Langford on Soaps: Chandler Massey Leaving Days?


Plus, Days’ other exits, Chris gets a new man on Neighbours, Todd Grimshaw is back on Coronation Street and a new gay storyline on German soap All That Matters. Also, are gays returning to Emmerdale?

All That Matters (Germany)

I haven’t watched All That Matters since Roman died a couple of years ago. I always liked this show and Roman and Deniz as a couple and preferred it over the other popular German soap Forbidden Love. But I thought the show was done with gay stories, despite their incredible popularity, and I definitely thought we’d never see Deniz in another relationship with a man. But it looks like that’s where we are headed with the introduction of Joscha.

I think what I’m enjoying the most, so far, is Can’s presence in the story. He’s a fun, dynamic character and livens up every scene he’s in. But, it was nice to see Deniz again. And I think it’s a neat twist that the macho soccer player Joscha is gay while his dancer brother is straight. Yet as much as I’m glad to have a new gay story, I really, truly wish it was not another coming out drama, especially on a show that has already done one.

Joscha was devastated by the loss of his boyfriend…

I mean, sitting through weeks of scenes of Joscha pretending to be straight, getting a girlfriend and not being able to have sex with her before things kick off with Deniz is just not appealing to me. I’ve just been through so many coming out stories so many times it’s hard for me to imagine it being interesting or there being a new twist to a tired old trope. But I’m going to give it a try and keep my complaining to a minimum. Well, we’ll see about that last one, won’t we?

I do admit it was nice seeing that super hot Ben again. I have always hated his character, but he might be one of the sexiest guys I’ve seen on any soap. Thank God he likes to takes his clothes off often!

General Hospital (U.S.)

Ugh, I’m ready to take a break from this show.  I really don’t care for what the show is doing with Felix. Plus, Sabrina and Patrick are just so boring, lacking any chemistry and all this drama in their relationship is just tired nonsense. And, I don’t understand the appeal of that annoying Spinelli. I find myself changing the channel during his scenes with Ellie (actually most of this show makes me want to change the channel). The most entertaining aspect is the sleazy lab tech Brad, the only thing worth watching.

But what I really, really don’t like is that the show is setting up for another coming out drama. This regime did it at One Life To Live and it was tired then. That hasn’t changed a few years later on another soap. It is realistic that Felix would be out to his friends and co-workers, but not out to his family. But it doesn’t make it interesting. Felix probably won’t get a boyfriend until that story arc is played out. So let’s hope it is and soon.

Haves and The Have Nots (U.S.)

Note: Clips from this show were not available.

I know I shouldn’t like this show, but I can’t help it, I do. I had to watch all five episodes over the weekend to catch up and was surprisingly entertained. I’ve never seen anything done by Tyler Perry before. He’s never produced anything before that appealed to me, even though his work is very popular. This is actually a good show full of interesting stories and characters. I can’t really say there isn’t one story or player I’m not interested in. However, the show has a couple of major flaws that are literally crippling it: dialogue and pacing.

So much of what is said is unnecessary and leads to endless pointless scenes. And the scenes that do further the plot are often so long and ponderous that it take twice as long to get to the point. The scenes need to be sharper, tightened up, with about half of the dialogue cut. This would lead to shorter, punchier and more dramatic scenes and pick up the sometimes lethargic pace because some scenes are so leaden that they are absolutely lifeless. I get the sense the show is dragging scenes out to fill time so if they want to lengthen out it’s stories then perhaps adding a few other characters and plots to fill out its smallish cast might help. Yet despite all that I’m still into the show. And apparently a lot of other people are as well (OWN just ordered a second season of 16 episodes)

I’m absolutely loving Tika Sumpter as the evil, troubled Candace. This is the kind of meaty role that actresses kill for and Ms. Sumpter is taking the juicy part and running with it. To her credit, she chews the scenery and is at times sexy, dynamic and always fierce. But Candace still has heart and dimension and wants love, which makes her more than just the stock villainess. Sumpter is really very good and by far the best thing about the show. I suspect the plot is headed for her murder (or attempted murder because there is no show without her) and there will be plenty of suspects.

