Langford on Soaps: Vincent Comes Out to His Kids on “My Husband’s Lover”

Plus, the debuts of Dutch drama Loving Ibiza and Aussie drama Redfern Now. Also the latest on General Hospital, People of the Valley, Revenge, Days of Our Lives — and much more!

Langford on Soaps

All That Matters (Germany)

A quick recap of last week’s shows….

As Joscha and Raquel planned their sham wedding, Melanie plotted to get rid of Raquel by reporting her immigration status to authorities…

Ugh, that Melanie. That was a horrible thing she did to Raquel. The thing is, even if it were to work and she left the country, Joscha still wouldn’t want her back. And I like that Melanie got called out on her hypocrisy when she accused Raquel of only wanting Joscha for his fame. Let’s face it, Mel’s a gold-digger.

After all, Mel only took notice of Deniz because he got a big promotion and a raise. Sad that Deniz can’t see it and always takes her side, just like his defending her to Joscha even after knowing what she did to try and destroy Joscha’s career. Deniz running to hold her hand makes her seem like the victim and she certainly isn’t that. I think that’s what I dislike most about the Deniz/Mel romance. He should be smarter than this to be anywhere near this gold-digging viper. But at least he was bright enough to tell her not to use him to make Joscha jealous. They’ll eventually get together though, but I can’t see it lasting. It would be nice of Deniz found out what Melanie did to try and get Raquel out of the country. Maybe then he’d be done with her sooner rather than later.

I did love the scene where Joscha salivated when he saw Deniz in his suit and he couldn’t help but comment how sexy Deniz was. The look on Can’s face was priceless. And I continue to love Joscha and Raquel together. As I said before, Joscha is so much more likeable with Raquel around because she lightens him up and we can see how cute and funny and charming he can be. Hopefully, we’ll see that side of him when he meets the guy he eventually falls in love with. That bedroom scene of theirs was cute and funny. Though if they’re going to be married for three years, they’re going to have to get used to sharing a bed.

Among Us (Germany)

A quick recap of last week’s shows:

Kira promised Ringo she wouldn’t tell anyone about he and Yannick’s relationship and Ringo finally admitted to Kira, Tobias and Yannick that he has feelings for Yannick. Ringo proposed a secret relationship to Yannick and Yannick agreed. Ringo still refused to accept he might be bi or gay, but thought he was just going through a phase that he’d eventually get over.

This show just isn’t doing a good job convincing me about any feelings these guys might have for each other. The fact of the matter is they have never had an actual conversation that didn’t involve Ringo bitching at Yannick for one reason or another. The show hasn’t bothered to give us any scene of them just bonding or enjoying each others company, you know where we could see the feelings they are supposed to have. Yes, we know they had a relationship back in computer camp, but for me, I would have like to see at least some of the foundation of their relationship because then I could understand why Yannick would want to be with someone who treats him so poorly all the time. Even when Ringo admits his feelings for Yannick and proposes a secret affair, he still treats Yannick with contempt. So exactly what is the attraction?

I did like the scene with Tobias where Ringo admitted he was crazy about Yannick and Tobias’ advice was simple: you can’t fight what you really want and doing so will make you unhappy. But again, I still have the question of why being gay is such a torment for Ringo. No one in his social circle, including his family, would care and as was pointed out in the show itself, they live in a very gay friendly city. Most people fear coming out because of what other people might think and that they’d lose their friends and family. That isn’t the case for Ringo. So why is he so upset about being gay? It’s just another thing I need articulated in order for the story to actually make sense and be believable.

Days of Our Lives (U.S.)

I didn’t expect to see Sonny while Will was away, but there he was as a talk-to for Abigail, who now that Chad is gone, actually has no story herself. More than just about anybody else on this show, except maybe Kristian Alfonso, this show has really wasted Kate Mansi’s talent. The triangle with Chad and Cameron never worked because she had no chemistry with either guy and the show told the story in such a lame, half-assed way. I did have to laugh at Abi bitching at Chad and Cameron’s competing over her since that’s the way she set things up, using her virginity as a prize they had to win.

