Langford on Soaps: Ryan Carnes Returns as Lucas on “General Hospital”

Plus, things heat up between Todd and Marcus on Corrie and Sonny learns the truth about Nick’s murder on Days. Also, meet Finn Barton, the new gay in Emmerdale.

Langford’s Picks and Pans

All That Matters (Germany)

What happened last week?

Joscha and Kai meet again and Joscha tries to persuade Kai that he isn’t gay and that Joscha was drunk when they had sex. Kai says he doesn’t care about Joscha’s issues and has no intention of outing Joscha. When the workers at the gym pick up on the fact that Kai is gay, Joscha worries that simply being around another gay man will spark rumors about his sexuality again. He tries to persuade Kai to claim he’s straight, but Kai refuses. Things get heated and Joscha and Kai wind up having sex in the shower. Unfortunately for them, Ingo sees Joscha being *ahem* serviced in the shower, but doesn’t see that it’s a man doing the err…. job.

If I were closeted and recently married to hide my sexuality, I don’t think I’d be having sex with men in public bathrooms where anyone could walk in. Frankly I found it hard to believe Joscha would be that reckless and stupid given how paranoid he is. I realize the show had to have Ingo find out that Joscha was ’cheating’ on his wife, but they could have done it in a way that doesn’t make Joscha look like an idiot. Kudos to the show for not hiding what Joscha and Kai were doing in that shower though.

I’m sorry show, but there are some characters I simply cannot watch and one of them would be Melanie. I don’t like her, never have and her forced, chemistry-free romance with Deniz is painful to watch. Now, unlike many fans, I don’t think Deniz needs to be paired with a man. But can it just not be with Melanie? If he must have a het romance, then make it with a likeable woman with whom he has chemistry. On the other hand, given that Deniz is bisexual and his most popular romance by far was with a man, I don’t understand why the show hasn’t paired him with a guy again. It doesn’t make a lot of sense, really.

I’m not sure about Joscha and Kai as a couple, mostly because the show isn’t really giving me a chance. Kai and Joscha slept together once, and are immediately plunged into a complicated and messy relationship. It’s typical of this show, but I’d really like a scene where they aren’t either fighting or having sex so I can see if there’s something between them other than plot-oriented drama.

I’ve always appreciated that ATM was shameless when it comes to gratuitous scenes of scantily clad men and Ben in that thong is a sight to behold. However, too much manscaping! He’d be hotter with a little body hair, just saying. As for the other display of male flesh in the form of Marian’s calendar, as dumb as the whole story is, I thought his shoot was hilarious. And I can easily see why gay men would be interested in the calendar, especially those into Daddy types. I don’t know where this story arc is going, but I’m starting to wonder if the show is just using it as an excuse to get the guys naked. Not that I’m complaining.

Coronation Street (U.K.)

Sean making Todd a packed lunch? These are grown men, aren’t they? Stuff like that… it just seems so silly and juvenile to me. I’m not gonna say anymore about it. I did think it was funny how Sean wanted Brian to leave he and Todd alone when Brian was actually there first. Brian should have told Sean that he and Todd should get another table! But Brian isn’t just a jerk (for not telling Julie he doesn’t want to have children – ever), he’s also an idiot.

I mean would you seriously tell someone that the person they like would never want to date them unless you were either mean-spirited or just stupid? Funny how he can’t be honest with Julie, but is honest about everybody else’s business, even when it’s not his place to be blabbing. Ugh, I don’t think much of this character.

Let’s hope this Todd/Maria/Marcus triangle gets going soon. So far, nothing has happened. Todd and Marcus have barely spoken two words. And poor Marcus has gotten so dull. If there’s one reason why gay men shouldn’t date women, it’s that.

Days of Our Lives (U.S.)

I said it last week and I’m saying it again, Chandler Massey seems so done with this show. Perhaps it was his lack of on screen enthusiasm that caused the show to let him go early.

T is one of my favorites on this show so I was glad that Sonny gave him a permanent job. I hope this means we’ll see more of him. I thought it was really sweet when T asked if Sonny hired him because he was Will’s friend and Sonny said ‘no it’s because you’re my friend’. But I did think it was funny when Sonny said that his club was the place to work since it’s usually half empty. And while I don’t buy this whole ‘Will the writer’ thing because I remember how quickly the show used and then forgot Will was a computer whiz, I did love Will’s attempts to write be interrupted by half the town. That’s the first thing Will has ever done that I can actually relate to.

