Langford on Soaps: Is “General Hospital” About To Add A Gay Character?



I wondered how long it would take for it to be revealed that Aidan had broken hospital rules by secretly performing Andrew’s blood tests. This was this past week it finally happened. And, while it’s an interesting story, I’m not happy about how it played out.

First of all, since Georgia clearly had no intention of not turning Aidan in, or at least gave it very little thought before she did. She could have at least warned Aidan that the hammer was about to fall so he wasn’t blindsided. I suppose she did the right thing because he did violate hospital policy, but as far as I’m concerned, Georgia can save the half-hearted apologies. She’s not stupid and she had to know what would happen as a result of her blabbing. Just own up to what you did and shut up.

As for the fallout, I came away with two questions. One, why do the gays on this show have to be such pushovers and two, why does Andrew always eventually get a pass for every horrible thing he does? For example, after getting suspended and while his career is on the line, Aidan is falling all over himself to make sure that Chris doesn’t fight with his friends over the situation. Frankly that should be the last thing on Aidan’s mind. And I was so annoyed with Tash and Summer leaping to Andrew’s defense over his blackmailing of Aidan.

To be fair, they did have a point that Aidan should have never helped Andrew to begin with because he shouldn’t have. I always had a problem with that plot point because I never believed that Aidan would risk his career for someone he hardly knew. He and Andrew were not friends. Andrew was Chris’ friend. And in fact, more than once, Chris and Aidan fought because Aidan felt Chris’ friends were taking advantage of him (and they were). So Aidan helping Andrew like he did just never rang true to me.

And while Aidan did break the rules by helping Andrew, does that make it okay that Andrew turned around and blackmailed Aidan? Tash and Summer basically seemed to shrug their shoulders and say ‘that’s how Andrew is’ upon hearing the news. It wasn’t that long ago that neither of them were speaking to Andrew because of the whole scam he pulled regarding the phone app. Once again, Andrew took advantage of someone’s trust and kindness, only this time they overlooked his horrible behavior.

Then why should Summer and Tash be upset when Aidan was giving Andrew a pass as well? Sorry, but Aidan should be very bitter and furious for what Andrew did. But like Chris, Aidan is a wimp when it comes to their friends — friends who would never do the same for them by the way.

The one thing I did like was Aidan going off the rails and spending too much time partying and clubbing to deal with his problems. That’s very real behavior. But honestly, I think Chris came off a nag. If Aiden wants to blow off some steam for a couple of days, let him. Be there for him when he’s ready to talk. In the meantime, give him some space. BTW, Aiden looked hot in those jeans he had painted on.

Sadly though, I think it’s the beginning of the end for Chris and Aidan, and since they only got back together a few weeks ago, I wonder why the show bothered bringing Aidan back and reuniting them to begin with. It’s not like they had a lot of chemistry. I think the show would have been better served to bring on a new love interest for Chris and start over in that department.


I shouldn’t be shocked that Hollyoaks followed up the previous week’s spectacular drama with a big let down last week. It’s how they usually roll. They’re just unable to keep any dramatic momentum. So not only did they bore us silly with stories about dull Ally (who should have been off this show months ago) and the mystery surrounding Dodger’s real father (a pointless storyline that has been dragging out far too long) they added some truly awful plot twists to the stories they did continue from last week.

I said last week how I hated that they ruined Rhys by having him have an affair with Cindy, which his character never would have done. They further stained the beloved character with the reveal that he impregnated a teenage girl. So not only was he cheating on his wife, he was cheating on his mistress with a teenager? Yuck. At least Claire Cooper, as Jacqui, Rhys’ betrayed wife, is getting some powerful performances out of the terrible plot. But that is small comfort in exchange for the character assassination taking place.

Now last week, Maddie, Neil and Jono all died, but they didn’t get much mention for most of the week. George inexplicably hightailed it out of town when leaving his friends at a time of crisis is the last thing I would expect his character to do. It makes me fear that George may not be coming back given the show has stated they are writing out a number of characters over the next few months. And where the heck is Tilly? She was Maddie’s best pal and friends with the other victims. You’d think she’d get at least a cameo.

