Langford on Soaps: Is Kevin Fisher Coming Out on “Y&R”?

Plus, Iolo is shocked by William’s return to People of the Valley, Jeffery spends the night with Landon on The Haves and The Have Nots and our first look at Tyrant.

Langford’s Picks and Pans

A Place to Call Home (Australia)

So next week is the final episode. Interesting how the promos tease that everything is going to wrap up when there’s no way it can given that the show’s creators didn’t know they’d be cancelled mid season. At any rate I’ll be watching, even if I’ll be left with a feeling of disappointment that the stories aren’t resolved. It’s really too bad we couldn’t even get a two hour wrap up finale to mitigate missing out on what would have been the show’s final year. Oh well…

Regina has crossed over from evil to insane. Taking a beating to get the attention of the man you want is just cray-cray. And it looks like George is gonna fall for it. But I did love the look on her face when she sashayed into the church and saw Sarah.

I’m so glad that Anna and Elizabeth made up, even if neither of them changed their minds. I liked how Elizabeth said she thought Anna and Gino’s marriage would be a disaster, but she truly hoped she was wrong so Anna would be happy.

Okay, so Andrew definitely has a plan in mind in regards to why he helped Olivia get that baby. I’m chomping at the bit to see it come into fruition next week and how it affects Anna and Gino. I think Elizabeth is going to be the one to put the pieces together. She’s not a dumb woman and she already knows something fishy is going on.

I figured that Olivia would have trouble bonding with the baby. I thought it was interesting that the subject of breast feeding and why Olivia isn’t was never brought up in terms of story. Or was it and I missed that? Not too fond of the name Georgie though. I did like the fight between James and Olivia where he told her that men and women can’t be friends. Amazing how that’s changed (and not changed) over time. And her response to James was hurtful, but I did chuckle.

Don’t tell me Jack is going to be one to perform Rene’s brain surgery? He’s helped James with his problems, dealt with Elizabeth’s heart ailment and now this. Is he literally a “Jack of all trades” when it comes to medicine?

Coronation Street (U.K.)

Not much to say, other than I really am disappointed as to how this storyline turned out. I don’t think it has serviced anyone one well, especially Marcus, who lost all his brain cells for the story to work. I don’t mind Todd being a deceitful, scheming user (not all gay characters have to be nice), but Marcus shouldn’t have been so easy to fool. Glad Maria came around in regards to Liam though. Wonder what Todd will do next to ruin that?


Days of Our Lives (U.S.)

I wish I had something to say about the Will and Sonny clips this past week. They just remind me so much of the period of time with ATWT’s Luke and Noah when they had no story and only showed up for family occasions and holidays. At least Luke and Noah had periods of front burner stories, even if they weren’t very good ones. Will and Sonny can’t claim that much. As for the beach scenes, I appreciate the male skin, but I thought it was curious how Sonny seemed to be standing behind Will during those scenes. IMO, he’s got nothing to hide.

It was nice to see Adrienne, but where the hell was she during the Nick storyline when Sonny was a murder suspect? Justin has been been in Dubai (or is it Port Charles) an awfully long time.

The Sami/EJ stuff was interesting, if a little long and drawn out. But that’s Days for you.

*Thanks to MRFIXIT for the clips!

EastEnders (U.K.)

I don’t understand snooping around and trying to find out what your birthday presents are before the occasion. I can see kids doing it, but not a grown woman. That’s a good way to wind up with nothing, if you ask me.

Emmerdale (U.K.)

Not much with Finn, but I must say I’m surprised that the show is dealing with his reaction to the reveal that Adam is his half brother and that he’s looking over his entire childhood and finding it lacking. I guess that story arc is better than nothing since the show isn’t going anywhere with Robbie and Finn, not even as friends. The two haven’t shared a scene in weeks. Oh well I guess poor Finn won’t get any action until Aaron comes to town.

Hollyoaks (U.K.)

Good grief, did I shake my head a lot this week when watching this mess of a show…

I love how these people desperate for money immediately go out and start spending lottery winnings they don’t have yet, especially the McQueens, who are due to be thrown onto the street the next day, long before they’d get the cash from the lottery. However I did like the twist that Cindy hadn’t lost the ticket and was using the money to run off with her imaginary lover.

For a dead guy though, Rhys is pretty hot. And speaking of hot, there’s Freddie….

Is Tom ever going to grow up? I’ve been watching this show for years and it seems like that kid hasn’t matured, I mean physically, in that all time. Or maybe the actor is drinking from the fountain of youth or something.

