Langford on Soaps: Joscha Gets a Wife – And a Boyfriend on “All That Matters”

Plus, Patrick and Nolan’s first kiss on Revenge, Will gets a job offer on Days, Doug bites the dust on Hollyoaks and Lucas and Menno get engaged on Good Times, Bad Times.

Langford’s Picks and Pans

All That Matters (Germany)

A quick recap of last week’s shows…

Joscha began receiving text messages threatening to out him, prompting him to consider marrying Raquel to throw off doubts about his sexuality. Meanwhile, Can continued to deny he wanted anything more from Katja than sex while Katja realized she was attracted to him despite herself.

The Can/Katja storyline is kind of cute. I loved his drunken confession of love for her, even if he referenced a horrible film series like Twilight. And Katja couldn’t help but be moved by it, especially since Can had only been a misogynist pig to her up until this point in order to hide his real feelings. Will this be the turning point for them? It looks like Katja is really attracted to Can, judging by her staring at him when he got out of the pool, but I can’t really see any relationship lasting between them. But like I said it is cute and fun to watch.

As for Joscha, who we barely saw last week, since it’s not likely that Melanie is sending the text messages, my guess is that it’s Nick. He’s really the only other person who would do such a thing, not to mention there’s really no other reason for this character to be hanging around as long as he has.

Among Us (Germany)

A quick recap of last week’s shows:

Ringo’s half brother Tobias found out about Easy having a picture of Yannick and Ringo kissing and convinced Easy to give Ringo the flash drive with picture on it and destroy all the copies. Still pretending he was into Tine, Ringo couldn’t forget his kiss with Yannick, nor could he bring himself to erase the picture. Later, when he found himself alone with Yannick, Ringo couldn’t pretend he didn’t want his ex-lover and the two boys started tearing each other’s clothes off.

After all the drama and denials about his feelings for Yannick, Ringo sure did give in quickly. One touch and the boys are going at it. This story hasn’t been very well developed. For one, I have no idea why Yannick would be interested in Ringo. Ringo has treated him like dirt from the minute Yannick showed up in town, but Yannick is all into him. Yes, I know they met in computer camp, but the show really should have given us some scenes from that time or at least showed us some quiet, emotional moments between Yannick and Ringo where we got a glimpse of what they shared in the past. I just feel like we’re missing a lot of beats in the story.

I did like that even though he hates Ringo, Easy was unwilling to blackmail him or use his being gay against him. In fact, Easy said more than once that he didn’t care if Ringo was gay. He just didn’t like Ringo’s behavior in regards to Tine or Yannick and hated some of the stuff he did in the past. I also like that Tobias was totally non-judgmental about Ringo being gay and went out of his way to help his half-brother. And the bonding scenes with Easy and Tobias were terrific. I don’t know if these two are already friends or are just developing one, but they have a cute little bromance going.

BTW, I really find Kira annoying. Her bratty behavior is neither cute or endearing. And someone needs to pull the plug on her radio show. Her whining because she’s being punished for bad behavior is not something I enjoy watching.

Days of Our Lives (U.S.)

As the drama was mostly about Chad and Will & Sonny did little more than make sandwiches (in a really silly number of scenes to be honest), I don’t have a lot to say.

When Sonny talked about trying to give blood, but he couldn’t because he wasn’t the right type, the show seemed to forget that gay men still can’t donate blood. They could have used that moment to illustrate how sad it is this ban still exists. For example, what if Sonny was the right type, but couldn’t be there to help his friend when he really needed him? That would have been a very effective point to be made that would have fit into the story as well.

I’m very surprised the show didn’t kill Chad off. I guess he leaves town alive and breathing. Doesn’t matter to me as long as he goes.

So exactly how has Chad become a better person when he met Will and Sonny? He knew Will years before he met Sonny and Chad’s pretty much always been the same guy. I just thought that was strange what Sami said.

When Daniel saved Chad’s life, I could only think that Daniel eventually ends up sleeping with his patients at some point. We probably won’t get lucky with Chad though!

I thought it was hilarious that Abigail chose the moment she did to tell her mother that she lost her virginity to Chad, especially since Jen’s reaction seemed to be ‘about time, girl’.

EastEnders (U.K.)

