Langford on Soaps: Will Finally Says He’s Gay on “Days Of Our Lives”



I have to credit RAW. The show really surprised me with the end to the fourth season. I simply did not see Pavel’s death coming, but looking back I guess I should have. The show is very successful and will probably be back for a fifth year and with the actor who plays Pavel not interested in returning they had to write Pavel out somehow, but keep Geoff on the show. So I should have known that once Geoff and Pavel solved all their problems, decided to move to Prague and get married that a happy ending was not in the cards for them. The Grim Reaper strikes again.

So I guess the question is, am I upset that another show has killed off another gay character? Does it bother me that I’m treated to another scene of a man holding his dead lover in his arms as the credits roll? Not really. Pavel didn’t die because he was gay or because the show wanted to get rid of the gay guy. They needed to write out one half of a popular couple on the show. Breaking them up at this point in the relationship wouldn’t be believable. Death was really their only other choice. The writers did what had to be done.

A kiss before dying…

Now for me, I’ll be interested to see where Goeff is when the show picks up with next season. I personally wouldn’t mind a return to the prickly, less than cuddly Geoff that I found so appealing. I think the show made a mistake by changing Geoff to the point that I didn’t recognize him. He can be a no nonsense SOB, but still have the man of his dreams to love and share his life with. Let’s hope they remember that with Geoff’s next boyfriend.

Good Times, Bad Times

Good Times, Bad Times
is really getting a lot of great story mileage out of the aftermath of Edwin’s death. This past week’s scenes with Lucas struggling with his grief were wonderfully acted by Ferry Doedens. I said last week that Lucas had become really unlikeable with his selfish and self-destructive behavior, and I still feel that way. But I thought the scenes of Lucas overindulging in drugs and then setting the house on fire were not only a fine example of writing and acting, but the direction of the scenes was stellar as well.

If I had a problem it was that I felt the show kind of cheated by showing us Lucas setting the house on fire and then picking up after the fire had been put out and Lucas had been pulled from the flames. I thought it would have been much more effective and added some suspense if we had some scenes of Lucas trapped by the flames or actually felt as if his life were in danger. Instead, the excitement was over as quickly as it begun. That was a missed opportunity by the soap.

And I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that Lucas quickly went from being arrogant and indifferent about the fire to apologizing and asking for help dealing with his loss. Once again, the show’s usual habit of tearing through plot has really lessened the overall effect of the story.



It’s times like this I really find Hollyoaks storytelling style annoying. They introduce new character Ally, start the triangle with Ste and Amy and then drop the story for a few weeks. They build George to moving in with Callum to propel the story in a new direction and again, drop it for a few weeks.

‘Cute’ scenes of Brendan dancing with Darren are not a storyline…

Meanwhile, we’ve got Brendan drifting from scene to scene, story to story and character to character and having quirky, strange and pointless scenes of Brendan doing funny things just to show how odd Brendan is. It’s almost as if the writers have no idea what to do with him so they just throw him on screen just to appease the fans.

For example, I know some fans liked the scenes of Brendan and Darren dancing, but to me they were so out of character and another example of how the show is wasting Brendan these days. I have to admit though that those scenes of Brendan and Lynsey were brimming over with some major sexual chemistry. Yes, I know Brendan is gay and the show would never change that, but the chemistry was there and it was combustible.

Dangerous Relationships

Nothing says future romance like finding your potential boyfriend beaten up and bloodied in a parking lot. Only in soaps. While those initial scenes between Alejandro and Diego didn’t go so well, it’s obvious those two are headed for romance. It’s going to be interesting to see how the show gets them there. For me though, the week’s best moment was Sebastian, yet again, taking his shirt off in front of Alejandro and Alejandro nearly getting his pal’s doffed shirt wet with drool. When Alejandro asked if he could go in to Rodrigo’s room for a few minutes, I’m sure I’m not the only one who wondered what the besotted gay teen intended on doing when he got there!

As for the rest of the show, the abusive storyline with Max and his father is interesting, though I guess I’m having a bit of a problem with a big, strapping guy like Max taking beatings from anyone. But I guess there’s the psychological aspect of the story as well as the physical one that’s in play there. And I’m quickly growing tired of Mauricio’s obsession with Miranda. He comes off as a stalker, even if he is trying to save her life.

His foolish actions only make matters worse and usually put her in even more peril. However, the bigger problem is that while I’m supposed to root for them as the show’s central pairing, I like her much more with JP, the super hot gym teacher. Not only is he more age appropriate, he’s a great guy and they make a nice couple. Of course, JP will probably prove to be as evil as Mauricio claims he is.

Holby City

I wish I could muster any excitement for this storyline, but it’s so Coming Out 101 and has been since it began. Yes, the writing is fine and the acting is fine, and I even like the characters. But the story is something I’ve seen too many times before. There are no fresh twists or takes or aspects to the storyline. Not a one. And there are unlikely to be any, just a continual, long hard slog to Dan eventually admitting he’s gay. It’s interesting though that he’s not lying or denying his sexuality to Malick anymore, just refusing to be honest to the rest of the world. That’s some progress, I guess.

