Langford on Soaps: Valentine’s Day Surprises on “Days” and “General Hospital”

Plus, Todd schemes to seduce Marcus on Corrie, Johnny has a secret admirer on EastEnders and Will’s plot against Brent goes awry on Nashville.

Langford’s Picks and Pans

All That Matters (Germany)

Last Week…

Kai didn’t reveal that Lukas was on painkillers or that he doctored the drug test and the company advanced to the semi-finals following their performance. Afterwards, however Kai told Lukas he had to get off the drugs and start a therapy to heal his knee or Kai would expose him. Lukas agreed to Kai’s terms. Lukas then tried to make amends with Joscha, but Joscha wasn’t interested.

Is it just me or do Joscha and Lukas, who are brothers, have inappropriate sexual chemistry? That aside, I’m glad that Joscha didn’t just forgive and forget. What Lukas did, or tried to do, is reprehensible. Even though Lukas claims he wouldn’t have gone through with it, the threat itself is unforgivable and it should take some time for Joscha to get past it. And I like how Joscha and Kai are getting closer emotionally. You can see the bond between them growing. It would have been nice to see moments like this earlier, but I’m enjoying getting them now.

Casualty (U.K.)

That was a nice enough exit story for Jamie, I guess, though I wish we’d of seen more of him and Ramin together. And you know, while the 50ish side of me thinks Jamie is crazy, I have to believe that if I were as young as Jamie is, I’d take the chance he did. After all, Australia’s a beautiful place, Ramin is a nice guy and like Jamie said, if it doesn’t work out, he can always come back. You’re only young once and that’s the time to be ‘irresponsible’ and take risks.

But, I think my favorite scene was when Robyn got told off about how selfish she was being in regards to Jamie thinking about going off to Australia with Ramin. I usually can’t stand Robyn, so I like it when people are mean to her. LOL

But, out of character, she did the right thing and encouraged Jamie to go off with Ramin. I even felt a little sorry for her at the end as she wept at the loss of her best pal.

I do hope the show gets a new gay character soon (I wonder about Ethan), but I hope he’s more interesting than Jamie. I liked him well enough, but he was kind of bland. My favorite gay from this show is still Toby from a few years ago. Loved that guy.

Days of Our Lives (U.S.)

I’ve always liked Gabi, but her freaking out in every scene is getting kind of boring and annoying. And after their history and that’s not even including the rape attempt and shoving Nick into the river, why would she let Nick hold Ari? Even Ari looked at Gabi like she was crazy. Though it was cute how the baby was fascinated with Nick’s scarf. But is Nick drawing Gabi back into his web or is she playing him? Sadly, I don’t think Gabi’s that’s smart. I won’t lie though I continue to love Nick (and the very talented actor who plays him) to pieces even though he’s a complete whack job.

I found myself laughing heartily when Abigail told Sonny that she and Nick were really close. Excuse me, but over the past year, she’s had as many scenes with Nick as she did with her other cousins Will and Sonny, meaning they barely spoke. I did love how Victor has absolutely no patience for Nick and doesn’t even pretend to be civil. But what was really funny was Maggie needling her husband by saying that people should get as many chances as it takes to get it together. I mean, if anybody has had a lot of chances in life, it’s Victor.

When did Lucas and Rafe become friends? I do like their scenes together, but I guess when Sami dumps EJ, he can join the club. LOL! Even more important, why are Lucas and Rafe gazing at each other from across the room when they are with their girlfriends? Just saying….

*Thanks to MRFIXIT for the clips!

EastEnders (U.K.)

It’s sad that Linda actually would actually prefer that Johnny get a girl pregnant, drop out of school and get married when he’s a teenager rather than be gay. Johnny had every right to blow up at his mother. But what was also sad was Whitney, who still clearly likes Johnny as more than a friend, even though she knows he’s gay.

Her being hurt that when he said that having a baby with her would be the worst thing that could ever happen to him was telling, as was her saying he needs to get a boyfriend so they can all move on. She needs to get past this too. The scenes were nicely done, and very well acted, including when Mick advised Linda to get over herself or lose her son. I’m not sure if a boyfriend is the answer for Johnny though, at least not yet. He still has his own issues to work through and rushing into a relationship would be a bad idea.

