Langford on Soaps: Is It The End For Christian And Ollie on “Forbidden Love?”


River City

This was yet another terrific episode in this fantastic ongoing storyline. Will’s workplace problems, combined with his troubling issues at home with Robbie continue to make for a powerful and thought-provoking storyline with plenty of strong writing and great acting. I just love that this show has a intriguing story that isn’t about gays making babies (though Will and Robbie have discussed it). The intricacies of Will’s hearing and the various political manipulations were interesting to watch and there are still plenty of ramifications to be played out on that front. And with Robbie seeing the dark side of his spouse’s work, I wonder what kind of effect that will have on their marriage as well.

As wrong as Will abusing Robbie is, I really hope that the character gets help and is able to remain on the canvas rather than being written off. Judging by how integrated the character is into the cast, I think that’s what will happen. Will, as he is written, is not a monstrous abuser, he’s much more complex and multidimensional than that and I think there’s much to be explored as he works through his anger issues. He seems to want to do the right thing, given his decision to tell the truth at his hearing, but things, usually of his own making, just keep getting in the way of his best intentions. Getting his father out of his life would be a start as he seems to prey on Will’s insecurities and constantly questions his masculinity. It’s no excuse for his abusing Robbie, but that clearly feeds on Will’s issues about himself.

The final two scenes with Will and Robbie were particularly moving with Will having trashed their apartment in a fit of anger and then sobbing in Robbie’s arms because he was afraid Robbie might leave him and then Robbie cleaning up to make things perfect, including putting the stopper in the wine as to not set Will off again. Though it’s pretty clear that Robbie is starting to realize that he and Will’s problems are not the world around them, but within the relationship itself.

But is it wrong of me that I can’t wait to see Will in his uniform now that he’s been demoted? I’m sure he’ll look super hot. Sometimes it’s the little things.

People of the Valley

I’m still having trouble with the basic concept of this storyline, that Iolo could run over Gethin and leave him to die. I know I keep picking this nit, but it goes to the very core of who Iolo is. He wouldn’t do such a terrible thing, which is why this bothers me to no end. I especially find it hard to believe that Iolo could actually walk around like he didn’t have a care in the world as if he could simply put it behind him. I realize that delusion didn’t last long, but the fact that he could even think of such a thing is completely out of character.

How much longer can Iolo live with his guilt?

I have heard from several people that they’re glad that Iolo is showing some feet of clay rather than being the ‘good son’ in the family because it means he can finally have some story. I can’t deny that I’m pleased that I’m finally seeing more of this character I like so much. I just wish that it was in a story that wasn’t so destructive to his character. But with that said, it’s still an intriguing storyline and Dyfan Rees is giving some nice performances. I have no idea where this plotline is going to go next, but I have a suspicion that Iolo is going to try and assuage his guilt by making it is his business to help Gethin get better.

I guess we’ll see in the coming weeks and months.


It was nice to see Callum. The show isn’t doing much with him these days so I’m always glad when they use him. And I’m also glad the show hasn’t forgotten that Callum and George are close friends. I guess I have to accept that the show is not going to pair them despite their chemistry, even though they’d be perfect for each other.

I do get why. Callum would be another of Hollyoaks men to suddenly realize he’s gay and they’ve already had two in the last year or so come to that conclusion. But if the show isn’t going to hook them up, then they need to give George a love interest. It’s been ages since he dated Ryan so he needs some romance. As for Callum, could they stop pairing him with these blonde twits? First Maddie and now Holly. Callum deserves better, though there are no women currently on the canvas I’d pair him with. Maybe Leanne?

More Callum and George please!

BTW, with her history, why is Ruby scheming with Darren to screw over Callum and his family? You’d think she hadn’t been suspended from school for bullying with the way she was acting. Speaking of which, where in the hell is Esther? We haven’t seen her for weeks, much less heard how she is doing. It’s so annoying when this show just has people drop off the face off the planet with no explanation. And about Darren, there are two things that make this latest plot twist about the bar stupid. One is that the bar seems in jeopardy every other week (sort of like Ste and Doug and the deli) and two is that Mitzeee had this teary goodbye with her best friend Nancy and then turns around and sends her what is basically an eviction notice a day or two later? Seriously, show?

I liked the Doug and John Paul scenes, though I could have done without Doug freaking out after learning that John Paul and Brendan had sex, but I do understand why it would bother him. Mostly though I’m loving the chemistry between these two and I’m really looking forward to a romance between them. I liked how JP was honest about his history with Craig, instead of lying to Doug and treating him like crap because he wasn’t over his ex. Yes, I’m talking about you, Ste.

