Langford on Soaps: You Won’t Believe Who’s Getting Married on “Hollyoaks”

Plus, the returns of Revenge and Nashville, Chris has an overdose on Neighbours, Malick’s career is on the line (again) on Holby City and Conor meets a handsome stranger on 6Degrees.

Langford’s Picks and Pans

Secret Lives (Finland)

I thought the gang supporting Tale was cute, especially after all the conflict they’ve had over the past year. I’m not all that interested in the story about Elias’ father missing. I did like the scene where the police dropped by and weren’t that concerned about his disappearance since he’d vanished before and even had been declared dead before. That’s the kind of ‘only in soaps’ drama you can’t help but laugh at. But it’s nice to see Lari supporting Elias after all the hand-holding Elias has done for Lari during their relationship.

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Forbidden Love (Germany)

So basically this ends with the status quo. I guess Christian goes back to England, Olli will go with him for a visit and return in a few weeks with reports that his marriage is ’healed’. Bah. The essential problem remains, IMO. Christian can’t be trusted and he’s given Olli no reason to trust him. He’s a cheater and cheaters never change, especially if you keep letting them get away with it. Because what’s to stop him from meeting some chick in a bar, getting drunk and doing it again? His ‘love’ for Olli? It’s never stopped him before, why would it stop him now?

Christian and Olli are reunited (and it doesn’t feel so good)

I still don’t understand why the show just didn’t end the marriage and let Olli move on with his life. You’d think Jo Weil, who plays Olli, would get bored with doing nothing more than being a supporting player for all his friends. The viewers certainly are, though I’m sure there are plenty die-hards who are happy with this ’ending’, as it means Christian and Olli don’t break up, even if there’s really not a relationship there worth holding on to.

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All That Matters (Germany)

Wow, Nick has an amazing ass. Am I allowed to say that? Cuz he does. Moving on….

Yuck, Melanie is one of the clingiest girlfriends. Does she always have to be hanging around? Can’t wait until Joscha gives her the boot. But the “Deniz loves Melanie angle” is so boring and I am not anticipating their romance. Deniz deserves so much better than this twit. She will only make him miserable. Frankly, the pairing is forced as there is no chemistry between them and there’s no reason why Deniz should even like this girl much less be in love with her. I know a lot of fans don’t like it because they think that Joscha and Deniz are ‘destined’ to be together (I never believed that), but my reasons are just that Mel and Deniz don’t click. Period. I don’t care who he winds up with as long as it’s not her.

I did like the little fight Deniz and Joscha had, especially as it ended with Deniz taking off his pants in anger. LOL!

Deniz shows Joscha his assets

General Hospital (U.S.)

How nice that Felix is actually dating. Too bad it’s taking place off screen while we don’t miss a minute of his dishing out love advice and helping the ladies of Port Charles with their problems — when he’s not drooling over the straight guys in town that he’ll never have a chance with.

As for the story, the show is pushing Franco and Carly, but we’re just supposed to ignore that she was involved with Todd, who looks just like Franco no less than a year ago. The show doesn’t even mention that character (for legal reasons, I understand, but still, it really hurt story-wise).

I realize the show is taking advantage of that chemistry between the actors, but it’s essentially the same story since Roger Howarth is playing Todd just under a different name and with a messier background. The writers have worked overtime to ret-con much of Franco’s murderous actions by blaming it on a brain tumor. Such lazy writing and slap in the face to viewers who watched all the terrible things Franco did (though James Franco was playing the role then). Though I do think Carly and Felix are fun to watch together. I just want Felix to have his own life and romances. On screen, please.

I did like seeing Robin Mattson as Heather Webber. Mattson has long been one of my favorite soap actresses and I loved her as Heather when I watched GH briefly back in the 80’s. And Maura West is killing it as Ava Jerome. Such a good actress, though her performance here still makes me miss her as ATWT’s Carly.

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People of the Valley (Wales)

I assumed they would drag out Iolo finding out about Gethin being able to walk, but for a change this show resolved something quickly. I guess I shouldn’t be shocked that Iolo didn’t toss Gethin out on the street, even though as he pointed out, Gethin has no evidence against him and it would only be Gethin’s word against Iolo, not to mention that someone else is currently serving time for the crime. But Iolo is such a saint that he always turns the other cheek even to those who have treated him badly. Sure, he did run Gethin over, but Gethin is better and has done nothing but manipulate and take advantage of the situation for awhile now. Iolo owes him nothing IMO, but it looks like it’s going to end with them becoming friends. Still no story and no romance for Iolo. Sigh.

