Langford on Soaps: Menno and Lucas are Getting Hitched on “Good Times, Bad Times”

Plus, Todd returns to Coronation Street — and he’s being a naughty boy, and what’s next for Chris on Neighbours?

Langford’s Picks and Pans

All That Matters (Germany)

A quick recap of last week’s shows….

As the texts threatening to out him continued, Joscha asked Raquel to marry him to stop the rumors that he’s gay and so she could get a green card and stay in Essen. Furious at their ‘happy’ relationship, Melanie told Joscha that Raquel was just using him and he angrily told her to stay out of his life after all the trouble she’s caused him.

I really, really like Raquel and Joscha together. I think they are so charming and make wonderful friends. She lightens Joscha up and makes him much more likable and appealing, bringing out a fun side to the character. I thought his marriage proposal was really cute.

Not so cute is Melanie. I felt sorry for her, briefly, when Joshca was toying with her feelings, but no more. Her nasty attempts to ruin Joscha’s life cut off any sympathy I had for her. I loved when Joscha told her off, speaking truth when he told her she never loved him, but only wanted a trophy boyfriend. But what is really annoying is Deniz chasing after her like a puppy dog. What does he see in this selfish, nasty creature? Deniz is far too nice of a guy for her. If they do get together, and I hope they don’t, it won’t last long before he sees her true colors. Then again, they should be glaring bright as day for him already.

Can and Katja’s road to romance is hilarious and I laughed out loud at her rap world fantasy at what dating him would be like. However, I think the the scene where Katja showed up at Can’s apartment, railed at him for standing up for her and wound up kissing him was even better. Classic romantic comedy. I’m really enjoying this story after being very iffy about it at first. I still can’t see the together long term, but like I said before, for now it’s fun.

A couple of notes:

1) I think that Deniz needs to let Can know this homophobic remarks are not acceptable and he needs to stop them. Apologizing after you do it doesn’t make it okay.

2) A clip of ATM that includes super studly Ben working out that hot body and then showing off his naked bum is A+ with me. Never change, show.

3) Finally, I’m sorry, but in a shared apartment with separate bedrooms, there is no reason anyone should have to leave so the other roommates can have a hook up.

Among Us (Germany)

A quick recap of last week’s shows:

Kira denied to her parents that she was gay, but they didn’t believe her. Meanwhile, Ringo avoided Yannick, while he continued to hate himself for wanting to be with Ringo. Kira told Yannick she knew about he and Ringo’s feelings for each other, but in protecting Ringo, he said she was wrong. When Kira saw Ringo making out with Tine, she thought her suspicions were off base — until she saw the smouldering looks between her brother and best pal….

Did those guys really have sex on that little sofa? Ringo and Yannick are strapping young men, I would think that would be a tad uncomfortable. And I’m glad that the show took the time to note they were having safe sex. But how convenient (yet extremely responsible) that one of them just happened to be carrying a condom with him just in case an impromptu sexual encounter were to take place.

Ringo cried after sex….

I like that Tobias told Ringo that the only problem he has was not accepting that he’s gay and that no matter how hard he tried to change, it wouldn’t work. He really wouldn’t be happy until he accepted who he was. And it was great that Tobias told Kira what an idiot she was being, broadcasting Yannick’s business all over the public airwaves. Just who gave this little twit her own radio show anyway? Then again, she really only wants to genuinely help Ringo and Yannick, so I’ll give her that much.

But I did like that when suspecting that Kira might be gay, her father’s only concern was that she would be happy and he wanted to help her in any way he could. This makes me wonder what Ringo’s issue is about being gay. I really need the show to articulate that, especially since no one in his life has an problem with it. So what is his problem?

Days of Our Lives (U.S.)

Uhhh, calm down Will. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Adrienne asking Justin to help Marge. Yes, she shot Chad and all, but there were extenuating circumstances. Besides, Justin has represented worse clients.

