Latrice Royale Releases “Weight” Remix Album, New Video: WATCH

latrice royale

Not a morning goes by in which Latrice Royale does not wake up, look sickening, and make them eat it.  The chunky-yet-funky queen is proving she is still large and in charge with a collection of remixes of her hit single “Weight”.  With reworks from the legendary B. Ames, Jared Jones, Lomlplex, Naked Highway, Joe Cole and David Patrilla, these new food-obsessed party jams are sure to have you twerkin’ your way to the kitchen.

Ranging from dubstep to vogue house to trap, the new songs keep the original jam’s gastronomical infatuation in tact.  “Hold up / that’s delicious / I don’t care if it’s nutritious!” screams Latrice in the newly released video for the Lomlplex Drive Thru remix (with a guest appearance by Dida Ritz and the queens of South Florida), below!

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