Well, at least he’ll have something to do now that his father is falling apart and needs someone to lean on.

6Degrees (Belfast)

Not much to say about last week’s episode. The show made quick work of resolving Conor’s cliffhanger (not that the promo hadn’t already done that) and beyond that not much happened. The glimpse into Conor’s stunted relationship with his father was interesting and it seemed like Conor wanted to tell his father he was gay, but couldn’t bring himself to do it. Hopefully the show will pick up on that before it’s over.

Poor Conor isn’t on the ball

I’m also wondering if Justin will return before the series ends in a few weeks. I hope so, if only to give them closure or a resolution. I did like how Conor being gay quickly seemed to be a non-issue with his friends and teammates (except Leech). Maybe I’m naive, but while there’s plenty of bigotry and homophobia in the world, I don’t think that’s the prevailing attitude for most college kids these days.

Neighbours (Australia)

Well, like I predicted weeks ago, Hudson is the one who ran Robbo down. Though as it turned out, he didn’t mean to run him over, it was an accident. Still, Hudson’s motivation for even being involved with Robbo was weak, especially compared to the rest of the town who had real reason to hate the guy. I just don’t buy for a minute that Hudson was so mad at Robbo for what he did to Amber, whom he barely knows BTW, that he would point a car in Robbo’s direction. His whole involvement in the story to begin with was contrived, so why wouldn’t his reason for killing Robbo be weak as well?

Ironically, it was his covering up the incident and all the lies that doomed him. If he had of come forward and admitted the accident from the start, he wouldn’t face nearly the legal ramifications that he’s going to. And as much as I liked Hudson and Chris together, the show hasn’t convinced me they had his great romance. When Hudson told Chris that the time they’d spent together were ‘the best weeks of his life’ showed that the soap created a lot of this relationship out of whole cloth to make us care about Chris and Hudson’s broken relationship. It didn’t work.

I do think the mystery components were well crafted. The solution just didn’t make any sense. I guess the only good thing is that the show says Chris will get some meaty story because of this. So I guess that’s something. I’ll miss Hudson though. And I hope it’s not forever before Chris gets a new man. He hasn’t had much luck so far though.

Good Times, Bad Times (The Netherlands)

I thought the scene where Nina tries to convince Lucas she didn’t kill Mike was deliciously tense and well-acted. I loved it when Nina tries to later burn the incriminating purse and Lucas said he didn’t know how to do it, she bitchily reminded him who burned the house down. That was a nice nod to history. I’m glad Menno finally picked up on the real reason behind Lucas’ extremely annoying visits to his office. They’ve played too many versions of that scene and I’m as bored with it the fifth time as I was the first. But let’s be honest, given Menno’s association with Lucas and that most of Lucas’ family are suspects, there’s no way Menno would be on this case. Only in soaps, I guess.

I thought the scene with Ludo and Lucas was nicely done. Ludo is right in that Lucas’ silly behavior with Menno is only making the family look more guilty. Though of course, that entire conversation only made Ludo look guilty, which was the point.

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Holby City (U.K)

It’s no secret that I really don’t like medical shows much, but I’ve always been a big fan of the Malick character on this show so I’ve endured watching this show since he started last year. I’ve enjoyed most of his stories though I don’t think the show has written for him nearly enough and I’ll miss the character when he’s written out later this year. I’m interested in seeing how he goes, not to mention how they handle the return of Dominic, Malick’s fling who nearly ruined his career a few months back. For now let’s look at this past week’s show.

It was pretty obvious early on that the kid’s real problem was not his stomach issues, but that wasn’t the point of the story, I guess. It was to show that Malick, despite everything he’s been through is still as arrogant and headstrong as ever and again, it’s put his career in jeopardy. If anything I’m a little disappointed by that because you’d think the character might learn a few things and show some growth after all he’s been through just over the past few months during the serial killer storyline. And it makes me wonder if he’s going to leave this hospital with his career still intact. He wouldn’t be the first doctor to leave the show with his life in shambles.

I did like the personal drama of the father and son in the story and I was glad to see that things turned out okay for them.

Hollyoaks (U.K.)

You know, if my Mom died (even though she’s not really dead) and my boyfriend couldn’t be bothered to come to the funeral, I’d be kind of upset. I wonder if John Paul will even discuss it with Danny, who hasn’t been around for any of this story arc. I hate it when characters disappear for no reason, though on HO they do it often. And did George even try to call Phoebe? I realize she’s mad at him because of Vincent, but the George I know would put that aside to help his best friend through a troubled time. Then again, the George I know would have never betrayed Phoebe and gotten involved with Vincent to begin with. It just seems strange to see him involved with this silly ‘Money Pit’ storyline as if all this isn’t going on.

