Langford on Soaps: Will Wants To Be Exclusive With Kevin in “Nashville”

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6Degrees (Ireland)

Is the show really trying to make viewers believe that there’s more to Conor and Liam’s relationship than what we’ve seen? I’m not buying it. There’s never really been anything of substance between them. It’s been mostly sex and finding ways to avoid life’s responsibilities. Yeah, Liam has been more into Conor that he admitted from the get go, but I never got that impression from Conor.

I just think Conor is upset by how his interview went and he’s being reactionary. That’s why he suddenly wants to run away with Liam. I still think Conor has an ultimate choice to make, not just with the man he winds up with, but with his overall future. Perhaps Conor shouldn’t be with either guy, but should work on himself and his career choices. It’ll be interesting to see how it all wraps up this week.

Coronation Street (U.K.)

While I think it’s way too soon for Billy and Sean to be ‘falling in love’ given they’ve only been dating a few weeks, I’m enjoying the story. It’s sweet and low key, but still has some drama and conflict caused by realistic issues and not outrageous plot twists. Not every gay love story has to be full of endless angst to be entertaining. I just hope it lasts for awhile.

I think this reporter is going to be what brings Billy and Sean’s relationship into the open, which is the last thing Billy wants. I do hope whatever happens that Todd’s pettiness against anyone being happy doesn’t lead to him trying to make a move on Billy or something. Sean warning Todd to stay away feels like foreshadowing. It would be just like the show to go there. I hope they resist.

Days of Our Lives (U.S.)

John Aniston showed why Victor has been such a beloved character for all these years. He by far, was the best thing about Days last week. Shame for that to be true in a week where Kristen returned, but the show has botched that story, mostly because it’s so rushed since they only have the actress for a limited time. But I digress.

I loved Victor’s scenes last week, from his confronting Adrienne and Justin about their affair to talking to Sonny about Paul, all of which were full of classic lines. My favorite was Victor telling Lucas to get out and then adding ‘I had your car towed’ as Lucas walked out. While Victor has no business denigrating Adrienne for having an affair when Victor knew Justin was already cheating, he’s right for criticizing her for doing it in the mansion. That was just tacky (and unrealistic). It’s not like they couldn’t go to a hotel or Lucas’ place. But that’s a problem when the show has no sets.

What was really funny is that Victor, like Sonny pointed out, was being a big hypocrite. Yet, Victor was still right and said what needed to be said.

The scene between Lucas and Kate where Lucas disowned his mother was also terrific, bringing up all sorts of ugly history between them. The acting by both Bryan Datillo and Lauren Koslow was outstanding. We know, of course, that Lucas will eventually forgive Kate, he always does.

I also loved the scenes where Adrienne told Sonny about her affair, Freddie Smith and Judi Evans have such wonderful mother/son chemistry. And Ms. Evans again showed her talent (as did Wally Kurth) when they had their very dramatic scene over the phone. It has to be difficult to play those scenes with no one to react to, but both actors pulled it off beautifully.

I’m glad that Victor finally made Sonny face up to his feelings for Paul. I do think Sonny has, perhaps unintentionally, been sending mixed signals to Paul while playing down the obvious to Will. As for those scenes in “San Francisco,” which looked oddly like Salem Park, I think this conflict between Paul and John is completely contrived. John had every reason to believe Paul was trying to make a move on Sonny (because he was). For Paul to be so angry about it is just silly. There must be better ways to depict them struggling with their newfound relationship than this.

Will actually sounded lucid and reasonable when he finally agreed to couples therapy with Sonny. Of course, he wasn’t serious about it given that he’s still scheming to ruin Paul with another article. I liked Marlena trying to make Will see sense and I loved Will’s whiny ‘stop comparing me to my Mom’. It was perfectly delivered by Guy Wilson.

I’m not sure what Chad and Stefano’s endgame is, but it seems it’s much bigger than getting Chad and Abby together. Good. Stefano has better things to do than that.

Finally, congrats to Freddie Smith on winning the Emmy for Best Younger Actor as well as Days (in a tie with the Young and The Restless) winning for Best Soap. But how The Bold and The Beautiful can win for Best Writing and Best Directing, but not Best Soap is beyond me. In fact, it makes no sense. But congrats to Days (and Y&R) anyway.

Emmerdale (U.K.)

Darren snatching that pizza out of Finn’s mouth was funny. But most of what went on with them was terrible on all levels. I don’t have a problem with the show doing something light-hearted given their other gay storyline is full of murder and mayhem. A sweet and funny romance is perfect for a character like Finn.

This however, was stupid from start to finish. And I don’t understand what the point was of all the drama about Darren having HIV only for the relationship to be reduced to a bad episode of Will and Grace. The show spent more time with Finn finding dumb ways to get rid of Darren than on the actual romance itself.

It’s over….

The only ‘nice’ thing was that HIV had nothing to do with why it ended. That was just a plot point the show quickly discarded. At the end of the day, Finn was just a rebound romance and Darren was going back to his ex-lover. I did love Darren commenting that one reason why he wanted to break up with Finn was because “he read the wrong kind of comic books.” Ha!


