A Closeted Teen’s Prom Night Is Full Of Secrets In Short Film “Last Dance”

"There's only one thing I know that will make it all go away."

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A high-school senior can’t take the pressure of lying about his sexuality in Noah Camenker’s short Last Dance.

Jack tries to sneak out of the house undetected on the night of his senior prom, but he’s stopped by his father on the way out the door.

YouTube/ Noah

The two have a strained relationship, so Jack is shocked when his father offers him the keys to his car and a pack of condoms to use with his “date,” Rachel. The only problem is that Rachel doesn’t actually exist. Jack parks outside the high school for a moment before rushing off to a warehouse with a duffel bag and a heavy heart.

“God, I’m fucking tired of all the lies,” he thinks to himself as he rips off his dress shirt. “Tired of hating myself.”

But there’s one thing that can make the pain go away.


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