Langford on Soaps: Out Actor Tim Campbell Fired from “House Husbands”

Plus, Christmas Day brings us a new gay on EastEnders, Finn’s sexuality is revealed on Emmerdale and John Paul discovers bondage on Hollyoaks. Also, Felix and Brad get in the mood on General Hospital.

Langford’s picks and Pans

All That Matters (Germany)

What went down last week?

Joscha’s brother Lukas tried to deal with his knee injury with painkillers. When an addicted Lukas asks Kai to prescribe him some powerful drugs, Kai refuses.

Joscha realized he had to stop acting so uneasy around an openly gay Kai because it was only raising suspicions about his own sexuality. Later, Joscha ran into Kai and his father having coffee, where he found out that David had helped Kai get the job at the Centre. Joscha hung around to spend some time with Kai. Kai and Joscha’s coffee date ended in a kiss, but when Joscha saw his soccer teammates approaching, he shoved Kai and accused him of sexual harassment.

Honestly, at the end of this clip, I was ready to turn off the TV and never watch this show again. I simply can no longer watch gay men being abusive to their lovers. It is a plot device that I find unacceptable and it’s difficult for me to watch the relationship going forward once you have brought violence into the mix. I’m sure Kai and Joscha will kiss and make up, this is just the start of their love story, but I ask myself why would Kai, seemingly out and proud, put up with abuse, either physical or verbal from a guy that he just met and barely knows? Yes, I know if Kai walked away there would be no story, but to me, there’s nothing that special about Joscha or their relationship that would warrant Kai tolerating being treated so poorly.

I really, really wish shows would just stop with the violence between male lovers. Nearly every gay couple on soaps have had at some point, the lovers attacking each other. It’s become a trope and it needs to stop. If shows want to send a positive message to gay stories, end this particular plot point. But with that said, for the first time I saw some chemistry between Joscha and Kai. Too bad it was squashed by Joscha’s violent tirade.

I thought it was interesting that the show’s recap of previous episodes included a steamy clip of Joscha and Kai in the shower that did not air in the episode where that scene took place. It makes you wonder what was left on the cutting room floor. And as I’ve said before, I love that this show is so shameless in showing off its male stars bodies. The scene of Lukas and Kai in the locker room where Lukas stands around in a pair of very brief boxers was so gratuitous, but nevertheless welcome.

I thought the scene of the guys dancing around in high heels was adorable. But would Joscha, who is so touchy about his sexuality, readily agree to do such a thing? I don’t believe he would. But as the scene was played for laughs, I guess Joscha’s deep-seated internal homophobia would have ruined the joke.

Coronation Street (U.K.)

That Todd is such a little manipulator and it was fun watching him play mind games with folks. Now, I don’t like Sean at all, but even I felt sorry for him as Todd held out the promise of a relationship, when he clearly has no intention of there ever being anything between them.

The scene with Todd and Marcus as Todd diffused Marcus’ anger about Todd telling Julie the truth about Brian was also nicely done. However, that ‘girlfriend’ bit at the end was really weird, out of place and seemed out of character.

Now putting aside Todd’s real motivation in destroying Brian and Julie’s relationship, Todd was right in that Julie did need to be told the truth and Brian was too much of a coward to do so, lying to her and doing things to destroy her dreams behind her back. Secretly telling the fostering agency that he didn’t want to foster a child, was particularly cruel, I think. And unforgivable.

I don’t see how they can come back from this. It’s not just the lies, it’s the fact that Julie wants kids and Brian does not. That’s not something you can compromise on. It’s rather black and white, you either do it or you don’t. My guess is Brian takes that job in Wales and he and Julie are done. Frankly, she’s better off without him, IMO.

I did love Todd checking out Marcus’ butt as he walked away in the bar and later, flirting with Marcus right in front of both Sean and Maria. Maria didn’t pick up on it, but Marcus sure did. And so it begins….

Days of Our Lives (U.S.)

Why is Adrienne still apologizing for not wanting Will and Sonny together?

Will assuming his mom was throwing him a surprise party was so contrived and having Sonny eavesdrop is even more so. I know the show had to find a way for Sonny to find out about the murder, but it was a lame ass way to do it. Though the texting back and forth was cute and I loved the shocked and horrified looks on Sonny’s face as he overheard the whole mess. But Sonny holding up a coat when Sami opened the closet door? Really, Days. But I appreciate that the show is playing a lot of this for laughs as the story is pretty ridiculous.

