Laverne Cox Keeps It Real Tonight On MTV’s “Faking It”

Laverne cox

Laverne Cox is having a moment, y’all. Fresh off an Emmy nomination for Orange is the New Black and the cover of Time magazine as the new face of the transgender “tipping point,” she’s producing and starring in the Logo TV/MTV documentary The T Word, which spotlights the experiences of several trans youth from around the country.

But before that, she pops up tonight on MTV’s breakout teen dramedy Faking It, playing Hester High’s overly dramatic drama teacher, Margot.

Entertainment Weekly spoke to the actress-activist about the role.

How did you guest-starring on Faking It come together?
I got an email with an offer. It’s lovely as an actor to not have to audition and to get an offer. I got a lovely handwritten note that was scanned and attached to the email from [executive producer Carter Covington], which was very sweet. He said he was a huge fan and he’s worked with LGBT youth and the Trevor Project, so this meant a lot to him. I read the script and was like, “This looks like so much fun!” I didn’t know the show because I had been really super busy with a bunch of other stuff, but I got around to taking a look at the show’s first season. I really liked it. I thought it was really sweet. I loved the idea of this alternative universe where the kids who were usually the outsiders are the ones that are popular. I love that and I love this character Margot. She’s completely different than anything I’ve gotten to play before.

Do you think if Orange’s Sophia Burset went down a different route, she’d be like Margot at all?
[Laughs] A drama teacher? Sophia does do hair out of necessity, but no. They had very different paths. I think Margot was in the drama club when she was at Hester. She was one of those kids who was performing her whole life, so it’s in her blood.

What do you like about playing Margot?
When I read it, I was really excited. Some of my first ballet teachers when I was young were over-the-top, huge personalities. It’s something that I feel like I know really well and I love. It just felt right. Margot is so theatrical and I did a lot of theater back in the day.

EW tried to pry some dish out of Laverne on the next season of Orange is the New Black, but all they got out of her was praise for her cast mates. “I was on set and just marveled at take after take after take of what our actresses were delivering. It was just a delight to watch,” she said, I love these women and am so inspired by them. I hope to live up to the high standard[they set.]”

Faking Airs Tuesday night at 10:30pm. Laverne Cox Presents: The T Word debuts Friday, October 17, at 7pm.