Also humorous to me was Sonny saying he didn’t tell Will about Teresa because he didn’t want Will to worry. But I think that Teresa and Will maybe had one or two scenes since Teresa came to town. But it’s always been a shame to me that this show’s young people didn’t have much to do with each other, even though they’re all related. I also don’t like that JJ is now indebted to Daniel because it means that eventually, JJ will love Daniel as much as everyone else in this town. Blech.

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General Hospital (U.S.)

You know what, if I were Brad, I’d tell Felix to go to hell. Because he’s such a whiny nag about Britt’s baby. It’s not even Felix’s business, but all he can do is go on and on about it. If Brad made a deal with Britt to help her have a baby and not be involved, then that’s between Brad and Britt. Brad would only be a deadbeat father if Britt wanted him to help and Brad refused. Otherwise, he’s honoring a deal he made with a friend.

Yes, we know the baby isn’t Britt’s or Brad’s, but that’s not the point. Felix only knows what he knows and he needs to butt out. I so want Brad to tell this busybody to kick rocks. When Felix actually went up to Britt and told her that Brad denied paternity of Baby Ben I believe I shouted that he should shut the eff up. Brad should see this as what any relationship with Felix would be like, if it were to happen, and move on. I don’t want them together if Felix is going to henpeck him 24/7. Brad deserves better.

Of course, the real problem is that we haven’t seen Brad and Felix together for about two weeks and they are still having the same dialogue as when we last saw them. Actually, they’ve had the same scenes for a couple of months, when they actually have a scene that is. I guess these two are in a holding pattern until Lucas finally shows up, but I wish the show would give them someone other to do that what we’ve seen for the past few months.

Did I hear Felix say that Halloween was an important holiday for ‘our kind’? Is he serious with that? Exactly why is that? Cuz maybe as ‘their kind’ I’ve been missing something. I haven’t celebrated the holiday in years or dressed up since I was old enough to know better. BTW, Felix’s costume was ugly so I don’t know why all the drama about Brad having the same one. But at least Felix was civil for a minute after Brad changed his costume. We’ll see how long that lasts.

Wow, Nikolas is super buff. I can’t believe I never noticed those muscles and those abs before.

Good Times, Bad Times (The Netherlands)

I couldn’t decide who was more wrong about the situation with Nina’s baby, Nina or Lucas. I do think that both of them were horrible and selfish in the way the behaved, but I’m going to side with Nina. That was an emergency and really not the time to be petulant and bratty and Lucas should have been there for her even if his sister was being her usual bitchy self. Besides, if I were Nina, I’d be kind of exacting when it came to leaving Lucas with an infant anyway given how easily distracted and irresponsible Lucas can be. I did like that Janine refused to take Nina’s abuse and told her what a brat she was being.

I nearly fell over when Lucas talked about having children with Menno. My reaction was about as horrified as Menno’s was. Lucas is far too selfish and self-absorbed to be having children. He can’t even put Menno first, he would certainly never do that for a baby. Like both Sjords and Menno said, you shouldn’t have a baby because you think it’s fun. I did like the scene where Menno talked about the differences between he and Lucas and how they complement each other. It was nice, but I still think those differences will be what they keep fighting about and what will ultimately doom them. Menno is annoyed by many of the things Lucas does now. I can’t imagine that a year from now (though I doubt they’ll actually last a full year) it’ll be nearly as charming.

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Hollyoaks (U.K.)

This past week I spent time asking myself a lot of questions:

I wonder if Ste ever thinks about the fact that he’s living in Brendan’s old apartment? And how many bedrooms does it have with Danny and his wife, their three kids (and soon a baby) and now Ste all living there?

Why weren’t Tilly and Esther at Callum’s memorial? Wasn’t Callum murdered trying to help them? Has George stopped to think that nearly all his college friends have died in the past year?

When did John Paul become Phoebe’s guardian? When did Phoebe change her last name to McQueen? Why does the show keep ignoring that Phoebe has said herself that you can’t change sexuality and being gay is who you are and have her go along with this Vincent nonsense? Why are Vincent’s papers and immigration status still an issue? Didn’t Phoebe buy Vincent’s documentation from Trevor months ago?