Forbidden Love (Germany)

I certainly hope this all isn’t one big tease and the show actually goes somewhere with Olli and Sascha. I really like Sascha. He’s a fun, engaging and very sexy character and he and Olli have chemistry. Besides Olli needs some action… and a storyline. And this could be a good one. Having a boyfriend/lover like Sascha could keep things interesting for Olli, that’s for sure. Olli is far too uptight, always has been and maybe Sascha could loosen him up a bit.

As for the stripper storyline, it’s far too similar to what ATM did only a few months ago to be a coincidence, but I can’t complain about a plot device where sexy guys take their clothes off on a regular basis. I just wondered if Sascha has done this before. He certainly knows how to shake his moneymaker.

General Hospital (U.S.)

The Julian/Lucas scenes were terrific, but I wish they had played a bit differently. Clearly Lucas only told Julian he was gay to get a reaction out of him, and give a reason to reject Julian’s attempts to get to know him. I wasn’t as bothered by Julian’s homophobia, it’s no surprise that a man like Julian, in the world he comes from, would be homophobic.

The only problem I had was Julian asking Lucas if it were a phase or not or if he was sure he was gay. It seemed kind of silly. Lucas is not a teenage boy, he’s a grown man. That bit of dialogue seemed off. Julian thinking that it has something to do with Lucas’ upbringing made much more sense and that’s the slant the show should have taken with the entire scene.

I did like Lucas telling Julian he was quarterback of his gay football team, which made me think of hot locker room sessions after a tough game. I’m sure I’m the only one who had such perverse thoughts. Heh.

Kudos to the show for having Lucas going to his adoptive dad’s grave on the anniversary of his death. I checked and GH didn’t make that up. Tony Jones did die 8 years ago last week. I just wish we had actually seen Lucas at the graveside, that would have been nice. But like I said, I’m okay with this complication between Julian and Lucas as it’s not a coming out story and Lucas’ storyline isn’t all about his being gay.

I really like the growing relationship with Lucas and Brad. Not only do they have chemistry and I love what the storyline has done for Brad as a character, who has grown in leaps and bounds in just a few weeks. Unlike Felix, Brad no longer functions as a talk to or a plot device in Sabrina and Britt’s problems. He has a life and a story of his own. And he’s an interesting enough character to deserve it. I’m still wondering if Brad’s mobbed up family is going to come into play as the storyline and romance with Lucas unfolds. I can’t imagine the show wouldn’t to create all that backstory and then not do anything with it. At least I hope not.

I did like the romantic scene between Lucas and Brad and it was adorable how Lucas seduced Brad, not that Brad gave much resistance. And who could blame him? I loved Lucas taking a naked picture of himself in Brad’s bed and sending it to Brad and it was great how Brad couldn’t stop looking at it. Again, who could blame him? And thank you, thank you show for not dragging out the razor on Lucas’ deliciously hairy chest. Less manscaping is so much more, IMO.

Though I know the show has to play the triangle, the thing about a triangle is that both options have to have rooting value and in this case they don’t. With Lucas around and being funny, engaging, cute and actually interested in a relationship with Brad, it makes no sense that Brad would still be hung up on Felix, especially since Brad and Felix haven’t had anything resembling a relationship. Felix offers nothing and brings nothing to this relationship. Brad always has and continues to do all the work. And I really was bugged by Felix telling Sabrina that it was okay to keep Brad waiting for him. I wish Brad had of learned the real reason why Felix broke their date. You know the old saying: if you don’t appreciate your man, someone else will.

Despite Felix’s assertion, Sabrina was not in crisis nor did she need him. He’s just nosy and has to always be up in everybody’s business. To my way of thinking, if Brad knew why Felix bailed on him, Brad would have been reminded why he walked out on Felix a few weeks ago and that Felix will never change. Maybe then Brad will realize he deserves more (and better) and move on. It’ll be curious to see Felix’s reaction when he eventually finds out about Brad and Lucas, though I suspect Felix will somehow make it out to be that Brad is the bad guy instead of looking in the mirror.