I’m sorry, but I don’t believe for a second that Kate would let Jordan stop her from interrupting Gabi’s telling Rafe the truth about Nick. Brady using $100 bills to snort up his blow? The rich do have it better. And man does he fill out a pair of jeans. Wow. But Maggie knows Brady and she knows what he’s like on drugs. She should be able to tell he’s using again, especially since he seems to be using so much.

I don’t like JJ suddenly being a good boy. He was much more interesting when he stirred up trouble and made lives miserable. Making things worse is that he’s now a cheerleader for Daniel. Yuck. And how long is Rafe going to be in that chair? He’s having the longest recovery ever. Soap characters never take this long to get over illnesses, including terminal ones. LOL….

So how many times is Days going to show us the same flashbacks about Nick over and over? We saw at least four flashbacks this past week, sometimes in the same episode. It’s boring already, Days. But I did love Sami and Gabi’s freakout visions about Nick. On a fashion note, Sami’s leather jacket and Kate’s leopard fur were hot.

I still think this story is silly, but it is entertaining. I guess you can’t ask for more than that.

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Emmerdale (U.K.)

I’m sure many of you are wondering, where’s the gay? Well, Finn Barton is the show’s new gay character, though that won’t be revealed on screen for a couple of weeks. But I still wanted to see his early scenes as well as catch up on a show I haven’t watched since Aaron Livesy got on that plane to France.

By the time Aaron left, Emmerdale had become unbearable to watch so I was almost glad he was leaving as the show was pretty awful, Aaron’s story included. I mean, were we really to believe that Aaron would take the rap for Adam trying to kill Cain and that Adam, not to mention Aaron’s family, would let him? And there was Aaron’s terrible ‘romance’ with boring Ed. Yuck! But that was years ago, even if it still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. Let’s focus on Emmerdale today.

Just by these first few scenes, it’s pretty obvious that Finn is closeted and his family doesn’t know he’s gay. Given the type of manly he-men his brothers are (and why couldn’t either Pete or Ross be the ‘mo, I ask you), I suspect that they won’t take the news well. That has to be the way it’ll play out to create drama since no one in the village would care if Finn was gay. No one cared when Aaron came out (except Aaron) and the show currently has a lesbian family in town and their sexuality has never been an issue.

I can’t say I’m thrilled at the prospect of yet another coming out story, especially after Aaron’s coming out, which was long and drawn out and full of misery. Given how dark Emmerdale is and has been for the last few years, I suspect another angst filled coming out storyline for Finn. I’d like for Emmerdale to prove me wrong and I hope they do. Can’t he just come out, folks get over it quick and he go on and have romances and other soapy dramas? Please?

One thing I find it very hard to buy is that Moira could live so close to her late husband’s family and never have met any of these boys or that they wouldn’t at least know who she is. None of them attended John’s funeral when he died a few years ago? And given that, Moira just shows up at their farm to ask a favor when she hasn’t seen James in years and years and never met his adult children? Really? But this is what happens when you create unheard of relatives out of whole cloth. Soaps do it all the time to give characters family, but it’s usually never believable.

BTW, I still hate this show’s refreshed theme music. I wish they’d go back to the sweeping, majestic theme of a few years ago.

General Hospital (U.S.)

Well, the week was all about the wedding that wasn’t and oddly enough, I have a lot to say about a story I’ve never much cared for….

I don’t believe that Robin would stand there in the doorway watching while Patrick got married to Sabrina, especially with the daughter she hasn’t seen in two years sitting there. It was actually kind of cruel for her to let the ceremony to go on as long as she did. Though it was obvious by Patrick’s hesitation during the vows that he knew, deep down, he was making a mistake marrying Sabrina. Even though I don’t care much for Sabrina, I did feel sorry for her watching while Patrick and Robin had their teary romantic reunion.

I liked that Sabrina realized the truth: that she was just a placeholder, a distant second to what Patrick had with Robin. Unlike a lot of soap women, she wasn’t clingy or demanding or deluded. She had enough self-respect and love for Emma and Patrick to let go. But as much as GH wants me to buy it, I don’t believe for a second that Patrick would be torn between Sabrina and Robin. Sure, he might have loved Sabrina, but I think he was doing it to give his daughter a family more than anything else. He was still hung up on his dead wife before he knew she was still alive. I suppose the show has to play this beat, but I don’t believe it, in part because I felt that Sabrina and Patrick made a terrible couple to begin with.