So John Paul’s baby mama has just been hanging around the village for months doing what? Waiting to be able to blackmail Sienna?

Now that Patrick has actually begun beating Maxine will fans root for them to be together and swoon every time they kiss after Patrick gives Maxine another beatdown?

Just curious…

Loving Ibiza (The Netherlands)

Although this is a Dutch series, Loving Ibiza is set in Spain and is based on a successful movie turned into a TV series. However, from what has been revealed in the press about the film so far, Marco and Ernst are both gay. Marco is a closeted soccer player and Ernst is his physical therapist. Neither character was in the film, however. They were created for the series.

Unless you’d been told otherwise, you wouldn’t know that Marco and Ernst were gay, but I guess that’s supposed to be a revelation down the line as the story unfolds. But knowing that, I imagine Marco is going to get involved in a sham relationship with Stella to cover his sexuality.

I mean, it was obvious that Marco and Ernst were looking for Stella and not because Marco was sexually interested in her. It’s really hard to judge much of anything at this point, though I can’t say I’m thrilled about another show about someone who is closeted. Overall, I guess we’ll have to wait and see how this all plays out.

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My Husbands’ Lover (The Philippines)

Vincent coming out to his children was very sad, but well done in terms of writing and acting. I did think the flashback scene of Vincent being tempted to put on lipstick was strange though given the show’s pointing out more than once that Vincent and Zandro were very different types of gays. But I still think as tough as it was, Vincent did the right thing in telling the truth. However, I have the feeling that Eric is going to annoy me in all this by forcing himself on Vincent’s kids and go overboard in trying to get them to accept him.

His whining and pouting gets on my nerves. He chose to be with a man with a lot of baggage. So he needs to accept that he can’t always be with him or have him at his disposal. Since the show only has about 8 more episodes (though it’s finished airing in it’s native country) I’m sure it’ll all work out in the end. For the moment, though, I just keep telling Eric to step off. LOL….

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Neighbours (Australia)

I can understand Kyle being frustrated with Chris, but when Kyle was blind, Chris was there for him more than anybody. So I think Kyle owes Chris one because to be fair, Chris hasn’t done anything to Kyle per se. Moreover, I think Brad was kind of harsh in rushing to press charges. It’s not like he doesn’t know Chris or the situation. I realize that what Chris did was wrong and Josh’s career could have been affected, but it wasn’t and everything was fine.

I just think that they should have waited and seen what happened rather than rushing in while tempers were still flared. Again, these aren’t strangers, they’re supposed to all be friends and (ahem) neighbors. That should count for something, I think. I mean, wasn’t it just a few weeks ago that Chris was helping Josh deal with his girlfriend being blackmailed? It’s like that never happened. Besides, it was obvious that Chris was headed on a path of self-destruction. The last thing he needed was jail. At least Kate didn’t give up on him, thankfully.

People of the Valley (Wales)

Regular readers know I check in on POTV every few weeks just to see what’s going on with Iolo, if anything. And as usual, not much. I’m not exactly sure what we’re to take away from these scenes. Iolo’s drug test came up positive for cocaine and he insists that it was slipped into his drink and that he doesn’t do drugs. Now, we didn’t actually see those scenes, only heard about it after Iolo got his test results. So was he telling the truth or does Iolo have a problem with drugs and has been hiding it all this time?

Personally, I think Iolo was telling the truth because for him to have a problem with drugs might mean he gets a storyline and the show has proven they are not interested in giving him his own story. I think this was more about giving his father a reason to freak out with all his other problems since Sion made Iolo’s drug test results all about him. Speaking of which, Sion needs to get a shave, he looks like a hobo with that beard.

I guess I shouldn’t be shocked by Dai’s self-serving, outrageous behavior towards Iolo, that guy has always been an ass. But saying Iolo was selfish for supposedly using cocaine while most of the team were ‘doing it for the village and for the team’ because they were using steroids was over top even for him. I can’t wait until it’s revealed he not only encouraged the team to use the drugs, but was actually supplying it to some of them.

Revenge (U.S.)

