“These C*cksucking Tears”: The Story Behind The First Gay Country Album

Watch a new documentary about 1973's "Lavender Country."

In 1973 Patrick Haggerty released Lavender Country, which would become widely known as the “world’s first gay country album.” This week a documentary, These C*cksucking Tears—named after one of the songs on the album—made its debut on Vimeo after winning the jury prize at SXSW back in March.


Only a thousand copies of Lavender Country were made back in 1973, but thanks to word of mouth and a cult following, the record received a loving re-release in 2014—and now holds its rightful place in LGBT and music history.

“To the uninitiated, Patrick Haggerty may seem like a man of stark contradictions. He is both fiercely opinionated and exceedingly tender. His story is larger than life, yet he lives humbly. He’s a country singer and he’s gay,” wrote Sam Morrill in an interview with Haggerty.


“To expose yourself like that in 1973 and acknowledge actual feelings for other men in a complicated, nuanced way must have been terrifying,” said director Dan Taberski about the album. “Because I have a hard time doing that now in my relationships. You know what I mean? And to think that he did that in a very public way just gets me every time.”

The documentary is only 15 minutes long but it covers other subjects aside from Lavender Country such as Haggerty’s childhood, the gay rights movement and what his life is like now that his only record has a new life.

Watch These C*cksucking Tears below.

h/t: Accidental Bear

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