This whole ‘Will the writer’ plot arc is just another lame example of an out of nowhere story for Will and Sonny. Will writes? Well, it makes about as much sense as him being a computer whiz. More importantly, it’s such a non-conflict. Gabi and Sonny are there and the baby is related to half the town who will watch the baby at a moment’s notice. It is sooooo stupid and make no sense for Will to not to take the fellowship. He’s young and opportunities like this don’t come along every day. Just…. dumb.

I did wonder what exactly Will’s story entailed though. Did he include all the drama about Nick and his trying to take Ari and the kidnapping and Sonny delivering the baby and all that? Somehow, I suspect not, which would be a shame. Anyway, we all know this was crafted to cover Chandler’s vacation. But with the fact that we barely see them and they have no story, who’d notice if he was gone a couple of weeks?

Once again I wonder if Sonny is actually gay. That shirt he bought for Will was ugly. And business must be terrible at the nightclub if it’s quiet enough to have a baby at night. I did like Sami being shocked that Will hadn’t written about her though. That’s so Sami. It’s nice to know that Will and Sonny have a sex life (off screen), but do they really not have sex if Gabi happens to be at home? I dunno as someone who lived with a guy and we had roommates, that seems weird. And I still hate Will and Sonny’s theme music.

Good Times, Bad Times (The Netherlands)

I think the look of ’this is ridiculous’ that appeared on Aysen’s face when she heard about the wedding sums up my feelings perfectly. It’s still hard for me to buy that Menno would marry Lucas so soon, or at all. Menno simply doesn’t seem like the kind of man who would rush into anything. One of my biggest concerns about Lucas and Menno’s pairing off is that it would damage the credibility of Menno’s character by having him always put up with someone like whack job Lucas. And it seems to me that’s what is happening.

I mean it would be nice if Lucas would grow up and mature, especially in this relationship with an older, down to earth kind of guy. But instead, Lucas hasn’t changed a bit (actually he’s gotten worse) and Menno’s character is the one that is being shaped and changed. I don’t like it, not just because I think Lucas is the one who needs some seasoning (or many spankings, whichever) but the things I liked about Menno are starting to fade away as he continues to put up with Lucas’ ridiculousness. The scenes of Lucas interrupting Menno at work are not only repetitive because it’s happened so often, they’re also boring. Honestly, you’d think Menno’s boss would have something to say about the constant work interruptions.

That said, the two of them have terrific chemistry and Menno is far and away Lucas’ best love interest. That final scene of them in Menno’s office just being cute and romantic was really sweet. But I agree with Lucas that I’m tired of the murder case. The show has let it drag on for far too long. It’s time to solve the thing and move on.

*Thanks to GTSTfanMARK for the clips!

Hollyoaks (U.K.)

Danny’s wife is awfully forgiving about his lying about Ste. And while she has no idea about his affair with John Paul, I wonder how many male lovers he’s had. Given the kind of guy Danny is, I doubt that John Paul is the first man he’s slept with while married. And I can’t believe that neither John Paul, Danny or Ste have realized that Danny and Ste nearly slept together. BTW, Ste put out the sign that the deli was closed until further notice. But wasn’t the deli closed anyway since Ste and Doug were leaving town? And didn’t Ste send the kids home to Amy? Why would they even be here, especially as Ste doesn’t even have a place to live?

So Vincent is back and so are the reminders how terrible this story is. I still don’t believe Phoebe would think that Vincent can be changed into being straight when he isn’t. It’s not part of her character given her history and that several of her best friends are all gay. Vincent and George still have no chemistry and no reason to be crazy in love. Plus, why would Vincent ask George if he could date Phoebe? That makes no sense. But then this whole story doesn’t. I did like Vincent putting Finn and Robbie in their place. Bullies usually back down when someone fights back. And I’m glad the show let George recognize that Callum is dead. It was nice that Phoebe went to see him, though with everything that’s gone on with both of them recently, it’s shame they didn’t reconnect before this.

I don’t like violence, but Robbie deserved that punch in the mouth. Him saying Callum was his friend is a laugh since, lest we forget, Robbie shot Callum and he nearly died. Of course, only Robbie would find Phoebe attractive after she hit him. But hey, I see Jason is following in the Roscoe family tradition of never wearing a shirt.