Speaking of Ste, I hate the gooey domestic stuff the show does with Brendan and Ste. The whole discussion of marriage and children and families is so not who these characters are or who they are supposed to be. Ste putting on a fake ring and wanting to ask Brendan to marry him just made me cringe. That kind of stuff is just pandering to the fanbase at the expense of everything we know about these characters. Domesticating Brendan for the sake of this reunion has ruined the character. He is not nearly as compelling as he used to be. And I’m tired of Ste being so petty and jealous and childish all the time. Ugh.

BTW, has the show completely forgetting that Ste is already married to Doug? They haven’t even bothered mentioning that since Doug’s return. And why is Ste talking to Doug of all people about his issues with Brendan? I can’t think of anything more inappropriate. I guess, again, we’re supposed to forget that Ste and Doug got married and were madly in love only a few short months ago. I did like, however that Ste for an instant, reflected on all the terrible things Brendan has done to him. But it made me see that Ste doesn’t think about all the abuse Brendan has heaped on him because it’s the only way he can stay in that relationship.

Wrong, just… wrong!

Brendan and Ste are playing the same scenes over and over. They kiss and make up, they fight and squabble and Brendan leaves town. It happened again this past week. BTW, if Brendan is accused of a felony, can he just up and leave town? Oh well. Anyway, they are dragging out the Walker storyline to the point of credulity and having everyone run around in circles by playing the same beats. It looks like they are moving forward but they are actually going nowhere. Walker doesn’t seem to have any grand scheme, he just comes up with something new every other second rather than an overall diabolical plot. And Kevin accusing Brendan of sexual assault is just another stall tactic to keep dragging the story out.

The show seemed to hint rather heavily that Walker actually did rape Kevin just so the charges against Brendan would hold up because we later see Kevin going to the hospital where he would have to have had a rape kit done if the sexual assault charges were to go forward, which they are. And well, I wouldn’t put it past Walker to go that far as to rape Kevin so his crazy plan would work. I have to admit that I like Kevin and I want to know more about him. The actor who plays him is quite talented and it doesn’t hurt that he’s really cute.

How far is Walker willing to go for revenge?

I’m still wondering if Kevin is gay, straight or bisexual. He clearly has no problem having sex with men, even if is for money. We do know he was homeless, so maybe he was whoring himself to make a buck? Besides, his interest in Maxine seems platonic. I don’t get the sense he’s romantically interested in her at all, nor do I see the show pairing them. I wonder if he’ll be sticking around once the Walker/Brendan storyline shakes out. As much as I’d like that I suspect he might become a fatality in all of this, which would be a shame.

Finally, thank you Hollyoaks for always remembering that your audience never gets tired of hot guys with their clothes off. The scene where a nearly nude Nate tried to seduce Cheryl was a lot of fun.

Days of Our Lives

You know I was thinking this past week during the Nick scenes that with the way the character is being written he has a pretty short shelf life. I don’t think he’s going to be around for any great length of time. Maybe the show will kill Nick off and have a murder mystery down the line. It would make a perfect umbrella storyline that would involve lots of characters with, of course, Will being the primary suspect. I don’t know if the show is going to do that, but it’s been years since I’ve seen a good murder mystery on a soap. But if you’re looking for ideas Days this one is free. Now on with my thoughts about last week’s shows…

Cute, but boring….

Is it bad that I actually want to fast forward any scene that has Will and Sonny alone and just talking? They’re just so… dull. And I just hate how the show plays Will is so clueless and dumb and not just in regards to Nick’s intentions. I mean, how many different ways did Sonny have to tell Will that he wanted to get back together before he understood? Annoying. And frankly I was left wondering what was the point of the breakup was. The show never really played it for all the drama they could have.

Sonny and Will didn’t have that many scenes together, except to make Will think that Sonny was involved with Brian, which leads to another issue, that the Brian and Sonny ‘relationship’ went nowhere, which is truly a shame. It could have been a neat little triangle. Though it was interesting to learn that Brian was in med school. Maybe that will come into play if someone needs to mess with a paternity test? Hmm…..

What I hated most though was Will telling Sonny off screen about his shooting EJ. That’s a big thing, even bigger than the secret about the baby. We needed to see that conversation to see why Sonny just accepted that Will shot someone and then leapt into bed with him. I’m just baffled that such an important discussion took place off screen. And the way the scenes played in the aftermath didn’t have the weight and gravity that such a conversation should have. Overall, it was really a poorly done reunion. On the plus side though the scene where they talk about the baby was kind of sweet.

