“Last Man Standing” Fan Goes On Homophobic Rant When Show Is Canceled

Debbie Massey blames gay people for helping to get her favorite show kicked off the air.

The news that ABC decided not to renew Tim Allen’s sitcom Last Man Standing for a seventh season did not sit well with the executive director of the Madison-Rivergate Chamber of Commerce in Nashville, to say the least.

When Debbie Massey found out that her favorite show had been canceled, she took to Facebook to vent her frustration over the announcement in an irate rant.

Massey said she feels discriminated against because ABC is “cramming same-sex making out into our homes,” but yet, she is unable to watch her favorite show.

debbie odom

Massey is suggesting that ABC canceled the show out of fear that gay people would sue the network for not including any same-sex kissing in the sitcom.

In addition to the rant, Massey posted a Breitbart article declaring Last Man Standing was axed because of Allen’s conservative political views.

Meanwhile, ABC also just canceled The Real O’Neals, the family sitcom about a gay teen who is freshly out of the closet, which does little to help Massey’s unique theory.

Nashville’s mayor released a statement over the weekend assuring the city that Massey’s words do not reflect the views of the district she represents. By Monday, Massey had resigned from her position after the chamber’s board of directors voted to request her resignation.

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