I also love her very messy and very steamy relationship with Jim, played by the still good looking John Schneider (I still miss Smallville). Sure she’s blackmailing him and making his life hell, but what makes it fun is that he is enjoying the game he’s playing with her and can’t resist her no matter what she does. I can’t wait to see what happens next with them.

I also like the cancer storyline with family matriarch Kathryn and how it’s bonded her and and maid Hanna together. It’ll be interesting to see what happens when her sickness is revealed and how it’ll it change the dynamic of the family. And the cast, especially Peter Parros as David, is quite good. If there’s a weak link it would be the daughter Amanda who is terribly boring and lifeless compared to the rest of the cast and stories. The show has hinted there’s something dark going on with her so maybe once they get into that she’ll be more interesting. And sometimes the religious and racial aspects of the show can be a bit overbearing, but apparently that’s what you get with Tyler Perry.

Where are things headed with Jeffery and Wyatt?

I’m sure there are those of you wondering: what about the gay storyline? Well, sadly, I’m having trouble getting into it. I just don’t get excited at the prospect of another coming out storyline. Yawn! And the show really needs to work on Jeffery’s personality because so far he’s terribly underwritten. I love the super hot Wyatt though, who is a great character and as fun to watch as the outrageous Candace. To be fair, despite my disdain for the story, I can easily see Jeffrey staying closeted in a family like his. And I did get a kick out of the scene where Jeffrey drooled over Wyatt’s near naked body, unaware that Wyatt was watching. I’m going to guess that Wyatt and Jeffrey will eventually embark on a secret affair, but Wyatt will only be using sex to manipulate Jeffery. Let’s hope that happens soon. It could be delicious fun.

Overall, this an entertaining show that with some tweaking and pruning could be so much better. Nevertheless, they’ve got my attention and I’ll be tuning in every week. It’s my guilty pleasure.

Shortland Street (New Zealand)

I’m delighted that Seth and Henry are finally out of the closet. It was a dumb plot point and I’m glad it’s over. I’m also glad that despite Seth’s fears no one cared that he was gay. What they didn’t like was that he lied about it and was trying to oust Rachel as head of Shortland Street. His sexuality didn’t matter to them, except for the homophobic co-worker. My question now is how much longer these two will be on this show. Seth is going to keep his job, but Henry will most likely be fired. And given that Seth is still plotting to ruin Rachel, eventually he’ll get his comeuppance and be ousted. So as I’ve said before, I think it’s only going to be a matter of time before they are gone. Besides, the show just released its cast photo for this year and neither Henry or Seth are on it. That pretty much says it all.

House Husbands (Australia)

I admit I haven’t paid much attention to this show this season. In all honesty, I’m just not finding it very compelling. I still think that Kane is a likeable and interesting character, but this show as a whole is a little sweet for my tastes and I like a little more bite with my drama. This is the type of show I wouldn’t be watching if it weren’t for the gay character. The fact that Kane is usually the show’s comic relief means that he generally has the sillier, fluffier stories which even lessens my interest. And I didn’t care for this week’s at all.

First of all, the addition of Finn to the household just isn’t working for me in part because the stories revolving around him are kind of dull and very predictable. I mean, who didn’t know that the real reason why he wanted to leave was because he was afraid that eventually Kane and Tom wouldn’t want him? I didn’t need to sit through the hour to figure that one out. It was like when Finn pretended he had dementia so he could stay in the hospital with his grandfather. The show spent the hour ‘surprising’ us with something we knew by the end of the first scene.

Also, I’m not exactly sure of the message the show was sending us with this week’s story. At first the show seemed to be telling us to stand up for yourself and your principles no matter what. But when that didn’t work out for Kane it was all about keeping his job with the man who made him miserable as a teenager. I guess we all have to work for people we don’t like in real life, but it just went against everything presented in the story before. Oh well.