But I found Sami and Kate’s fawning all over Sonny as he listened to be nauseating. We get it show, they are the perfect couple and Sonny is the perfect boyfriend. Zzzzzz…….

I do like Will and Sonny’s efforts to hook the ever charming T up. Let’s get him a story and a romance, stat!

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General Hospital (U.S.)

I still don’t buy for a second that Patrick would be torn between Sabrina and Robin, no matter how much the show is trying to sell that story. However, I do agree that whatever decision Patrick makes has to be his and Sabrina stepping aside won’t really resolve things. Felix usually gives terrible advice, but talking Sabrina out of her decision to end things with Patrick was the right one.

Yet, I also think Felix is doing Sabrina a disservice by not preparing her for the fact that she might lose in the end. A real BFF will tell you the honest truth, even if it hurts. But, Robin is also right in that in the end, Patrick will return to his wife and child. It’s the point of this whole story. But, I really wish that Sabrina and Patrick had been an interesting couple that I wanted to root for. That would make this story so, so much better.

I was much more interested in the build up to Lucas’ eventual arrival on the canvas with Julian determined to find who Lucas is and Carly and Sam afraid that he will learn the truth. I’ve been looking forward to this story for a long time and I hope GH does a good job in telling it. And please can we get the proper airtime and pacing too? Thanks…

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Good Times, Bad Times (The Netherlands)

I get the feeling the show is just treading water with Lucas and Menno and then they’ll suddenly throw them back together in a few weeks as nothing has happened with them in a while and they are both playing support for other stories like last week. So I guess I really don’t have much to say other than I did like the discussion about Vincent with Lucas encouraging Nina to go after him.

I have the feeling they’ll probably hook up before they find out they are cousins and that will stir up some drama between them for a while. I don’t think it’ll keep them apart though. As has been pointed out, in the commentary I’ve seen, cousins meet and get married all the time. But the societal taboo is still there and that will be the angst for Vincent and Nina.

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Nashville (U.S.)

I was really disappointed by the events of the fall finale of Nashville. I know I said last week that I didn’t think the show was going to kill Will off and I still don’t, even if it looks pretty bad for him. Like I said before, Will’s story is just beginning, not ending. And unless the show wants out of the gay storyline, I don’t see them having Will die now. That said, I was left to wonder why the show had to even go there. Yes, I realize that gay people are still killing themselves every day, but for me, this plot twist just seemed to come out of nowhere and came off as a cheap way to create unnecessary drama.

Will, as he has been written up to this point, never came off a suicidal gay. He was hiding his sexuality not because he was ashamed of it, but because he was afraid of how it could damage his career. At least that’s how I’ve viewed the character. Now if his career was in jeopardy I might buy what he did. Say if he was going to be outed or something then I could understand his wanting to kill himself. But having sex with Brent, something the show has been building to for months didn’t seem like the right catalyst for something so extreme.

I liked everything that led up to it: Will mooning over Brent’s picture and thinking about calling him, his delight at finding out that Brent and his boyfriend broke up and the concert scene, where he was clearly singing to Brent and not his girlfriend. It would have been nice to see how Will and Brent got from the concert to sleeping together. Overall though, it doesn’t make sense that Will would try and kill himself. Sure we could fill in the blanks, but the show is supposed to do that for me.

Maybe when the show returns they’ll have Will explain why he tried to take his own life, but as it stands, it seemed like a plot point with no motivation or rhyme or reason. Not to mention incredibly clichéd. Of course maybe Will was upset because right after sex, Brent just put his clothes on and left. Not even a thank you or a kiss!

Revenge (U.S.)

Wow, this show surprised me. I didn’t expect that we’d know who shot Emily and that it would be Daniel. Didn’t see that one coming. However, since Daniel was there for Emily and Victoria’s showdown, didn’t he notice Victoria being drugged and dragged away by Aiden?

I love that Patrick is back. Justin Hartley has been a favorite of mine since Smallville and I’m glad to have him returned. I knew it was happening, especially since Patrick’s father has been cast, but I’m glad it was sooner than later. I love the relationship between Patrick and Victoria and of course Patrick and Nolan. Those guys are really hot together just being in the same room. But hey, where’s the kiss between he and Nolan? Don’t start holding back now show!

