Langford On Soaps: “Neighbours” Gets A Sexy New Gay

Plus, what is Brad hiding on General Hospital?

Langford’s Picks and Pans

Hollyoaks (U.K.)

Harry letting himself be blackmailed was just stupid. He couldn’t make up a story as to why he was in the club, which is what he ended up doing anyway? After all, everyone already knows he was there that night. He was only inside for a few seconds and he left right away. He didn’t even do anything. It’s a flimsy story point. Besides, as for stealing the exam, wouldn’t each individual test be kept by the teacher who is giving the test and not kept in some centralized location? Of course they would.

And Harry made the situation ten times worse by sleeping with Cleo to prove to her that he’s not gay. This is not going to end well. Cleo is the clingy type and can be a bit unstable. I don’t think she’s going to take it very well when the truth comes out. But please, no pregnancies or STD’s. We already got enough of that in current HO. Truth be known, Harry and Cleo are actually cute together and except for Nico and Dylan, the show doesn’t have any likeable teen couples. But well, they’re doomed.

To be frank, I’m really having a hard time with the show’s plans to eventually pair Harry with Ste. Harry is a teenage boy and Ste is a twice married, HIV positive ex-drug addict with three kids. I’m not sure why either of them would enter into such a coupling.

Hollyoaks loves repeating the same old setups, don’t they? It was just a few years ago when a bunch of dumb teens in a stolen car ran over somebody. That time it was Ruby, if I remember correctly. What is really silly about the new storyline is, wouldn’t Zack assume that Patrick would immediately report his car stolen and they’d almost certainly be caught? Yes, there were contrived reasons why Patrick couldn’t call the police, but Zack didn’t know that when he took the car. Dumb.

No school anywhere would allow Theresa to dress like that for work. I mean, come on.

How long will Jason be a cop before he’s covering up his own family’s crimes? Oh wait, he’s not even a cop yet and he’s doing it already. His superior, Ben, though is super hot.

I liked the scenes of Dylan explaining to Nico that he likes to dress in woman’s clothes. It was interesting that when she asked him why he does it, he said even he didn’t know why, only that it makes him feel good. I appreciate the show reiterating that Dylan isn’t transgender or gay or bisexual and that his crossdressing isn’t about his sexuality. As I’ve said before this is a unique and interesting storyline. But I wasn’t happy to hear that the actor playing Dylan will be leaving the show in a few months. I do want to see how they wrap this story up before he goes. Is it too much to ask that he’s not killed off?

General Hospital (U.S.)

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it, Brad and Lucas are simply wonderful together and deserve more airtime than the pittance this show hands out to them. I loved their few scenes this week. So much romance and warmth and heart and the actors are terrific. I do hope these scenes are going somewhere though and there’s actually going to be a storyline for them in the buildup to the wedding. There’s a lot about Brad’s past that hasn’t been explored so I’m liking that we’re finally getting to know more about his character. I’m pretty sure he’s said before he was out to his parents, so I can’t imagine what he’s hiding. Can’t wait to find out though.

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Neighbours (Australia)

Hmmm…. So, clearly Alistair is a closet case. He was interested in Nate until his friends showed up. Then Alistair’s attitude changed completely. As much as I want to see Nate dating, I hope this doesn’t go much further. Neighbours has done the coming out story enough times. I don’t want to see another one. I did like Sheila’s tirade against Alistair though.

I have to admit I’m starting to like Nate more and more. I found the character and the actor really stiff and awkward when he first started, but as the show fleshed him out and the actor grew more comfortable on screen he’s much more appealing. I still don’t think they’ve explored Nate’s soldier past enough, though.

I loved that scene with Sheila and Susan where Susan told Sheila to stop pushing Nate to date. The bit where Sheila looked like she wanted to turn the hose on Susan had me laughing out loud.

What’s going on with Kyle’s hair? He’s way too hot to have it looking like that. And was that Georgia’s exit? I know the actress has left the show, but that’s a weird way to write her out.