I haven’t been watching EE lately because as you can see from this clip, the show has done very little with Danny. He went from an half assed triangle with Janine and Michael (which he had no business being involved in) to sparring with a teenager and being revealed as a squatter. I think the show has totally bungled Danny being on the show after making such a big deal about his joining the cast.

To be fair, I think the change in executive producers has left the character in limbo, but let’s hope the new regime has solid plans for him. He could be interesting, if actually written for. But it’s a shame he’s not the gay bad boy we met last year. That was the character I was hoping we’d get when he came back. Maybe it’s not too late.

Good Times, Bad Times (The Netherlands)

I think it’s funny that Lucas was mad at Wiet for trying to pin Mike’s murder on Nina, when she tried to kill her a couple of years ago and put Lucas in a coma. Wiet is insane and she hates Nina, Lucas shouldn’t want to be anywhere near her. The show can write that they are best friends, but it’s a relationship that is totally unbelievable to me and takes me right out of the story whenever they are together. I just can’t suspend my disbelief. But I did that a lot this past week.

Lucas is an impulsive whack job who does crazy things that make no sense—and those are his good traits. But Lucas asking Menno to marry him seems over the top even for Lucas. And well, does Lucas actually know his boyfriend? Did he think Menno would actually say yes in that type of situation? That’s the kind of humiliation one is asking for.

I knew that Menno would eventually agree to marry Lucas, but it was obvious that even as Menno said yes, he knew that it was a mistake he would live to regret. It certainly didn’t come off as very romantic to me. It was as if every fiber in his being told him to say no, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. Maybe Menno is just nervous about taking such a big step or maybe there’s a bigger reason why he’s hesitant about getting married. He could be hiding something. I guess we’ll see. I just pray that this isn’t a big setup for Menno to get killed by Mike’s killer or something on the wedding day. As much as I don’t like the idea of this rushed wedding, I sure as hell don’t want another of Lucas’ boyfriends to die.

Personally I think Aysen killed Mike and shes going insane with guilt or desperation to make sure someone else goes to jail for the crime or something. Her sister telling Aysen that she won’t be a cop for much longer and is unsuited for the job tells me that Aysen is on her way out.

*Thanks to GTSTfanMARK for the clips!

Nashville (U.S.)

I figured that Gunnar would change his mind about letting Will perform his song. I think he made the right decision. If Will had of turned the song into a hit, Gunnar would only feel worse, not better because it wouldn’t be ‘his’ song anymore. I just hope it doesn’t create too much of a conflict between Gunnar and Will as I like their friendship.

But while things have started off interesting for Will in terms of his struggle with his sexuality, not much has happened in the past few weeks. So, let’s hope his story gets cooking soon. Like, can we at least know more about the relationship he had with Brent? Give us something. Anything!

In terms of the rest of the show, I’m hoping that Rayna hasn’t lost her voice and I suspect it’ll come back in one of those sappy, melodramatic moments that only television can give you. I mean, if she can’t sing, that leaves out a lot of stories about her career struggles, you know?

I realize that Eric Close is older, but I think he’s as hot (maybe hotter) than his days on Santa Barbara back in the day. Yeah, I used to love me some Santa Barbara. It was my guilty pleasure.

Hollyoaks (U.K.)

This past week was gripping drama, but given that I’ve been through several disasters that claimed multiple lives on this show in the last few years, it’s really not as entertaining or impactful as it used to be. It hasn’t even been a year since Ste and Doug got married where several people died and since then there have been at least five characters killed off. Death is how most folks leave this show. Only the lucky few get the easy way out. And that, frankly, is just another sign of this show’s lazy plotting.

However, the explosion and the effects from it were extremely well done. This show always does special effects and big events well and this was no exception. They were quite frankly, amazing, eye popping even.

The main takeaway I came from this was that while I knew that Doug was going to die and even as much as I liked the character I felt he’d worn out his welcome on the show, I was sorry to see him go. His final scenes with Ste were sad and moving and very well-acted. However, I wish I actually believed that Ste would choose Doug if Brendan were around (or had come back) because I don’t after having had watched months of Ste be cold and indifferent towards Doug. Hell, Ste treated Doug like an afterthought just up until a few weeks ago until the writers suddenly threw them together. My only feeling was that Doug deserved so much better than what he got. And that is really tragic. But at least he died a hero.