I did like, however, the reveal that Kane’s sister had a fling with the bully behind his back. That was a cute twist.

Good Times, Bad Times (The Netherlands)

Run, Menno, run!

That’s what I kept thinking during his scenes with Lucas this past week. I like Menno and what I like about him is that he is a no nonsense cop who doesn’t have time for Lucas’ childishness and ridiculousness. So for him to make the effort to make things work, including giving up his job and moving to town to be closer to Lucas only for Lucas to petulantly insist that Menno isn’t doing enough for him tells me that Lucas is not ready to be an adult in an adult relationship. Menno shouldn’t waste his time on this childish brat.

Lucas’ scene with his mother, where he listed the silly romantic gestures that he wanted Menno to go through to prove himself, showed how foolish Lucas is. I loved that both Ludo and Maxine pointed out how wrongheaded Lucas was being. Menno was putting himself out there and uprooting his life to be with Lucas. That was his romantic gesture, his hearts and flowers as it were.

The bigger problem is that Menno shouldn’t have to jump through hoops for Lucas because Menno is, and has always been, in the right in regards to this relationship. From the start, Menno had a job to do in proving Aysen was corrupt, but Lucas never cared about that and risked the investigation at every turn because it got in the way of his getting what he wanted. If anything Lucas needs to prove himself to Menno, not the other way around.

I’m sure eventually Menno and Lucas will resolve things and get back together, but I don’t want to see Menno’s character changed or compromised because of it. But I don’t necessarily think Lucas needs to stop being who he is either. He just needs to realize that Menno is who he is and if he were different, he wouldn’t be the guy he fell in love with. Menno seems to have come to that conclusion, let’s hope Lucas does as well.

It was nice to see Sjoerd and I like that he and Lucas are still friends so long after Edwin’s death. And Sjoerd’s hair is as lush and beauitful as ever. You know, when Edwin and Sjoerd were introduced, the show teased us with which brother Lucas would be paired with. I liked Edwin okay, but to this day I still think that Sjoerd would have been a better, more interesting match. Oh well….

River City (Scotland)

River City continues to put out exceptional, powerful drama. I know it’s a ‘small’ drama that only airs in Scotland and some other parts of the UK, but I really wish it could be more widely seen, especially for those who appreciate gay storytelling. It simply is top notch. It’s true that things are moving slowly, but that only adds to the realism. The complex plot arcs are unfolding over time, not in a span of an episode.

I really appreciate how the show is unraveling the reasons behind Will’s anger and what led to him being an abuser. They are not excusing it or whitewashing it, but explaining why it happened. Will knows what he did is wrong and wants to get to the bottom of it so he can be a better person and try and make something of his life. The final scene with his therapist was well written and acted, one of many scenes that made this such a well-crafted episode.

The dream sequences were nicely shot and I liked how they mirrored Will and Petey’s dreams and their familial issues. The courtroom scenes were terrific and I particularly enjoyed the prosecution’s dismantling of Petey’s father’s ridiculous defense. My favorite moment though was the talk between Will and Petey in the car. It was the first time the subject of Petey staying with Will was brought up and while Will said no there’s no doubt in my mind that eventually Will is going to be Petey’s foster dad. Will clearly wants to be there for the boy, but knows that he is not in a place to be parenting a troubled teenager. But I’m going to guess in the near future that is going to change, probably due to some unforeseen plot twist.

As for Will and Robbie, it’s obvious they still deeply love each other, but Will rightly and smartly knows they can’t be together because of his problems. But like Will becoming Petey’s foster father, their reunion is something I don’t doubt will happen. I’ve written pages and pages about men in relationships with their abusers and it’s not something I personally endorse, but at least this show isn’t going to toss them back together because they have ‘chemistry’, but they’ll frankly and honestly deal with their problems before a reunion takes place. Knowing that I can feel comfortable with what is inevitable.

