Langford on Soaps: Wedding Bells and Murder Confessions on “Eastenders”


River City

I’m sorry, but Deek needs to give it a rest where Will is concerned. If he wants to be Robbie’s friend, then he needs to be his friend which doesn’t mean trashing Will every chance he gets. And attacking Will for not getting involved with the business is unfair simply because from what I understood, Will was just giving Robbie the money to buy the salon, he had no intention of actually being involved in running the place.

Yes, Will was preoccupied with his investigation, but his telling Robbie to go to Deek, who has business experience, seems the proper thing to do to me. More and more, Deek comes off as petty and jealous. No, Will isn’t perfect, but he’s not the monster Deek makes him out to be —at least not yet. But then the writing for this storyline has been much more balanced and nuanced than I thought it would be. So I think that this story is going to take a few unexpected twists and turns. It already has and for the better.

As for the previews for next week, I suspect that it’s not going to go well for Robbie. His actions are the sort that ruin relationships, IMO.


I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. The chemistry between Brendan and Ste is absolutely terrific. Their scenes crackle with intensity and it’s pretty clear that they still care deeply for one another. The actors, Emmett Scanlan and Keiron Richardson are magical together. Yes, Richardson is good with PJ Brennan, who plays Ste’s boyfriend Doug, but it doesn’t compare to what Scanlan and Richardson have on screen. Sorry Doug and Ste fans. And it’s moments like this that have Brendan and Ste fans begging for a reunion. But I’m not one of them. One of the other things I’ve said repeatedly is that I don’t want them together again. Ever.

Yes, they have chemistry and heat and intensity, but I can never get past the black eyes, bloodied noses and broken ribs inflicted upon Ste by Brendan. To me, all the chemistry in the word doesn’t negate that and in my mind Brendan and Ste are simply not a viable couple. The writers can write whatever they want, but at the end of the day putting them back together validates and gives domestic abuse a pass. And that is not a message to send to viewers. I have no doubt people will write to me and say I don’t believe in second chances and forgiveness, and in this case they’re right. I don’t.

Watching Ste backtrack on the strong person he’s become is not pretty…

And beyond endorsing domestic violence, which misguided fans of this couple are doing by continuing to support them, Ste returning to Brendan after all the abuse and manipulation destroys the growth and maturation Ste has experienced since leaving Brendan. Because while Ste and Brendan do have combustible heat, their scenes together also remind me of how pathetic Ste behaved last year, going back to a man who hurt him time and time again. Yes, I know it’s only a soap, but if you are going to tackle important social issues, you have an obligation to be responsible. Ste returning to his abuser is utterly irresponsible.

But given the trajectory of the writing, it seems to me the show might reunite them at one point or at least attempt to. And for me, it’ll be a sad day when the show does that because they’ll have to downplay Brendan’s brutality towards Ste or (as many of the couple’s fans do) try and pretend it never happened. I don’t know which is worse.

Regarding other elements of this story, it was sad to see Amy leave. I’ve always liked the character and the actress is quite lovely. But the stories for Amy have been quite boring for awhile and it’s obvious the writers have lost interest in her. So maybe it was time for her to go. Meanwhile, I am loving the dysfunctional affair between Mercedes and the bad Dr. Browning. Their scenes are hot and they are so suited for each other. The games they play with each other are a hoot. I pray he’s not Lynsey’s killer.

As for Doug, I find his inability to come out to his family to be quite believable. He’s only come to deal with his sexuality himself and this life is new to him. It’s not hard to buy that he’d have problems being honest with his family, though his claiming to having a pregnant girlfriend is a bit much. To his credit, however, he did try and tell his parents the truth before things got totally out of hand.

Meanwhile, Brendan’s ongoing battle with Sampson is interesting, but it could be even more so if we actually saw Brendan’s nemesis rather than merely hearing about him. However finding out that Joel was behind much of the threats against Brendan was a nice and unexpected twist. Frankly, however, I don’t think Joel is going to be around for too long once Brendan finds out what he’s done. But overall this story arc doesn’t work for me because Joel shouldn’t be involved with the club in the first place. The Brendan I know would have gotten rid of Joel when he had the chance months ago, not kept him around to buzz around like a gnat waiting to be squashed.

The L.A. Complex

Not much to stay here other than I’m interested in seeing where the next beat in the story goes. I do hope that Kal’s father truly wants to make amends and doesn’t reject him once he finds out that he’s gay. Maybe his father’s acceptance will be what gets Kal to finally accept himself. But the story remains compelling and grows more so every week.


