Laverne Cox Sashays Down The Streets Of Selma, Alabama

She's going back to her roots.

Laverne Cox might be setting newsstands ablaze as the first openly trans cover star of a Cosmopolitan magazine, appearing on Cosmo South Africa, but she is also serving glamour down south.

Yesterday, the Orange is the New Black star posted a video of herself “pumping” her way through Selma, Alabama. The video is appropriately set to the Oscar-winning song “Glory,” from the 2014 movie Selma.

Pumping through Selma, Alabama like…

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Cox’s trip to Selma is a return home for her because she grew up in Mobile, Alabama. She detailed the bullying she endured as a child in a 2012 interview with I’m From Driftwood, recalling how her and her twin brother would have to try to outrun the bullies when they got off the school bus in the morning, and how she tried to commit suicide at age 11.

“Trans women deserve to be loved out in the open and in the light,” she recently said in her interview with Cosmopolitan South Africa. “Let go of fear and live a fun, fearless life. If I can do it, you can do it.”

The reason for Cox’s visit to Selma has not been revealed, but it might have something to do with Alabama making headlines last year with the special election between Roy Moore and Doug Jones—with Jones ultimately winning the Senate seat.

Moore had a politically anti-LGBT record and was suspended as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court (for the second time) because he instructed judges to continue enforcing the state’s same-sex marriage ban months after Obergefell v. Hodges.

In 1965 a protest march in Selma was a pivotal moment for the Civil Rights movement when police attacked nonviolent activists who were marching from Selma to Montgomery in an event that came to be known as “Bloody Sunday.”

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