And oddly enough, very little airtime was given to the ongoing and agonizing Ste, Brendan and Doug triangle, though what I did watch made my contempt for all three characters grow. Who I like the least depends on the week, but this week, most of my disdain was for Ste, and he was fighting for his life in the hospital. The question I have about Ste is, is he bipolar? Does he have a split personality? Because that’s the only thing that might explain his behavior.

In the weeks before the wedding, Ste was totally and committed to his relationship with Doug. Brendan never even entered his mind. Even when Ste saw Brendan, there was no regret or longing to be with him. He was focused on getting married to the man he loved. There were issues that cropped up before the wedding, but Ste still married Doug without giving Brendan a passing thought.

So when Ste woke up in the hospital, all he could think about was Brendan to the point of being indifferent to his husband Doug and even his own children. It’s like Ste has this light switch in his head. One minute he’s totally in love with Doug and the next it’s Brendan. This entire storyline has been like that, one of the many reasons why I’ve hated it. The characters, especially Ste, have been written so inconsistently.

And where the heck was Amy? The father of her children is lying in a coma and no one calls her, especially since Doug had to leave the kids with neighbors while he was at the hospital. There is no way Amy would not be there, not after all she and Ste had been through and not be there for her kids if the worst had happened. Then again, it made no sense that Amy didn’t attend the wedding in the first place.

But let’s face it, there’s a very real reason why Amy is MIA. The fact of the matter is if she were around, there is no way that Ste would be sniffing around Brendan again. Amy hated Brendan and with good reason. She was there when Brendan was beating Ste black and blue and she saw what he went through. She’d be a very vivid and frank reminder of why Ste should never, ever get involved with Brendan again and we can’t have that. Not when true love (blech) is about to be reunited.

I also believe that if she knew that Ste was getting involved with Brendan again, she’d take the kids and it would be unlikely that she’d let Ste see them (and I don’t blame her). Moreover, Amy (unlike Ste and the viewers) is unlikely to have forgotten how Brendan threatened her and the kids numerous times way back when.

And don’t get me started on multiple-murderer Brendan making a pact with God to stay away from Ste if he lets him live. Really, show? When Brendan and Ste do get back together can they just go away and live somewhere off screen, beating each other up during the day and having make up sex at night where we don’t have to see it? Please?

Days of Our Lives

I hate the way soaps handle the abortion issue. It’s always the same. The woman in question is upset about her unplanned pregnancy and decides to terminate and after lots of drama and angst, ends up not going through with it. And while the show says a woman always has the choice to have an abortion if she wants to, it’s always presented as a ‘wrong’ choice. For instance, here there was plenty of scary and ominous music surrounding this particular plot twist.

And as I said, she never goes through with it. Soap abortions are rare and the women who do have them always pay a terrible price (infertility, madness, death). So the show is taking a stance on the issue, even if they never really come out and say it. I’m not saying Gabi should get an abortion (and FWIW, I don’t think she should), just that the show, if they‘re going to tackle the issue, should present it as a truly viable option, rather than the slanted viewpoint that actually is presented.

I may not love the storyline, but at least everyone is written in character. I love how Sami, despite her promises, is blabbing Gabi’s business all over town. It’s typical Sami to ‘accidentally’ do something like that. However, talk about dragging out a conversation. I believe it took her a full episode to tell Rafe that Gabi was pregnant. Heh. But, I don’t happen to think Rafe ‘has the right’ to know anything, even if Sami does. Rafe is Gabi’s brother, not her husband or the father of the baby (though that would be a twist, wouldn’t it).

I think Gabi and Will are written as the confused and conflicted kids that they should be. I don’t love the acting, which is spotty at best, but I find their actions believable. And unlike a lot of viewers, I don’t have a big problem with Will lying to Sonny. For one thing, this situation, especially if Gabi is aborting the child, it’s none of Sonny’s business. My only issue is that they write Sonny as stupid. I mean, who just hands over a wad of cash without knowing what it’s for? Especially when it was clear there was something wrong. He doesn’t even ask Will any questions, but just gives him the money.

But why does Will even need to go to Sonny? It wasn’t that long ago that Will was making a ton of money working for EJ. Now he’s so broke that he has to go to his boyfriend to pay for an abortion? Heck, it would make more sense if Will had off gone to EJ for the money since they are supposedly friends. But I guess this is more ‘dramatic’. Oh and I guess it’s sweet that Lucas and Sonny made peace and that Sonny loves Will and all, but I think that moment should have been saved to be between Sonny and Will. Confessions of love are huge moments in a relationship. And I think it’s been ruined for Will and Sonny. Heck, Nick and Gabi got to confess their love and they were only dating few weeks.