Ste watches as his boyfriend proposes marriage… to a woman…

HollyoaksTired of all the lies and seeing Ste hurt now that his parents believe he’s not only straight with a girlfriend, but is engaged with a baby on the way, Doug decides to come out to his parents. But before he can do so, he learns that he’ll inherit $20,000 upon his marriage. Seeing dollar signs, Ste convinces Doug to go through with the wedding as they could use the money to help with the deli. The problem is convincing Leanne to go along with it.

With Ste and Dennis’ urging, Leanne agrees to the marriage and they begin to plan the wedding. It isn’t long however, before Ste regrets coming up with the idea, as Doug’s family treat him like an outsider.

Walker and Brendan are in terrible trouble…

Elsewhere, Brendan and Walker plot to steal drug money from Sampson as a lesson to the mobster and to finance a new life far away from Hollyoaks. But little do they know that Joel, who has been secretly terrorizing Brendan and his family for weeks, is scheming to ruin Brendan’s plans.

When Brendan and Walker launch their plot, things go quickly awry and the duo find themselves trapped by the cops in an warehouse. The twosome luckily escape. Brendan tells Cheryl and Declan they need to head back to Ireland where it’s safe for them, but Cheryl isn’t so willing to go. Besides her, there’s something else that’s keeping Brendan in the village. Could it be Ste?

Meanwhile, the police uncover fresh evidence that could finally reveal who killed Lynsey. Will Brendan finally get justice for his friend?

Ben is revealed as Heather’s killer…

EastEnders — Everyone is afraid that Ian will reveal that Ben killed Heather, especially Phil, who wants the truth to remain hidden until he and Shirley are married. But Ben is more concerned with helping Ian, even if it means he’ll go to prison. Meanwhile, as Ian’s memories continue to return, Shirley accidentally finds the picture frame that killed Heather. She immediately recognizes it as the murder weapon. After some detective work, Shirley goes to Ben and tells him she knows who killed Heather. Unfortunately, she thinks it’s Phil!

Ben defends his father, insisting he couldn’t have killed Heather, but Shirley is convinced he did. Ben panics and says something only the killer could know. Shirley is horrified to realize Ben is the murderer and Phil knew the whole time. Now that the truth is out, Shirley agonizes if she should turn Ben in or not. But before anyone can do anything, Ben disappears. Phil is terrified at what his unstable son might do next.

Is this the other man in Will’s life?

River City — Robbie comes home to find out he and Will’s apartment has been burglarized. Robbie calls Will, but realizes that his boyfriend, who is on business in Manchester, has left his cell phone at home. Going through Will’s previous calls, Robbie sees Will has been getting a lot of messages from someone named Edward.

Furthermore, he finds out Will has locked a drawer in their bedroom. Suspicious, Robbie pries it open and discovers where Edward lives. Certain his fiancé is cheating on him, Robbie goes to see Edward and accuses him of being Will’s secret lover. But Robbie quickly learns that things aren’t quite what they seem.



Days of Our Lives Will comes to the rescue of his parents…

People of the Valley – Iolo is upset to learn what his father has been up to…


There are lots of romantic complications ahead for Will and Sonny…

Since Freddie Smith debuted as Sonny Kiriakis on Days of Our Lives last year, fans have been waiting for a relationship between Sonny and Will to kick off. Failing that, a storyline for Smith of any sort would be nice. And at long last, thanks in part to a change in writers and producers at Days, both events will finally happen in a new plot arc set to begin next week.

As we revealed in last week’s column, Sonny is going to show his feelings for Will in a kiss. And how is Will going to respond? He’s going to tell Sonny in no certain terms that he isn’t interested in a romantic relationship with him, breaking poor Sonny’s heart. But after a talk with granny Marlena, Will is going to realize that he, in fact, does have loving feelings for his pal.

Unfortunately, Will’s conclusion comes too late because when Will finds Sonny, he sees him with Brian!Played by the returning Brant Daugherty the scene looks to be a romantic moment. Upset and hurt, Will turns to his ex-girlfriend Gabi and they have sex. And you can bet a Will/Gabi baby is not far behind. So why can’t Sonny have a random hookup in his wounded moment? Cause TV gays don’t do that sort of thing, of course! At least not with other men, that is.

Look for Sonny to become the next tv gay to be a victim…

As for Sonny, he encounters Tad, who brutally attacks the Kiriakis scion, blaming him for turning Will gay. Sonny is found by his father Justin, who demands Sonny tell him who beat him. But Sonny inexplicably refuses.

Smith spoke to, about Sonny’s trauma and where it takes him next.

“It’s very emotional to be bullied. When you go through it it’s a big part of your life,” Smith said. “I’m hoping I can make an impact and show how bullying negatively affects people and make a difference. I think that everyone will be able to relate to this storyline, so it is important to the show.”