Kudos to a show that continues to not only exhibit exquisite gay storytelling, but storytelling in general.

People of the Valley (Wales)

I honestly don’t know where they are going with Iolo and Gethin on this show, but it definitely seems like they are headed for a romance. Their scenes certainly reek of setting the seeds for a love story. I think it might be kind of tough to pull off given that Gethin has never showed any interest in a man. He’s also suffering amnesia so he can’t remember that his father sexually abused him as a child. Not exactly the recipe for love, but it looks like POTV is going to wade its way through this messy plot anyhow. Fortunately, they’ve never been resistant to telling difficult stories. I won’t lie and say I’m not interested in watching it play out, especially because poor Iolo needs some loving.

On another note, I just wanted to mention the end of Macs’ storyline, which had him leaving town after it was discovered he’d had sex with a number of different women while knowing he had Hepatitis B. The show had to write Macs out since Rhys Bidder decided to leave the show, but not only was it a terrible exit, there is so much left unresolved in his story, especially in regards to Macs’ rape a few years ago. It was odd how the show just dropped the story awhile back and never dealt with it in any real way. I also didn’t like how Sion basically turned on Macs and was glad when he left town. Sion has always been very judgmental and moralizing, but never more so than as of late. Funny how the only child of his he cuts a break is Iolo, the gay one.

I’ll miss Macs. I didn’t like his exit story, but Rhys Bidder was a nice actor who always delivered in some very difficult stories thrown his way.

Days of Our Lives (U.S.)

I’m loving Adrienne expressing her doubts and fears about Sonny’s relationship with Will. Any mother would be concerned about her child’s involvement with someone whose life is a train wreck. It’s classic soap drama and it would only be made better if Adrienne took some soapy steps to break up the golden couple. I’m not saying she should drop off some poison apples like Kate did to get rid of Lucas’ wife, but a little scheming would be fun to watch. Maybe she should hire some hot stud to come between them. That would be delicious. I don’t think she’s mean or evil, but has some valid points about the situation. Sonny, quite frankly, is very naive and seems content to lose himself and his persona in Will’s life. It’s always been like that in this relationship, but more than ever now.

Best of all, it’s good to see more of Judi Evans, who has always been one of my favorite soap actresses, ever since her Guiding Light days. Her scenes with Freddie Smith are wonderful and they are very believable as mother and son. And the scenes with Adrienne, Justin and Sonny were great as well and I like how this situation is causing conflict for the whole family. But Ms. Evans’ scenes with Deidre Hall were soap gold as they went toe to toe and brought out lots of ugly history to make Adrienne’s valid points. I liked that Adrienne didn’t back down, but Marlena could have and should have used some of Adrienne’s family history. After all, Adrienne’s family includes a mobster, a rapist and a serial killer. She can’t exactly cast stones on Will’s relations. That was what those scenes were missing, IMO. And I thought it was funny how Marlena went on to blame EJ for Sami’s problems like Adrienne had done with Will and Sonny without a hint of irony.

I like how this story with Sami’s being accused of murder is pulling in a number of characters, especially those we don’t get to see often or who haven’t been used effectively. Chad is looking very hot and tasty these days, but the triangle with he and Abby and Cam is still boring as hell. Am I the only one who thought Chad had blistering chemistry with Gabi? A triangle with Chad/Gabi/Nick would be hot.

But as I’ve said many times poor Abigail needs a new love interest stat. I think she and Vargas, who is for some insane reason not being used at all, would be great together. A romance between a hardened ex-con and a virginal young woman is ripe with potential. Or what about that tease with Vargas and Hope? Just give this man some story, please. Sean Douglas is too good looking and too talented to be wasted. And what about Nick? I thought we’d get an exploration of his dealing with his rape, but the show not only hasn’t done anything with that plot arc, but we’ve hardly seen Nick at all. It would be perfect to get some scenes with he and Marlena as she helped him through it.

