Laverne Cox Announces Mystery Collaboration With Beyoncé

"Does she pick out her biggest fans ever and let them work with her?"

When Laverne Cox met Beyoncé at the Grammys earlier this year, she had an understandably hard time keeping it together around one of her biggest idols. But just a few months later, the Orange is the New Black star revealed she’s now working with the music superstar on a secret project.

Cox first broke the news of the collaboration on Access Hollywood Live, before confirming it for fans on Twitter.

The trans actress said more details won’t be available until September 6, but says she still can’t believe it’s even happening at all.

“I have no idea [how this came about] to be perfectly honest,” she said. “I’m like, ‘Does she pick out her biggest fans ever and let them work with her?'”

“A sense of calm comes over you when you meet the queen,” she added about her run-in with Bey at the Grammys.

While Cox remained tight-lipped about the project, she used the hashtag #TransIsBeautiful in her Twitter post, indicating it may have something to do with her push to get more transgender representation in the media.


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