Comedian Lavell Crawford Calls LGBT People”F*cking Weird” Despite Having Gay Father

He also thinks young gay men should "try p*ssy out for a few years" before coming out.

Comedian Lavell Crawford recently called members of the LGBT community “f*cking weird” in spite of the fact that his father is openly gay.

The former Breaking Bad actor opened up about his views on LGBT people in a recent interview with VLAD TV.


At the top of the conversation, the comedian seemed to be supporting the community by saying he doesn’t like to make jokes at the expense of queer people.

“I touch on gay stuff,” he said of his act, “but I touch on it the way you’re supposed to touch on it because I don’t look at it like, the gay people, I look at it as people having feelings.”

The interview took a quick turn, however, when he started talking about equal rights.

“No matter how much they’re getting accepted, it’s still f*cking weird,” he remarked. “Now they’re trying to get their own bathrooms and sh*t [even though] it’s still not the norm.”

After totally missing the mark on the issue of bathroom accessibility for transgender people, he went on to say that after his father came out, he worried a “gay switch” would go off and he’d become gay too.

Later, he commented on the inclusion of gay characters in children’s TV shows: “Honestly… I don’t think cartoons [should be] a venue for homosexuality.”

“It’s just for enjoyment or for learning things… they’re trying to put in your kid’s mind ’Oh, I’m born gay,’ and the jury’s still f*cking out on that.”

He concluded the interview by encouraging young gay men to “try p*ssy out for a few years,” saying if they didn’t like it by the time they were 25, then it was fine for them to come out.

Watch the full interview below.

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