What is with the people this show deciding not to testify against people who did horrible things to them? Dennis is just another in a line of folks who decide ‘I won’t testify against this person who raped/tried to kill/kidnapped me/caused my brain damage’.

Sienna threatens Darren’s life if Tom testifies so he decides she’s better off on the streets so he can be there to protect his family? I don’t blame Nancy for being furious. It’s ridiculous. I mean, seriously, don’t these folks realize that if the person is in jail they can’t hurt you anymore? Where is the logic? Come on. The show does it to stretch out stories, but it’s a bad plot device.

I think the worst part of the awful Robbie/Phoebe/Nancy storyline is Nancy and Pheobe acting like Robbie is some sort of prize. Robbie making Phoebe feel guilty about being suspicious of he and Nancy when she’s right on the money about their attraction and Nancy looking jealous at them being together? Blech.

While John Paul and the McQueens are spending the night chained to their house, who’s watching their children? Those kids always seem to disappear when it’s convenient to the story.

So Blessing has to wait 8 months to get her surgery that is completely paid for? Sorry, not seeing the dilemma here. I just can’t feel for her. But are they seriously having Blessing cut herself to deal with the problem? I guess they think we forgot that the last transgendered character, Jason Costello also cut himself when he couldn’t deal with his problems. Is this a thing with transgendered folks? Lazy, lazy, lazy writing. It really pardon the pun, undercuts anything important they are trying to do.

I love how every time someone on this show has a financial crisis, they throw a fundraiser– as if someone would actually donate cash to pay the mortgage for the McQueens or for Blessing’s gender reassignment surgery. Silly, silly, silly. But I did like Marlena telling Frankie off for her transphobia. At least Frankie did redeem herself after finding out about the cutting, and she tried to talk some sense into Blessing and remembered when Esther tried to kill herself. Funny how they remember that plot point, but not other salient ones.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Carmel wanting her own place with Sonny. How can Mercedes talk about ‘deserting the family’ when she chose her family over her killer husband Paul?

So Grace’s doctor tells Freddie, who point blank says they’re not friends or related Grace’s medical condition? Oh, show. Ever heard of doctor/patient confidentiality? I’ll bet they’ll remember that in about a week when they need to invoke for another storyline. But I did like Grace telling Freddie she could handle his hatred, but his sympathy made her want to kill him. LOL!

House Husbands (Australia)

Well, Will turning out to be gay and kissing Kane would be a surprise, except the show spoiled the moment in a promo a few weeks ago. LOL…. At any rate, it’s nice to see Kane finally getting some action and his reaction was kind of cute. It’ll be interesting to see where things go between Will and Kane as things move forward.

I suspect that Will is going to have some sleazy business practices and Kane won’t take to kindly to that. More interesting is that Will, played by Ryan Johnson, isn’t Kane’s ongoing new man. That role, is played by actor Darren McMullen, whose character is a librarian, not a businessman. So maybe we’ll get to see Kane in a love triangle when McMullen is finally introduced, which according to the spoilers, is next week.

People of the Valley (Wales)

Wow. Poor Iolo is absolutely convinced he’s HIV+. He knows there’s something wrong with him, but since he can’t conclude it’s OCD (even though Britt suggested it weeks ago), he’s insisting it’s HIV. I did like how Ffion was instantly concerned about Iolo and wanted to help, even though she was completely confused by his insistence that he’s sick, despite his negative results. But her stream of lies about her fertility issues were not cool and I loved how when Iolo showed up at the house she yelled for Jinx not to let him in so her lies wouldn’t be revealed. I just wonder what it’s going to take for Iolo to see sense.

River City (Scotland)

I like Robbie and Will and Finn are adjusting to each other and how Robbie and Will are trying to figure out how handle parenting. But I really, really hate stories about people who lie about sexual assault. It’s probably one of the most heinous things you can do to a person and their lives are never the same as even if they are cleared, people will always have doubts. And the person who lied just moves on with their lives like nothing ever happened.

I don’t feel for Kirsty and I definitely don’t feel for Finn, who is encouraging her to lie because they might get in trouble if the truth came out. As if their parents being upset with them pales in comparison to sending an innocent man to jail for something he didn’t do. I hope this storyline is resolved quickly, but unfortunately, Finn and Kirsty will probably never really suffer any consequences for nearly destroying a man’s life.

The Haves and The Have Nots (U.S.)

Good Lord, Benny has only been in a coma for a week on screen while months passed in RT? Please show, pick up the damn pace!