Secret Lives (Finland)

Well, the one thing I’m glad about is that Lari didn’t come home and find Kalle there with all this stuff. That might have resulted in something their relationship can’t come back from. However, Janne is not going to be able to keep what happened quiet for too long and I wonder what will happen then. At any rate, this is the best thing for Kalle. He is a grown man running a hospital. He should not be living with his parents like some slacker teenager.

I do like how Lari has matured and how he appreciates his privacy and living alone after all the drama in his life. And he’s right in that it’s too soon for him and Kalle to be moving in together. Like Lari said, there’s been a lot going on in the past year, this is the first time he and Kalle have been together without a cloud of some sort hanging over their heads. No need to rush.

Yet, it does make sense that Kalle would want to move in. He’s in his mid 30’s and ready to settle down. Lari, who is still a teenager, is in a completely different place in his life. This will probably be what eventually ends them. That, and Elias’ inevitable return to the show and Lari’s life.

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Shortland Street (New Zealand)

I didn’t know Rachel had a gay brother. I did like her advice though, even if her phrasing was weird. Or maybe that was the writing.

Of course Lucy made the right decision. She was fooling herself and Alex was trying way too hard. At least they didn’t drag it out.

This Week in Spoilers

Todd lays out his master plan….

Coronation Street: When Todd learns that Eileen’s boyfriend Adrian is planning a surprise vacation for Eileen, Todd puts the final pieces of his plan to ruin his mother’s life in place. Sending her a text from her ‘other man’ Jeff, Todd arranges for them to meet at a local restaurant. Eileen arrives to meet Jeff for the first time and is stunned to see Adrian there. Then Todd shows up.

Eileen is confused, until Todd reveals to Adrian that Eileen was there to meet another man she’s been communicating with the entire time she’d been seeing Adrian. It doesn’t take long for Eileen to realize that Todd has been masquerading as Jeff. Eileen tries to explain herself to Adrian, but he’s too hurt and breaks up with Eileen. Eileen can’t understand why Todd would do something so cruel, until Todd explains he did it because his family weren’t there for him the night he was attacked and that he’s physically scarred for the rest of his life as a result.

Todd also reveals that he was responsible for breaking up Jason and Eva as well. And now that Todd’s revenge is complete, where does that leave him and his family?

Paul steams up Ben’s glasses…

EastEnders: Paul Coker, grandson of Les and Pam, arrives in town to visit his family after spending a couple of years working in the States. Paul quickly makes an impression on Lola when he knocks her over in the street. While Lola isn’t hurt, Ben jumps in to defend her and Paul instantly finds himself intrigued by Ben. Ben is into Paul as well and the boys do some serious flirting. Paul slips Ben his phone number and they secretly meet and make out.

Later, Paul’s grandparents are glad to hear he’s staying in town, but when Paul learns his granddad is having an affair with Claudette, he’s furious that Les is betraying his grandmother Pam. However, Les gets Paul to agree not to say anything to Pam. Pam, however, picks up on the obvious tension between her husband and her grandson. Not wanting to hurt his family, Les breaks it off with Claudette, but she insists it won’t be easy for him to walk away.

Desperate to prove he’s straight, Ben has sex with his girlfriend…

Elsewhere, Ben struggles with his gay feelings and the fact that Abi is becoming more and more clingy. Abi has been anxious to have sex with Ben, something he’s been avoiding. When Abi puts on a full on seduction, Ben, wanting to prove something to everyone, including himself, gives in. The next morning, Ben brags to Jay that he slept with Abi and isn’t gay, but Jay isn’t buying it, aware that Ben has been has been meeting men online. He threatens to expose Ben unless Ben stops hooking up with guys for good.

Finn is torn how to handles his family problems….

Emmerdale: Emma continues to get her hooks into James, furthering her efforts by making sure that James doesn’t get a flat he wanted to move into. She offers to let James stay with she, Ross and Finn until he’s able to find a new place. Finn works out what his mother is up to and threatens to tell James. Emma says she loves James and insists they can all be a family again if Finn would just keep quiet. Finn is torn about what to do.