However, the acting was terrific, especially by Teresa Castillo, who had to play her own heartbreak at the same time as being happy for Emma and Patrick that Robin was alive. And Jason Thompson was very good as the confused Patrick, even though I don’t really believe he’d be feeling this way. I do like that unlike most love triangles, this is about three decent people caught up in a really bad situation. Robin being angry that Patrick had not only moved on but wasn’t ready to pick up where they left off two years ago made for some really nice drama. And if Sabrina and Patrick made for a more compelling and believable couple, this could be a powerful and dramatic soapy story that could run for quite sometime. As it is, let’s just hope Patrick gets over his confusion quick.

So this show is still teasing Brad and Felix kissing without following through. How many near kisses have they had so far? Will we ever get a real one? Oh look, there’s Carly screwing the man who set up her son to be raped….

It looks like GH is getting closer to bringing Lucas to the canvas. To recap, Carly told Bobbie that Julian Jerome, Lucas’ mobster bio-daddy was alive. Meanwhile, Sam accidentally slipped and mentioned Lucas’ name during a conversation with Julian. When Julian asked who Lucas was, Sam said it was no one, but of course, Julian couldn’t forget what Sam said. Let’s hope that we get to see Lucas soon. It’ll be nice to have a third gay on the show and one who is not obsessed about Sabrina and her love life. How will Lucas feel about having a mobster as a father? How will Julian feel about having a gay son? I’m ready to find out!

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Good Times, Bad Times (The Netherlands)

What is there to say about last week’s episodes? Not much. Menno and Lucas still aren’t speaking and they were background characters for the other character’s drama. The only thing notable was that there were elves in blackface at the gang’s St. Nicholas celebration!

Though it may not be fair to point that out as this show is aimed at Netherland viewers, where white folks in blackface don’t have the same racist meaning as it would here in the States. Oh and is Lucas living in the same house as Aysen after all the time he was screaming how dangerous she was and he didn’t want to be anywhere near her? See, it’s things like that that are silly, especially since Lucas can afford his own place.

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Hollyoaks (U.K.)

I thought it was interesting that the show made a point of saying that Diane and Tony were having a naming ceremony for their kids and that it was not a christening because they weren’t religious. You would never see that on an American soap. Even the worst murderers, rapists and other variety of criminals find their faith when the occasion calls for it. But who in their right mind would want Ste as the godfather to their child?

Yes, I know Ste has always been written as a responsible and loving parent, but with his history and background and lifetime of bad choices, he’s not who I would pick. Oh and is homeless Ste still looking after his kids? What the heck happened to Amy and why hasn’t she come to get the kids back? Clearly the show is ignoring this, but I just can’t imagine Amy, as we know her, would leave those kids with Ste, especially with his life a mess. But, the guy doing the naming ceremony was cute. Can we keep him? George could use a new boyfriend….

Speaking of which, the Vincent storyline continued last week and it was as annoying as ever. Why are these characters acting in totally idiotic ways? For example, Vincent would rather be sent back to Nigeria and be murdered rather than answer a few uncomfortable questions about his sex life? Just silly. Then George, who seems to think Vincent is in a country club and not a jail, basically outed the poor man in front of people he’s locked up with.

And then after Vincent got beat up, George had to go and antagonize Vincent’s attackers? Didn’t he think that would make things worse for Vincent? But the scene that followed, with Vincent making his grand proclamation of love for George and coming out to everyone in the visiting room just might be one of the most awful, cringe-worthy moments I’ve seen on this show in a while. I did not believe a moment of it. These two have no chemistry and no reason to be together at all. Just terrible….

As for the rest of the show…

I think the Sienna storyline has dragged on forever is has gotten totally out of hand, especially with the kidnapping of Tom, but Anna Passey is a terrific actress who makes the storyline watchable She was really good in the scene where Dodger found out her pregnancy was fake and later in the scene where she blackmailed her father into paying for her to buy Chloe’s baby.

Speaking of Tom, most families would be torn apart if their child went missing and was possibly dead, but Darren has his family seem to have gotten on with things with poor Tom getting a casual mention. It’s nice that the show is trying to flesh out and redeem Trevor (who I find disturbingly hot), but once you’ve killed, you’re passed redeeming if you don’t pay for your crimes, IMO.

Are we really to believe that this woman playing Holly is supposed to be Cindy’s daughter? Not only do they look nothing alike, this actress seems older than the last girl who played the role — and that girl was too old for the part. I like the Cindy/Dirk romance. He’s really a decent guy, exactly what she needs. The scene where he told her how he felt about her was really sweet. I could easily see them as a long term couple.

