Langford on Soaps: Judgment Day and Dead Bodies on “Hollyoaks”

Plus, Lari faces his father on Secret Lives, Will confronts an ex-lover on Nashville, Ste has his day in court on Hollyoaks and Salem’s gays have it out on Days.

Langford’s Picks and Pans

Secret Lives (Finland)

It’s nice to see that despite all the problems in their lives, Lari and Elias still find the time to be romantic and *gasp* have sex. Some other TV gay duos and possible duos should take note.


I’m also glad for some forward motion with this story, which was stalling for the past few weeks, and is something this show often does. Though I suspect it’s not going to go well between Lari and his father given that Illkea thinks that Elias ’converted’ his son. My guess is that Lari’s wish that he and Elias live together permanently is going to become real. I did chuckle when folks kept saying that Lari is underage, given that the actor clearly looks old enough to be living on his own without anyone’s permission.

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All That Matters (Germany)

Did Joscha seriously think he would get away with breaking up with Melanie and putting the blame for Deniz? He had to know Deniz would never stand for that, especially after Deniz refused to go along with Joscha’s plan to ‘let’ Deniz steal Mel away from him, though the delight on Joscha’s face when he found out that Deniz wanted Mel for himself was kind of funny. But I don’t think that Joscha should have to tell Melanie that he’s gay, Deniz shouldn’t keep insisting that Joscha does that. When and how he comes out is his choice.

How long can Joscha keeps his secret from Nick and his teammates?

As for the breakup, I can’t be too mad at Melanie for reacting how she did. Joscha did use her and said over and over that he loved her which was all a lie. Anybody might indulge in an ugly, public confrontation. Okay, I wouldn’t, but I don’t blame Mel for doing it. But she should leave it at that and move on. However, I don’t think Mel is going to go away so quietly.

I wish I could feel sorry for Joscha though, but I don’t. At least not much. He made this bed, used Melanie shamelessly all the while he was cheating on her with random men. So he has to accept the consequences of his own actions. Still though, Joscha clearly hates himself and hates being gay. Until he gets over that, he’ll never really be happy whether he chooses to stay closeted or not.

General Hospital (U.S.)

I can’t see myself watching this soap on a regular basis, but I did love the plot arc with Ava and Morgan hooking up and then Carly, Michael and Kiki finding out about the tryst. Ava and Morgan are pretty hot together, but Maura West is one of those actresses who has chemistry with everybody she works with. Man she’s good. I admit though that I laughed during the initial sex scene because the show put some uber porny music in the background.

Will the gays on this show ever be as interesting as Morgan’s sexy tryst with Ava?

The kid that plays Morgan isn’t the best actor and has the tendency to whine in some of his scenes, especially when conveying anger. That said, he is very hot and is much more likeable and appealing than the very boring Michael and Kiki, whose self-righteousness is annoying. Michael and Kiki kept making out even though they thought they were cousins and Michael just stole his brother’s wife. Please spare me the outrage about two single people hooking up. Now go have your boring love where I don’t have to look at it. Thanks! Oh and can I say I appreciate the show not shaving Morgan’s deliciously hairy chest? Yay to no manscaping!

As for the show’s gays who keep their clothes on and don’t get to have sex, I just shook my head when Brad brought Felix those chocolates. Seriously? Are we in grade school? Come on, these are grown men. You’d think that the powers that be on this show, who are openly gay, can write an adult romance between two men. Even this show’s teens are taking their clothes off and getting busy. But the bigger problem, as I’ve said before, is that there is no time spent developing this story. Generally weeks go by between scenes for these two. When Felix referred to that ‘moment he and Brad shared a few days ago’, it was actually weeks ago when that happened. Whatever momentum that was built in those scant moments are gone and meaningless now.


Besides, Felix being all judgmental about Brad is annoying and I’ve tired of this aspect of the character. Both Felix and Britt say that Brad is the father and the agreement was that Brad not be involved in the child’s life. Sure, that’s not true, not even close, but what Brad and Britt do in regards to ‘their’ baby is their business. Busybodies irritate me, as you’ll see when you read this week’s Days review.