LA Complex

Um…. What? That was my reaction to Tariq asking Kal if he loved him during their highly charged scenes on last week’s show. It just seemed completely out of left field and not where their relationship supposedly would be. I guess we’re supposed to buy that they are in love, but it just seems to me that they barely know each other. And well, I think Tariq made the right decision regarding Kal. It’s bad enough that Kal insists on having a closeted relationship, but verbally abusing not only Tariq himself, but Tariq’s friends is much too much and a deal breaker as far as I’m concerned.

Of course, it’s not over, so I’m wondering how Kal will win Tariq back after this. I’m also wondering how The CW will cut up those scenes at the studio where Kal humiliates Tariq. That sort of raw, provocative dialogue will never make it past U.S. censors. Actually, I think much of his storyline won’t, which makes me curious about how much we’ll actually see of it when it airs here.

Days of Our Lives

So when we last saw Will, he had moved out of his mother’s house, ran into Sonny’s gay friends and agreed to go to a party with them, seemingly ready to embark on a new phase in his life.

And then? Will disappears for a week and shows up for more fighting with his mother with no mention of that party. I think that’s not really fair. That was a big moment in Will’s life, and it shouldn’t have happened off screen. We should have gotten some glimmer of that evening and saw Will interacting with other gays.

The show built us to a significant point in Will’s life and then turned away from it. I certainly hope that’s not how the gay aspect of this storyline will be treated in the future.



Will’s moving into his new place… and embarking on new schemes with EJ and Nicole…

Days of Our Lives – Will has the chance to tell Rafe about Sami’s tryst with EJ, but at the end of the day, Will is unable to hurt his stepfather like that. Later, Will runs into Roman, his grandfather, who tells him about Sonny’s applying for permits for his new coffeehouse. Roman worries that there might be trouble at the business if people don’t like the fact that Sonny is gay. Meantime, as election day arrives, Nicole has one last scheme to ensure that EJ wins the election and she enlists Will has part of her wicked plot.

Hollyoaks – Brendan worries when Joel, Warren’s son returns to the village after having left following Warren’s going to jail for murder. Brendan is concerned that Joel is out to get revenge for his father. Eventually, the truth is revealed, and it has Brendan gunning for the young man. Meanwhile, Ste needs a reference from Brendan for the time he worked at the bar, but will Brendan come through with something good for his ex-lover?

Aiden proves to be a good first date

Neighbours – Chris runs into Aiden at the local bar and is pleased to learn that Aiden is still single, but doesn’t have the nerve to ask Aiden out for a date. However, thanks to Tash’s interference, Chris winds up doing just that and Aiden eagerly accepts Chris’ accidental invitation. The date doesn’t go well however as Chris inadvertently ditches Aiden to deal with a crisis involving Tash and his friends. But Aiden is more than understanding and gives Chris another chance.

Will visiting Edwin’s gravesite help Lucas to deal with losing his boyfriend?

Good Times, Bad Times – Struggling to deal with his loss, Lucas pays a visit to Edwin’s grave and has a heartfelt goodbye with his dead boyfriend. And following the visit, Lucas decides he wants to throw a party to celebrate Edwin’s life rather than continue to mourn his death. However, everyone thinks that it’s not only in poor taste, but emotionally unhealthy for Lucas. But Lucas being Lucas refuses to give up on the idea and throws himself into planning the upcoming celebration.

Emmerdale – Aaron is intrigued by the new guy in town, Ed, a local rugby player. But things don’t get off to a good start for them after Aaron fixes Ed’s mini-bus and Ed takes off without paying Aaron. Later though Ed returns and gives Aaron the cash he owes him… and invites him to a party after the evening’s match. Aaron is reluctant to go until Chas pushes him into accepting Ed’s invitation.


EastEnders – Ben’s family develop a scheme to get him to come clean about his lies…




Will kisses this boy, but does he like it?

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been almost a year since we first heard that Days of Our Lives was going to write a storyline in which core character Will Horton would come out of the closet. Following that, it was months before the storyline began to air. And given the languid pace of the show, many wondered if the moment would actually come. But now it has. Next week, on the episode airing Thursday February 23rd, Will finally says he’s gay to gay pal Sonny Kiriakis.

Not only that, Will is going to have his first gay kiss when he meets a man named Neil, played by Jesse Kristofferson (son of actor/ singer Kris Kristofferson). Will has a bit too much to drink and winds up in a lip lock with the man. The kiss will be witnessed by Sonny as well as another surprised resident of Salem. But while Sonny will finally have confirmation that Will is gay, how much longer is Will going to remain closeted? Next up, he’ll attempt to tell his grandmother Marlena. But in true soap fashion, the dramatic moment will be interrupted.

Ah well, maybe next year?

Aaron’s goodbye will be a tearful one.

Since Danny Miller decided to leave his role of gay mechanic Aaron Livesy on Emmerdale, fans have been wondering how he would leave the show? Would Aaron meet that special someone and get his happy ending? Or will his exit be like much his time on the show, full of sadness and tragedy? Looks like it’s going to be more of the latter. We previously reported that Aaron would have a romance with a rugby player named Ed played by Lloyd Everitt.

Look for things to develop quickly between Aaron and Ed and when Ed gets a chance at a new job in France, he will ask Aaron to go with him. But Aaron’s answer remains a mystery. According to The Daily Star, something will happen to prevent Aaron from getting his happy ending with Ed and propel his exit from the show. Those dramatic final scenes will air in early May.

Let’s just hope that Ed isn’t standing near any train tracks.

That’s a wrap for this edition of Langford on Soaps. See you next time!