Oh, and Ste saying that the only two people that ever believed him in were Brendan and Doug negates Ste’s long relationship with Amy, who has always been there for him, longer than both Ste’s men. And then there is the fact that Brendan and Ste never had that kind of supportive, nurturing relationship. Brendan was always about himself, it was never that way with Doug or Amy.

I did like the scene between Ste and Danny when Danny finally told Ste the truth, but the show ruined the reveal by ending it on the cliffhanger and picking up the next day. Again.

Beyond that, here’s a few random thoughts….

For someone who has killed a few people, I was kind of surprised Trevor was so upset that the McQueens might have been killed in the explosion. Or maybe it was that children were there that bothered him. Speaking of which, why in the world would they have Matthew and Kathleen Angel at a nightclub? I guess to up the ante on the possible danger, but still. It looks like the show is going to flesh Trevor out and make him more human. But it’s too late for me to care. He’s done nothing but terrorize and kill folks for months. Frankly, he still comes off as Warren Fox 2.0., but not nearly as compelling.

Of course Dodger forgot that he heard Will admit to killing Texas and Anna. Of course. But hey, the hospital was kind enough to leave Dodger’s hospital gown open to the waist so everybody could perv all over his hot body.

I admit when that car ran down Clare and then Paul got out and said to Mercedes ‘I wasn’t going to miss your birthday’, it was a terrific, shocking moment. Good on Hollyoaks for that. And where is the show going to go with the storyline about Mercedes killing Paul and the coverup that followed? I can’t imagine this will be the end of it. Surely the body will turn up eventually. And Cindy is pregnant with Paul’s baby so there’s that plot point to deal with. I’m glad we’re done with Paul though. Like I said, I’ve had enough of the sociopaths.

Finally, of all the people that had to survive, why Sinead? Why, show, why?

My Husbands’ Lover (The Philippines)

Well, with only a couple of weeks left, the show seems to be in winding/wrapping-up mode. Frankly, I think the show should have been shorter to avoid many of the pointless and unnecessary elements of the past few weeks.

I really hate the plot twist about Armando getting HIV. I know it was done as ‘irony’ because of his sins against gays, but jail for what he did to Paul would have been enough retribution for me. At least the show didn’t have Elaine also be infected. However, the doctor should have told her she’d have to be retested down the line just to be sure if they are looking to educate the audience properly.

As glad as I am that Armando is going to pay for what he did to Paul and his threats won’t work, the notion that Paul recorded his conversation with Armando seems implausible. He just happened to have a video tape and camera in his room just in case Armando dropped by to threaten him? Okay….

I thought the whole scene with Lally and Zandro was weird because they were acting like they were good pals when they barely know each other and they hadn’t seen each other since the night of the party months ago.

I was so glad that when Vincent woke up he hadn’t lost his memory or some such craziness. I was sure the show would throw that wrench in there to gum up the works. And I admit that I misted up a bit when Lally and Eric hugged him when he revived. However, despite his trying to explain it, I still don’t buy his reasons for trying to kill himself. But at least Vincent came out of this determined not to live a lie and to be open and honest.

I loved the scene when Armando came to visit and I liked when Vincent stood up to his mother as well. And the scene where Vincent told Eric they’d be staying at the condo together was sweet. However, it was very insensitive for Vincent to leave it to Eric to deliver this information. Whatever has happened, Lally is still Vincent’s wife and he owes her respect if nothing else.

I knew that Vicki would act a fool when she found out about Lally’s problems, and of course she made it all about her. But that only proved that Lally was right in not telling her. Not only would Vicki have made nasty comments about gays, I don’t think she could be trusted in keeping it quiet. Lally never gave that as a reason, but it stood out for me. At least though Vicki quickly came to her senses and apologized.

I’m still enjoying the story about Dave and his plans to adopt a baby and it’s not a shock that the mother would fall for him. She’s young and needy and Dave is a sweet, good looking guy. I just hope that Dave doesn’t wind up losing the baby in the bargain. He really should come up with a legal agreement. I have a feeling it’ll go badly for him if he doesn’t. And I wonder if his boyfriend is going to stick around for much longer though. He seems fed up already.

I agree that Lally needs to stop lying to the kids and tell the truth no matter how hard it might be. For once Lally’s sister said something that made sense.

*Thanks to MHLTEAM2013 for the clips!