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Casualty (U.K.)

I always like it when shows tell gay stories without using their resident gay characters. This was an interesting one with the troubled son finding about about his father’s gay lover (though it looked like the son already suspected, but was just looking for evidence). Though really this story was more about the patient being accidently given the wrong drug by Tess and Fletch taking the blame because he knew she was upset meeting his pregnant wife, right after Tess had aborted their baby as a result of their affair, an interesting story in and of itself.

Adam wasn’t happy to learn his dad was gay

I wonder, because of the accidental drugging if we’ll see more of Peter, Adam and Matt’s story. I hope so. It would be nice to get some resolution on this family drama. I had to agree with the nurse’s assessment that they didn’t see what Matt saw in Peter. He has to be one difficult boyfriend. I also think Matt is right about Adam. The next time Adam needs something and he probably will, he’ll be able to overlook his father being gay or use it his advantage.

6Degrees (Belfast)

This was a nice episode and I’m glad that Conor met a new guy. Brendan seems interesting and I enjoyed the conversation he and Conor had about being gay and living in a small town. I’m looking forward to seeing where things go with them. I’m also curious about all those letters from the hospital. Since they’re not bills as health care is provided for in Belfast, maybe it’s about Conor’s health and he’s not as fine as he claims to be. Hope we find out before the show ends next week.

Will Brendan be Conor’s next great love?

However, my favorite scene was between Danny and Eva where he told her that she was the only person he could trust and she replied ‘then you’re screwed’. I also liked that instead of having sex with him, which she would have done in the past, she told Danny it was a bad idea because he was upset having learned about Jess sleeping with McCann and she just held him instead. No doubt that’s because she really likes him and wants more than just a quickie. I think they’d make an interesting couple and they do have chemistry. I hope the show pursues it.

Holby City (U.K.)

That was an interesting story with Malick and Hanssen and the little boy. It was pretty obvious that Hanssen was affected by the patient and let that play into how he handled things, even if he was able to hide that from Malick. I figured that Malick would get the promotion in the end, especially as he is leaving the show in a few weeks. That tells me it’s not going to end well for him, sadly.

I didn’t know that Jake was living with Malick, that must have been an off-screen event. It’s nice to know that they are developing a relationship and becoming a family and I liked the scene where Malick talked about what it was like to have a grown son land on his doorstep. I don’t know what the situation is with Hanssen and his daughter, but it’s too bad that even now he’s not willing to deal with it. The guy is one cool customer that’s for sure. But I did love when Malick hugged Hanssen when he got his promotion. That moment made the whole hour worth watching.

Neighbours (Australia)

Chris is awfully loyal, I’ll give him that. Most guys would write off their boyfriend after learning they were a murderer, but Chris is bound and determined to stand by Hudson. Though it’s within his character to want to help Hudson as Chris always wants to fix things for the people he cares about. I still don’t buy that he and Hudson had this amazingly deep relationship. When Chris told Sheila that he loved Hudson, my only feeling was that I don’t recall them ever saying that to each other expressing those kind of feelings.


I can also understand Chris blaming himself for Hudson’s plight, but I think he’s taking the wrong tack. Instead of being upset for not letting Hudson come home him the night of the murder, he should be upset for involving Hudson in the first place. Chris insisted on telling Hudson about the situation with Amber when his friends didn’t want him to. I think his guilt should come from that aspect. And that was a nice twist about the girl that Chris was mean to turning out to be his new boss. But how was Lucas able to sell the garage so easily, especially with all the financial problems it’s had over the past year?


I was sorry to see Lucas go. I really liked his character and I loved his relationship with Chris. I was surprised the show chose to write him out because the character seemed popular and pretty entrenched on the show. But the new regime seemed to think he’d run his course. Not sure about that, but there you go. He really even didn’t get much of an exit with him and Vanessa suddenly deciding to leave town to start a new life. I did like his goodbye to Chris as they addressed how much they’d both changed since they met and the effect they’d had on each other. I also really liked Lucas’ final words to Chris in regards to Hudson.