I’m not sure how I feel about Emily having amnesia as revealed in the promo. Talk about your soap opera tropes. But having read an interview with the showrunners about the twist, they realize it’s one of the most trodden soap twists and plan to have fun with it. Given how well they’ve handled the show so far, I trust they will.

River City (Scotland)

I was surprised the show didn’t turn this into more of a mystery as to who gave Edward the lethal dose of insulin, but as we saw, he did it himself, once his lawyer upped the dosage the pen would release. Given that, I wonder where the story is going to go from here. I wondered with all the talk of the past and how close Iain was to Edward and his wife, I couldn’t help but wonder if Iain and Will’s mom had an affair and Iain is Will’s dad. But that’s probably just my soap mind talking.

One thing, is that I didn’t remember that Will had a sister and I’m wondering if she’s going to show up at some point. But to me, there’s something off about the story or there seems like there’s another shoe to drop or a big twist yet to come. Guess we’ll find out next week.

Secret Lives (Finland)

I feel like this show has been listening to me lately, because they are finally doing some things that are a long time in coming. I loved, loved, loved that when Lari finally said he wanted to give things a try again, Elias wasn’t interested because was tired of Lari’s drama and didn’t want another round of misery and disappointment. Elias finally realized that a relationship should not make you unhappy and that he’d been his happiest when he was without Lari.

And it’s good that Elias isn’t just jumping into a new relationship, but wants to take it show and have some fun. Now I’m sure that things will get complicated with Miska, this is a soap after all and Lari is still around so it’s not over between Elias and Lari, but I like the nice little triangle the show has set up.

I think it’s best for Lari too that he and Elias don’t get back together right now. His life has been nothing but drama for over a year and he’s been unhappy the entire time as well. Besides, he’s been disowned by his father and he has to find a job and start over. That scene where his father basically told Lari he couldn’t love him if he were gay was really sad. But Lari’s dad made his choice whereas Lari had no choice, not if he wanted to be true to himself and it took him a long time to get to that point. I think Lari needs to work out a lot about himself. And, for now, it’s best if he does that on his own.

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Scoops and Spoilers

Is Kai done with Joscha?

All That Matters: In order to hide his sexuality, Joscha openly accuses Kai of sexual harassment, including in front of Kai’s bosses, putting Kai’s job in jeopardy. Eventually, Joscha realizes he’s gone too far and withdraws the accusation and apologizes to Kai in front of everyone. Joscha is sorry for what he’s done, but Kai has had enough and wants nothing to do with Joscha anymore. Meanwhile, Ingo’s continued interference in Joscha and Raquel’s life has Joscha worried the sham marriage could be exposed.

Days of our Lives:
Sonny is stunned to learn what Kate, Gabi and Sami have done and wonders what to do with the info. Will presses to know the details of his supposed party, but not wanting to involve Will, Sonny makes up a story. Sonny considers going to the police, but instead decides to talk to Justin about what he’s learned.

However, Gabi realizes what Sonny has found out and alerts Kate and Sami, who prevent Sonny from blabbing. Meanwhile, Sami finds out that Ciara has the earring Sami dropped at the scene of Nick’s death and plots to get it back. Elsewhere, EJ becomes more and more suspicious about Sami’s odd behavior and when he figures out Gabi is involved, he goes to Gabi, hoping to trick her into divulging everything.

Emmerdale: Finn finds himself homeless after the family farm is repossessed. Fortunately that doesn’t last long when Moira and Adam decide to let Finn, Pete and James move into their place until they get back on their feet. But things are very tense with the new arrivals to the Barton farm. Finn decides to look for a job and he meets Victoria. Victoria is interested in Finn, but it isn’t long before she figures out that he’s gay. As this ain’t her first time at this particular rodeo, she offers to be his BFF.

General Hospital: Brad and Felix celebrate the impending holiday and find themselves getting romantic. When sparks fly, will they finally share their first kiss? Later, Felix tells Sabrina not to give up on Patrick, but she may not have a choice when Patrick chooses the woman he wants to be with. Elsewhere, Brad is finally off the paternity hook when Britt to admits to Nikolas that Brad is not the father of her baby.

