“Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” Officially Gains a Gay Character

***Spoiler warning!***
Stop reading if you don’t want to learn the identity of the gay character on NBC’s Law and Order: Special Victim’s Unit.

Wednesday night’s episode of Law & Order: SVU titled "Hardwired" and featuring Rosie Perez is sure to be controversial given it deals with pedophiles who claim their interest in children is an orientation like heterosexuality, bisexuality, and homosexuality. 

But gay viewers will be especially interested as the episode also finally confirms what many fans of the show have long suspected — that Special Agent George Huang, M.D. played by B.D. Wong is in fact a gay man. 

The information is revealed when Huang becomes upset that a child molester is trying to argue that being a pedophile is no different than being gay or straight and that criminalizing pedophilia is akin to domonizing gays and lesbians. This prompts Huang to say it "insults his humanity as a gay man."

Many viewers have long suspected that Huang is gay (in fact naming him as the 22nd best gay character on television), but a publicist for the show confirmed this is the first time the show has confirmed Huang’s sexuality or referenced it on the show. While the news isn’t exactlly a surprise for many of us, it’s still nice to have it confirmed and in such a positive way.

We’ll have more on the episode tomorrow including a short interview with Wong. While discussing this news in the comments please do not reveal the information in your subject line.