Laverne Cox Urges Voters To Consider The LGBT Community In New Hillary Clinton Ad

"It might seem like a very small thing, but these small policies matter."

Laverne Cox declares that “Hillary Clinton is the only candidate running for President who is going to really fight for us” in a new ad released by the Clinton campaign on Tuesday, National Coming Out Day.

In it, the Emmy-nominated Orange Is the New Black actress discusses the harmful impact that anti-gay legislation like North Carolina’s discriminatory House Bill 2 has on the LGBT community.

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory has refused to repeal the bill, which Cox says “criminalizes trans people for going to the bathroom” by mandating they use restrooms that may not match their gender identity. Though it was largely supported by Republicans when it passed, its negative financial ramifications for the state have caused several to withdraw their support.

“In the Republican Party, what we see on a policy level is a party that has consistently tried to disenfranchise people of colour, disenfranchise working people, LGBT people, take away women’s control over their bodies, and that is just something I can’t support,” said Cox.

Cox goes on to list several specific advancements Clinton and the Obama administration have made for the trans community, saying “it might seem like a very small thing, but these small policies matter.”

“LGBT rights are human rights, gay rights are human rights, trans right are human rights, and that is something I know Hillary Clinton has been saying for years.”

Cox’s ringing endorsement of the Democratic nominee stands in stark contrast to Caitlyn Jenner, who has infuriated LGBT activists since pledging her steadfast support to the Republican party in 2015.

Check out Clinton’s latest ad, featuring Laverne Cox, below:

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