Meanwhile, Julian begins asking questions about Lucas, which has Bobbie and Luke worried about mobster father and gay son learning about each other at long last. But Bobbie might have something to really worry about when she gets a surprising phone call from Lucas.

Who knew JP liked to be tied up?

Hollyoaks: Phoebe realizes she still loves Vincent and is jealous that he and George are a couple now. But that may not matter after Vincent is denied bail and remains in jail. Worse, being deported to Nigeria is a real possibility for him. George refuses to give up on his boyfriend, but is suspicious when Robbie comes up with an idea to help. Robbie, of course, is only doing it to score points with Phoebe.

Elsewhere, Ste stirs things up with his new family when he takes his little sister Peri shopping for school clothes. Sam is horrified by the provocative clothing that Ste lets Peri buy. She’s even more upset by her pre-teen daughter’s new belly ring.

Elsewhere, Robbie and Finn come up with a new plan in their quest to torment John Paul. JP gets a text from Danny asking him to come over for some afternoon fun while the family is out. Unfortunately, for John Paul, Robbie and Finn have actually sent the text. Danny has gone to a school event with his wife and daughters and isn’t even home. Robbie and Finn blindfold JP and tie him to a bannister in the Lomax home.

The Lomax family is stunned to find JP when they get back. Danny is somehow able to explain the situation, but Ste, who knows that Danny and JP are lovers, begs his daddy to end the affair with John Paul before it ruins everything. Eventually, Ste confronts John Paul, leading to a fist fight between the two.

Robbie is upset to learn he’s a suspect in Edward’s suicide attempt

River City: Will is upset to learn that his father’s coma wasn’t caused by a stroke, but by a deadly dose of insulin. To that end, he becomes determined to find out who would do this to his father. Will suspects his father’s attorney Iain has something to do with the crime. Finding an insulin pen at the scene, he has it turned over to forensics for fingerprinting.

Will tells Donald about his suspicious and Donald goes to question Robbie, who found Edward unconscious. When Robbie realizes he is a suspect, he can’t believe Will would think he could do such a thing and goes to confront him. But Will gets a big shock when Edward wakes from his coma and reveals what really happened.


House Husbands dumps one half of the show’s gay couple.

When Aussie drama House Husbands returns for its third season next year, it will be without one of its spouses. Gay actor Tim Campbell, who played Tom Parker, has been let go from the series. Viewers know that Tom, along with longtime partner Kane, was raising Tom’s niece Stella and well as fostering orphaned Finn. Campbell was surprised and disappointed that he’d been fired just was the show is about to begin production on the new season.

HH’s happy family is about to be torn apart…

“I now won’t be returning to House Husbands next year,” The Daily Telegraph reported. “The producers have decided at the 11th hour that Tom won’t be returning. It was a surprise decision and, to be honest, as a fan of the show I’m disappointed that a unique TV family is no more and Tom would leave his partner and children suddenly off screen. Don’t blame me, I’m just the actor.”

The show says that Tom won’t be the only cast change as the show begins a new season. No word on how Tom will be written out, but Campbell hopes his exit means more time for his former co-star Gyton Grantley, who plays Kane.

“However I do hope this means that they can now write more for Kane, who I think is a great character, and for Gyton, who I have loved working with.” Campbell said.

To that end, there’s already rumors of an new love interest for Kane.

There’s a new gay in EastEnders…

Christmas Day brings TV viewers a gift, at least for those who want more gays on television. On that special day UK soap EastEnders will introduce teenager Johnny Carter, played by Sam Strike. Johnny is one of the member of the newly arrived Carter family and it won’t be long before viewers find out that Johnny is secretly gay.

The secret will be revealed when Johnny is spotted kissing bisexual Danny Pennant by Johnny’s aunt Shirley. Shirley, having a lesbian sister, could care less about her nephew being gay, but thinks he should tell his dad Mick the truth. Johnny worries about how his father will react and proceeds to hit on every girl in sight so no one will suspect.

But, according to a show’s spokesperson, who talked to the Daily Star, it won’t be long before Mick finds out.

“He’s kept it a secret for a long time. How will Mick react?” the spokesperson said. “Will he be more angry that his son hasn’t been honest than the fact that he fancies men? Only time will tell.”

That’s it for this week’s Langford On Soaps. There won’t be an edition next week because of the Christmas holiday, but look for a new column on Monday, Dec. 30th. See you then!