Chris going to Karl for sleeping pills doesn’t make a lot of sense. If I needed sleeping pills, I’d go to the drug store and get some over-the-counter instead of going to my doctor. Moreover, Karl should have never prescribed those pills to Chris under the circumstances. I think Karl was very irresponsible for doing that. But they sure got the house cleaned up fast after Chris trashed it while sleepwalking. So far though I’m enjoying the fallout from the reveal that Hudson was the killer, even if I think the whole plot arc was bogus to begin with.

Among Us (Germany)

So.. during Yannick and Ringo’s fight and kiss, the streets just happened to be totally deserted? Sure…..

I thought the scenes of Ringo unable to forget his kiss with Yannick, combined with his getting turned on watching Yannick work out were hilarious. But of course then he has to have sex with a woman to prove he’s straight. This show hasn’t missed a cliche yet. I doubt if there will be many that they do miss. I did like Yannick telling Kira how he realized he was gay: when he saw Daniel Craig in a movie. Boy has got good taste. And I appreciate how Kira has no patience for homophobes, including her own brother.


I did think the show did a good job of Yannick telling his coming out story as Ringo had sex with that girl, only to still be dreaming of having sex with Yannick. And it was nice that Yannick’s coming out story was non dramatic and only served to set him free to be who he is and his friends and family were cool with it. That happens more often than you might think.

But I don’t quite get why Yannick is suddenly convinced that Ringo is straight because he had been with girls before. They had a relationship in the past, right? That can’t be easily dismissed. I guess it’s for the plot, but it doesn’t make sense given their history and Ringo’s over-the-top reaction and denials towards Yannick. And Ringo’s excuse to Tine as to why he threw her out of his place was ridiculous. Why would she believe such nonsense?


As for Easy sending Ringo that picture, why would Ringo think Yannick sent it? Is it even possible since Yannick was there on top of Ringo when the pic was taken? And I’m tired of Ringo always getting violent with Yannick cause he can’t deal with himself. That is something this story and all gay stories need to do away with. Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing what happens next, even if it is pretty predictable. The boys are cute, they have chemistry and the writing is pretty decent. I guess in this case, it’s the most I can ask for. Well, I could ask for more, some original storytelling perhaps, but it’s clear I’m not gonna get it.

Good Times, Bad Times (The Netherlands)

That was a cute moment where Lucas sneaked up on Menno and Menno put Lucas in a headlock. LOL. And I loved Aysen’s comment that she would have broken Lucas’ arm. But I’m glad that Menno basically told Lucas he can’t just keep showing up at his job and made him leave. It’s about time.

For some couples, this is foreplay…

As for the murder mystery, I do think it’s more interesting if Aysen and Menno work together than not. They make a good police team, even though neither of them have any business being on this case.

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Nashville (U.S.)

First off I’m a big fan of country music. I just love it so I’m liking the backdrop of this show set in the country music world. Truth is, until this past week I’d never watched Nashville. When you have to watch as many shows as I do for the column, I have to pick and choose the shows I watch just for fun (especially during baseball and football seasons which occupies a lot of my TV time). So I’m picking up on Will’s story in the middle so forgive me if I get some of the details wrong.

Judging from the preview clip, Gunnar found out that Will was gay when Will tried to kiss him. Apparently the guys got past that since they are living together now. That’s cool they were able to do that. I just wish we could have seen some of those scenes where they talked it out and didn’t let it ruin their friendship. It’s obvious though that Will is still in denial about being gay even after he tried to stick his tongue down his best friend’s throat. I like that Gunnar is being supportive and understanding, even if Will won’t let him and isn’t appreciative.


As much as I’m bored with coming out stories, at least for a change, Will (unlike so many other TV gays) has a legit reason why he can’t come out. It would probably ruin any chance at a country music career that he’s hoping for. So it’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out over the season. BTW, why are so many current TV gays named Will? Writing up the column this week it was strange how many gay Wills there are on TV right now. Probably doesn’t mean anything, it’s just weird.

Also, for regular viewers, who was the guy that Will almost kissed? Have we seen him before or was this the first time?