A few notes about the rest of the week:

Friday’s episode, which had a parent/child theme to it, was terrific. It was very well written, with lots of wonderful acting. I admit though as much as I enjoyed the Lucas/Julian scenes, I loved the scenes between Ava and Kiki even more. Maura West was as wonderful as she always is. However, I thought that Kiki deserved a smack for being so disrespectful to her mother, not to mention I hate it when characters would rather stay in a dire position, in this case Kiki staying in jail, than accept help from someone they are in conflict with.

Meanwhile, Bryan Craig, who plays Morgan, also showed he was more than a pretty face during his scenes with Sonny, where Morgan talked about how much he missed and loved Ava. On the other hand, the scenes with Franco and Scotty were so hammy and overacted. I’m surprised there was any scenery left with all the chewing Roger Howarth was doing.

Carlos really, really needs a makeover. There’s a good looking guy under all that hair. And like Felix, Liz needs a life of her own. Nobody likes a busybody, especially for things that don’t concern you.

Good Times, Bad Times (The Netherlands)

This is stupid. This is stupid. This is STUPID. For Lucas to want to continue to live with his friends even after he is married is bad enough, but for Menno to agree to it is ridiculous. First off, they were already looking for a house, they even found one. What happened to that? And second, shouldn’t they have discussed where they were going to live before they got married? Why would Menno not only want to live with a bunch of people he barely knows, including his work partner, who he sees all day at work (and doesn’t even like). And don’t get me started on Lucas already living with Aysen, who he hates (and who kidnapped and tried to kill him).

Of all the dumbest plot devices this show has ever done this takes the prize. Menno babying and coddling his new spouse’s infantile needs destroys the credibility of a character I had grown to like because he was strong and mature and adult. And Maxime buying the building is even MORE reason for Lucas and Menno to have their own place. Why live in a building that is being renovated when they can more than afford an apartment or a house of their own? Of course the real reason why this is happening is that the show doesn’t want to fork over the money for a new set. But they should have done something, ANYTHING to make it play better on screen. But this.. UGH! I can’t, I just can’t…

As for the show’s other dumb storyline involving the stolen boat, the bad part is that it’s just starting. I’m getting one of those ‘I need a break from this show’ feelings again, you know?

*Thanks to GTSTfanMARK for the clips!

Hollyoaks (U.K.)

If I were running a restaurant, I think I’d have all the supplies I needed to open the next day already on the shelves, instead of waiting until the day before we open. I mean, don’t you have to test and retest all the menu items you plan to serve to the critics who are showing up for your debut? You should be already cooking, sampling it over and over, right? That would make sense. But this is Hollyoaks.

And, one has to question Tony’s business sense anyway given that he’s going into business with Ste. Haven’t they already run one restaurant into the ground? And did Tony really think that Trevor wouldn’t want to be involved with the business and not simply be a silent partner? I mean, when a guy tries to kill you a couple of times you might think he’s bad news, you know? Ah well…

Thank you show for letting Trevor spend most of an episode with his top off. Very nice. I loved it when Diane gave Trevor a dose of his own medicine by smashing his fish tank and it was funny when Diane told Trevor they weren’t afraid of him and Tony said ‘yes we are’ before dragging her out. But I do like that Trevor is starting to not like being the villain of the village and wants a normal life. But Grace and Fraser will never allow it and he must know that.

But seriously, Trevor and Ste secretly running drugs out of the restaurant? Didn’t they try that with the deli? And how long that that arrangement work? Oh that’s right, it didn’t. I give it a few weeks, tops. The dumbest part was that Ste actually thought he’d only have to do it once. He should know better, especially since both of his ex-boyfriends were dealers. It’s not a business you get to walk away from easily.

