Langford on Soaps: What Does Will’s Exit Mean For Sonny’s Future on ‘Days’?

Plus, Jeffery tries to play it straight on The Haves and the Have Nots, there’s a new man in Sonny’s life on Days, Chris’ new beau on Neighbours has a secret and Seth’s evil scheme sees fruition on Shortland Street.

Langford’s Picks and Pans

People of the Valley (Wales)

Hmmm…. I wonder how soon Gethin’s memory is going to come back? It’s obvious he was affected by seeing his father touch Wil, just like Moc had touched Gethin before molesting him as a child. You’d think it would be soon, but the show is teasing that Wil is leaving town for awhile and they’ve been playing this storyline for over a year, so who knows? I think what was most interesting about that scene, was not just Gethin’s reaction, but Moc’s as well. It was as if Moc hadn’t meant to do what he did and that he knew it was wrong, that how he was feeling was wrong, but he just couldn’t help himself. Nice piece of acting on both their parts.

The show still seems to be moving Iolo and Gethin towards a romance as their friendship deepens and gets warmer, but I wonder if anything will happen between them before Gethin gets his memory back or before? Part of me thinks that if they do get involved that relationship will be the key to Gethin’s memory returning and Iolo will help rescue Wil before Moc can get to him. I also thought the scenes with Colin were cute, with Iolo and Gethin playfully pushing Colin to make more of a fool of himself than he usually does. But Colin got the last laugh, it seems.

All That Matters (Germany)

So far I think the show has done a pretty decent job on this storyline, even if I’m not looking forward to another coming out drama. I really liked the scene where Joscha kept seeing visions of his former lover wherever he looked. I wish the show would give us more insight to their relationship though. But Joscha’s guilt at leaving his lover, who was outed and then killed himself is quite palpable.

As for the rest of the show, I see Katja is as horrible as ever and one could say she got what she deserved for injuring herself during her nasty boink in a bathroom stall with Ben. I agree with her though that Ben has no business being so angry with his fiancé for kissing Ingo. After all, she did stop it, realizing she wanted to be with Ben. Ben was the one who actually had sex with someone else, not that I’m excusing Bea’s behavior. I mean if you’re kissing someone else the day before your wedding, maybe you should rethink your nuptials. Just saying….

The Haves and The Have Nots (U.S.)

Until the show’s way over the top, yet incredibly delicious final scene, I don’t think anything actually happened in this episode. Candace was barely in it and Wyatt was missing as well (and not for the first time, unfortunately). Instead, the show treaded water and refused to move forward with any story by giving us a series of scenes that were long, pointless and painful to watch. Mind you, the show has done it before, but never like this. For example, it’s obvious that Celine has a thing for her boss Jim, so why didn’t Hanna pick up on that after Celine ranted on and on and on about Jim for about five minutes?

This plot is completely is dumb and boring and it comes totally out of nowhere. I can’t recall Jim and Celine having any scenes together. Maybe it would have been nice to establish her crush on her boss instead of the dozen other scenes where nothing has happened instead. Speaking of Jim, I found his sudden turnaround hard to believe. In one scene he wanted nothing to do with Candace and in the other he’s ready to risk his career by having an affair with her during his campaign. She’s hot and seductive and all, but seriously?

I did like the depiction of Hanna and Kathryn’s deepening bond. Kathryn is probably the most sympathetic character on this show. I truly felt for her as she deals with cancer and keeps it from her family. But when she talks about her relationships, or lack thereof, with her husband and children, I only wish we were seeing more of it to make these scenes here even deeper and richer. I did think that Hanna bringing Kathryn some weed was funny, but would a church-going woman keep pot around her house even though she no longer had use for it? And Hanna is right about one thing, Kathryn should ask her doctor to medically prescribe her some marijuana since it does make her feel better.

Ugh and do we really have to watch any more of that chemistry-free and tired nonsense between Benny and Darcy? Their flirting was so not cute. Also not cute was that Benny didn’t understand that his mother had set he and Darcy up until she explained it to him twice. When it comes to Benny, I realize he’s part of the ‘Have Nots’, but he needs to be integrated somehow with the main characters and stories like Hanna, Candace and Celine are. Right now he just seems like an outlier and not a very interesting one. He should be tied to them somehow. He drives a delivery truck, maybe he could be hired by Veronica’s clinic to make deliveries for her business or something. Even better? Set up a triangle between hard working, but poor Benny and wealthy (and gay) Jeffery. Throw Wyatt in to stir things up and Veronica pushing marriage between Jeffery and Darcy and you’ve got lots of drama.