That scene of Quincy and Veronica was hilarious. I loved how after he broke into her house and tried to seduce her, she gets back into bed and tells him to leave while he stands there half naked.

Hey Jim, if Wyatt actually manned up, he’d confess to being the driver of that car. Just a thought.

Nice touch with Jeffery taking his shoes off before walking around his apartment. My family did that growing up, something I see in many African-American homes.

So tired of the cliché of gay men sleeping with women. I don’t care how much booze I drink, it wouldn’t be enough for me to go there, even if I thought of a guy. Cuz well, sleeping with men and women is very, very different, you know. Of course we know what happens next. Jeffery made a point of saying that he didn’t use protection. That means pregnancy. Another gay man with a baby. I did like Landon trying to talk some sense into Jeffery though.

I will say though that the cliffhanger of Veronica catching both Jeffery and David in compromising positions was nicely done. If only the follow up would be as good.

Tyrant (U.S.)

Hey, there’s Jennifer Finnegan from The Bold and The Beautiful. I loved her as Bridget Forrester. Time has been very good to her.

Ummm would these Middle Eastern people speak English to each other even when there’s no Americans around? Would the eulogy be spoken in English? Me don’t think so. I know why the show is doing it, to make it more accessible, but it’s weird. It’s also jarring to have obviously American actors playing Middle Eastern roles.

I won’t lie. I did do a little cheer when the woman that Jamal forced to service him bit him. Good. Too bad his son’s wife couldn’t enact a little revenge.

So how long before Barry and his brother’s wife are sleeping together? Of course I don’t blame her, Barry is super hot.

As for the gay storyline, it could be very intriguing given recent headlines about being gay in Middle Eastern countries. I mean Sam isn’t even out to his own family, except for his sister. How will his parents react, much less the rest of his extended family? Those looking for a happy ending will probably be disappointed. I suspect things won’t end well at all for Sam and Abdul. Abdul is beautiful though, I’ll give him that.

This really isn’t the type of show I tend to gravitate to, but it’s intriguing enough to keep me tuning in.

This Week in Spoilers

A Place To Call Home: In the last episode of APTCH, the secret of James and Olivia’s baby could destroy not only their marriage, but Anna and Gino’s. Plus, Regina embarks on an evil plan to snare George and Sarah faces losing Rene a second and final time.

Among Us: Ringo meets the new hottie in town, a baseball player named Aaron, who has Ringo thinking about games played with bats and balls. However, he still struggles to deal with his attraction to men and goes out with his new lady Lena instead. Kira tells Ringo he should stop denying himself and encourages him to go for what he wants.

Todd is caught in the act…

Coronation Street: Marcus and Maria team up to keep the fact that Marcus is spending time with Liam from Todd. Of course Todd finds out and makes Marcus feel guilty by reminding Marcus about the child Todd lost when he was with Sarah. Marcus begs Todd to forgive him, but Todd continues to play the martyr. Later, Todd has another man spend the night and Sean finds out about Todd’s cheating.

When Todd later is playing mind games with Marcus, Sean angrily tells Marcus about Todd’s being unfaithful. Todd insists the guy was just a friend and nothing is going on. Marcus believes Todd’s lie. Things get worse for Marcus when he’s suspended from work for taking too much time off to spend with Todd. Todd feigns concern and suggests that Marcus take the time off to hang out with Liam. And while Marcus is off with Liam, Todd spends time with his other fella.

Marcus decides to leave Coronation Street

Marcus catches Todd with his other man, leading to a knock down drag out between them in the middle of the street. Todd tells Marcus he was only using him and dumps him. Marcus realizes what a huge mistake he made with Todd and after talk with Maria, decides that maybe it’s time he left down for good.

Romance blossoms for Johnny and Luca…

EastEnders: At his mother’s birthday party, Johnny introduces everyone to Luca his new boyfriend. Linda tries to be happy for Johnny, but is still uneasy with his being gay. Still, Johnny finds things with Luca going well and the two spend the night together in Johnny’s room at the pub. The next day, Luca prepares to return to Italy and there’s talk of Johnny going back with him. But an unexpected development has a depressed Johnny returning home, upset about things ending with Luca…

What does Lucas walk in on?

General Hospital: The gays of Port Charles make their monthly appearance and Felix and Lucas are getting closer, making Lucas confused about the men in his life. He goes to Julian, of all people, for advice about his love life. Meanwhile, Brad and Felix bicker about Lucas and the exchange gets heated. When Lucas walks in on the argument, he gets a big surprise.