Poor Leanne. She was never my favorite, but I thought her death was very sad. At least she found a bit of happiness at the end. But I don’t think she really believed that Doug would miss her wedding or not come and see her knowing she was dying. I guess that was better than dealing with the truth.

I can’t imagine who the father of Tegan’s baby is, but how old is this girl supposed to be? She doesn’t look that much younger than either of her parents. And is Leela the new Jacqui? She seems to have that attitude. Overall though this show should have done better casting. The three sisters look nothing alike. I like that Ste and Leela hate each other though. I loved when she mocked Ste for being a ‘gay widower’.

My Husbands’ Lover (The Philippines)

Well, Eric was right when he said they should tell the kids because they would find out one way or the other. And they found out in about the worst way possible. I know it would have been difficult, but the kids would have understood once they got over the shock. Like Eric said, they grasp more than we think they do. It’s really the lying and hiding that make these matters worse.

I know Danny was lamenting about ‘if only his family knew’ the sacrifices he was making for them, but what he needs to realize is that is mother doesn’t care about any sacrifices Danny might be making. She really only cares about what she wants and what she wants his Danny under her thumb. It’s her own fault that she drove him away, which she would never admit or face of course. It still doesn’t stop her from taking his money though. I guess her pride only goes so far.

So Martin hadn’t seen Eric in months and he was still hoping they had a future together? Obsessive much? I’m glad that Eric went to talk to him though. Most folks would have just done nothing and hoped Martin would go away. I just wonder if we’ve seen the last of him and he’s going to turn out to be a psycho or something before it’s all over.

*Thanks to MHLTEAM2013 for the clips!

Nashville (U.S.)

Finally some forward motion with Will’s story, including his relationship with Brent. It’s pretty obvious the reason why Brent went to bat for Will is because he still has feelings for him. And Will clearly has some feelings for Brent as well, given the looks they shared after he found out what Brent did. But what really told the tale was Brent’s jealous reaction when Jeff suggested that Will have a pretend romance with Layla and Will eagerly went for it. In fact, Brent’s jealousy was so obvious I don’t see how Jeff missed it!

As for Will, he knew he had hurt Brent’s feelings and it seems like that’s the last thing he wanted to do. It’s going to get messy though, especially since Layla is really interested Will… or she thinks that a romance with him will further her career and that’s why she is going after him. Why do I have the feeling that Will’s entering in this sham relationship with Layla will be what drives him into Brent’s arms and Layla will be the one to find out about their relationship? Hmmm….

I’m glad that Rayna got her voice back and I loved that scene with her and Jeff where she swore to buy out of her contract. I think Jeff won’t let her go so easily though. That should make for some interesting viewing. But Scarlett continues to bore me silly. I just find her to be such dull, one note character. And as a fellow viewer pointed out last week, with Edgehill looking to change her image there is no way they wouldn’t start by cutting her hair. It’s a mess and totally unflattering. You can be down home, but still not look like you’re wearing a mop.

Neighbours (Australia)

I can’t believe that Chris wasn’t fired for what happened with the cars. He knew who had done it, but said nothing. Seems to me that would be actionable in most businesses. His boss might not be very nice, but she’s given him more chances than most places would have — or that he probably deserves. I did think it was funny though that Chris’ reaction to what happened Miguel was not to stop tricking, but to not tell them where he worked. And well, that is good advice as it happens. LOL!

However, I’m not sure how I feel about Kyle saying to Chris that an occasional fling was okay but not what he was doing. So what if Chris wanted to have a string of one-nighters? That’s not necessarily a bad thing, IMO. At first I didn’t think the show as slut shaming, but it looks that is the case.

As for Josh, he is a complete idiot, but he didn’t deserve that. I have the feeling though that being arrested for punching Josh might finally be Chris’ wakeup call and he’ll deal with what happened with Hudson. Still, I find it hard to believe Chris is so devastated over a guy he only dated for a few weeks (off screen) but whatever….

Revenge (U.S.)

