Last Night's RuPaul's Drag Race: Ongina & Jade & Rebecca, Oh Hell!


SPOILER ALERT: This one’s hard not to reveal because there’s so much to deal with from last night’s RuPaul’s Drag Race… So expect lots of drama after the jump!

Also there’s a special link to a podcast interview with Ongina who had a major night. Above, watch the behind-the-scenes Under the Hood video, that shows all the bitchery going on backstage. Jade and Shannel tear into the judges, and at the end you see Ongina talk about her big moment.

ONGINA!!! Photo courtesy of Ongina.

If you missed it, watch all of last night’s episode!

AGAIN, full on SPOILERS after the jump!

First, you can watch Jade’s exit interview now! She’s pretty composed, but Rebecca Glasscock better watch her back.


But as for Ongina… She won last night’s Viva Glam challenge, but she also came out as HIV-positive in a super-dramatic, teary-eyed and emotional moment. Even RuPaul got a little weepy!

Go to for a fun Not-so-SFW interview with the delicious Ongina, who talks about watching last night’s episode, how she’s dealt with coming out as HIV-positive, and what went on backstage during her big reveal.

Viva Glam it up, Miss O!

Ongina tells Feast of Fools about how revealing her HIV status has changed her — it hasn’t: “I’m as vulgar, as dramatic and as fabulous as before, but I don’t take like for granted!”

And she talks about her idol Imelda Marcos, her fashion sense, her love for little hats — and yes, she does wear wigs, sometimes, okay? And the name that she considered choosing before she settled on Ongina? “Peck-Peck Galore!”

Regarding last night’s show, did Rebecca fake it with her tears, or take it too far? Was Jade robbed? Ongina weighs in!

Have a look at Jade’s exit interview above for her take.

Oh, girls… The drama!