As for the rest of the show, it’s time for the Will storyline to end. He killed Texas, now his own mother and tried to kill Ash. I’m tired of these multiple murderers walking around town free. Even for a soap it’s too much. And how many times is someone going to be run over by a car as a plot point? It’s happened twice already this year. Surely there are other plot devices that can be used. I did think the reveal about Darren was a nice twist. The show had us assuming that Jack was not Darren’s father only for us to learn that instead Sandy was Darren’s mother. Sometimes Hollyoaks can actually surprise us. It’s a nice change from all the bad storytelling lately.

Among Us (Germany)

How come, especially of late, every gay relationship has to have violence between the two guys at some point? It’s like hitting each other has become part of the courtship and I find that very disturbing. I guess I just don’t think violence should ever be part of any relationship. I’m crazy like that. I do think Ringo and Yannick do have chemistry and I like that Ringo is not some nice twink, but possesses a mean streak and isn’t above playing dirty.

Do all gay men get into a fist fight before making out?

And I love that Yannick isn’t a pushover and gives as good as he gets. However for someone who doesn’t want people to know he’s gay, getting in a fight with and then making out with a guy in the middle of the street isn’t exactly the way to stay closeted. Overall though, this is a ‘seen it all before’ story and there’s really nothing special or unique enough of about it to make worth anything more than mild interest.

Days of Our Lives (U.S.)

Meh, it’s never good when I keep putting off watching a show. But that’s what’s happening with Days lately. I just don’t care. And it’s not just Will and Sonny, who have been sleep-inducing for awhile now, the whole show is snoozy, except for that cute JJ’s bad boy antics. And I even like his long-haired pal Rory and want to see more of him. That’s the only thing worth watching lately. So this is gonna be quick.

As I have said so many times, I’m weary of Will and Sonny monitoring Gabi’s bedroom. They have no right, it is none of their business, even if it is Nick. Did Sonny like his mama yammering about his relationship with Will? No? (And frankly, I’ve been totally turned off on Sonny because of his horrible treatment of his mother). This ‘secret’ about Gabi sleeping with Nick is so dumb and such a non-story. Please can’t we get some real drama for two young gay men? If you want ideas, I got ‘em.

I know some fans want there to be a custody battle and Gabi loses her kid (since by some she’s seen as a vessel for Sonny and Will’s love child anyway), but that’s unlikely. After all, why should Gabi lose custody over her past and Will not be made to pay for shooting EJ? However, I want no custody battles. Please, no. I think it might force me to stop watching the show if they did that.

Yet Gabi should move out. There’s no reason for her to keep living there (there never really was), especially with Rafe on the mend. And if she did, she’s not taking Will’s daughter away from him. Parents share custody and co-parent, even if they don’t live under the same roof. I do love Gabi being a bitch though. It looks good on her.

I was annoyed to hear Hope mention Vargas because it reminds me that the show wasted and threw away his character. Ugh. But I’m delighted this trial is finally over. It was a long, boring storyline that ate up too much time and sidelined the show’s star player by putting Sami in jail for months. Sami needs to be out and about stirring things up. This story did no favors for her character. It was nice to see Lucas do a cameo. It’s a shame the show really has shelved a character that should be front and center.

I admit I was surprised that Chad was faking his tumor to get into Abby’s pants. But he is a DiMera and the poor boy hasn’t had sex in over a year so what do you expect? Frankly, I think it’s strange these hot and sexy young folks aren’t getting more sex than they do. I do think that the right guy got to punch Abby’s V-card though. Their love scene was hot, hot, hot. And while I never had much use for Chad as a character, that body is smoking. Here’s hoping that whatever new jobs Casey Deidrick has now that he’s left Days find him forever shirtless.

Well, I guess it wasn’t that quick was it?

My Husbands Lover (The Philippines)

While I’m behind on this show’s subbed episodes, what I did get to left me with a few random thoughts….

I was afraid the visit to the doctor would be some shrink talking about how to cure Vincent, but the show surprised me by having the doctor say there’s nothing wrong with Vincent, it’s those who can’t deal who have the problem. I liked how during the discussion they showed gays from all walks of life.