Smith added that as a result of the bullying, we’ll see a new side to Sonny.

“It brings him back — he thought he was home free. It’s disappointing to him,” Smith revealed. “He was very bulletproof at first. You’re going to see that he does have flaws. You’re going to see Sonny make mistakes and deal with those mistakes.”

So Sonny and Will are finally getting that storyline viewers have demanded. But this columnist suspects that most of them won’t be happy about it.

Is Marcus and Maria’s platonic friendship about to turn romantic?

Speaking of gay men and women, things about to get complicated for Coronation Street’s Marcus and Maria. After his breakup with his boyfriend Sean, Marcus, played by out gay actor Charlie Condou, moved in with his best gal pal Maria, enjoying spending time with her and her son Liam, giving Marcus the family life he’d always wanted.

However, Marcus is completely unaware that Maria was in love with him, even though she began dating Jason and he began dating his co-worker Aiden. But according to the show’s executive producer Phil Collinson, Marcus will soon become aware of Maria’s feelings for him and that might bring up some surprising feelings within himself.

“It’s a big story for us. Maria is in love with Marcus, and so far he’s oblivious to that. But obviously he’s going to become aware of it, and I think he’ll have to ask some big questions about his sexuality.” Collinson told Digital Spy.

“Marcus has identified himself as a gay man, but then again he does love Maria and he loves the idea of having a family of his own for the first time. I think that’s going to be a really interesting story across the coming months.”

Christian and Syed are going to the chapel. But will they get married?

Fans of EastEnders gay couple Christian and Syed have been waiting for over a year for the couple to do more than just play background or supporting roles in other people’s drama. The popular duo have been on the storyline backburner for a long time, but it looks like there might finally be something in the works for them.

UK soap guru Sharon Marshall revealed on a recent British chat show that the long rumored wedding between Syed and Christian is finally going to happen. Rather they begin planning the wedding. Whether they actually make it to the altar is up in the air.

“…there will be a wedding that’s planned for Christian and Syed, but you know what EastEnders weddings are like…will they, won’t they, will it go ahead.” Marshall teased.

The question this columnist has is will this storyline actually get airtime or will it play out once every month or so like everything else with Christian and Syed? Though to be fair, actor John Partridge, who plays Christian recently tweeted that he has been working a lot lately. So perhaps there is an actual storyline coming for the couple.

Tragedy for Chris and his pals on Aussie soap Neighbours…

Next week brings a major event in the life of gay teen Chris Pappas, played by James Mason on Aussie soap Neighbours. He and his friends face a life-changing tragedy and Chris comes face to face with his past.

Things begin after Chris, Andrew, Summer, Tash and Ed head of to celebrate Andrew’s birthday. They are unaware that Sophie, a friend of theirs has stowed away in the trunk. Eventually Sophie is discovered, but there’s no room for her in the already crowded car. However, against his better judgment, Chris lets Sophie join them by sitting on Summer’s lap and the trip continues.

It is then that the evening takes a tragic turn when Summer, Tash and Ed learn that Andrew sold the software project that he, Tash and Ed had been working on and pocketed the money for himself. An argument breaks out and Chris gets so distracted that he crashes the car. Chris is able to climb from the wreckage, but his friends are trapped inside. Thankfully, Rhys, the doctor who took care of Chris after his assault earlier this year, passes by and provides medical attention. But will everyone survive?

But something good comes from the accident…

Chris feels terrible guilt for his role in the accident, which he feels could have been avoided. Mason talked to Digital Spyabout how people can make foolish decisions that lead to accidents like this.

“Chris really is a pretty sensible, straightforward kind of guy who knows the rules – his morals are good. He wants to please his friends and make sure everyone’s happy — and it doesn’t help that the whole group use a bit of peer pressure to convince him,” Mason said. “The others just don’t see any danger in what they’re doing.”

But there is a bright spot in the accident, at least for Chris. This story twist brings Chris’ ex-boyfriend Aiden, played by Bob Morely, back into his life. Fans know the couple broke up a few months back after Aiden caught Chris in one too many lie about coming out to his family. But this reunion will prove that things are not over between the couple. It won’t be long before they are rekindling their romance, though not without complications, of course.

Damon Gameau returns for a new season of RAW.

And finally, it was announced last week that Dublin set drama RAW will return early next year for a fourth season and Damon Gameau, who plays gay chef Geoff, is back as well. No word on what story is ahead for Geoff, but no doubt we’ll see the fallout from the death of Geoff’s lover Pavel, who died suddenly at the end of the last season. When we get more news, we’ll be sure to share it.

That’s a wrap for this edition of Langford on Soaps. See you next week!