Neighbours (Australia)

Memo to Miguel, if you meet a guy online and hook up with him, he’s probably not going to want to be your boyfriend. Miguel should have gotten the message when Chris basically kicked him out after they had sex, but he obviously doesn’t get a clue unless it’s harshly delivered. That said, Chris could have found a nicer way of cutting the guy loose. But as we’ve seen, Chris can be a jerk at times.

As for Miguel trashing the cars at the garage because Chris rejected him, it only shows he’s not the kind of guy you’d want for a boyfriend anyway. Imagine what he’d do if you went out with him a few times and then broke up with him! Talk about your Fatal Attraction! But Chris has had sex with three different guys over the past couple of weeks, interesting enough. That’s more than some TV gays get in years.

I like how Sheila is there for Chris whether he wants it or not and no matter how much he pushes her away. But I think Chris has valid reasons for not wanting to read the letter given that Hudson cut Chris off and didn’t want to have anything to do with him. Doesn’t mean I don’t think Chris should read it though. However, I wish we got to see Chris’ family, especially at a time like this, but they haven’t even been mentioned. Everyone else has family around for them, I’d like that for Chris.

Revenge (U.S.)

I had stopped watching Revenge about mid-season last year. While there were still things I found entertaining, it wasn’t enough for me to make a point to tune in. I hated the whole secret organization storyline. Those plot devices never work in soaps. It’s the machinations between the primary characters that should drive the drama. Those sort of plot devices make the storylines even more story driven and contrived than soaps tend to be at times. And to be honest, I really hated what they did with Nolan. After that scandalous, hot relationship he had with Tyler, they put him a dull, dull, DULL, relationship with Padma. Zzzz…. Yeah, yeah, I know Nolan is supposed to be bisexual, but (and I’m sure I’ll get letters about this), I didn’t like it, and I definitely didn’t buy it.

But things are looking up this season, though it took me a few weeks before I could find the time to catch up. I loved how when Nolan got out of jail, he told Emily he never wanted to hear about that cabal again, as if he were speaking for the audience. And except for one plot point, the show has been as deliciously fun to watch as in the first season. Thankfully, the show got rid of that plot point when Conrad learned that he wasn’t dying.

The only thing that confused me was that Conrad failing to connect the dots and realize that someone was intentionally poisoning him. He realized he wasn’t dying of Huntington’s disease, but he chalked up his Huntington’s-like symptoms to the medicine he was receiving. Shouldn’t he be wondering what caused those symptoms to appear in the first place? Maybe I’m over-thinking it or got something wrong, but that leapt out at me.

Anyway, I’m glad the show did away with that storyline. Conrad as a weakened old man is not something I want to watch. I also wish I didn’t have to watch Charlotte. I’ve never liked her and she seems like an outlier on this show, like Declan did (and thankfully the show finally got rid of him, just like they got rid of that boring-ass Ashley. I’m not all that thrilled with Aiden, but at least he serves a purpose. And he’s hot, so there’s that. However, the show could make Charlotte useful if she started hooking up with Jack. Now that might be a fun liaison to watch as they do have chemistry and a bond because of Declan. And both Emily and Victoria would totally be pissed.

I was delighted that Justin Hartley joined up as Victoria’s bastard son. I never watched him on Passions, but I loved him on Smallville and I’m glad to see him regularly again, especially since he has the good sense to have his shirt off quite often. I figured, since the show said Nolan’s new man would be someone already on the canvas, that he and Patrick would hook up. I honestly didn’t expect something to happen so soon though. I’m glad something did, not so much the kiss itself, but the plot development that came from it.

However, for those viewers already planning Patrick and Nolan’s wedding, this is Revenge and who knows if Patrick is really gay. And even if he is gay, he might be scheming with Victoria or on his own in a plot against Nolan or Emily. Or perhaps Nolan, because we don’t know what Patick’s ex-wife told Nolan, is playing Patrick or they are playing each other. Like I said, this is Revenge where nothing is as it seems. Now personally, I’m hoping they are playing each other, but somehow fall in love anyway. That would create the most conflict and the most drama.

Secret Lives (Finland)

Do these shows want me to take them seriously? Because SL this past week was just… dumb. It’s fine that Elias finally found Lari (though when he said maybe he should have looked for him sooner I laughed out loud since it made no sense that he didn’t), but for them to decide to have sex in the back of the van during Lari’s shift at his father’s place of business threw all logic and common sense out of the window in order to create dumb cliffhangers like the van taking off with them in it. But at least the boys got a little romance in.