Even though the one thing I wanted not to happen, did, I really enjoyed this episode. Revenge is a show I just don’t miss this season. I said last week that I didn’t think it would last long between Patrick and Nolan, and it didn’t. Once Conrad found out that Patrick tried to kill him, his days were numbered. I’m just glad that he was left unharmed and the show clearly set it up for his return. I did have to laugh when Emily said that Patrick was a criminal so Nolan shouldn’t date him given all the crimes and misdeeds Emily has committed since she came to town two years ago.

I enjoyed the scenes between Patrick and Victoria, especially when they said goodbye, but every time Victoria is around her eldest son, I get the strange impression she wants to make out with him. I’m still wondering if Patrick really just wanted to help his mother and if his feelings for Nolan were legit. But that’s the thing about this show, it always leaves you wondering. Here’s hoping that Patrick’s exile doesn’t last for long.

About Nolan, I know he’s desperate for someone to love and Patrick is hot at and all, but given his experience, you’d think he wouldn’t be saying anybody is ‘the one’ after just an evening of passion. I did like those bonding scenes between Nolan and Jack. I’ve always enjoyed their friendship so I’m glad they’re close again, only this time without all the secrets. I also like the twist of Daniel’s first girlfriend coming back. It gives Daniel a heart again because he’s always been a decent guy underneath it all. And Charlotte continues to be a lot more useful than she has been in the past with all her plotting. I still say that Jack is the man for her. The show needs to start listening to me.

As for Emily’s plan to be ‘murdered’ by Victoria, that finally explains those scenes of Emily being shot at the start of the season. Or does it? My guess is that Emily’s plan will go awry and she’ll be shot for real, only we won’t know by whom of course.

Secret Lives (Finland)

Watching this past week made me wonder if the show was voicing some audience opinions. I loved it when it was pointed out that all Elias does is whine so maybe Lari just got tired of it and left. Even better was when one of them said that dating was supposed to be fun, but all Elias and Lari do is have misery after misery after misery. Of course Elias wasn’t listening, when does he ever, but to me, some valid points were raised.

As for the great lengths Elias went through to track down Lari, I thought it was hilarious that after Ilkka went to the bathroom, the boys came from their hiding places and instead of running out, proceeded to have a conversation. Then later when supposedly hiding in the back of Ilkka’s van, they again, are talking where they could be overheard. Seriously? Just dumb. But even with all this drama, the story is told at a painfully lethargic pace.

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Redfern Now (Australia)

I enjoyed this one-off story for the most part, but for me events at the end created a rather ugly pall over the whole storyline. But I’ll get to that. It was a very emotional and sad tale, especially at the beginning and I found myself misting over as Peter had to deal with losing Steven, including having to make the decision to turn off his life support over the screaming objections of Steven’s mother. Noni Hazelhurst, which many of you might remember as the homophobic grandmother in A Place To Call Home. She’s just as strong and powerful as she was in that series. She’s a terrific actress and it’s nice to see her, even though the roles are similar in many ways.

I found Peter struggling to deal with his pain and loss to be very realistic, as he became a not-so-nice guy and started drinking and smoking a little too much dope. I thought the scene where he had the internet trick come over was well done. Of course, when he did it, I knew it would be a bad idea, but it showed that he just wanted to not be so lonely at least for a while. Of course this led to his being sued for custody by the grandmother so, like I said, it was a bad idea. BTW, were those poppers that Peter handed Luis before he kicked him out?

I loved Peter’s relationship with his sister and how she was there for him, even when he was being a jerk. And I really loved the videotape of Steven and Peter they made the day before the picked up Amy and the little message Steven left that Peter hadn’t seen before. That was the high point of the show to me. I guess in the end Peter and Margaret were working things out and I guess over time they’d get used to each other, at least the show hinted.

But I had one big problem with this show that cast a pall over everything. I didn’t like the message at the end that in order to keep his child, Peter had to be chaste and not date. I know that wasn’t part of the judge’s ruling, but the message was clear in that he shouldn’t have a social life if he wanted to be a father, not to mention implication that the child might be at risk by some of Peter’s boyfriends, which belies the fact that most child molesters are straight. Perhaps I’m making too much of it, but for a show that was very gay positive, that was some ugliness that stuck in my craw. Peter should have fought back. There were so many things he could have done to have won that case easily without promising to put on a chastity belt.