 All that talk about Robert’s watch can only mean it’s going to be important later. And Chrissie’s comment about taking out a hit and seeing that she’s willing to get her hands very dirty when she’s angry? Very heavy handed foreshadowing, I think. Only tells me that my prediction about Robert winding up dead will happen, probably during the show’s big stunt-filled storyline due to play out this summer. I’m not saying Chrissie will kill him, but she’ll be a suspect of course. Also obvious is that Ross and Chrissie are due for a messy romantic relationship once Robert is out of the way.

Andy and Ross in their tight grey tee shirts, though…..

Nashville (U.S.)

I thought that scene of Will going to Kevin and telling him that he wanted them to be exclusive was really sweet. Chris Carmack is playing Will’s first time falling in love perfectly. I’m loving the chemistry between these two and I couldn’t be happier that we’re getting closer to Will finally being out of the closet. Seems that’s the only way this story can go. And it’s about time.

Neighbours (Australia)

Not much to say. We really didn’t see Nate suffering any PTSD symptoms and we never were privy to the thought process that made him come to the ceremony. Most of it took place off screen. I would have liked to see this play out on screen for a few episodes, not just presented and wrapped up in a few minutes. Oh well, hopefully Nate will get some story soon.

People of the Valley (Wales)

I’m delighted that Iolo and William got back together, but why didn’t we see the actual reunion? William drops by to talk about things, they get interrupted by Sion and Diane and when we see them again later, they show up at the bar to tell Sion they’re involved again. I know that Sion has to be angry because he doesn’t want them dating, but how can we get invested in this relationship if we’re not seeing the dramatic moments between them? I just felt like what should have been central to the episode wasn’t there at all. This is more about Sion not wanting them together than them being together. They are supporting characters in their own storyline.

But at least William figured out that Sion doesn’t want him around. And I think that if Sion keeps acting this way he’s going to wind up incriminating himself and William will learn the truth anyway. Interesting that Iolo defended his father, which is no surprise since Sion has always been supportive of his favorite son. I think Iolo will be devastated to learn how his father tried to ruin Iolo’s relationship and Sion didn’t care if he re-triggered Iolo’s OCD. Can’t wait for those scenes.

River City (Scotland)

I don’t have a lot to say, honestly. Patrick got a new job and that’s pretty much all that happened.

This Week in Spoilers

Paddy has advice for Aaron…

Emmerdale: Robert is determined to save his marriage to Chrissie after she kicks him out because of the staged robbery. But when Aaron learns about the problems with Robert and his wife, will he make a move to get Robert for himself? Robert, however, makes it clear that saving his marriage is his priority.

Realizing he’ll never have Robert to himself, Aaron thinks maybe he should leave town for awhile to get over his secret lover. Paddy convinces Aaron running away is not the answer and he should stay close to home and get over things. Aaron decides to stay and when Robert comes sniffing around for a booty call, Aaron tells Robert it’s over (again). How long will it last this time?

Scott is looking to stir things up with a picture…

Hollyoaks: Scott Drinkwell, Sinead’s cousin lands in town and promptly gets a job at the school as an assistant to Patrick. Scott also moves in with JP, Sinead and Ste. Scott quickly gets mixed up in village life and when he learns that Sinead wants Ste for herself, he sets about to help by breaking up Ste’s marriage. Sinead tells Scott about JP and Harry’s kiss so Scott schemes for Ste to find out and snaps a seemingly incriminating photo of JP and Harry as evidence of an alleged ongoing affair.

Meanwhile, Harry is excited about making the soccer team, but two of the players are picking on crossdressing Dylan. Harry stands up for Dylan, putting Harry’s chances of making the team in jeopardy.

People of the Valley: William and Iolo plan a romantic evening together, but Sion and Gethin scheme to ruin their relationship…

Patrick lays down a harsh warning….

River City: Patrick’s former cellmate Gaz shows up in town, planning on robbing Scarlett’s mini-market and he wants Patrick to help. Patrick refuses and warns Gaz to stay away from his family. Meanwhile, Patrick’s problems worsen when he’s kicked out of his hostel. Without a place to live, he could wind up back in jail. Nevertheless, Patrick’s priority is protecting Scarlett and the store. When he finds out Gaz plans the robbery without him, Patrick risks everything, including his own life, to do the right thing. Elsewhere in town, Will and Robbie’s troubled marriage continues to fall apart.

Teasers For Next Week

Billy and Sean make the papers, but it could be the end for them….

Coronation Street: Billy and Sean’s relationship hits the local news, forcing Billy to choose between Sean and the church; Todd takes revenge against a new target…

Days of Our Lives: Sonny learns Paul is considering a return to Salem; Clyde strong arms Will into writing an article about him….

Emmerdale: When he’s offered a new job in Portugal, Finn prepares to leave town, but his parents are determined to stop him…

Can Finn’s parents convince him not to leave town?

Hollyoaks: Harry could land in prison; John Paul fears he’s lost Ste for good…

Nashville: Will faces being outed after a tabloid gets pictures of him and Kevin together…

Neighbours: Nate suffers a nasty injury…

People of the Valley: Gethin continues to try and cause trouble between Iolo and William…

River City: Robbie makes plans for a evening out for he and Will, but Will has other ideas…

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