I loved the Nick/Sami scenes. Blake Berris is terrific as the bad boy Nick and we all know that Alison Sweeney is good with just about any scene partner. It was fun watching them go toe to toe. Those scenes might have been the highlight of the week. I also thought the scenes where Nick shows up at Will’s place and blackmails him were pretty intense. I know we’re supposed to ‘hate’ Nick and I hear from lots of folks who do, but anybody who reads this column knows I tend to love the bad guy and I always find them more fun to watch. Yes, yes I know Nick is a raging homophobe, but he’s still the most interesting thing about this story. I loved how he ticked off Sami’s paternity test crimes, that was truly hilarious. I have to say though that I’m having a hard time believing that there’s nothing that a kick ass chick like Sami could do to stop Nick, especially with EJ at her side. EJ is a DiMera. One phone call and Nick would vanish. Problem solved. Though then I guess we wouldn’t have a story. Heh….

I mentioned before how much I hate the whole Chloe/Daniel/Jen triangle, mostly because I don’t like any of those characters, I can’t imagine why any woman with a brain would fight for a idiot like Daniel, Chloe is a loathsome character played by a terrible actress and Jen has become totally unlikeable by sniffing after another man practically the day after Jack died. So that’s why I loved last week’s scenes when Chloe laid the smack down on Abby by telling her what an awful widow Jen had been and that she never really loved Jack given her skanky behavior. I know we’re supposed to feel sorry for Abby and Jen having to deal with nasty Chloe, but in that moment Chloe was speaking the kind of truth this storyline needs. Unfortunately, the show’s agenda in pushing Daniel and Jen in our faces continues despite that they’re a terrible, chemistry free couple.

One last thing about Will and Sonny. I may not love them (I do like them both, just not together), but I do love that this show has gay characters front and center in a story that matters and is actually about them. I will always commend the show for that, even with the flaws that come with it. And given that Days ratings are higher than they have been in years, apparently people will watch gay folks on TV. Go figure.

Secret Lives

So Lari got gay-bashed. What a shock. Who didn’t see that coming? I know that it happens to gay folks but sometimes it doesn’t (actually, I think most of the time it doesn’t unless I’m totally deluded) so I wish shows would just drop that particular plot point from their stories. I do feel sorry for Lari, but I think his problems are only exacerbated by Elias tailing after him constantly. Frankly, I think Elias needs to leave Lari alone and let him have a little peace to deal with his issues however he wants to. Stay in the closet, don’t stay in the closet, play hockey, don’t play hockey. Whatever.

Elias needs to back off and stop telling Lari what to do and how to live his life. I know his motivation is that he ‘loves’ him and wants him back, but I think that ship has sailed. Time to move on. Let Lari do need what he needs to do. Or not do as the case may be.

Please Like Me

I absolutely loved this charming series. It’s funny and sweet and has plenty of heart. There’s plenty of comedy, but some serious moments to give things a little heft. It’s the kind of show featuring gay characters I wish we’d get here in this country but since in the US gays can only get on television if they are getting women pregnant or wanting babies, that’s unlikely. There’s lots to love here, especially Josh Thomas as the lead character. His character is full of quirks, but he’s so real and honest. Thomas is perfect in the role.

What I find most interesting are the random conversations that he and his friends have about something or about nothing at all. It seems like the kind of discussions we find we have with our friends each and every day. I loved that after Josh’s girlfriend dumped him because she thought he was gay, he didn’t really have any angst about the fact that he might be gay, only that he didn’t understand why a hot guy like Geoffrey was so into him.

To be honest, I don’t get why Geoffrey is into Josh either, but it’s one of those cute and funny relationships that only exist on television and in romantic comedies so you have to go with it. Not every joke hits it target and sometimes the show wanders around with no point, but that’s okay. This show is more about the little moments than the big punch lines, like the throwaway scene with their pet rabbit, which made me laugh out loud. Though I think my favorite scenes were Josh changing behind the door the first time he and Geoffery tried to have sex, the awkward talk with Aunt Peg before Josh’s date with Geoffrey and Josh’s confession the second time he and Geoffery tried to sex. Who hasn’t said that to a guy when they’re about to hook up?

It’s too bad that the network that produced this show thought it was too ‘gay’ and dumped on a smaller network. This show deserves a wider audience. Let’s hope it finds one. And let’s hope we see more of Josh and his family and friends once this first season is over.


Scotty hits on Chris… or does he?

Neighbours Chris has a surprising romantic interest appear in his life this week. The citizens of Ramsey Street are having a camp out for charity when Scotty, who is dating Chris’ pal Georgia drops by Chris’ tent as he is getting ready for bed. Chris is shocked when Scotty makes a pass at him… or what Chris thinks might be a pass. Chris isn’t quite sure what happened, but he is concerned that Scotty might be gay, especially since he’s involved with Georgia. Chris tells Kyle about his suspicions, but Kyle thinks Chris might be misreading Scotty. Chris decides he should go to the source and ask Scotty directly. But just as Chris poses the question, Georgia enters the room. Uh oh!

