Langford On Soaps: Ste is Asked To Commit Murder on “Hollyoaks”!

Plus, Joscha’s fantasies get the best of him on All That Matters, Brad and Felix find common ground on General Hospital, Sonny disowns his mother on Days and things heat up between Vincent and George on Hollyoaks.

Langford’s Picks and Pans

EastEnders (U.K.)

So the show is still playing the ‘is he or isn’t he’ situation with Danny, but if you’ve checked out the EE website, it’s already been confirmed that he’s bi. Someone should have edited that before posting. They killed weeks of story, it seems. Me, I’m just ready for this part to be over so they can dig into what they really plan on doing with the character. So far Danny is really more of an obstacle for Michael and Janine to deal with in their ongoing romantic battle. And I hope he’s going to be more than that.

General Hospital (U.S.)

I actually liked some of the scenes from last week, mostly because of Brad. I find Brad to be the most interesting and likeable character in this pretty awful and dull storyline and I’m glad the show is using him more. I really didn’t care much for Felix asking Michael to come onto Brad to get information, however. First off all, it’s a dumb plan. Why in the world would Brad spill such major information to someone he hardly knows, even if they were to put out?

And second, I didn’t think much of Felix for asking Michael to do it, since he knows the dude is straight. But it just shows to me that Felix is far too invested in Sabrina and Patrick’s broken down and boring relationship. He’s darn near obsessed with it, seemingly more than Sabrina or Patrick — and it’s their relationship. It’s long past time for Felix to get his own life. But is the show finally going to go there?

Do Felix and Brad have a future?

That final scene between Felix and Brad where we saw some vulnerability in Brad and that he’s not the total sleaze he claims to be, was nicely done. All Brad really wants is for someone to like him and who can’t relate to that? And I did like that as Felix railed about Brad chasing after Michael, Brad rightfully pointed out Felix sniffing after Milo long after Milo said he was straight. All this made me wonder if that might be the start of a romantic relationship between Felix and Brad. Let’s hope so. They could both use the action.

Thanks to LoriJoGH for the clips!

Neighbours (Australia)

So not only does Chris get a boyfriend, he gets to kiss him too. Well, it’s about time Neighbours. Those were some well done scenes between Chris and Hudson and I actually think the actors have chemistry and mesh well together. But still, the biggest problem in this story is that so much of it took place off screen that it’s hard to invest in them. In that final scene where Chris talked about seeing a future with Hudson before all the trouble started, anyone who has watched the show knows that they had trouble from their very first date.

So exactly when did Chris have the time to develop all these feelings for Hudson? I guess it must’ve been during those off screen dates Chris mentioned offhandedly in a scene. I don’t know why this show didn’t develop Chris’ romance where we could see it and I’d hate to think it was because they didn’t want to actually deal with telling a gay love story, but instead just throw them together and claim they’re boyfriends after a few scenes to avoid it altogether. Unfortunately, it looks like that’s exactly what they’ve done. It just makes me wonder what they’re going to do next and how they plan to handle this story going forward. I’d like to think better than they have so far, but I don’t hold out much hope.

My Husbands’ Lover (The Philippines)

So far about 10 episodes of this series have been subbed and I’m really enjoying the show! I’m finding myself checking a couple of times a day to see if a new ep has been posted. I guess that means I’m hooked. What I appreciate the most is that the relationship between Eric and Vincent, which is at the core of this show, is treated like any other love story in soaps. Eric and Vincent are clearly star-crossed lovers who are destined to be together if they could only work things out. And I also like the message that the closet is not a healthy or desired place to live and only by being open and honest to yourself and your loved ones can you find happiness and true love.

Will Vincent and Eric ever be happy?

I think my favorite moment to this point is the revolving door scene where Eric and Vincent saw each other after ten years. It was so soapy and so old-school romance, the kind of sappy moments you just don’t see in soaps anymore. At least soaps in this country, which are lousy at telling love stories, BTW. But I also liked the scene when after the groundbreaking on Vincent and Lally’s house, Eric and Vincent shook hands and stared lovingly at each other for what seemed to be about five minutes. And the scene between Vincent and David in the car where Vincent confessed to wanting to run to Eric and be with him after finding out that Eric didn’t have a boyfriend was nicely done as well.