Speaking of Jeffrey, that final scene between him and Veronica was so damn soapy, but very real. I can totally relate to having to tell your parents what they don’t want to hear, even though it’s obvious. I’m sure many gay men can. It was the strongest scene in the whole episode, with Veronica informing a teary Jeffery she didn’t want to hear what he had to say and that he needed to find a girlfriend right away. I suspect that Veronica has always known that Jeffrey was gay, but didn’t want to deal with it until she had to.

The scene between Candace and Veronica was nicely done as well, but for a smart woman, Veronica should be able to figure out that it was Jim whom the car was being bought for. Like her son being a big fabulous gay boy, that is very obvious.

Neighbours (Australia)

So it’s been a few weeks since I last looked in on the show and not much has changed. Well, Kyle can see again and Amber has a new boyfriend (she didn’t waste time after pining over the gay guy, did she?) But nothing has changed for Chris. He’s still spending his time solving the straight folks’ problems. To be fair, Chris does have a new love interest starting next week so we’ll see if things change for him. BTW, I was glad that Lucas turned out to be okay, the guy has been through hell over the past few months and he needed a break.

Shortland Street (New Zealand)

So, I’m taking bets on how long it is before Seth is murdered. Because it seems to me that is where this is headed. He’s making enemies of just about everyone on the show and it looks obvious that a murder mystery is being planned for the near future. I just hope they don’t have Henry turn out to be the killer. It would be bad enough to have Another Dead Gay, but to have his lover be the one to do it would be too much. Could I be lucky enough that Seth just turns out to be an ongoing villain for the show who creates years of headaches for the character like many long running soap bad guys have? Somehow, I don’t think that’s going to happen. But, it was nice that Seth was willing to give the power mongering up, for a second anyway, to start a new life with Henry. When Henry talked him out of it, I said aloud ‘when he winds up dead, Henry, you’ll only have yourself to blame!’

Good Times, Bad Times (The Netherlands)

Okay, I will concede that the scene where Menno dressed up like the cop from the Village People was funny (and sexy). But that was nearly overshadowed by my annoyance that Menno has to jump through all these hoops to win Lucas back when Lucas doesn’t deserve all this effort. The only good thing was that Lucas realized he was being a fool before Menno’s last hurrah and would have gone back to him anyway. Still though!

Okay, I’ll let it go. And I must comment on how wonderfully passionate Menno and Lucas’ kisses are. It only highlights how much like kissing your Grandmother a certain Days couple’s smooches seem. Yeah, I went there…

I did like the red hot scene between Nina and Noud. The acting was terrific and Noud was adorably cute as ever. But seeing them together only reminds me how much I’ve always hated Nina and Noud as a couple. They just seem, and have always seemed, terribly mismatched to me. I once thought that Nina only got with Noud because she knew her father wouldn’t like it. I still feel that way.

But I have to say despite that terrific scene, the whole plot arc is rather dumb and hard to buy to me. This is yet another case of a show going too far with a character and then having to resort to bad writing or ignoring the past to make the current story work, in this case with Weit. Weit tried to kill Nina. She was responsible for the death of Rosa, the Sanders’ maid, if I remember my history correctly. Because of her Lucas was in a coma for months. But after a year or two in a mental institution, she is not just free, but still pursuing the object of her obsession. That’s fine, but Noud sleeping with her and Lucas employing her is just a bit too much. I just shook my head when Weit referred to herself as Lucas’ best friend. I realize soaps do this kind of stuff all the time, but for me it’s always off putting. And it certainly is here.

Days of Our Lives (U.S.)

I’m already bored with Will and Sonny cooing over the baby and playing happy families. Move on show.

Exactly why did Abe need to talk to Will and Sonny about the shooting? Neither of them were involved (at least as Abe knew). Just the show creating faux drama. I did like EJ’s comment about Will’s need to be honest being a ’recessive gene’. So true. As nice as it is that Sonny wanted to have sex with Will, didn’t Will flinch when Sami tried to hug him just the episode before? I would think any mattress action would have to wait until Will was out of the hospital for a few days. The scenes with Lucas were sweet and I suspect that Lucas will be doing most of the babysitting off screen while Will, Sonny and Gabi do whatever it is they are doing.

I have to say though that Sonny needs to cool it where his mother is concerned. Where I come from you don’t talk to your mother like that no matter what. And I can’t help but be slightly troubled by his wanting to cut his mother out of his life for a guy he’s been with for a few months. Boyfriends come and go, but your mother is always your mother, especially when she’s been there for Sonny his entire life. But I suspect that’s a lesson Sonny will learn the hard way as I think he’s being very naive about the Will situation. Adrienne’s points are very valid ones.

Why is this show back-burning Nick and his storyline? Why are they pretty much ending things with he and Gabi? After building to the climax for months, including introducing the very fascinating Vargas, the show isn’t playing that aftermath at all. I don’t get it.