I was as shocked as Eric when Martin said ’I love you’. My they fall in love fast! I feel for Martin though. He’s going to get his heart broken. But I liked the story Martin told about his deceased partner and the fight over the house with his partner’s sister, which showed how the loved ones of someone who has died have no legal rights and face losing everything he and their partner had shared.

Armando’s man must be the worst shot in the world to have shot Paul twice point blank but didn’t kill him. And don’t you know you always check the victim to make sure they are dead before leaving the body?

That was a nice scene with Elaine and Sinag where Sinag talked about her own struggle dealing with Eric being gay. I believe that Elaine could accept Vincent being gay eventually, but she knows her husband never will and it will only end in violence given how he brutalized Zandro. And I suspect that Vincent will decided to stay closeted to protect Eric, who would become a target of Armando’s should the truth come out.

I do have a problem with Vincent just up and leaving his family without talking to Lally first. But Vincent being so weak has always bothered me. I also don’t like him avoiding her and having things sent to her and the kids via messenger. Like when he called Lally to check on her and she told him about what went down with Paul, he just says okay and hangs up the phone. Seriously? He should have gone to get Lally and the kids immediately and dealt with it. He needs to talk to her face to face and stop leaving her hanging or dealing with things herself. I’m glad Zandro told him he needs to settle this mess one way or another. Otherwise he never would have went to see her.

There’s more to Manny showing up than he’s saying. I bet he leaves again first chance he gets.

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Scoops and Spoilers

All That Matters: When Melanie finds a gay website on Joscha’s laptop, she wants to know what is going on. Deniz gets Joscha out of the tight spot, but then Deniz expects that Joscha should finally go through with breaking up with Mel. Joscha wants to take the easy way out and suggests that Deniz seduce Melanie and ‘steal’ her away from him. However, Deniz refuses to go through with the plan. Joscha does what he has to and breaks up with Melanie. She refuses to let him go, but has no choice when she learns that he’s gay. Angry at his deception, Melanie outs Joscha in front of his teammates. Joscha’s worst fears come true when his teammates bully and harass him, leaving Joscha to believe his career is over.

Will isn’t happy when he catches Nick and Gabi together….

Days of Our Lives: After Will catches Nick and Gabi in a compromising position, he learns that Nick and Gabi have been sleeping together and that Sonny knew about it. Will is furious that Gabi is involved with Nick after all he’s done to them, but he’s even more angry that Sonny kept Gabi’s secret. Meanwhile, Eric begins to figure out what happened to him, Chad’s faked brain tumor is used against him and Stefano makes EJ pay for his betrayal.

Can Elias see Lari thought his problems at home?

Secret Lives: Lari is pressured to return home by Katerina, but Lari doesn’t want to go home. Eventually though he realizes he can’t stay at Elias’ anymore. Meanwhile, Elias begins to think something terrible has happened to his missing father, especially after someone smashes the security camera that could have revealed his fate. But Elias does use his father’s absence to his advantage by stashing Lari in the attic of his father’s empty apartment.

Good Times, Bad Times: Aysen is not happy when Menno refuses to reveal who the fingerprints belong to. Aysen acts out and it could mean the end of her career. While, Menno finds out that Lorena has been lying about her alibi and confronts her. Will she wind up being who Menno arrests this week? Later, afraid that her own secret will come out, Nina wants Lucas to help her. But will he, especially if it could cost him something important?

Chris can’t deal with losing Hudson

Neighbours : Following the revelation that Hudson killed Robbo, Chris refuses to give up on his boyfriend. However, Hudson breaks it off with Chris, telling his boyfriend it’s over since he’ll be in jail for the rest of his life. Chris is even more upset when Hudson gets bail, leaves town and doesn’t tell Chris. Chris feels alone and abandoned, owing to the fact that he is alone and abandoned.

Making matters worse, Lucas decides to leave town with Vanessa and Chris doesn’t get along with his new boss at the garage. Upset by everything that’s happened, Chris finds it hard to sleep. He goes to Karl and convinces him to give him some sleeping pills. However, the pills have a bad effect on Chris. He starts sleepwalking and finds himself unable to take the pills. When he falls asleep at work, suddenly his job is at risk.

Chris goes back on the pills and sleepwalking again, wanders off into the night, putting more than his own life at risk.