I may have lots of problems with the whole rape storyline with John Paul and Finn, but I do think that Keith Rice has gotten better playing the creepy sociopath. That scene where Finn and Robbie harassed John Paul in the bathroom was quite disturbing. Even Robbie could see that Finn was going too far. But I felt so sorry for JP when he found out that he wasn’t supposed to be in the school the night Finn raped him and was only there because of Danny’s jealousy about JP and Ste dating. I hope that John Paul gets help soon though, I’m getting uneasy about what his anger is going to cause him to do. The scene where he told Sam what happened with Peri was heart breaking, though I wish we could have seen her reaction. Like Keith Rice, James Sutton is doing some really good acting in a story that has numerous plot and pacing issues.

Sorry Sinead, I don’t care about your marital problems. You are a horrible, awful person and whatever misery you suffer is well-deserved. As for that poor kid, let’s hope she survives with you as a mother, but so far it doesn’t look so good. Too bad she wasn’t taken away from you the first time around.

Let me guess, super hot Jason, who is cute and has a great body thinks he’s ugly and will start doing steroids? Just thinking ahead, show.

Glad Dirk and Cindy are back on track. She deserves a nice guy for a change. Though confessing to murdering Paul might derail their relationship again.

So George, who we haven’t seen in weeks, pops up and takes a job as Ziggy’s PA? Now that is a completely out of left field plot point. I can’t even imagine where the show is going with this one.

Nashville (U.S.)

I’m not a vengeful person, seriously I’m not. But I do believe in consequences for one’s actions. And if Will had of done to me what he did to Brent, Will would have quickly discovered that the consequences would have been very costly. Frankly, when Jeff fired Brent essentially because Will claimed he was uncomfortable being around a gay man, Jeff would have learned exactly why Will was so uncomfortable. I’m sorry, but I get tired of watching closet cases running roughshod over the men in their lives and the guys letting them get away with it.

I wouldn’t have done it in hopes of getting my job back, but because Will deserved it. Brent went away quietly (though with a warning to Will), saying that he would be ‘fine’ where his career was concerned, which is awfully convenient plotwise. But seriously, would anyone really be ‘fine’ when they’ve been fired from a job they’ve held for 5 years? Not likely. I’d love it if he got a job working for Rayna, which would piss Jeff and Will off. I wondered if we’d see Brent again in light of his firing. Spoilers reveal he appears in the next episode, so we’ll see what happens next with him.

I did like Gunnar telling Will that getting rid of Brent won’t solve his problems or change anything, reminding Will about Will trying to kiss him awhile back. I do love Will and Gunnar’s scenes. They continue to be better for each other than anybody else. But the best scene of all was Will singing the song that Gunnar wrote for him. It was a beautiful song, wonderfully performed by Chris Carmack. Gunnar was right when he said the song was perfect for Will, which is why Will couldn’t continue to perform it. It clearly hit too close to home. I suspect though that eventually Will is going to have no choice but to sing the song in public and who knows where that will lead?

Secret Lives (Finland)

I’m getting to that point, as I did last season on this show, where I feel the show is dragging the story out and I’m getting bored with Lari’s drama. He doesn’t have to be in the situation that he’s in, he chooses to and he’d bringing everyone else along with him. Worse is that he’s not all that grateful to those who help him and he’s kind of a jerk about it. I liked Sebastian’s reaction to seeing Miska and Lari together because I wouldn’t want my kid anywhere near Lari after all the problems he’s caused.

But what I really don’t like is that the story is so predictable because it’s clearly being written that Elias and Lari are somehow destined to be couple rather than an actual love triangle where both guys are viable options. It’s just a bummer that Miska is just something for Elias to do until Elias and Lari are reunited. Miska is far too interesting to be given that fate.

There’s something naughty about Elias and his hot daddy Sebastian naked in the sauna together. Not that I’m complaining, of course!

So… Lari needed to borrow Miska’s phone charger so he could charge his phone? Cause according to Lari, he can’t get a job unless he has a phone. I guess that makes sense, but how exactly is Lari paying for his phone given that he’s homeless and doesn’t have a job? I know, I know. Don’t think about it.

The Haves and Have Nots (U.S.)