Week after week, this show proves it’s really recovered from last season, which nearly killed it. I’m just loving it. With all the twists and turns and confessions and denials about who tried to kill Conrad, I didn’t expect that it would be Patrick who did it… if he did do it. We only have Aiden’s word for that and he certainly can’t be trusted. But a bigger surprise was when Charlotte confessed very convincingly, lying to to protect Jack. And if I didn’t already believe that Charlotte and Jack need to hook up, her going that far for him tells me they need to get together. I don’t buy the French chick’s interest in him. She doesn’t seem like she’d want Jack for more than anything than a one night stand. And I don’t think Jack and Emily could ever really work, she’s too messed up. Aiden’s the man for her. Daniel can kick rocks. Are you listening, show?

Back to Patrick, if he did try to kill Conrad, why did he? To help Victoria or for some other dark reason? While we can see that Nolan, fool that he is, is head over heels for Patrick, who knows what Patrick’s agenda is. He did tell Victoria that there was someone he cared about and it didn’t work out, so maybe his feelings for Nolan are legit. Either way, no matter what, it probably won’t work out in the end. This is Revenge after all, where no one gets to be happy for more than a few minutes. I just hope that Patrick sticks around for while. I know that Justin Hartley is just a recurring player, but I’ve grown to like him.

Secret Lives (Finland)

That Lari is really starting to bulk up and put on some muscle. Are we really supposed to believe he’s a teenager?

Don’t you have to want to change if those reparative therapy camps are going to work? With Lari clearly against it, I can’t see that it would have a chance. Anyway, I really don’t have too much to say about this past week’s shows other than I wish we’d get to the point where Lari and Elias are actually and out couple and the show gives them new dramas. That said, this isn’t particularly boring and since I’ve grown to like these boys (despite the bad acting), I want to see what happens next.

*Thanks to MISSFINLANDIA88 for the clips!

Scoops and Spoilers

All That Matters: Joscha begins to plan his wedding to Raquel, which has Melanie furious with jealousy. Ingo is jealous too, espeically after Raquel convinces him that she and Joscha are really in love. Deciding she wants Joscha back, Melanie embarks on a scheme to get rid of Raquel. When Melanie sees that Raquel has packed her bags, she assumes her plan has worked. But Raquel won’t be so easily gotten rid of.

Among Us : Kira’s suspicions about Ringo are confirmed when she catches Ringo and Yannick about to have sex. Kira assures the boys she’ll keep their secret, which is what Ringo wants while Yannick desires a relationship not burdened by the closet. But when Ringo tells Yannick he wants a secret affair, will Yannick go along with it?

Days of our Lives: Will is headed out of town for a week at Berkley, but still takes the time to interfere in Gabi’s love life. Concerned that Nick is still hanging around Gabi, Will asks Cameron to spend some time with Gabi while he’s gone. As Cam likes Gabi he has no problem with Will’s request. Nick has a problem with it though, and plots to find a way to deal with his sudden rival, as well as take advantage of Will’s absence.

EastEnders: Danny has taken over running the soccer team and Billy is furious when Danny benches him. Later, after Jay is injured while playing, Billy steps in and wins the game for the team. Still angry with Danny, when Billy find the money the team raised for the church in Danny’s locker, Billy gets an idea. Danny later realizes the money is gone and everyone is suspicious. Eventually, Billy ‘finds’ the money and again he’s the hero. Danny realizes what Billy has done lets Billy know he won’t forget it.

Hollyoaks: George grieves the loss of his friends Ash and Callum, but the funeral gets ugly when Ash and Callum’s drunken mother Martha shows up, railing that Will murdered her daughter. Elsewhere, despite everyone’s skepticism, Vincent is determined to prove that he’s straight and wants a relationship with Phoebe. To that end, the two decide to get married. When John Paul, Phoebe’s guardian, refuses to give his consent, the kids decide to run off to Ireland where Phoebe’s mother lives and get her permission. Meanwhile, Danny tries to help Ste deal with Doug’s death.