Nick’s prison past is coming back to haunt him…

Days of Our Lives —With the threat of jail for shooting EJ hanging over his head, Will signs the papers giving away his rights to his unborn child, leaving Nick, for the moment, victorious. Sonny is certain there’s much more to this and Nick isn’t doing this just because he doesn’t want Sami always interfering in the upbringing of the child. Sonny believes Nick’s actions are fueled by homophobia. Will doesn’t want to believe that, but he has an ugly confrontation with Nick, who confirms that he hates Will and believe the child shouldn’t be raised by a gay man.

Now that he’s got the first part of his plan settled, Nick pushes Gabi to marry him as soon as possible. Gabi’s suspicions are piqued and she begins to wonder what’s really going on with Nick. Meanwhile, Sami and EJ plot to get Nick out of everyone’s lives permanently. But Nick has other problems as well. Father Eric and Hope offer Nick’s prison pal Vargas the chance to be in Eric’s prison outreach program. Vargas accepts, planning on using this opportunity to bring him closer to his revenge plot against Nick.

How much longer can Malick deny he has a son?

Holby City—Malick is shocked when his old girlfriend Anna, who happens to be the mother his son Jake, shows up at the hospital with stomach pains. Anna wants to talk about their son, but Malick is determined to keep things focused on her medical care. Malick soon learns, however, that Anna has terminal cancer and only has a few weeks to live. Still, he refuses to let things get personal and when Anna overhears Malick saying he wants nothing to do with her or his son, she decides to leave the hospital. But before she can go, she collapses, forcing Malick to finally deal with his past….

Kevin drugs Maxine…

Hollyoaks —Kevin is ordered to kill Maxine as she is the only one who knows Walker is back on town. Kevin drugs Maxine, but as he watches her pass out, he wonders if he can go through with murder. Later, after Maxine has disappeared, her friends question Kevin on what could have happened to her. When the police get involved, Walker tells Kevin he needs to get rid of Maxine’s body quickly. Later, Kevin tosses a body into the river, but he is spotted by Will. The police are called and the body is fished out of the river, which could spell the end for Kevin.

Elsewhere, Ruby finds that no one wants anything to do with her when she returns to school. In fact, she finds she is being bullied by vengeful classmates. When she decides to have a bake sale to win everyone over, John Paul and Doug pitch in to help. Later, Doug has a crisis at the deli when the electricity goes out and all the food is ruined. Worse, the health inspector is due to arrive that afternoon. But John Paul just may come to Doug’s rescue.

Josh and the gang go to church, an event that’s certain to lead to disaster…

Please Like Me—Josh’s romance with Geoffrey is blossoming, but it hits a roadblock when Josh’s Aunt Peg catches the new couple making out. Peg uses the opportunity to manipulate Josh into going to church with her. Later, Josh’s father needs Josh to come to his rescue after he gets drunk and is unable to drive, which Josh does, with Geoffrey in tow. Geoffrey has no qualms about introducing himself as Josh’s boyfriend. Alan accepts the news in stride.

Meanwhile, Tom dumps his girlfriend and immediately takes up with Claire, Josh’s ex. The next morning, everyone agrees to go to church, where the priest delivers a sermon denouncing homosexuality. Unable to hear her nephew be insulted, Peg defends Josh and outs him to the entire congregation, which includes Josh’s mom. With all this turmoil, Josh wants some peace from the drama that’s become his life. Tom provides it with some rather shocking news.


People of the Valley—Iolo breathes a sigh of relief when Gethin finally revives, but his guilt over hitting the man with his car increases when he learns Gethin may never walk again…


Is Forbidden Love done with Christian and Olli?

There was a time when Christian and Olli, the gay couple on German soap Forbidden Lovegot a lot of coverage in this column, not to mention had fans worldwide waiting to see what would happen next with this sexy and interesting duo. But that was a long time ago as the show seemed to lose interest in writing for the beloved couple, giving them badly written storylines, then small story arcs and for at least the past couple of years no storyline at all. And now it looks as if one of the actors may be gone from the show

We reported a few months ago that Thore Scholermann, who plays Christian Mann, was leaving the show for a short time to be the host of the German version of the Voice, with no due date on his return. And the word now is that Scholermann will not be coming back to the show as a regular and will only make occasional guest appearances, though none have been planned at this point. Whether this is a decision made by the actor or the show itself is unclear, but reportedly there are currently negotiations underway for Scholermann to appear in some form or another, even if it’s only to wrap up what little storyline that he and co-star Jo Weil, who plays Olli, have left.

Weil is still with the show on a regular basis, but what this means for his character remains to be seen.

That’s it for this edition of Langford on Soaps. See you next time!