I had forgotten that Hanna was there the night Wyatt came home after the accident and said he hit someone. So that’s why the Cryers believe she knows the truth about the hit and run. The thing is, given that, she should know the truth. I can’t believe it hasn’t occurred to her at this point. But then plot logic isn’t this show’s strong point. I bet the tease at the end is just that and she doesn’t know who hit Benny. If she did, she would have already reported Wyatt.

Wyatt and Jeffrey need to have sex at some point, otherwise there’s no reason for these dumbass endless scenes between them. I mean, that long, long scene where Jeffery said he had to leave because he couldn’t be around Wyatt was nice — until Wyatt asked Jeffery to stay ten times, Jeffery said no ten times, then Wyatt asked him one more time and Jeffery agreed to stay. Seriously, show.

I’m not getting this whole running plot point with Hanna and Candace where Hanna won’t let Candace see Benny until Candace tells Hanna where Candace’s baby is. What does one thing have to do with the other? And who leaves their purse on the front seat of their car? Apparently Celine does. Does it make sense? No, but why should it? Another thing? If Candace has $30,000 and is driving an expensive car, why not use those things to get Benny better medical care rather than going after Jim for the money?

Now of all the dumb things this show does, it was a really nice touch that Veronica, who didn’t want anyone to know what she’d written down on the notepad, thought to rip up the bottom sheet where there might be an imprint. Why can’t they use such smarts for the storytelling? However, I can’t wait to find out why Veronica is keeping the location of the car to herself. It has to do with keeping Jeffery straight. But how?

This Week in Spoilers

All That Matters: Joscha tries to help his brother Lukas deal with his drug addiction…

Will Todd’s scheming pay off?

Coronation Street: Marcus continues to be unnerved by Todd’s blatant flirtations, but not enough to stop them. A scheming Todd offers to help Marcus and Maria find a house, claiming that he has a pal who works in real estate. Of course that’s a lie. Marcus gives Todd his number to give to the agent and later, Todd claims he’s been in touch with his friend.

When Todd later offers to babysit for Marcus and Maria so they can celebrate Valentine’s Day, Eileen is suspicious of her son’s motives, but Marcus and Maria accept the offer. Todd shows up at Maria and Marcus’ dinner, claiming that little Liam had a nightmare and wants his Mommy. Maria rushes home, leaving Todd and Marcus alone.

Days of our Lives: It’s Valentine’s Day in Salem and Will has a surprise for Sonny…

Love is on the line for Johnny?

EastEnders: Whitney and Nancy encourage Johnny to put his profile online in hopes of meeting a guy, but when Johnny refuses so the girls post a profile without his permission. Johnny gets a response from someone calling themselves ‘The Walford Wonder’ and is reluctant to respond. After some prodding from Nancy, Johnny talks to his new friend online and is shocked to find out who the person is.

Finn learns quitting his job is not that easy…

Emmerdale: When Finn wants to quit his job, tired of all the drama between Val and Pollard, Victoria begs him to stay…

General Hospital: Valentine’s Day brings a new twist to the triangle between Felix, Brad and Lucas when Felix asks Lucas out on a date — and he says yes!

Good Times, Bad Times: Worried that Ludo will find out that he and Bing stole the boat, Lucas drinks too much, which has Menno concerned. And it gets worse when new facts about the boat theft are revealed.

Ziggy takes George for a night out…

Hollyoaks: Vincent’s asylum hearing is finally about to take place, but Vincent’s claims that he can’t be sent back to Nigeria because he’s gay don’t go over well with the court, who say there’s no proof that Vincent is a ‘mo. George is afraid he’s going to lose Vincent forever and Ziggy decides to lift George’s spirits by taking out to a gay bar for some fun. Later, Phoebe comes up with an idea that could secure Vincent’s future, but will it work?

Elias’ brother is gonna need that talk on the birds and the bees…

Secret Lives: Sebastian asks Elias to move in with him and Elias agrees, but things get complicated when Elias little brother Oliver walks in on Elias in bed with his boyfriend Miska. Yipes!

The Haves and Have Nots: Jeffery is shocked when Amanda admits she’s going to murder her parents…

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