Ringo is upset about his feelings for Yannick

Among Us: Unable to deal with his feelings after his kiss with Yannick, Ringo is determined to prove he’s not gay by sleeping with Tine. Yannick is upset that Ringo so easily dismisses their past and now seemingly in love with Tine. Despite his claims, however, Ringo can’t forget his desire for Yannick and decides to change all of his classes so he won’t share any with his ex. Things get even messier as Easy has a picture of Yannick and Ringo kissing. When Easy sees how touchy Ringo is about homosexuality, he sends Ringo the pic of Yannick and Ringo kissing. Ringo is certain that Yannick sent the picture, leading to another confrontation.

And Also This Week

What’s ahead for Will in the new season of Nashville?

Nashville: Gunnar’s life is a mess in the wake of his proposal to Scarlett, but after the surprising kiss between he and Will, can he lean on his pal for needed support?

Holby City: With his career on the line again, Malick works with his boss, Hanssen, who wants to show him how to act like a professional. But will Hanssen be able to lead by example?

Revenge: In the wake of his arrest, Nolan decides it’s time for some major changes in his life. Meanwhile, Emily has to face up to Jack after revealing the truth about her identity…

New romance for Conor?

6Degrees: When the gang decide to take a vacation, Conor meets a handsome farm boy…


Will George stop the wedding in time?

There’s a wedding ahead on Hollyoaks and it’s between two people who have no business getting married. Vincent returns from his gay reparative therapy camp determined to live a straight life with Phoebe. When Vincent is going to be deported, Phoebe decides to help him out by getting married so he can get a green card. The two decide to go to Ireland to have their nuptials and the show is going on location for the big event. But will the two tie the knot or will George, who Vincent really loves, crash the wedding and put a stop to the proceedings? Find out this fall on Hollyoaks.

Doug tries to be supportive to Ste…

Meanwhile, next week on HO, Ste is about to have his day in court for killing his mother and he’s resigned himself to going to jail. Doug, however, refuses to give up on Ste and begs him to do something to help himself. Danny, Ste’s father, secretly sends his son some money for a lawyer, but Ste refuses to use it. Desperate to make Ste see sense, Doug brings Ste’s daughter Leah for a visit to see her father. Ste’s trial gets underway and Ste’s little girl fnds out that her father is up on a murder rap. She runs away and finds her life at risk when she climbs on a rickety scaffolding. But will Doug will be able to rescue her?

With all the drama still tying Doug and Ste together, many fans are wondering if it’s possible for them to reunite. After all, they are still married, even though they haven’t been a couple since Ste left Doug for Brendan. But with Brendan gone, things could change for Ste and Doug.

PJ Brennan, who plays Doug, says it’s possible there could be a reunion.

“If Doug is able to rescue Leah, it’s a fine example that Doug is a good person to have in his life and Ste can’t ignore that.” Brennan told Inside Soap. “As much as Doug tells himself he doesn’t have feelings for Ste anymore, it’s obvious he does. We’ll just have to wait and see.”

And Kieron Richardson, who plays Ste, recently told that you can’t rule out a reunion between the still spouses.

How long can Danny hide his secret wife?

If that weren’t enough, there’s drama for John Paul and Danny as well. John Paul and Danny’s relationship hits a bump when the couple, while helping to look for Leah, find the dead body of murdered cop Trent, whom Trevor killed a few weeks ago. While Trevor is upset about the body surfacing, Danny isn’t too happy about it either. He finds out his wife, who is a cop, has taken a job at the local police department and will be looking into the murder. Worse, she and their children are moving into the village. Danny wonders how much longer he can hide his relationship with John Paul and so does Stephen Billington, who plays the bisexual teacher.

“He’s really fallen for John Paul,” Billington said to Inside Soap about his character. “but he loves his family and wants to spend more time with them. He wants to have his cake and eat it too, but at some point his two lives are bound to collide.”

To complicate matters, Danny’s wife arrests a framed Ste for the crime. Can Danny help his son and still keep his own secrets?

Chris has to kiss his jail bound boyfriend goodbye…

It’s been a tough time for Chris Pappas, the gay mechanic on Australian soap Neighbours. He was in love with swimmer Hudson Walsh, only to find out that Hudson was a murderer, which pretty much put an end to their relationship. Over the next few weeks, Chris won’t deal well with losing Hudson. He goes on a bender, drinking, partying and having sex with random men, hell bent on self-destruction and his friends will be worried about him. But, Richard Jasek, the soap’s executive producer, promises Chris will get through this tough time and they already have new stories for him planned for next season.

“Chris will get some big family stories next year,” Jasek said. “We love him, so we’re really excited about that.”

Note: I’ve had a few folks asking me about clips for Casualty. We’ll catch up on that show next week, I promise!

That’s it for another edition of Langford on Soaps. See you next time!