Neighbours : Chris is in big trouble after hitting Joshua and making matters worse is that the injury could hurt Josh’s swimming career. Kate tries to prevent Chris from seeing any jail time, but that may be unavoidable after is arrested. His friends try to help him, but Chris doesn’t even want to be released from jail. When he finally gets home, he learns Kyle is moving out because he can’t take living with Chris anymore. It’s then that Kate takes matters into her own hands to make one last ditch effort to help Chris.

People of the Valley: Iolo has to face his father’s dismay when Sion learns that Iolo tested positive for cocaine.

Secret Lives: Desperate to track down Lari, Elias and his pals break into Ilkka and Lari’s apartment on the hunt for clues. Elias finds out that Lari is at the gay reparative therapy camp and goes there to see him. Lari lies and tells Elias that he is there voluntarily, which devastates Elias. Eventually, Lari can’t stand to be away from Elias and sneaks away from the camp to see his boyfriend, only to find Elias in another guys arms. Hurt and betrayed and not knowing where to turn, Lari goes back to the camp and tells his father he’ll concede to his wishes and do what it takes to be straight again.

And Also This Week

Coronation Street: Todd reveals he’s planning to come home for a visit…

Good Times, Bad Times: Lucas gets in a big fight……


Warning: Possible Triggers Ahead!

John Paul’s life will be forever changed after he is raped….

When James Sutton returned to Hollyoaks as John Paul McQueen late last year, the actor had promised that the show would be doing a shocking storyline that the soap had never done before. But that story never materialized and the actor revealed a few months back that the story was on hold for awhile. Now, however, it’s about to begin playing out on our screens. The UK soap press revealed last week that John Paul will become a victim of sexual assault when John Paul is raped by high school student Finn O’Connor.

Fans have already seen John Paul be harassed because he’s gay by Finn and his cohort Robbie Roscoe, but the harassment will escalate over the next few months. Then early in the new year, John Paul will get the evidence proving that Finn and Robbie have been torturing him. Robbie presses Finn to talk to John Paul and frighten him into staying silent. But the confrontation gets out of hand and the teenage boy rapes his older teacher. Finn, played by Keith Rice, is not gay, but commits the act to exert his control over John Paul. The rape itself will not be shown on screen.

James Rice plays Finn, John Paul’s attacker….

Sutton told Digital Spy that the show has been planning this story for over a year and has done a lot of research, working with organizations that help male victims of rape as well as GLBT groups to give the story authenticity. Sutton spoke to survivors of rape as part of his own research into preparing for the story.

“It is not just one event — it will follow the consequences of what happens to the character after going through an extremely traumatic attack and how it changes him as a person.” Sutton said. “Hollyoaks has a history of examining important issues and I am really looking forward to telling the story.”

Bryan Kirkwood, the show’s executive producer feels this is an important story that needs to be told, citing that Hollyoaks has a history of telling, ground breaking controversial stories such as last year’s bullying storyline, the transgender story with gay teen James/Jasmine and the gay domestic violence saga with Ste and Brendan.

Ste and Brendan went from abuser/abused to lovers? Could it happen again?

“The storyline will follow the journey of what happens to John Paul after he becomes a victim of rape, but also will examine the far-reaching consequences for all of those around him and also for the perpetrator.” Kirkwood explained. “Keith and James are both extremely skilled young actors who I am confident will tell this story with skill and empathy.”

Fan reaction to the story was mixed as the Twitter-verse exploded with discussion over the story. Many fans are looking forward to the provocative story while others had little faith the show would do a good job on the tale. The detractors noted that that the topical plot of Ste being abused by his lover Brendan was twisted into a love story where much of Brendan’s abuse and manipulation of his boyfriend was either ignored or white-washed in order to pair the couple romantically.

In fact this columnist tweeted his own concerns that the show, given its disturbing history, would have John Paul and Finn fall in love, Finn would never pay for his crimes or both. Sutton responded to that tweet simply saying ’trust us’.

Todd is back and trouble will be close behind….