Oh and can Chris Cormack keep wearing those skin tight tank tops? I’d like to see him in a black one, please.

Days of Our Lives (U.S.)

Why am I taking Nick and Gabi’s side in this argument? Sure they’re supposed to be the ‘villains’ in this drama. But Will and Sonny are so self-righteous and annoying that they drive me to distraction.

First of all, Sonny feels free to bad mouth Chad and say Abby shouldn’t date him, but he disowned his own mother for not wanting Sonny with Will for very valid reasons. He’s supposedly a friend of Chad’s, but he trashes him behind his back? And trying to match-make with Cam and Gabi? Did he like it when his mom tried to hook him up with Brent? He truly is his mother’s son. At least she’s not a hypocrite.

And so what if Kate hires Nick? He’s not allowed to work in Salem? I liked that Will’s attempts to blame Sami’s problems on Nick were drowned out by the facts of what really happened, which Will didn’t want to hear.

Nick and Will are still fighting over Gabi….

As for Will finding out about Nick and Gabi, Will was totally out of line grabbing Gabi like that. I’m glad she made it clear that was inappropriate. She might be the ‘mother of his child’, but he doesn’t own her. And again, it is none of Will’s business who Gabi dates. He needs to get over it and get over himself.

In regards to Will and Sonny, it would be nice if they had a knock down drag out fight over everything Will has done that Sonny has forgiven or forgotten. But I suspect it’ll end up with hearts and flowers for these two.

Isn’t Ari kind of young for the zoo? I dunno. Seems like she’s too young to appreciate something like that.

Still don’t like that all of Will and Sonny’s drama are about Nick and Gabi and their relationship.

My Husband’s Lover (The Philippines)

There was a lot to like in last week’s subbed episodes of MHL. For all the drama that led up to it, my favorite scene in regards to Vincent coming out to his dad came afterwards when Vincent stood in the rain, just enjoying that the weight was off his shoulders and he was free. Poor Lally watching though, she knew this was one step closer to bringing an end to a marriage she still wanted to save.

I liked Danny finally standing up to his mother after she hid his ’gay’ stuff saying it was embarrassing to visiting family. I especially loved him pointing out that he was supporting his entire family, none of whom seem interested in working, but he was getting no respect or support in his own house. His walking out was awesome and I’m glad he’s finally moving on with his life by moving in with his boyfriend. I’m sure he’ll still support his family and that’s fine, but it’s good he’s not letting them hold him down anymore.


I don’t care much about Lally’s father showing up. Her family drama has always been boring and I don’t like her sister or her mom. I know telling their story is part of making a bigger picture and that’s necessary. I just wish it was more interesting. I guess her father came back just in time to die. But for me it’s weird they would be so quick to be involved with the father that deserted them. I don’t like Lally’s mom much, but why should she forgive the man? I don’t think that Lally should expect her to either.

I was disappointed by Eric and Vincent’s reunion. After dragging things out for so long, they get back together without really any conversation at all. I did like the foot washing scene. That was very sweet. However, did they have sex? I guess we’re supposed to assume they did given how they reacted afterwards. We didn’t know for sure until Eric talked to Martin. I realize it’s because the show has to be very vague and tentative about their sexual relationship, but I think there could have been better ways to have handled that.


It was uncool of Eric to walk out on his mom and Martin like he did. But I did like her reaction when he came back home. She was mad and scared about him getting back with Vincent, but she still loved and supported him no matter what. It didn’t stop her from guilt-tripping him though. Like I said so many times, I love their relationship. Meanwhile, I felt sorry for Martin getting dumped. He was destined to get his heart broken. But I wonder what he’ll do to hold onto Eric since he made it clear he won’t give up. Will he turn out to be crazy? Probably. The show has to do something to drag the story out for another 30 odd episodes or so, though I suspect that Armando’s trying to kill Eric, which is bound to happen, will eat up some airtime.

It was a lovely moment when Zandro’s dad finally accepted him for he truly is and I’m glad they didn’t drag out finding Diego or have something bad happen to him.