I think it’s weird that the show is choosing to keep Rafe in a coma for so long. It’s obvious that they are putting the character on ice for awhile, but medically it doesn’t make such sense. I’m not a doctor, but aren’t there long term effects from being a coma? And with all the problems Sami has, I can’t believe that Lucas hasn’t dropped by to see her and give her a hard time. finally even though the show making Chad a DiMera was a completely stupid plot device, EJ and Chad do seem like brothers. They’ve got the same hair and everything.

Hollyoaks (U.K.)

So Doug and John Paul’s on again/off again romance is on (at least for this week). I’ve always said I liked them together and I still do, but it’s obvious they are going nowhere. In a way, I can see why the show wouldn’t keep them together and invest in an ongoing relationship. This show likes high stakes, over the top drama and there really isn’t much there with Doug and John Paul. They are just two nice guys falling in love and that just isn’t a story this show isn’t interested in telling. On another show, a sweet romance might work, but that just isn’t this show’s style sadly, not when your major romances have been between two murderous sociopaths (Mercedes and Paul) and a love story with a mobster and his punching bag (Brendan and Ste). It’s unfortunate, but it is what it is.

Anyone who reads this column knows I have never liked Sinead. She has always been a nasty, unappealing character. I never understood why Bart was with her (I’ll always believe that Sinead was a rebound from Bart’s true love Jason) nor why anyone would be her friend. I still find her and Esther being even civil to be totally unbelievable given that Sinead drove Esther to wanting to kill herself, something Sinead was never really truly sorry for. I loved it when Esther told Sinead she wouldn’t treat her poorly like Sinead had done to her, but they would never be friends either. I just wish the show had stuck to that.

I just found this week with Sinead didn’t make sense, not shocking for this show, but even more than usual. Sinead needs to pay the rent so she goes to the club where she knew some rich guys would be hoping to…. what? Did she think these guys would just hand her some rent money and she’d not have to do anything for it? But from here it gets worse if that’s possible. She is able to steal the money from a potential john and instead of using it to not only pay her rent and say maybe buy the baby some diapers and put some groceries in the fridge as there was no food in the house, she has a party? What?

The only irony is that her stolen money was stolen from her (more on that later), but would anyone seriously, really do this? Please show, at least try and make a character’s actions somewhat believable? Speaking of rent, I was curious as to the status of that building to begin with. Now, I recall Brendan buying that building so it wouldn’t be sold and Ste would only have to always pay a nominal rent. But shouldn’t the building have been auctioned off like the club was? Or should we not think about that? Details, details….

Speaking of things we really shouldn’t think about, while it’s great that Leanne is out of jail, just when did she fall for Dennis? He’s been gone for months and she didn’t like him much when he was around. And why in the world would Ash believe anything Will says? She knows he was stalking Texas, she knows he is telling the world he’s paralyzed when he can walk and she knows all about his involvement with Silas. Given that, it should even be obvious to her that he is the killer. She’s dumber now than when that terrible Ally was playing her for a fool. Wasn’t that an awful storyline?

Finally, it was obvious given George’s instant dislike of Vincent it would turn out that George was attracted to him. But, it just doesn’t make any sense. Vincent is an okay guy, but why would George be into him? They have absolutely nothing in common and have no chemistry. What was well done though were the scenes between Vincent and George following the kiss with Vincent explaining why he can’t give into his desires and what they’ve already cost him. Like he said, where he comes from it’s not just wrong, it is illegal and could get you sentenced to death if you’re convicted of such a crime. Those scenes were very well acted and the only real moment in this entire ridiculously silly week of Hollyoaks.

Go Girls (New Zealand)

I admit I cheated a little bit. Most of these scenes are from a couple of weeks ago as Levi didn’t have much to do in last week’s show, but I haven’t had the chance to sit down and watch the show until recently and I wanted to introduce the character to those who haven’t seen yet. It’s nice that Levi has a romantic life (even though he can’t commit) and the show isn’t shy about showing men being intimate. However, the love scenes between Levi and his fella are much more tame than the more graphic scenes between the straight couples. But I guess it’s better than Levi not getting any action at all.

I like Levi and Kent together. They were cute, have some chemistry and it was fun to watch Levi be so sexually aggressive while Kent made it clear he wanted more than just sex. I also really enjoyed the high school reunion episode where we found out why Levi was the way he was about men and relationships and how seeing that his closeted high school love had grown up and was now happily married to a man had affected him. It was nice for Levi to realize it was time for him stop all the sleeping around and try a real relationship like adults actually do. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with choosing to be single and not in a relationship, but only if it makes you happy and it clearly didn’t for Levi. And while I found Kent to be far too forgiving seeing how badly Levi had treated him, I want to see where these two go from here.

