America’s Last Remaining Princess Is A 91-Year-Old Lesbian

And she's embroiled in some royal drama.

Abigail Kinoiki Kekaulike Kawananakoa is America’s last remaining princess. The 91-year-old is the only living descendent of Hawaii’s ruling family from before the island was annexed by the United States.

She’s also an out lesbian.

Thomas Tunsch

Kawananakoa, also known as Kekau, has no real title or position. But many see her as the last link to Hawaii’s native royalty. “Hawaiians hold dear to genealogy,” Hawaiian Studies professor Kimo Alama Keaulana told AP News. “And so, genealogically speaking, she is of high royal blood.”

Unfortunately, Kawananakoa’s royal blood hasn’t protected her from royal drama: She’s currently entangled in a series of ugly legal battles.

First, there’s Kawananakoa’s fight with her former attorney, James Wright, for control of her $200 million fortune. After the princess suffered a stroke in June 2017, Wright wrested control of the estate, arguing she was “incapacitated.”

Months later, Kawananakoa married longtime partner Veronica Gail Worth, who now controls her wife’s health care power of attorney. Worth, who reportedly collects a $700,000 annual “allowance,” is embroiled in her own legal battle with Wright, who says she’s only after the Kawananakoa fortune.

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He’s accused Worth of abusing the princess and claims he has photographic evidence of bruises she inflicted on Kawananakoa. (Both Worth and Kawananakoa have denied the allegations.)

The princess is currently fighting Wright to regain control of her estate. A court-appointed specialist will assess her mental and physical state after a hearing on Thursday.

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