Laverne Cox On Anti-Trans Violence: “I’d Ask Myself, ‘Is This The Day I’m Going To Lose My Life?'”

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Emmy nominee Laverne Cox shines a spotlight on transgender youth with The T Word, premiering simultaneously on MTV and Logo this Friday at 7pm. Part of MTV’s Look Different campaign, the one-hour documentary explores the intersection of race and gender identity through the journey of seven young trans people from around the country.

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Today, the trans community faces an epidemic of violence: The risk of a trans woman being murdered is 1 in 12—a rate that shoots to 1 in 8 for trans women of color. And transgender people are more than three times more likely to experience police violence.

We asked Laverne how that threat can warp young trans people’s development and sense of self. “Many times during my transition I would wake up and be in fear of leaving my apartment,” she recalled. “I would ask myself, is this the day someone is going to have a problem with me and I’m going to lose my life?”

Laverne Cox Presents: The T Word
airs Friday, October 17, at 7pm on Logo TV, followed by a  Trans Forum with MTV News’ SuChin Pak.



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