Poor Dennis, still grieving Leanne. Doesn’t he realize that on this show he should already be in love with someone else by now? I won’t lie though, I did mist up when he talked about how much he missed her. I can’t imagine the show will pair Dennis and Maxine, but maybe he’ll be the one who save he from her abusive relationship with Patrick.

So Ruby set up Ziggy with the scam commercial to get back at him for cheating on her? Not only does it seem like it’s a bit much, she wasn’t this upset when Jono died — and they were going to get married. Oh and where did she get the cash for the video shoot and all that? I know, I know…. don’t think about it.

Nashville (U.S.)

Well, in the ever-slow storyline that is Will’s coming out drama, there was a tiny bit of story progression with Brent telling Will that Brent has to babysit him because of all the trouble he’s gotten into lately. I wondered if the show would address the fight Will had in Houston and I’m glad they didn’t ignore it. I liked the ‘All About Eve’ drama playing out between Juliette and Layla with Layla’s scheming being stymied by someone who is no amateur at such games. And while that scene between Juliette and Will was more about Juliette figuring out what to do about her romantic life, it was clear that when Will was talking about meeting someone who brought out the best in him, he meant Brent, even if he’s hardly prepared to admit or deal with such a thing.

How much longer can Will resist Brent’s charms?

I mean, one heated look between he and Brent is enough to send Will running to his ‘girlfriend’. That was a nice moment between them when Brent told Will he was there for him professionally and as a friend. Too bad we’re not getting nearly enough of those. I think the actors actually have some chemistry and I’d like to see their relationship develop further. I think it will, but given how predictable this show is, I still think they’ll have a secret affair and Layla will find out and use it to further her career somehow. I wouldn’t be shocked if she blackmailed Will into marrying her down the line. I do like this story, even if it’s yet another coming out tale. I just would like the show to pick up the pace a bit.

Revenge (U.S.)

While this episode was mostly filler with the big wedding next week, there were a few things I liked. My favorite scene was Aidan’s proposal to Emily. I’ve always thought he was the man for her and his asking her to marry him was sweet and romantic. And I loved Nolan giving Emily and Aidan the last name Ross for their new identities. I was kind of torn about the Jack/Margot stuff. As much as I don’t buy them as a couple, I really liked how Nolan pushed them together. Jack and Nolan’s relationship has always been one of my favorites and I liked how Nolan looked out for Jack even when he didn’t want him to.

The Daniel/Sara storyline is one of my favorites too and I’m really impressed at how well Josh Bowman is playing Daniel’s conflict. The show’s cliffhanger, with Victoria’s refusal to attend the wedding, putting a big crimp in Emily’s plan was kind of pointless given that the show revealed in the previews for the next week that Victoria does attend the wedding after all. Oh well. I’m also glad the show keeps mentioning Patrick, which gives me hope he’ll be back sooner rather than later.

River City (Scotland)

I guess knowing you’re doing to die can change a person, but Edward has certainly made a dramatic turnaround from the nasty old man he’s been for much of his time on the show. Is it realistic? I don’t think people change that quickly, but I’m willing to put it aside.

As for his asking Will to help him die when the time comes, I’m wondering if Will is going to eventually help his dad even though he initially refused. There would certainly be plenty of drama and long term ramifications if he were to do so.

The only thing I’m left to wonder is where Robbie is living. He supposedly went to visit his family when Will and Edward first moved in, but as Robbie is back, where is he living now? I know it’s a minor thing, but I wish the show would answer that question.

Secret Lives (Finland)

If I were Elias, I’d go for the third option, which would be a totally new guy, but that’s just me. Anyway, I liked how the show made you think that Elias had called Lari and they were going to make up, only for it to have been Mischa that he called. Could Elias truly be done with his muscle-headed boyfriend? I wish! Some men, no matter how hot, are not worth the drama. Believe me, I know!

As for Mischa’s reappearance (which I did not expect) from what I have read online, he’s going to be a regular on the show. So are we going to have an ongoing love triangle or is there something else in the works? I like Mischa, if only because he’s not another broody or angsty gay teen. Plus Elias has slept with both Mischa and Lari, which is more sex than some gay TV characters get in years.

Speaking of which, I wish people would stop saying that Elias cheated on Lari. IIRC, Lari had told Elias that he was staying at the reparative therapy camp to go straight and that he wanted Elias to leave him alone. If that’s not a break up, I don’t know what is. Elias was single when he slept with Mischa. It doesn’t matter if it was the day after he ended it with Lari or not.

