Laverne Cox Has A Very Shady Theory On Why Donald Trump Hasn’t Acknowledged Pride Month

Go IN.

Orange is the New Black actress Laverne Cox swung by The View this week to talk politics and LGBT Pride Month with the ladies of the morning talk show.

Over the course of the conversation co-host Joy Behar brought up how Donald Trump has not acknowledged June being Pride Month—even though President Obama made a Pride Month proclamation every year of his presidency.


“It’s not surprising, but we are Americans too,” Cox says in the interview. “Trans and LGBTQ folks are still experiencing a lot of discrimination in this country and our lives should be acknowledged.”

The View co-hosts joke about giving him time and that he still has another 15 days to acknowledge Pride Month—which Cox responds with such shade that we now believe she should teach a masterclass in it.

“Well, he’s really busy… he’s now under investigation so…” she says as the audience goes wild.

“He’s got a lot to deal with,” she adds before trailing off with “Oy vey.”

Are you taking notes, children? That’s how you spill tea. Watch the clip below.

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