I’m also glad to see Marlena involved in her families’ problems. It made no sense that she wasn’t part of the whole drama with Will, Nick, Gabi, Sonny and the baby. She would have been all up in the story like she is now.

It was nice to see a little romance with Will and Sonny as they flirted with each other in Will’s room. Sometimes the show writes them like frat brothers and I’m glad they threw us a bone as it were. Also, it was nice to see Sonny stand up to EJ and refuse to lie to Will about the videotape. One can’t forget about the huge secret Sonny is keeping from Will about Gabi’s dark past. The show seems to have forgotten that whole storyline. Leaving that dumb plot in the past doesn’t bother me, but Sonny keeping this secret while saying he can’t keep secrets from Will doesn’t make much sense. But I suspect we’re not supposed to think about it.

BTW, when did Sonny have time to get and furnish a new apartment? None of that furniture was in Sonny’s one room place across the hall. And when did Sonny and Will start living together again? Must’ve been one of those things that happened off screen, like many aspects of this relationship. Now unlike a lot of people, I don’t have a problem with Will, Gabi and Sonny moving in together with the baby. In fact, I think it’s the best solution. Gabi shouldn’t have to deal with the baby alone. That’s not fair to her. Will is the father, he should take part in the diaper changes and feedings and be a full time daddy. As for folks who think that it’s an intrusion on Will and Sonny’s privacy, Will is a father to an infant now. He has to deal with those things, just like every parent does.

As for the rest of the show, I continue marvel at what a great find Casey Moss is as J.J.. He’s such a good little actor and adorable to look at. And given how insufferable Jen and Daniel are, it’s not hard to root for him to make them miserable. I also like JJ’s stoner pal Rory and I hope we get to see more of him and flesh him out. And of course I have to mention Kristen’s crazy plot to have sex with Eric. Greg Vaughn has been woefully used since he came on as Eric and for some reason the show has gone nowhere with him and Nicole. It’s nice to see more of him… and I definitely loved seeing him in a towel. What a hot man. I’m not sure where Kristen’s scheme is going to lead, but this show wouldn’t dare have her get pregnant from her tryst with the priest, would they? Of course they would!


Joscha struggles with the loss of his ex-lover…

All That Matters — With all his family woes, Joscha is upset that he gives a less than stellar performance at soccer tryouts and his professional career looks bleak. But his real reason for being upset, of course is that his secret ex-lover Manuel killed himself after being outed to his teammates and he’s unable to confide in anyone. Can he get over his grief long enough to rescue his career? Meanwhile, the search for Simone continues and the crisis pulls Joshca’s family to shreds as the question of whether Simone is alive or dead haunts everyone. Elsewhere, Deniz gets into a tight spot during Ben’s bachelor party.

EJ plots to destroy his father….

Days of Our Lives — As Gabi and the baby moves in with Will and Sonny, Adrienne continues to express her fears about Will and Sonny’s relationship. Eventually, however, Sonny has had enough and warns his mother that if he has to choose between her and Will, he’s choosing Will. Meanwhile the conflict within the Kiriakis family begins to have an effect on Adrienne and Justin’s marriage. Speaking of marriages, Gabi and Nick consider if theirs can be saved. Elsewhere, EJ continues to plot to destroy his father while Sami’s case takes another hit.

Can Doug win over his boyfriend’s family?

Hollyoaks George continues to be suspicious of Vincent, especially after he spots him in what looks to be a drug deal with Ste. George is wrong about Vincent, but what is he really up to? Later, Vincent has some news for Phoebe and she’s not going to be happy to hear it. He can no longer stay in the country because he’s an illegal immigrant. Desperate to keep him around, Phoebe goes to Trevor to get a fake passport, unaware that he plans to use her to find Jacqui and finally get his revenge.

Elsewhere, it looks like dealing drugs won’t pay the rent and Ste demands that Sinead pay her share. Since she’s currently unemployed, it looks like Sinead might wind up homeless until she gets an offer from an older man, who is willing to pay for sex with her. Figuring it’s only a one time thing, Sinead decides to accept the offer. Later though, after a party at she and Ste’s flat, she’s upset to learn someone has stolen Ste’s share of the rent. What will she do to get it back?