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Scoops and Spoilers

Joscha worries that Ingo might ruin his sham marriage to Raquel…

All That Matters: Believing that Joscha is cheating on Raquel, Ingo confronts Joscha about witnessing Joscha having sex with another woman in the shower, not knowing it was actually Kai. Joscha wonders how to respond, but Raquel steps in and tells Ingo to butt out of her marriage. Meanwhile, Joscha struggles to deal with his feelings for Kai, not to mention his fears of what will happen when people find out Kai is gay and that rumors about Joscha’s sexuality will be stirred up again. Joscha meets with Kai to talk things out, but talking is the last thing these guys want to do. They start to make out, but will someone else see them yet again?

Todd tells his Aunt Julie the truth that will destroy her life…

Coronation Street: After Todd sees how upset Sean is after Brian told Sean that Todd wasn’t romantically interested in him and never would be, Todd soothes Sean’s hurt feelings by convincing Sean that he was just trying to wind Brian up. But Todd is furious over Brian’s loose tongue and looks for a way to get his revenge.

Todd learns from Marcus that Brian has no interest in fostering a child with his girlfriend Julie because it would interfere with his new job opportunity. Todd then tells Julie the whole story, destroying Julie and Brian’s relationship. Finding out that Todd’s gossiping is why Julie and Brian have split, Marcus angrily confronts Todd which leads to sexual sparks flying between the two men.

Will Sonny tell Will what he knows about Sami, Gabi, and Kate?

Days of our Lives: Will and Sonny grow more and more suspicious about Gabi, Kate and Sami’s odd behavior and become determined to find out what they are up to. Eventually, both Will and Sonny are led to believe that the ladies are making plans for Will’s upcoming birthday party.

Will is relieved that it’s not something more serious, but Sonny wants to know the details about the party, so when he finds out that ladies are getting together at he and Will’s apartment, Sonny hides in the closet to eavesdrop. But instead of Will’s party, Gabi, Kate and Sami have met touch base and get their stories together in regards to Nick’s murder. So Sonny hears the entire story and finds out exactly what the women did. Sonny is shocked and wonders where he should tell Will what he’s learned.

EastEnders: Danny is shocked when Janine unexpectedly fires him…

How will Julian feel when he finds out he has a son… and that he’s gay?

General Hospital: Robin wants her husband back and goes to Sabrina to convince her to step aside so her family can be reunited. When Felix finds out that Robin has been pressuring his BFF to give up on Patrick, you can bet Felix won’t be too happy. Meanwhile, Carly becomes worried about Lucas when Sam tells her that mob boss Julian is curious about where his long lost son may be. Together with Bobbie, they wonder if Lucas should know the truth about his bio-dad.

Hollyoaks: George is happy after Chloe helps to stage a protest in Vincent’s honor, but the event leads to complications that lands someone in the hospital.

Nashville: Will struggles to control the scheming of his girlfriend Layla and his feelings for Brent, but as this show comes to its fall finale, someone is going to die. And Will is on the list of possible victims. Be sure not to miss the last five minutes…

Can Iolo help save Christmas?

People of the Valley: Iolo and his dad get shocking news about the town’s nativity scene…

Is Will ready to face losing his dad?

River City: As Edward’s condition worsens, Will faces the reality that his father is going to die a painful death. Facing what’s ahead, Edward meets with his lawyer and puts his affairs in order, including hatching a plan with his attorney to help Edward to die via a lethal dose of insulin. Edward’s attorney warns Edward that Will should know the truth, but Edward refuses. Later that day, Robbie is horrified to find Edward in a coma.


We reported a few months back that the role of Lucas Jones on General Hospital had been cast, but the show wasn’t ready to announce who was playing the part of the gay doctor. But now they have. Soaps In Depth reports that Ryan Carnes will be reprising the role. Longtime viewers might recall that Carnes played Lucas in 2004 when the character was SORASed to an adult, but left the role after the show announced they were going to have Lucas come out of the closet.

At the time sources close to the show told TV Guide that Carnes had decided to leave because having played gay characters before in Desperate Housewives and in the gay indie movie Eating Out, the actor was afraid of being typecast. However, Carnes’ representatives strongly denied the rumors. No word on when Lucas will first appear on our screens, but it can’t be soon enough!

That’s it for this week’s Langford On Soaps. See you next time!