However, if they were so determined to hide that they were together, why would Elias go back to the shipping company with Lari so they could be easily spotted? That’s why when Elias said that he and Lari were smart guys I got a big chuckle cause smart they are not. I just hope the show doesn’t drag out this current arc, but knowing it as I do, they probably will.

*Thanks to MISSFINLANDIA88 for the clips!

Scoops and Spoilers

Have Ringo and Yannick been caught in the act?

Among Us : After having sex with Yannick, Ringo’s love for his ex is even stronger. Ringo tries to make himself forget Yannick, but he can’t. When Yannick tries to show his support to Ringo, Ringo pushes him away. Ringo tells Tobias what has happened with Yannick and Tobias encourages Ringo to just accept his feelings. Meanwhile, Kira begins to think that Ringo is seeing another girl, but it isn’t long before Kira suspects her brother is gay. However, when Yannick learns about her suspicions, he tries to convince Kira that Ringo is straight. Kira is uncertain though. She seems Ringo kissing Tine, but then she can’t help but notice the longing looks Ringo shared with Yannick.

As she has no problem with Ringo being gay, Kira is only determined to help him and does some research on homosexuality. When her father finds what Kira has been doing, he assumes his daughter is a lesbian.

Hollyoaks: Sam is furious to learn that Ste is Danny’s son, but that drama takes a back seat when Danny’s daughter Tegan is hospitalized. Turns out she’s just given birth. But the twist is that she didn’t even know that she was pregnant! Meanwhile, Vincent returns to town and claims he’s been cured of being gay. George refuses to believe that such a thing is possible, but Phoebe still loves Vincent and is more than willing to accept what he says, especially since he insists that he wants to be with her. And just when Danny thinks he’s had enough, he gets even more bad news.

Chris lets Josh know just how angry he is…

Neighbours: Chris is shocked that Miguel vandalized the cars at Chris’ workplace and desperately tries to hide what happened from his boss. Miguel confesses to what he did and says he’ll cover the costs of his actions. Dani learns the truth and gives Chris his second official warning, putting him on even more thin ice at work. When Kyle hears what happened, he hopes Chris has learned his lesson about one night stands, but Chris says he’ll just not tell his hookups where he works. Later, when an article about Hudson is published, Chris is furious to see a very nasty quote from Joshua. Josh insists he was misquoted, but Chris isn’t listening and gets violent with Josh.

All That Matters: Afraid he’s going to be outed, Joscha agrees to marry Raquel, but they have to convince everyone they are madly in love. When Melanie learns about Joscha’s new lady, she’s furious and sets out to ruin things for them. Angry at Melanie’s interference, Joscha has a few unkind words for his ex. Melanie is hurt and Deniz is there to comfort her, leading Mel to appreciate Deniz in a way she hasn’t before. Meanwhile, things heat up between Katja and Can and they have a second, steamy kiss.

And Also This Week

Days of our Lives: Will has good news for Sami

Good Times, Bad Times: Family drama intrudes on Lucas’ excitement over his engagement to Menno…

Secret Lives: After Ilkka finds out that Elias and Lari have been secretly meeting, he kidnaps his son and takes him to a camp where he is certain Lari’s sexual orientation can be changed…

EastEnders: Danny takes over the soccer team….



Meet Joscha’s new man….

When Cargo Degan joined the cast of All That Matters as Joscha, a closeted football player, fans wondered if he’d hook up with bisexual character Deniz, who hasn’t had a male lover since his boyfriend Roman died a few years ago. But while the show has seemingly made it clear there will be no romantic interest between Joscha and Deniz, it doesn’t mean that Joscha won’t be getting any male loving. Alexander Geir joins the cast as Dr. Kai Seebach, a sports physician. And it looks like Joscha and Kai won’t waste anytime getting busy.

Fans know that Joscha is about to embark on a sham marriage with Raquel to cover the fact that he’s gay (and she needs a green card so she can stay in Essen). The wedding takes place, but Raquel tells her new hubby he should go out to gay bar and have fun on their wedding night. Joscha goes to the bar, meets Kai and the two wind up spending the night together. Soon, Joscha not only finds out that Kai will be working nearby, but he has a dark past with Joscha’s family that makes a complicated situation even messier.

Look for Kai to first appear the last week of November.

That’s it for this week’s Langford On Soaps. See you next time!