Who overheard JP and Ste?

Hollyoaks: John Paul gets a new job at the adult learning center, but it turns out that Danny has also been hired for the same gig. The incident between the two makes Danny realize he still wants JP. Meanwhile, Nana sees that Ste still has feelings for John Paul and tells Ste he needs to get his act together and stop doing drugs if he ever wants John Paul in his life. But when Ste sees John Paul and Danny together, he thinks it’s too late for them. However, John Pual makes it clear to Danny that it’s over.

Later, John Paul and Danny put their emotional drama aside to help Ste with his drug problems. When John Paul confronts Ste about his addiction, they wind up talking about John Paul hiding Ste’s gun so he wouldn’t be implicated in Fraser’s murder. However, someone has overheard them talking. When the gun that John Paul hid later disappears, both JP and Ste fear that Ste could be arrested for murder.

Meanwhile, Sinead continues her plan to destroy her mother’s life by amping up her seduction of Tony and John Paul might be able to move back to the McQueen house when Nana comes up with a plan to get their house back.

House Husbands: Kane’s life gets more complicated when an ex-lover shows up with a job offer….

William is back, but does it mean romance for Iolo?

People of the Valley: Iolo is surprised when William shows up in town. Seems he’ll be working with Gethin at the soup kitchen and will be in town on a regular basis. William is hoping to start something with Iolo, but when Iolo sees him, he rushes off. Gethin can see that Iolo is into William and arranges for them to meet, encouraging Iolo to give things a chance. Instead, when William tries to touch him, Iolo tells William that he’s HIV+. William says he wants to be there to help Iolo though it. When Iolo admits that his test came back negative, William encourages him to take another test, but Iolo refuses, insisting he knows he’s HIV+. Eventually William goes, but promises to be there for Iolo.

River City: Finn continues his deception about Kirsty’s allegations against Murray, but will Robbie and Will get at the truth?

The Haves and Have Nots: Veronica is furious when she believes that Landon and Jeffrey have slept together. How far will she go to keep Jeffery in line?


Will we see Y&R’s Kevin come out of the closet?

Might we see a new gay storyline in Genoa City? The Young and The Restless has a rocky history when it comes to gay storytelling. A few years back they had gay lawyer Rafe embark on an affair with his client Adam Newman, who wasn’t gay, but was using sex to manipulate Rafe. Eventually Rafe caught on to Adam’s shenanigans and ended the affair.

But what could have been an intriguing storyline because of the chemistry between the actors who played Rafe and Adam went by the wayside as the show even avoided showing an on screen kiss between the actors. Then there was the return of Phillip Chancellor, played by out actor Thom Beirdz, whose character came back from the dead and revealed he faked his death and deserted his family rather than come out to them. Neither story did Y&R any favors and the show hasn’t tried anything since.

Adam and Rafe’s affair was a botched attempt at gay storytelling on Y&R…

But maybe things are looking up. Actor Greg Rikaart, who plays Kevin Fisher, came out of the closet about a year or so ago, and given that Kevin was recently left by his wife and is now single and unencumbered has some folks wondering if this might be the time for Kevin to do the same. If the show ever were to go there, Rikaart would be up for it, and said as much during an interview with Micheal Fairman.

“I would welcome it whole-heartedly.” Rikaart said. “Whether or not they want to tell that story is up to them, and not up to me, but I would so welcome that challenge.”

“…I think it’s far more interesting to do that with a character that the fans already know than to bring on a gay character that no one knows of. The fans view the characters like family. So if there is a “family” member that suddenly revealed something about themselves that no one knew about before, it mirrors what happens in real life.” Rikaart continued. “I think the powerfulness of that message to the audience of this show would be way more profound than just introducing a new character that just happens to be gay. The audience would go on the same journey that a family member would go on.”

However, Rikaart has no idea of the show plans to tell such a story, now or ever.

“If it’s not a story they want to tell, then they are not going to tell it.” Rikaart said. “I don’t think it’s the only avenue that Kevin could go down, but it certainly would be interesting … in my opinion.”

And finally, fans of Aussie soap Neighbours, which features gay mechanic Chris Pappas, will soon find it a lot easier to catch the soap in the US. Hulu will begin airing the show next week, but the run will be about a month behind what airs in Australia. So folks can catch Chris’ latest brief romance with nurse Will before Chris goes MIA again…

That’s it for this edition of Langford On Soaps. Please share your comments on the thoughts and opinions expressed in this week’s column below. See you next week!