Speaking of David, like I said last week, I really like his character, but it’s obvious he’s only hanging around Vincent because he’s still in love with him, even though he knows Vincent is married and even if he weren’t he’d rather be with Eric anyway. I want the show to find a little romance for David. He’s too nice and sweet to be alone. Though I was curious as to know how David became part of Lally and Vincent’s life given that Vincent doesn’t want anyone to know about his past with men. Why would he have his ex-boyfriend be a close family friend? Hopefully the show will explain that down the line.

And I’m totally loving Lally’s ongoing battle with her mother-in-law. That woman is so bitchy, she’s a hoot to watch. I suspect that like Lally’s mother-in-law threatened, Lally and Vincent will never move into their dream home. But Mother may not like the reason why….

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Shortland Street (New Zealand)

I’m really surprised that Henry is still around. I thought that once Seth’s insider-trading was revealed, Henry would be history. But it looks like he’s going to stay on the show and it’s pretty obvious that he and Rachel are going to be involved in some sort of project together. I don’t know why Rachel would give Henry the time of day, however. He did stab her in the back and scheme to undermine her. Some of the things he did Seth didn’t force him to do so it’s not quite right to blame Seth for everything.

But I guess we’re to forget or overlook that for the story, such as it is, to work. Still, the show was doing me a favor by writing out the gay characters so I wouldn’t have to watch cause I don’t care much for the show, Honestly, I don’t know if I’ll be a regular viewer, but I’ll peek in from time to time to see what’s happening, if anything.

Hollyoaks (U.K.)

I hope that Nancy never forgives Darren. He’s behaving horribly and has treated Nancy like a stranger rather than his wife. No, they’ve never had the perfect marriage by any stretch and Nancy has always been difficult, but for Darren to not only turn on his wife, but take up with Sienna, including sleeping with her in he and Nancy’s bed while Nancy’s side was still warm is kind of disgusting.

Darren has never been that bright, but to believe everything Sienna is feeding him makes him seem totally brainless. But that’s how this show works. Characters are totally dumbed down so the stories can go forward. And you just know that in the end, after Nancy and Darren get back together (cause she will forgive him), Sienna will announce she’s pregnant with Darren’s baby. Why else would the show even bother showing us Sienna not using birth control?

Danny and John Paul are on the fast track to love…

I do like John Paul being there for Nancy. Their friendship is a nod to longtime fans and it’s great the show is utilizing that relationship. The scene of them dancing was really sweet and a lot of fun. As for the rest of John Paul’s life, they sure are rushing Danny and John Paul. It would be nice if they’d slow down and actually develop the relationship and let us get to know Danny before moving things forward. Oh well. I do like them together and I think they have chemistry, but knowing this show, John Paul will be telling Danny he’s in love with him by next week.

I see Sinead still thinks escorting rather than going home and letting her mother help her is best for her baby. When even dumb-ass Ste thinks it’s a bad idea, maybe it’s something you really shouldn’t do.

People of the Valley (Wales)

Some good acting this past week, especially Simon Watts as Gethin. The scene where he and Iolo raced to rescue Wil from Moc’s clutches was great, but the scene where Gethin explained to Dani talk about how being sexually abused by his father has affected his life and altered his view of relationships was terrific and really rang true. Gethin is truly broken, both physically and emotionally and Watts conveys that so well. It would be nice to see Gethin get some help dealing with his issues, but I have a feeling that won’t happen anytime soon.

Will Gethin murder his father?

Like I said last week, I think Moc is going to be murdered and Gethin will be a top suspect. And with Gethin’s saying his father doesn’t deserve to life, I think that pretty much seals it. Of course, this being a soap, with Gethin saying he was going to kill his father means he won’t be the one to do it. That’s Soap Rule No. 356, right after a one night stand with the wrong person must always result in pregnancy.

Days of Our Lives (U.S.)

Sorry, but I’m on Team Adrienne here. Regardless of the fact that she doesn’t care for Sami or Will (with good reason, let’s face it), she had no choice but to turn over the video. Once she’d seen it, it was her moral and legal obligation to give it to the police. If she hadn’t, she’d be as complicit as everyone else in covering it up. Why should she take a risk for Sami? What Adrienne doesn’t know (that this all comes down to hiding that Will shot EJ) is irrelevant as it concerns her own actions. I think though, that Will’s crime is going to come out eventually and that will be what ushers Will off the canvas when Chandler Massey leaves the show.