In other news, Doug isn’t pleased when he realizes that the McQueen family doesn’t think he’s good enough for John Paul and he becomes determined to win them over by making them a nice dinner. However, when the McQueen girls treat him badly, Doug reaches his breaking point.


Gethin and Iolo don’t like what they hear…

People of the Valley Iolo and Gethin aren’t pleased by Colin’s latest stunt.

Haves and The Have Nots — After Candace outs Jeffery, his mother confronts him.

Neighbours — Chris discovers Lucas unconscious, which leads to horrifying news.

Good Times, Bad Times Bing warns Lucas that he’s being too demanding of Menno. Lucas, however, thinks he knows what he is doing. But could his risky play cost him his policeman lover?


Say goodbye to Chandler Massey and Camila Banus

We’ve been discussing the long rumored exits of Chandler Massey (Will) and Casey Deidrick (Chad) for months and now it seems those exits have been confirmed. According to Nelson Branco, both actors will be leaving Days of Our Lives. Massey will shoot his last scenes in December, while Deidrick tweeted last week that he’s already filmed his exit scenes from the show. But because of Days’ shooting schedule those scenes will not air until October so we’ll have Chad (at least as played by Deidrick because there’s talk the show will recast the part) on screen for a few more months.

Consequently, while Massey will bid the soap goodbye in December, he will continue to air until next March or perhaps April. But Massey and Deidrick aren’t the only young actors to be going. Branco also reports that Camila Banus, who plays Will’s baby mama Gabi is also leaving the show and will be filming her last scenes at the end of the year as well. While Deidrick and Banus plan to move on to new projects, in fact, it’s rumored that Banus has a film role ahead for her, Massey reportedly will return to college and get his degree.

Casey Deidrick is leaving the show as well…

Of course, this leaves a lot of questions in the air. With both Massey and Banus leaving at the same time, will the roles simply be recast? (And for those of you who believe that the roles, especially Will, aren’t recastable, let’s not forget that both actors are recasts themselves!) Or will one or both of the characters be written out? It’s hard to see either Will or Gabi up and simply leaving town because they are now parents to an infant, not to mention Will’s relationship with Sonny, played by Freddie Smith.

What do these exits mean for Freddie Smith’s Sonny? And Sonny and Will?

In this columnist’s opinion, the show should simply recast Will. He’s a legacy character and makes up a big part of the show’s younger generation and is needed on the canvas. Besides, daytime has so few gay characters and it would be a shame to lose one (and end a popular gay duo) because one of the actors decided to leave. As for Gabi, she can leave town (perhaps to care for her sick mother) and take the baby with her. As regular readers know, I’ve never liked the idea of giving Will a baby and this would free Will (and Sonny) for stories that don’t center around the baby and perhaps focus on the sudsy goings on of a young gay couple. And with a new Will settling in, the focus could turn on Sonny for change and give him some story attention that is not about Will, his baby or his family.

But there’s no word on what Days plans to do and with these exits not happening for quite some time, it’ll probably be awhile before we know what’s ahead. Keep reading this column for future updates.

Todd Grimshaw is making his way back to the Street…

One of Coronation Street’s more popular characters returns when Bruno Langley, who played Todd Grimshaw, begins appearing as a regular this fall. Years ago, Todd had a long running coming-out storyline and a romance with a nurse named Karl. Todd left town after he and Karl broke up and returned last year for a brief visit with his family, bringing his new boyfriend Jules. The show is keeping mum to why Todd is coming back, but it’s likely he and Jules have split since we last saw them. The show promises plenty of drama upon Todd’s return, saying that more than one heart will be broken.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Todd is going to come between Marcus Dent and his girlfriend Maria Connor. Marcus fell in love with Maria and embarked on a romantic relationship with her, even though he still identifies as a gay man. According to The Mirror, Marcus is going to be attracted to Todd and find himself torn between Maria and the new man in his life. Todd, however, will be determined to steal Marcus away from his girlfriend. The show promises this is going to a major, controversial storyline this fall.