I love the friendship between Ted and Levi. Their gay/straight friendship is very real to me, with all the frank, unwanted honesty, knowing each other too well and being too involved in your friend’s lives that go with it. I also thought the scene between Ted and Levi’s mother was adorable as was the terrific scene between Levi and Bennie, especially the comment about doing each other’s hair. Very charming.

Overall, I like this show. It’s funny and cute, but has just enough bite to avoid being overly sweet. I understand that this is the fifth season of the show, but this year has a whole new cast with only one of the previous year’s players left behind. Unfortunately, the ratings have taken a nosedive with the new cast. Here’s hoping the show sticks around for awhile. I kind of like it and it’s always nice to have a new gay on television.

Scoops and Spoilers

It’s a day at the beach for Will and Sonny….

Days of Our Lives — Sonny’s pal Brent is curious that Sonny would want to be tied down to a man and his child when he’s so young (you’re not the only one, Brent), but Sonny assures his friend he’s very happy with his choice in life. Will overhears the conversation and wonders if Sonny is as happy as he claims. Elsewhere, Nick and Gabi make a decision about their future. Is it over between them? In other news, Sami faces the decision from the grand jury and she might be charged with murder while Adrienne gets close to finding the piece of evidence (i.e. the video) that could nail Sami. And EJ’s plan to destroy Stefano hits a snag.

All That Matters — Melanie is afraid that Joscha will reveal that she has been escorting, but Joscha isn’t interested in exposing her secret. Later, he goes for a tryout with a soccer team, but it becomes quickly apparent that the team is in bad shape. Despite that, Joscha wants to accept a contract with the team, which leaves Can and Deniz wondering why. Joscha does it in order to hide the fact that he’s gay and deal with his grief over losing his ex-lover. The gang throw Joscha a party to celebrate his new status on the sports scene, but Joscha is tormented by his problems.

The McQueens have another disastrous family gathering….

Hollyoaks — Phoebe is determined to get a fake passport for Vincent so she goes to Trevor for help. However, Trevor is out to find Jacqui and get his revenge so he kidnaps Phoebe in hopes of using her to get to his target. Vincent and George realize where Phoebe is and go to Ste to get him to tell them where to find Trevor. Ste gives them the info and they run to Phoebe’s rescue. Trevor agrees to let Phoebe go, but keeps Vincent instead and they have 48 hours to bring Jacqui to him or Vincent will pay the price.

Later, Trevor proves he means business when he beats up Ste and leaves him battered and bruised on the McQueen’s doorstep. Ste tells them that if they don’t produce Jacqui, Trevor will kill Vincent and then come after them. The McQueens decide to make a run for it until Paul comes up with a bizarre idea to fake Jacqui’s death. The family hold a funeral at Casa McQueen for Jacqui, but will it be enough to fool Trevor? In other news, John Paul tells Doug that he loves him, but unfortunately for JP, Doug has realized that he still loves Ste. Idiot. John Paul is devastated. But will Doug get his heart broken as well?

And Also This Week

Will things work between Chris and Hudson?

Neighbours — Chris finally meets a new guy, cutie Hudson Walsh, but it gets complicated when he realizes that Hudson is Josh’s main competitor on the swim team…

Shortland Street — Seth ruthlessly manages to oust Rachel and is named CEO of both hospitals. But what will his evil grasp at power mean for he and Henry’s future?

People of the Valley Are Gethin’s painful memories about being sexually molested by his Dad returning?

Have and The Have Nots — Following his mother’s orders to get a girlfriend, Jeffrey tries to hook up with Candace, but will Wyatt interfere?

Good Times, Bad Times As the show builds to its season finale, Lucas and Menno prepare to take part in Bing’s wedding. But as you would expect, tragedy strikes…


The end of the happy couple?

We told you last week about the impending exit of Chandler Massey in the role of Will Horton over at Days and speculated what this would mean for Will’s future on the show and if the character would be written out or recast. Ken Corday, the show’s executive producer, gave the answer in an interview with Michael Fairman.

“I keep telling him to change his mind, don’t go away. But there comes a time in every young actor’s life when they are pretty much at the top of their game, or getting there, and they to have to take time for themselves to figure out what’s next.” Corday said. “I take my hat off to him. The door will always be open here to Chandler. We are not going to recast Will, but I wish him well in the big pond.

So there you have it. The question is now, with Will being written out, how is he going to leave? Is Will going to be killed off, will he and Sonny split and Will leave town with Gabi and the baby (since Camila Banus is leaving also) leaving Sonny behind or will all of them leave together as one big happy family, meaning Freddie Smith’s exit as well? The show isn’t saying. But when they do we’ll have the latest update right here.

That’s it for another edition of Langford on Soaps. See you next time!