Meanwhile, Robert is angry about Adam cheating on Victoria and advises Victoria to get revenge. Victoria is reluctant and is upset when Robert frames Adam for robbery. Later, Victoria and Adam get into an argument while Victoria is driving and Victoria runs over Ashley. Ashley is rushed to the hospital and Victoria faces hit and run charges. Robert worries about how to help his sister.

Hollyoaks: Ste has to take the baby to work and seeing that his estranged husband has problems, John Paul offers to babysit. Ste is grateful, but Sinead is upset when she finds out. Sinead is worried that John Paul and Ste might reunite and makes steps to stop it. Her interference results in an ugly shouting match between Ste and Sinead. Ste says he regrets ever sleeping with Sinead and Sinead makes nasty comments about Ste having HIV. Ste storms out and then makes a fateful phone call. But to who?

Will Nate’s first date with a new guy go smoothly?

Neighbours: Nate has been nervous about dating again, especially after his ugly incident with homophobe Alistair, but Jared and Kyle want to cheer their pal up and decide to play wingmen to help him meet a guy. The three of them go to the Waterhole, which is having a GLBTI fundraiser. Once there, Nate has his eye on Brett, a local college student, but is hesitant to make a move. With Jared and Kyle’s assistance, Nate and Brett connect and make a date for next week. But as you would expect, trouble is right around the corner….

Shortland Street: In the wake of his breakup with Lucy, Alex gets closer to Clementine as she grows to understand why Alex felt the need to deny his sexuality and go back into the closet. Clementine is anxious to help her brother accept who he is, but her solutions could only make things worse.

Meanwhile, Jack’s family is hit with another blow regarding Pixie’s cancer when they learn that her treatments are not effective and immediate surgery is the young girl’s only option if she’s going to survive. Jack is devastated at being unable to do anything to help Pixie when she needs him the most.

Teasers For Next Week

Coronation Street: Todd revels in the pain he’s caused his family…

Days of Our Lives: Ari’s 2nd birthday party is fraught with drama; the truth about Sonny’s stabbing begins to surface…

EastEnders: Paul decides to stay in town and gets a job….

Finn wishes he hadn’t accepted this party invite..

Emmerdale: Robert vows to destroy Adam; Finn is put in an uncomfortable position…

Hollyoaks: John Paul makes a horrifying discovery; Ste comes to a surprising decision about his love life….

What does Alistair want from Nate?

Neighbours: Nate goes on his first date with Brett, only for Alistair to make a surprise appearance….

Shortland Street: Alex is reunited with his ex-lover, leading to the reveal of a dark secret….


Aussie soap Neighbours is adding a sexy new gay character and viewers can expect to see the hottie without his clothes a lot. Matt Wilson is joining the cast as Aaron Brennan, middle brother of hunky Brennan brothers Mark and Tyler. Viewers know that studs Mark and Tyler are often seen shirtless and the show isn’t being shy about the fact that their brother Aaron will follow suit. In fact, when we first meet Aaron he’s on stage stripping at the local bar, which will introduce him back into his brother’s lives. While this is Wilson’s first acting gig, he is fairly well known in Australia thanks to his job modeling the AussieBum line of swimwear.

When we first meet Aaron, he’s newly single and looking for a boyfriend, prompting his brother Tyler to try and fix him up with Nate, who is also ready to date again following his split with Chris a few months ago. But will Aaron and Nate hit it off? Guess we’ll know soon enough

I admit I’m surprised that the show is bringing on one of the Brennan brothers as gay, not to mention playing up how sexy and hot he is. Will Aaron’s love life be as messy and complicated as his brothers’ tend to be? Chris didn’t always get the best storylines or love interests, so it’ll be interesting to see what the writers do with Aaron. And well, this is the guy’s first acting gig, so let’s hope he was hired for more than just a pretty face and tight abs.

Wilson debuts in a couple of weeks on Neighbours, but you can check out a clip promoting his debut below.

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