We’ve been anxiously awaiting the return of Todd Grimshaw to Coronation Street. The beloved gay character is back after several years away, except for a one day stint last year. But when Todd returns he’ll be quite different from the nice guy that fans have come to know as Todd will have a decidedly darker side this time around.

In fact, viewers will see the bad side of Todd before Todd himself shows up as Todd’s ex-lover Alex pays a visit to Todd’s mom Eileen, saying that Todd stole some money from him and Alex wants it back. However, Todd’s lies don’t work and his return home has already started on the wrong foot. But Todd manages to get his mother to overlook his bad deeds and manipulates Sean, who has a crush on him, to do it.

Todd plays games with Sean’s heart…

But Todd won’t be returning Sean’s feelings. In fact, as previously reported, Todd will set his sights on nurse Marcus Dent, who is gay, even though he is currently in a romantic relationship with Maria. But Todd won’t let Marcus already being involved stop him.

“He has his eye on Marcus and he’s out to get what he wants.” Bruno Langley, who plays Todd told Soaplife. “He also likes a challenge and I guess he’s probably one of those people who likes the drama of splitting up couples. It’s all for his own ego to prove that he can.”

So what happened to Todd to make him so naughty? Langley has a theory.

“I think he must have been badly hurt in past relationships and that’s why he is like he is now.” Langley said. “He’s come back to make trouble. He’s full of bravado and thinks he’s far too good for Weatherfield… There’s lots of drama ahead.”

Look for Todd to return next week on Coronation Street.

Things have been difficult for Neighbours gay mechanic Chris Pappas. He thought he finally found happiness with swimmer Hudson Walsh, until Hudson was jailed for murder. Chris went off the rails, indulging in a string of one night stands to deal with losing his boyfriend. But soon things will come to a head for Chris when he finally comes face to face with his jailed lover after his friends force him to do something to change his behavior.

“…..Kate, Sheila and Kyle have all had enough of his behaviour. He’s not just destroying himself, but also destroying his relationships with everyone around him. His friends are all fed up, but they also care for him and want to do the best by him.” Mason told Digital Spy. “Kate decides to take Chris to see Hudson. This is against his will of course, because Chris won’t co-operate, but she forces him to go to the prison to get some closure. In the storyline, there’s a letter that Hudson has left for Chris, but he is determined not to read it because he is scared of what it might say.”

After talking to Hudson, Chris realizes he still loves his ex. Not wanting to give up on what they had, Chris proposes to Hudson that they have a long distance relationship. Hudson is reluctant, after all he’s going to be in jail for four years!

“It takes a bit of persuading, because Hudson is looking out for Chris and doesn’t want to put them both in a situation where they’re going to get hurt again down the track.” Mason explained. “In the end, they agree and decide to see how it goes.”

Look for Hudson and Chris to have an off screen relationship..

Mason doesn’t know if Hudson will be returning to the show anytime soon, but he hopes so, having grown close to Remy Hii, who portrays the character.

“Remy is really talented and fun to work with, so I really hope that there’s a bit more stuff coming up with us in the future.” Mason said. “Whether it’s on screen or off screen, we’ll still be a part of each other’s lives for a long time to come.”

As for what’s next for Chris (since he clearly won’t have a romantic life), as reported in a previous edition of LOS, Chris will have a big storyline revolving around his family next year. Mason says he doesn’t know very much about the upcoming story, only that the actors who previously played his parents will be returning to the show for awhile.

“…The reason we don’t know too far ahead is that the story team and producers don’t release information too soon, just in case there are potential changes which need to be made. There’s a certain time frame in place before they tell us things.” Mason explained. “….I’m interested in finding a bit more about it myself.”

And finally this week, Jaclyn Zeman, who plays nurse Bobbie on General Hospital tweeted last week that she was returning to the show. Why do we care about this? Bobbie is the adoptive mother of gay Lucas Jones, who has been rumored to be making his way to Port Charles now that his mobster bio-dad and secret sister are in town. The buzz is that Bobbie will be ushering Lucas into town and help him to find a job at the hospital. Still no word on who will be playing the much talked about role.

That’s it for this week’s Langford On Soaps. See you next time!