Coronation Street has never shied away from controversial issues and this will be one of the most talked about ever.” a show insider said. “Producers are delighted to have Todd’s character back and he will be thrown straight into the centre of a big story.”

Neighbours’ Chris has a new man (finally)…

It’s been a long time since Neighbours’ gay mechanic Chris Pappas has had a ongoing romance since he and Aidan broke up earlier this year, but it looks like that’s about to change. Remy Hii has been cast in the role of Hudson Walsh, a professional swimmer who becomes romantically involved with Chris. And in true soap fashion, it won’t be easy for Chris and Hudson to get things together.

“Chris has just come out of a relationship, and he enters into this relationship with Hudson not with hesitation but more caution.” Hii told Digital Spy. “Chris is trying to keep his cards close to his chest, but by the same token, Hudson is also a new guy to this neighbourhood and isn’t quite sure who he can be open to and show his true colours to.”

Mason and Hii on the set of Neighbours

But Hudson will have more than just Chris on his plate, he’ll also be involved in a swimming competition with rival swimmer Josh, a friend of Chris’. Hii also said he’ll be part of a few storylines involving the show’s younger cast. However, Hii isn’t a regular part of the cast nor does he, at the moment, appear to be a long term love interest for Chris. He was brought in for an initial story arc and has been reportedly asked to return for a future story down the line. Would the show ever consider giving Chris a permanent love interest?

“Yes, definitely!” show executive producer Richard Jasek told DS. “But of course with all our characters — gay or straight – it does keep things interesting when their love life is in a state of flux…”

Jasek does promise, however, that Chris will be at the forefront of a major storyline set to unfold over the next few months.

A new gay is headed to Emmerdale…

One soap that this columnist hasn’t watched in a while is Emmerdale. One reason is that the show doesn’t have any gay males since Danny Miller’s Aaron left a couple of years ago and another is because the show isn’t very good. Emmerdale was on a downward spiral long before Miller took his leave and when Aaron finally got on that plane to France, I was grateful not to have to watch the show anymore. But with the introduction of a new executive producer, Katie Oakes. it looks like there will be a new gay character coming to the village in the near future.

“It’s definitely in the cards. After Aaron was so successful, it would have to be a very different type of character and someone who brought a very different dynamic.” Oakes told Digital Spy. “We do have diversity in the show already with the Spencers (the show’s lesbian couple), so with a new arrival, it won’t just be about being a gay character — it’ll be what else they can bring to the table.”

Let’s just hope he’s not another troubled teen struggling to come out of the closet.

John Paul is about to get a new man…

Finally, Hollyoaks has teased what’s ahead for its gays for the next few months and some if it is interesting while some might make you scratch your head….

It looks like it’s over for John Paul and Doug. JP will confess to Doug that he loves him, only for Doug to admit he’s still in love with Ste (I don’t know which plot point I hate more). John Paul won’t be single for long however. He’s going to get involved with Danny Lomax, a drama teacher at his school. They’ll embark on a romance, but of course Danny will have lots of secrets that will affect a number of the show’s characters.

As for Ste, he’ll be shocked when his mother, who has always treated him badly and didn’t accept that he was gay, is back in his life. But now the woman has terminal cancer. This will bring she and Ste close again and things take a shocking turn when Pauline asks Ste to help her end her own life.

And look for the triangle between Phoebe, Vincent and George to get more messy. Vincent is going to kiss George, leaving him with the conflict of having to tell Phoebe the difficult truth. How will she feel if she learns the man she likes and her best friend are romantically involved?

Plus, there are rumors the show is going to do a rather shocking gay storyline that I don’t believe they have the guts to do. But we’ll have more if those rumors come to pass.

That’s it for another edition of Langford on Soaps. See you next time!