Unlike Sonny, I’m glad that Justin is still standing up for and sticking up for his wife. And it was nice that Will understood why Adrienne did what she did, even if Sonny is too blind to see it. But Will can totally grasp the concept of mothers doing crazy things for their kids. I have to admit I loved EJ scaring the life out of Adrienne. We don’t get to see dark EJ these days so that was a treat. I also enjoyed the scenes with Gabi and Will. I always liked them as friends and it’s sweet to see them coming together as friends and parents as they reflect on how their lives turned out.

But it was so silly that the police just stood by and watched as Sami gave a speech before being carted off to jail. I mean seriously. And I knew that Brady and Kristen would reunite and she’d decide to drop her vendetta against Marlena for Brady’s sake. Still though, I’m certain she’s going to wind up pregnant as a result of her sexual interlude with the priest, just when she thinks she’s in the all clear, of course.

Scoops and Spoilers

Chris doesn’t know what to do when Hudson and Josh clash…

Neighbours : Chris is caught between his friends and his boyfriend when Hudson has trouble finding someone to sponsor him so he can continue his swimming career. Hudson is certain that Joshua is badmouthing him around town about his former drug use so no one will touch him, even though Joshua denies the accusations. Josh is shocked when his father, Brad, considers taking on Hudson. That puts the two swimmers even more at odds, not to mention it could tear Josh’s family apart. And when it comes to taking sides, whose side will Chris fall down on?

Will Ste help his mother to die?

Hollyoaks: As their lives fall apart, Ste and Sinead feel like they only have one option: to leave the village forever and they make plans to do so. Sinead needs some cash first so she decides to pull one last con on a prospective client. Unfortunately for Sinead, an ugly encounter with Trevor could ruin those plans and destroy her life. Meanwhile, Ste faces his own roadblocks when he comes in contact with his mother. Ste is stunned to learn his mother is terminally ill. Despite their rocky history, Ste is drawn to his mother, but it gets quickly complicated when she asks him to help her end her life. Torn, Ste turns to Doug for advice.

Elsewhere in the village, Phoebe embarks on a new plan to get the money for Vincent’s passport. Paul has a wealthy patient suffering from dementia and he wants to fleece her (so he can pay Trevor to kill Myra). He gets Pheobe to pretend she’s the woman’s granddaughter. The old lady gives Phoebe an expensive bracelet which Phoebe guiltily sells, then uses the cash to buy a fake passport for Vincent. Phoebe hopes this means Vincent can stay in town and they can be together, but things heat up between Vincent and George as the two young men grow closer. This makes Vincent realize it’s time he was honest with Phoebe and tell her that he’s gay. But will he be able to go through with it?

Rafe gets a visit from Nick….

Days of Our Lives: As Sami’s bail hearing approaches, Will and Sonny refuse to forgive Adrienne for turning over the incriminating video. Meanwhile, Sonny begs Justin to defend Sami, but he’s angry he was lied to about the video and he’s concerned about how it could affect his already rocky marriage. Meanwhile, with his drama causing problems in Sonny’s family, Will worries again that maybe Sonny would be better off without him. Elsewhere, Chad is shocked when Stefano drops by with some shocking news. But Chad has even bigger worries when after a visit to the doctor, he gets a dangerous diagnosis from Cam. And Maggie is disturbed by Nick’s refusal to deal with his problems.

Are things about to heat up between Joscha and Deniz?

All That Matters: As Joscha grows more attracted to Deniz, Joshca’s refusal to sleep with Melanie has her suspicious. Eventually, Melanie has had enough and breaks up with Joscha. Determined to get her back to keep his sexuality under wraps, Joscha makes a grand effort to get back with her, but his attempt fails. When Deniz tries to give Joscha advice on what to do to reconcile with Melanie, it only becomes clearer to Joscha what he really wants.

And Also This Week!

River City: Will becomes involved in a new investigation when Callum’s kidnappers are found murdered…

People of the Valley: Iolo is concerned about Gethin’s state of mind after Moc pays him a visit…

General Hospital: Felix is out to find Britt’s mother…

EastEnders: Danny continues toying with both Michael and Janine…

That’s it for another edition of Langford on Soaps. See you next time!