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Scoops and Spoilers

Will Joscha lose everything?

All That Matters: Joscha might be done with Melanie now that he’s dumped her, but the vengeful girl is hardly finished with him. When she gives an interview about her relationship with the soccer player, she hints that her ex-boyfriend might be gay, fueling rumors among Joscha’s teammates, increasing Joscha’s fears that his career is over before it really even began.

Can Doug rescue Ste’s daughter?

Hollyoaks: Ste is about to have his day in court for killing his mother and he’s resigned himself to going to jail. Doug, however, refuses to give up on Ste and begs him to do something to help himself. Danny, Ste’s father, secretly sends his son some money for a lawyer, but Ste refuses to use it. Desperate to make Ste see sense, Doug brings Ste’s daughter Leah for a visit to see her father. Ste’s trial gets underway and Ste’s little girl fnds out that her father is up on a murder rap. She runs away and finds her life at risk when she climbs on a rickety scaffolding. But will Doug be able to rescue her?

Meanwhile, Danny and John Paul, while helping to find a missing Leah, stumble across the dead body of Trent, the cop that Trevor murdered. Finding a dead body was upsetting enough, but it gets worse for Danny when he learns that his wife will be investigating the murder and moving herself and the family into the village.

Neighbours: Chris struggles to put losing Hudson behind him. He gets another emotional blow when Hudson’s hearing takes place and Hudson refuses any help from Chris and doesn’t even want him at the legal proceedings. When his being upset leads to his performance at work continuing to suffer, his boss warns him he has one last chance or she’ll fire him. Desperate to get some sleep, Chris takes the pills Karl prescribed him, even though he knows he may sleepwalk. Chris does so and wanders off into the night, forcing Shelia to go after him, fearing for his safety. Both Chris and Sheila are then put at risk.

Elias’ dad has bad news for the boys…

Secret Lives: After avoiding him for weeks, Lari finally talks to his father, who apologizes for treating him so badly when Lari came out to him. Lari hopes this means he and his dad can make peace until his father offers to pay for Lari’s therapy that will ‘straighten’ him out. Lari is upset to realize his father will never accept that he’s gay… and he’ll be unable to go home anytime soon.

Conor wants more from Brendan….

6Degrees: Brendan and Conor go on their first date and Conor makes it clear he wants more. But it may not be what Brendan wants. Plus, what is Conor hiding in regards to the letters from the hospital he keeps getting and throwing away? Meanwhile, Leech’s birthday turns into a disaster when one of the partygoers is left in tears. Also, things progress between Danny and Ava and McCann has a shocking suggestion for Jess.


Good Times, Bad Times: Things get complicated between Lucas and Menno thanks to some progress in the investigation. When Menno is forced to take sides, will he side with his boyfriend or will the law force him to make other choices? Meanwhile, concerned about Ludo’s involvement in the murder, Lucas and Noud work together against Ludo. Elsewhere, Menno gets another big break in the case and Lucas may not like where it leads.

Easy wants revenge against Ringo…

Among Us: When Ringo gets another pic of he and Yannick kissing, he is sure that Yannick sent it. Ringo confronts Yannick, who makes it clear that he didn’t send the picture. The boys work together to figure out where the pic came from and deduce that Easy was the one that sent it out of revenge against Ringo. Ringo tries to find out if that is the case but Easy convinces Ringo it wasn’t him. Later, after seeing Ringo hit on a girl, Easy reveals that it was him and threatens to expose Ringo unless Ringo gives in to Easy’s demands.

And Also This Week

Malick faces a terrible tragedy….

Holby City: Malick’s first day on his new job is the worst day in his life when he gets involved in a horrific car crash…

River City: Will’s case ends in tragedy….

Nashville: Will’s career gets a boost, making him even more determined to stay closeted…

Revenge: Nolan is shocked to learn that Emily’s next target is a man of the cloth, but will he help her anyway?

Days of Our Lives: Will isn’t happy to learn that Sami and EJ have moved back into Stefano’s mansion…

That’s it for another edition of Langford on Soaps. See you next time!