Hollyoaks — Ste is released from the hospital and as he struggles to recover, he and Doug try to deal with married life, not to mention raising two small children. But the biggest problem is Doug’s fear that Ste will remember what happened right before Ste’s accident and that Ste had ended their marriage after discovering Doug’s latest plot against Brendan. For the moment, however, Doug and Ste resolve to make their marriage work, but there’s that ticking time bomb just waiting to go off. Meanwhile, Brendan resolves to keep his promise to God and stay away from Ste, but how long can Brendan keep his word? It’s Brendan, so not long…

Will Gabi have the abortion? Of course not! There’s years of story with Will as a gay father…

Days of Our Lives — As Gabi prepares to terminate her pregnancy, Will begins to have second thoughts about the decision to abort the child. Meanwhile, Sami and Rafe learn what Gabi is about to do and race to the clinic to try and stop her. However, Gabi stops it herself and decides not to go through with the procedure. Everyone is relieved that Gabi isn’t going to have an abortion. As Will is about to confess to Sami and Rafe to being the father, Nick shows up and drags Gabi away.

Chad has vowed to ruin Gabi…

Nick assumes that Chad is the father of Gabi’s baby, but when Will arrives, he reveals that he is the baby daddy. Nick is stunned, but gathers his wits and suggests that he marry Gabi and claim the baby as his own. Will is uneasy about the idea, but decides to go along with it, especially since Nick insists the truth would destroy Will’s relationship with Sonny.

Later, Sonny probes Will on what is bothering him, but Will stonewalls his boyfriend, insisting that Gabi made him promise to keep her problems a secret. Elsewhere, Chad plots to get revenge on Gabi for her role in Melanie’s kidnapping and conspires with EJ ways to ruin her life…

River City Will’s boss Donald is in cahoots with Lenny, the local mobster. The deal is that Lenny will provide information on various crimes that need solving and Donald will look the other way in regards to Lenny’s criminal enterprises in exchange for the info. When Will catches one of Lenny’s men committing a crime red-handed, Donald is forced to let him go, spurring Will’s suspicions.

Later, Will finds evidence that another robbery is about to be committed. Donald knows that Lenny is behind it and promises Lenny that he’ll ignore it. Unfortunately, Will, who doesn’t know what’s really going on, refuses to let the case go and resolves to stop the crime. Donald realizes that his pact with Lenny could cost Will his life. But it might be too late for Donald to do anything about it…


Neighbours Chris worries that he and Aidan’s relationship won’t survive Aidan’s career crisis…


Is ‘General Hospital’s’ Felix daytime’s newest gay character?

Is General Hospitalabout to add a gay character? Months ago, we reported on rumors that the medical soap was going to add a gay male to its cast, but those rumors proved to be false. Those rumors have surfaced again with the casting of Marc Anthony Samuel in the role of nursing student Felix, who is a friend of Sabrina. According to soap guru Michael Fairman Samuel “may be part of an under-represented segment of characters on daytime, in more ways than one,” prompting speculation that Felix will be gay. Here’s hoping this rumor will be true.

Samuel’s first airdate will be December 4th, World AIDS Day.

Neighbours’ Chris is about to lose all of his friends…

There are lot of changes ahead on Aussie soap Neighbours, many of which will undoubtedly affect the show’s gay teen, Chris Pappas, played by James Mason. The show is about to come to a close for its current season, leaving Chris’ relationship with current boyfriend Aidan in doubt. And with rumors that Bob Morely, who plays Aidan having left the show again, a future for Chris and Aidan doesn’t look good. But that isn’t all.

Jordy Lucas, Valentina Novakovic and Jordan Patrick, who play Chris’ pals Summer, Tash and Andrew respectively are all leaving the show early next year, leaving Chris without any friends and a love interest. There’s no reason to believe that Chris will be leaving as well, but with all these exits, it makes you wonder about the future of Neighbours first and only gay regular character.

That’s it for another edition of Langford on Soaps. See you next time!