Miska.

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The Haves and Have Nots (U.S.)

I find it hard to believe that a judge would award a deadbeat father the decision to take the son he hasn’t seen in forever off life support. So I’m thinking Jim must have paid off the judge to make that ruling in order to play with Hanna’s mind so she won’t blab about Wyatt being the driver of that car. But that raises another question: now that we know for sure that Hanna knows Wyatt was driving the car, why didn’t Hanna go to the cops? Why has she kept quiet this whole time?

I’m sure the show has a reason why, but in terms of character, it makes no sense that she wouldn’t turn in the man she knows killed an innocent child and for all intents and purposes, killed her son. And another thing, Hanna does know that Tony needs a kidney. Did she ever bring up that salient point to the judge? She *might* have, but I admit I missed some of the earlier courtroom scenes. But in the scenes I did see, it wasn’t mentioned. I would think that would be her entire defense. Oh well…

Judging by the previews for next week where we see that Benny’s body is no longer in the hospital bed and then Hanna is arrested, I’m going to guess that Kathryn is going to have the body moved and not tell anyone. Hanna will assume that he’s been taken off life support and is dead, but everyone else will believe she moved the body and that’s why she’s arrested. And of course before they find the body, brain dead Benny will wake up, thwarting his no good father’s horrendous scheme to harvest his own son’s kidneys. It’ll probably take forever for that all to play out on this slowly moving show, but I bet that’s what happens.

As for Jeffrey and Veronica, I have to say Veronica sounded unhinged with her crazy ramblings about how Jeffrey’s life is not his own and the monarchy and stuff like that. But given how Jeffery looked at his mother, he thought she was as insane as I did. Honestly, the whole scene seemed to be built to get to the line ‘and you are not a queen’, which was a good line, but the show took a long road to get there. I did like the scene between Landon and Jeffrey and I do hope this is the start a romance for the two of them. I could have done without the preachiness of gay teens being thrown out by their parents, but I do appreciate what the show was trying to do.

I have to admit this show, flaws and all, has become a guilty pleasure for me. But I do believe they really need to open up the show a bit and add some cast members and give them other people to interact with. The stories are getting awfully convoluted among it’s small cast, especially since many of the characters such as Wyatt, Benny and Amanda in particular are more plot points than fully fleshed out characters.

This Week’s Spoilers

Nick targets Sami.. and Sonny

Days of our Lives: Tired of Sonny and Will standing in the way of his relationship with Gabi, Nick tries to blackmail Sonny by threatening to expose his role in covering up Nick’s assumed murder. While Sonny is concerned about the power Nick has, he refuses to give into to Nick’s bullying. Sonny goes to his Uncle Victor for his input on how to deal with Nick. Meanwhile, Nick may not have rolled over Sonny, but Sami may not be so lucky when Nick targets her for his next blackmail scheme.

Finn’s new crush leads to trouble…

Emmerdale: Finn needs the cash to go to Tokyo so he asks Diane and Pollard for a raise. They, of course, refuse so Finn decides to get a new job. When he overhears Charity and Declan talking about ways to make money, Finn tells them about his friend’s app, suggesting they might want to invest in the project. Charity isn’t interested, but Declan is.

Impressed by Finn’s business mind, Declan hires him as an admin in his office, but Finn wants a bigger role. It’s not long before Finn is impressing Declan with his business skills, but Charity soon realizes that Finn is attracted to her boyfriend. Declan realizes it as well and schemes to use Finn’s crush to get his hands on the lucrative app belonging to Finn’s friend. But how far is Declan willing to go to get what he wants from Finn?

Forbidden Love: Trying to up their game, Olli and the gang visit a strip club to improve their act. But it proves to be eventful…

Holby City: After running afoul of his boss, Dom is desperate to prove himself. When he’s given a difficult patient, he struggles to keep his cool. But he might not be able to handle the pressure…

Hollyoaks: Danny gets a huge shock. Meanwhile, is Ste’s drug dealing with Trevor about to be revealed?

That phone call is not good news for Chris…

Neighbours : Chris is upset when thanks to Sonya, his parents find out that Chris never told them about Hudson being in jail. Meanwhile, Chris’ revelation feeds into Patricia’s anxiety and she feels the urge to gamble. When she’s unable to get any money from Chris, Patricia tries to steal from an antique shop to find something to pawn where she’s caught and arrested. Chris is horrified to learn of his mother’s gambling problem and is angry at Sonya for not telling him, even though she was bound by the tenants of Gamblers’ Anonymous. Chris wonders how to helps his mother before the family is completely destroyed.

The Haves and Have Nots: Jeffrey tells Kathryn his concerns about Amanda. Meanwhile, the judge’s decision to let Tony take Benny off life support leads to a surprise twist — and Hanna’s arrest.


Freddie Smith got a nod in the Emmy prenoms….

The Emmy pre-noms are in and as you would expect, Days’ gays got some attention as both Chandler Massey, who played Will up until late last year and Freddie Smith, as Sonny Kiriakis, both garnered notice in the Outstanding Younger Actor category. Casey Moss, who plays adorable JJ Deveraux also got a pre-nom in the same category. Blake Berris (Nick) got a pre-nom in the Outstanding Supporting Actor category and Camila Banus (Gabi) got a pre-nom in the Outstanding Younger Actress category. Both Alison Sweeney (Sami) and James Scott (EJ) received pre-noms as Outstanding Actress and Actor respectively.

Some viewers were upset by Todd and Marcus getting busy….

Some viewers still get upset at seeing men kissing on screen. The BBC got some negative feedback from viewers when Johnny Carter kissed Danny Pennant on EastEnders a few weeks ago and there were similar complaints from a small portion of the viewership when Marcus and Todd made out (briefly) on a sofa on Coronation Street last week, complaints that were brought to the attention of TV watchdog organization Ofcom. Ofcom declined to investigate, however.

“Ofcom can confirm that it is not investigating the scene in Coronation Street as it was not in breach of generally accepted standards.” a spokesperson for the group said. “Our rules do not discriminate between scenes involving opposite sex and same sex couples.”

BBC Drama head wants more gays on British TV…

And even though that scene had some viewers clutching their pearls, there could be more such scenes and more complaints if BBC Drama head Ben Stephenson has his way. The television executive, who is openly gay, feels that there’s not enough gay characters on BBC television and wants writers and producers of their television shows to craft more stories about the lives of gays.

’I am diverse, in that sense, and are there many portrayals of gay characters on television? I would say it’s probably one of the lowest represented areas.” Stephenson said. “When the great gay script comes in, I shall definitely be commissioning it.’

Currently all four of the UK’s major soaps have gay characters and stories and many of their hour long dramas do as well.

There are also plans to produce a miniseries, written by gay author Tom Rob Smith, centering on a gay spy and the man he falls for. Production begins this fall and will air early next year.

Guess where you can find HO?

Finally, US viewers looking to check out UK soaps Hollyoaks have a new way to watch the show thanks to Hulu. The show, like Coronation Street, is available on the website. Episodes are a few weeks behind what is currently airing in the UK. But any avenue available for this show, which features several gay and lesbian stories and characters, to find a new audience is welcome.

That’s it for this edition of Langford On Soaps. Please share your comments on the thoughts and opinions expressed in this week’s column below. See you next week!