Oh and it was nice to have a person of color in the lead role and that it wasn’t a factor in the story.

Scoops and Spoilers

All That Matters: Joscha asks Raquel to marry him, publicly, but Melanie and Ingo aren’t the only ones upset by the news. When Joscha’s brother and father hear about his impending marriage plans, they aren’t happy about it at all. Everything works out though and the wedding is on. Joscha’s friends throw him a bachelor party, but someone is determined to cause trouble. When a stripper hired for Raquel comes onto Joscha, who is responsible? And will Joscha’s reaction reveal that he’s gay?

Among Us: Ringo is upset when Yannick ends their secret affair…

Coronation Street: Todd’s return to town is anticipated by his family, but Todd’s ex-boyfriend Alex shows up first looking for Todd. Alex says he and Todd were going to go on vacation, but Todd took the money and ran and Alex wants it back. Eileen defends Todd and throws Alex out. When Todd shows up. Eileen wants to know all about his life in London and when she hears Todd’s story, which doesn’t include Alex, Eileen knows he’s lying. Later, a drunken Alex shows up and Todd is forced to confess his sins, shocking Eileen. Eileen pays Todd’s debt to Alex. An argument ensues and when Todd suggests maybe he should go back to London, a dismayed Eileen agrees maybe he should.

Todd goes to work on a smitten Sean, telling him a very downplayed version of his behavior with Alex and manipulates Sean into speaking to Eileen on Todd’s behalf. Eileen agrees to let Todd stay and Todd promises he’ll get a job and pay her back. Todd heads for the bar, which is owned by Nick Platt, and is able to get a job there. Unfortunately, the Platts still resent Todd for using Sarah as a beard and later having an affair with another man during their marriage. How will Nick react when he sees Todd?

Days of our Lives: Thanks to Nick’s machinations, Gabi gets an offer for a modelling job in New York. Gabi is excited about the new job and shares the news with Sonny, who later tells a concerned Sami about it. Sami worries and leads Sonny to fear this as well, that Gabi will take the baby with her if she were to move away. But will Nick’s scheming be revealed before it’s too late?

Good Times, Bad Times: Menno finds what he thinks is he and Lucas’ dream house, but will Lucas agree?

Holby City: Malick tries to adjust to life as a doctor now that he’s no longer able to perform surgery after the loss of his arm. When his former mentor shows up needing surgery, Malick wants to be involved, even though it’s against the rules. Malick manipulates Arthur into helping him. Could it cost them both?

Will someone in this village finally pay for their crimes?


Hollyoaks: John Paul attempts to help a student in need, but his attempts could backfire on him and he then has to scramble to cover his mistake. Meanwhile, with everything else going on in his life, Ste finds himself in over his head again. Elsewhere in the village, Will’s crimes are finally revealed, but the ensuing melee costs another villager their life.

Hudson has an answer for Chris…

Neighbours : Determined to help Chris, Kate tricks him into visiting Hudson in jail. Once there, Chris and Hudson talk and Hudson explains why he cut Chris out of his life. However, Chris realizes he still loves Hudson and doesn’t want to give him up. Chris proposes they have a long distance relationship until Hudson gets out of jail. Hudson is reluctant because he doesn’t want to hurt Chris any further, but eventually agrees to try it and see how things go.

Revenge: Nolan comes up with a plan of revenge of his own….

River City: Robbie and Will are celebrating their first wedding anniversary together, but what should be a happy time for the couple is marred when Edward is diagnosed with a serious illness. Seeing how devastated Will is that he could lose his father, Robbie does everything he can to support his spouse. But will it be enough?

Secret Lives: Elias comes face to face with Lari at the reparative therapy camp, only to be told by Lari that he is there voluntarily. Elias leaves, devastated. Later, Lari, missing Elias, sneaks out of the camp to be reunited with his boyfriend. But he’s stunned to find Elias in the arms of another guy! That tramp! Lari goes to the camp, upset and hurt, and promises his dad he’ll do what it takes to be straight again. Good luck with that, kid.

That’s it for this week’s Langford On Soaps. See you next time!